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Rating Breakdown
Overall — 4.5
Value — 4.6
Guide — 4.6
Activities — 4.6
Lodging — 4.6
Transportation — 4.6
Meals — 4.6
Overall — 5
Value — 4.9
Guide — 4.9
Activities — 4.9
Lodging — 4.9
Transportation — 4.9
Meals — 4.9
Recent Reviews

This was a trip of a lifetime!

0.0 November 2019
This was a trip of a lifetime! Everything went so smoothly. Everything and everyone were awesome!!

Tour Go Ahead Tours Company Reviews

WOW what a great experience

0.0 September 2019
WOW what a great experience. Got to see all the great sites of London, Paris, and Rome. even with the added excursions there was still time to explore on our own. Best part of the whole tour was our awesome tour director Lexy Adams. She went above and beyond to make our trip smooth going and enjoyable. I can't imagine the tour without her. It was so comforting and stress free letting Goahead take care of every detail. If you get the chance go for it with Goahead!
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Tour Go Ahead Tours Company Reviews

Everyone was pleased with the sights

0.0 August 2019
This was my first trip with GoAhead Tours and I was not the least bit disappointed. The itinerary was well planned, the tour director was the greatest and went above and beyond to make sure everyone was pleased with the sights. It was a small group and everyone got to know each other and form lasting friendships. I am so glad I decided to take this trip and to deal with GoAhead Tours.
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Tour Go Ahead Tours Company Reviews

Tours 1,029 Trips 17 Trips
Average Trip Price Per Day $ 302 $ 0
Operator Type Mixed Land & Cruise Group Tour Operator
Size Global Operator Global Operator
Trip Styles
  • Group Tours
  • Small Ship & Expedition Cruises
  • Group Tours
  • Private Guided Trips
  • Custom Itineraries
Service Level Standard Standard
  • North America
  • Central America & Caribbean
  • South America
  • Rivers & Seas
  • Australia & Pacific
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Europe
  • Antarctica & the Arctic
  • North America
  • Central America & Caribbean
  • South America
  • Australia & Pacific
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Europe
  • Antarctica & the Arctic
Known For
  • 18 - 35
  • Solo & Singles Travel
  • Safari
  • Trekking & Camping
  • Adventure
  • Sailing
  • 50+
  • 18 - 35
  • Safari
  • Adventure
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Year Established 1989 1990
Solo Friendly No single supplement N/A
Tour Languages English English
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About Intrepid Travel


Intrepid Travel - Quick Facts

Founded in 1989

No Single Supplement (rare exceptions)

Small Groups: max 16 on most trips (10 max during Covid-19)

Average Age: 48

Travel Style: Cultural immersion, adventure, overland, sustainable, and active

Accommodation Style: Camping, Hostels, 3 /4 star hotels, locally owned

Average Tour Price: $2,377

Top Regions: Asia, Africa, Europe, South America

Other Brands: Peregrine

Commonly compared with G Adventures »

Intrepid Travel is all about ‘real life experiences.’ With a name meaning fearless and adventurous, Intrepid offers nothing less than big travel adventures -- such as an 11-day hike through Papua New Guinea. However, Intrepid is broad-based enough to offer varied experiences such as food tours in Greece, complete with a visit to a Kalamata olive grove.

Morocco homestay with Intrepid Travel

What Makes Intrepid Travel Stand Out?

Intrepid believes that with great travel experiences comes great responsibility. They are focused on responsible tourism which includes not only treading lightly but also making a positive impact on the destinations they send travelers to. As a Certified B Corp since 2018, Intrepid donates to grass root projects around the world, are a carbon-neutral business and are committed to animal welfare.

Travelers can rest assured when they travel with Intrepid because they will be in the hands of industry experts. Intrepid partners with local leaders to be guides for travelers. This gives travelers first hand experiences from someone who knows the area well.

Above all else, Intrepid strives to get its travelers off the beaten path and under the surface of the local culture. To accomplish this, group sizes are small, maximum of 16 on most trips. This allows for more use of local transportation and lodging, along with fostering cultural immersion. Intrepid also employs local English-speaking leaders who act more as a resource for local exploration than do typical ‘guides,’ shepherding groups from one place to another. 

Who Will Enjoy Traveling With Intrepid Travel?

Intrepid is one of the early pioneers of the “adventure”-style guided trip. Despite its informal beginnings and emphasis on younger, highly adventurous travelers, Intrepid has expanded to a global company with a broad range of trips to fit all ages.

Intrepid divides its small-group trips into three separate styles of travel, all priced accordingly. “Basix,” for budget travelers, keep inclusions to a minimum and offer plenty of free time. “Original” journeys offer more included activities and hotels, while “Comfort” trips offer luxury experiences that include the highest level of included activities and standards of accommodation, as well as roomier vehicles. No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is a style right for your specific desires.

The age range on Intrepid tours varies widely from tour to tour, and they are welcoming to all ages. The only exception to this are their 18-29 themed tours which are specifically for that age group. 

Intrepid travelers have  a real sense of adventure - whether this means hard adventure, or simply going deeper off the beaten path. Interacting with locals is an important factor when you travel, as is gaining a unique cultural perspective. A sense of fun is also essential, whether it means going out at night with your tour mates, trying new foods, or exploring the local markets.

Which is better? Intrepid Travel or G Adventures?

Commonly compared, both G Adventures and Intrepid Travel specialize in culturally immersive and off-the-beaten-path experiences. They are top companies to consider if you enjoy local & authetic travel and value having lots of free time during the itinerary. See our ultimate guide to decide which is right for you: Intrepid vs G Adventures, full comparison »

Top Destinations

Monk mediating in Myanmar on tour with Intrepid Travel

Originally focused on small group adventure tours to Asia, Intrepid has expanded rapidly over the years, while maintaining its classic, adventurous, and immersive style. Today Intrepid Travel offers more than 1,000 different experiences in over 100 countries, on all seven continents. Regions with the most trips include Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe.

Does Intrepid Travel include flights?

While all your internal transportation is taken care of, often utilizing traditiona local methods such as tuk-tuks in Thailand, international flights to and from your home and the tour destination are not included. Their travel specialists can recommend where to look for flights however.

Intrepid Travel Style

Intrepid enjoys using local, unique forms of transportation. You might find yourself traveling by felucca in Egypt or in a tuk-tuk on the best Thailand tour of your life.

Accommodations, which could range from guesthouses to home stays, are also locally owned, allowing a more authentic taste of the region while contributing to the local economy.

There are a few broad travel styles to choose from when deciding on an Intrepid tour:

1. Basix - Budget travelers who don’t mind, and in fact prefer, simple accommodations - camping and homestays with basic amenities, and crave a lot of free time for exploring independently will love these tours. Public transportation is used exclusively so pack light! These trips often attract a younger crowd who love the idea of throwing a backpack on, keep plenty of room for the unexpected in their schedule, and allocate their travel funds towards spontaneous bus tickets and street food instead of museum tours and 5 star restaurants.

2. Original - These trips take the backpacker spirit of local immersion, incorporating all the benefits that come with going with a planned itinerary. This style is called “Original” because it’s the type of travel that put Intrepid on the map...pun intended. Accommodations are still simple and budget minded - often homestays are used to give you a true sense of place, personality, and culture. Mostly public transportation is used.

3. Comfort - Intrepid is known for the active adventure style of travel and these trips keep that mentality, with a few more creature comforts thrown into the mix. You can expect higher luxury accommodations that include a wider variety of included amenities, transportation is mostly private, though you can still expect to use some public transport, as is the Intrepid way. More meals are included in the trip price, and more group activities - which means a bit less free time to explore on your own.

Why Choose a Tour With Intrepid Travel?

Sample of many spices in Middle Eastern market

Intrepid is a good tour company if you don’t mind foregoing some creature comforts for a truly authentic, local experience. If you enjoy meeting locals when traveling, sampling new and exciting foods, and traveling in mixed-aged groups of 10-16 people, Intrepid could be a good fit for you.

It’s important to note, sometimes “ample free time” can be a blessing and a curse. It sounds great on paper, but if you’re looking to maximize your dollar and your vacation time, be sure you understand the implications of having a lot of free time during your itinerary.

For some travelers this is an absolute requirement, but for others it can be tough to branch off and explore independently - you also need to make sure you allocate enough travel money for independent meals.

The tour leaders are great resources of information for how to spend your free time, but if you like having a full day scheduled from breakfast to dinner, Intrepid may not be the best company for you.

Lastly, if sustainable and responsible travel is important to you, Intrepid has poured millions of dollars into local economies, and has a very strong emphasis on responsible travel. So you can feel good knowing that your money helps support some of the innkeepers, vendors, and communities that you’ll meet along the way.

Is Intrepid Travel Safe?

Yes, Intrepid is a very safe company to travel with and they take the safety of their tour goers very seriously.

In response to Covid-19, Intrepid has reduced their group size to an average of 10 people. Their guides have been fully trained on new sanitation requirements and Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.

They have also implemented flexible booking options. 

General Covid-19 Travel News

Some countries are beginning to reopen to international visitors, with entry restrictions, while others have remained closed. 

Keep checking back regularly to keep up to date with the frequently changing situation of the coronavirus.

Want more information about travel safety and the coronavirus? Read about where it's safe to travel to in 2020 >>

About Go Ahead Tours

Go Ahead Quick Facts

Age Range: All ages

Average Tour Price:  $2,000-$4,000

Average Tour Duration: 8-18 days

Travel Style: Cultural immersion and education with active experiences.

The world’s largest private education travel company, Go Ahead tours are designed for curious, adventurous travelers. Their itineraries balance planned activities and free time to quench your curiosity and specific interests.

What Makes Go Ahead Stand Out?

  • Dedicated tour directors
  • Local guides
  • Flexibility
Fintown, Ireland.

Go Ahead has dedicated tour directors that you can trust to help you have the best travel experience. They have years of experience and regional knowledge of culture and history that they are eager to share. These travel directors will be with you every step of the way, a friend to show you around one of their favorite destinations. Sit back and enjoy your trip, they’ll handle all the logistics.

Local guides are also a big part of Go Ahead. These guides will join you and your tour director to provide an even deeper knowledge of the region. They will help immerse you in cities, rustic villages, countrysides and cultural hot spots. Go ahead wants the right people to help you learn and explore the world.

Go Ahead tours are designed to be authentic, providing unique local experiences, and a certain amount of flexibility for travelers who like some independence during the tour. Typically, tours are run in small groups with a max of 38, which means your small group may not always be extemely intimate as 38 is still a lot of people.

Who Will Enjoy Traveling with Go Ahead?

Lion seen on safari.

Go Ahead travelers love sightseeing but they greatly enjoy traveling off the beaten path. These travelers are curious about the world and are eager to learn about the local culture, cuisine and people. Go Ahead is perfect for the traveler who wants to really get to the heart of a destination.

Adventure is a big part of curiosity. Go Ahead travelers aren’t afraid to venture off a typical tourist sightseeing plan. They enjoy the freedom to explore on their own as well as picking the brain of their local guides to learn incite into the cities, rustic villages and countrysides they are visiting. These travelers enjoy seeing the destination through cultural immersion and active experiences.

Witnessing wildlife is a big part of Go Ahead tours. Travelers will get the opportunity to witness and learn about the luscious natural landscapes and the creatures that inhabit it. Seeing the Big Five and going on a safari through the plains of Africa is on the bucket lists of Go Ahead travelers.

Top Destinations

Venice, Italy.

Go Ahead tours send travelers all over the world with trips going to Europe, US, Canada, Central America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Asia and Antarctica.

Go Ahead Travel Style

Small groups are common with Go Ahead.

Go Ahead is greatly focused on personalization and small group experiences. Each traveler will get the opportunity to personalize their trips when their itineraries are being crafted. There are additional excursions, tour extensions and any number of days that travelers can add to their trip.

Groups remain small, capped at 14 to 38 travelers. This small group experience allows travelers to really immerse themselves in the culture of a destination. Their experiences will be intimate both with their local guides and the local people.

Hotels are selected based on your comfort desires and location. You can rest assured that you’ll be staying in a safe, comfortable accommodation as the Go Ahead team personally goes to each property on the ground. 

Go Ahead, due to their relationship with EF network, are able to offer a wide range of flight options. Once in your destination, they will also handle all internal travel from motor coaches to additional flights. Go Ahead takes care of all the stressful logistics so you don’t have to.

Why Go Ahead?

Antiparos, Greece.

If you are eager to explore and learn about the world through cultural immersion, wildlife watching and active experiences, Go Ahead is for you. No matter your luxury level whether it be high luxury or budget or what your interests are, Go Ahead can help personalize your experience to create the perfect trip for you.

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