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The Big Apple Niagara and Washington DC tour
Cultural Culture The Big Apple Niagara and Washington DC package

The Big Apple Niagara and Washington DC

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9 days
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • Snap photos of the most iconic landmarks in D.C., including Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, the White House and the U.S. Capitol building, and visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • Learn about a simpler way of life from the Amish community with a Local Specialist
  • Cruise to the base of the beautiful and powerful Horseshoe Falls
  • See Broadway, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Top of the Rock, Wall Street and the 9/11 Memorial with a Local Specialist
  • Iconic Breakfast at Brooklyn Diner, a classic New York eatery

Short Description

Kicking off in the history rich Washington, D.C. and ending in the city that never sleeps, New York, this 8-day trip is the ideal blend of unique cultures, natural phenomenons and blockbuster icons. See the White House, Empire State Building and high flying Wall Street, learn about the Amish way of life in Pennsylvania, and feel the full force of mighty Niagara Falls. If variety is what you’re looking for, this trip is the one for you.

Style Group tour
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions N/A
Start City Washington D.C.
End City New York City


United States Canada

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Activities & Interests

Culture Historic sightseeing

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Day 1: Arrive Washington, D.C.

Welcome to Washington, America’s capital city and the seat of political power. Fast paced, politically charged and culturally revered, ‘DC’ is the place you’ve seen a thousand times on screens small and large. Boasting arguably America’s finest collection of museums, a vibrant Waterfront area and memorials to many of the nation’s greats, you’ve certainly chosen an iconic spot to kick off your adventure. After settling in to your hotel you’ll meet up with your Travel Director this afternoon, then why not pay a visit to bustling Georgetown for a wander round the shops and restaurants.

Courtyard by Marriott Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol

Day 2: Washington DC Sightseeing and Free Time

Today is all about unearthing the political and cultural highlights of this high-flying city. You’ll kick things off with a sightseeing tour that will feel more like a walk through a real-life movie set, see icons including the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the jewel in America’s political crown, the White House. Visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture on a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience. This is the only national museum devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, history, and culture and houses over 36,000 fascinating artifacts. And if that whets your appetite for history, maybe also choose to visit the Air and Space Museum. With the rest of the day to explore as you please, the question is really where to start? Perhaps take a walk around the Tidal Basin Loop Trail or choose experiences like visiting George Washington’s sprawling Mount Vernon Estate. This evening we then have another Optional Experience, Washington Illumination Tour, where you’ll see DC’s most famous monuments lit up in their nighttime glory.

Courtyard by Marriott Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol

Day 3: Washington, D.C. – Lancaster

Today you’ll travel back in time as we reach Pennsylvania Dutch farm country, home to America’s oldest and largest settlement of Amish people. Spot farmers working the fields with their horses and manual tools and traditional horse and buggies passing you by as you take in the beautiful rural surroundings. We’ll then meet up with a Local Specialist who will share all about the ‘plain’ lifestyle of the Amish community, who live without cars, televisions, mobile phones or modern-day appliances. You could choose to try out the traditional buggy for yourself on a ride through the back roads, or join in on an Amish family-style dinner at Good 'n' Plenty, serving authentic Pennsylvania Dutch meals since 1969.

Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square

Day 4: Lancaster – Niagara Falls, Canada

Traveling northwest today, you’ll journey along the surging Susquehanna River as you cross the western region of New York State. Passing through the Appalachian Mountains and no doubt in utter awe of the scenery around you, bear in mind that this mountain range is one of the oldest on earth, formed around 480 million years ago and spanning the border between the USA and Canada.

Days Inn Niagara Falls Fallsview

Day 5: Niagara Falls Sightseeing and Free Time

This morning you’re off to visit a natural phenomenon, Niagara Falls! The biggest falls in North America, an incredible 750,000 gallons of water thunder into the gorge below every second. We’ll be getting you up close on a cruise to Horseshoe Falls, allowing you to see both the Canadian and American sides. Remember that raincoat? Now’s the time to use it.

Days Inn Niagara Falls Fallsview

Day 6: Niagara Falls – New York City

Bidding a fond farewell to Niagara Falls this morning, you’ll journey back across the border through leafy and picturesque upstate New York. Passing by the fun to pronounce Poconos Mountains, which literally mean ‘creek between two hills’, you’ll venture towards the fast and fabulous metropolis of NYC. Arriving late afternoon and no doubt itching to explore, why not spend your first night here getting acquainted with the city’s foodie scene? From gourmet food trucks to Michelin Star restaurants, the city that never sleeps ensures you’ll never go hungry.

Holiday Inn New York City - Times Square

Day 7: New York City Sightseeing and Free Time

We hope you're hungry as for breakfast you're heading to an NYC institution, the Brooklyn Diner for an iconic breakfast. Fuel up on classic eggs and bacon, bagels, and coffee, then head out with our Local Specialist to discover New York through their eyes with the secrets behind some of Manhattan's most iconic sites including Broadway, leafy Greenwich Village, fast paced Wall Street and the sobering 9/11 Memorial. You’ll end your tour with insider stories to share with friends back home. This afternoon, it's all about discovering New York, your way. Head over to trendy Brooklyn, catch a show on Broadway, or take your own bite out of the Big Apple with our tantalizing list of Optional Experiences. With choices like the Summit One Vanderbilt or a tasty tour of the city’s food carts, you're sure to create your perfect afternoon.

Holiday Inn New York City - Times Square

Iconic Breakfast

Day 8: Depart New York City

With fond memories of spectacular waterfalls and political icons still fresh in your mind, your trip will come to an end this morning. Why not head out for one final cream cheese bagel and stroll around Central Park before heading to the airport, or if you’re not ready to say goodbye just yet, why not extend your stay at the Holiday Inn New York City - Times Square for a few more days. In a city as varied and wonderful as New York, you’re never short of new things to discover.


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Jul-06-2024Jul-14-2024$ 2,050available Reserve
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Jul-13-2024Jul-25-2024$ 2,095available Reserve
Jul-13-2024Jul-27-2024$ 2,795available Reserve
Jul-13-2024Jul-28-2024$ 3,175available Reserve
Jul-14-2024Jul-20-2024$ 1,595available Reserve
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Jul-14-2024Jul-22-2024$ 1,795available Reserve
Jul-14-2024Jul-23-2024$ 2,375available Reserve
Jul-15-2024Jul-21-2024$ 1,795available Reserve
Jul-15-2024Jul-25-2024$ 2,325closed Reserve
Jul-16-2024Jul-28-2024$ 3,075available Reserve
Jul-18-2024Jul-28-2024$ 2,520available Reserve
Jul-19-2024Jul-25-2024$ 1,355available Reserve
Jul-19-2024Jul-28-2024$ 2,375available Reserve
Jul-19-2024Jul-28-2024$ 1,925available Reserve
Jul-19-2024Aug-02-2024$ 3,163available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Jul-27-2024$ 1,525available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Jul-27-2024$ 3,823available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Jul-28-2024$ 2,050available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Jul-28-2024$ 1,675available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Jul-28-2024$ 2,145available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Jul-29-2024$ 2,395available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Jul-30-2024$ 2,095available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Aug-01-2024$ 2,095available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Aug-03-2024$ 2,395available Reserve
Jul-20-2024Aug-04-2024$ 3,175available Reserve
Jul-21-2024Jul-27-2024$ 1,595available Reserve
Jul-21-2024Jul-27-2024$ 1,425available Reserve
Jul-21-2024Jul-29-2024$ 1,895available Reserve
Jul-21-2024Jul-29-2024$ 1,795available Reserve
Jul-21-2024Jul-30-2024$ 2,375available Reserve
Jul-22-2024Jul-31-2024$ 2,613available Reserve
Jul-22-2024Aug-01-2024$ 2,325available Reserve
Jul-23-2024Aug-03-2024$ 2,647available Reserve
Jul-25-2024Aug-04-2024$ 2,520available Reserve
Jul-26-2024Aug-04-2024$ 2,375available Reserve
Jul-26-2024Aug-04-2024$ 2,550available Reserve
Jul-26-2024Aug-09-2024$ 3,185available Reserve
Jul-26-2024Aug-23-2024$ 6,728available Reserve
Jul-27-2024Aug-04-2024$ 2,050available Reserve
Jul-27-2024Aug-04-2024$ 1,675available Reserve
Jul-27-2024Aug-08-2024$ 2,095available Reserve
Jul-27-2024Aug-10-2024$ 2,395available Reserve
Jul-27-2024Aug-11-2024$ 3,195available Reserve
Jul-28-2024Aug-03-2024$ 1,595available Reserve
Jul-28-2024Aug-05-2024$ 1,895available Reserve
Jul-28-2024Aug-05-2024$ 1,850available Reserve
Jul-29-2024Aug-04-2024$ 1,795available Reserve
Jul-29-2024Aug-08-2024$ 2,575closed Reserve
Aug-01-2024Aug-11-2024$ 2,520available Reserve
Aug-02-2024Aug-08-2024$ 1,355available Reserve
Aug-02-2024Aug-10-2024$ 3,222available Reserve
Aug-02-2024Aug-11-2024$ 2,375available Reserve
Aug-02-2024Aug-11-2024$ 2,550available Reserve
Aug-02-2024Aug-11-2024$ 1,925available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-10-2024$ 1,695available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-10-2024$ 3,823available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-11-2024$ 2,050available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-11-2024$ 1,675available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-12-2024$ 2,395available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-13-2024$ 2,095available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-15-2024$ 2,095available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-17-2024$ 2,395available Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-18-2024$ 3,195available Reserve
Aug-04-2024Aug-10-2024$ 1,595available Reserve
Aug-04-2024Aug-10-2024$ 1,425available Reserve
Aug-04-2024Aug-12-2024$ 1,895available Reserve
Aug-04-2024Aug-12-2024$ 1,850available Reserve
Aug-05-2024Aug-11-2024$ 1,795available Reserve
Aug-06-2024Aug-17-2024$ 2,647available Reserve
Aug-06-2024Aug-18-2024$ 3,075available Reserve
Aug-08-2024Aug-18-2024$ 2,520available Reserve
Aug-09-2024Aug-18-2024$ 2,375available Reserve
Aug-09-2024Aug-23-2024$ 3,383available Reserve
Aug-09-2024Sep-06-2024$ 7,118available Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-17-2024$ 1,525available Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-17-2024$ 3,823available Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-18-2024$ 2,050available Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-18-2024$ 1,675available Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-22-2024$ 2,095available Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-24-2024$ 2,395available Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-25-2024$ 3,195available Reserve
Aug-11-2024Aug-17-2024$ 1,595available Reserve
Aug-11-2024Aug-19-2024$ 1,875available Reserve
Aug-11-2024Aug-19-2024$ 1,850available Reserve
Aug-12-2024Aug-18-2024$ 1,750available Reserve
Aug-12-2024Aug-21-2024$ 2,503available Reserve
Aug-12-2024Aug-22-2024$ 2,575available Reserve
Aug-15-2024Aug-25-2024$ 2,520available Reserve
Aug-16-2024Aug-22-2024$ 1,355available Reserve
Aug-16-2024Aug-24-2024$ 3,222available Reserve
Aug-16-2024Aug-25-2024$ 2,375available Reserve
Aug-16-2024Aug-25-2024$ 2,550available Reserve
Aug-16-2024Aug-25-2024$ 1,925available Reserve
Aug-16-2024Aug-30-2024$ 3,383available Reserve
Aug-17-2024Aug-24-2024$ 3,823available Reserve
Aug-17-2024Aug-25-2024$ 2,050available Reserve
Aug-17-2024Aug-25-2024$ 1,675available Reserve
Aug-17-2024Aug-25-2024$ 2,145available Reserve
Aug-17-2024Aug-26-2024$ 2,395available Reserve
Aug-17-2024Aug-27-2024$ 2,095available Reserve
Aug-17-2024Aug-29-2024$ 2,095available Reserve