Rome Getaway 3 Nights

4.7 . Excellent
Travel Style: Array Relaxed
Physical Level: Normal generally flat walking in urban or suburban environments. 1- Very easy
Lodging Level: Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels. Value (3*)
4 days
From: $ 773 $ 193 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • Visit of the Pantheon, and world-renowned Piazza Navona
  • Visit of the Colosseum and Roman Forum
  • Visit the Vatican Museums to see amazing treasures
  • Visit Cimitero Acattolico of Testaccio (non-Catholic cemetery), a corner of peace in the heart of the city and resting place of poets Keats and Shelley

Short Description

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” We guess that means that while you’re in Rome, go ahead and eat sumptuous Italian food (there are no calories on vacation), explore the ancient monuments while enjoying the city’s vibrancy, and have fun! With Monograms, that’s easy to do, as we’ve handled your travel details and given you more time to experience the city. Rome is one of the world's most fascinating and beautiful cities offering ancient structures, historical monuments, fantastic shopping, and mouth-watering cuisine. To ensure you get the most out of your Rome trip, we've arranged your hotel reservations, daily breakfast, and sightseeing. Plus, a-one-of-a-kind feature offered only by Monograms is the service of a Local Host®, someone who is there for you throughout your Rome vacation to answer questions, offer insights, arrange activities, and help ensure your vacation runs smoothly.

Your Italy trip begins the moment you arrive in Rome, where we can pick you up at the airport and take you to your selected hotel. Here, your Local Host will greet you with a warm benvenuto, help you get settled, and give you a set of materials to familiarize you with the city. The next morning, after included breakfast, we’ll pick you up at your hotel for guided sightseeing with an expert local guide. We’ll take you to some of Rome's most historical sites, such as the Colosseum, built in the 1st century to hold 50,000 spectators and most famous for its gladiator fights; the Roman Forum, dating back 2,000 years to the peak of the Roman Empire; and St. Peter's Square and Basilica, built in 313 AD. We’ll also take you to the Vatican Museums, where you’ll see its amazing treasures, and the Sistine Chapel, where you’ll view Michelangelo's The Last Judgment and his famous ceiling paintings. And never fear...we've secured VIP access for you, which means you get to skip the lines. That's over four hours of time saved just at the Vatican, Colosseum, and the Roman Forum. After all, why wait in line like all the other tourists when you can be up close and personal with these iconic landmarks?

You’ll also have time to explore on your own. We know there are endless opportunities, so your Local Host will be on hand to offer suggestions and help you arrange activities. You may want to shop at the designer Italian boutiques along Via Condotti, visit Rome's catacombs, take one of its many walking tours, or maybe take an excursion to Tivoli, where Hadrian built his villa at the height of the Roman Empire. Be sure to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain, which is said to ensure your return to Rome! At Monograms, our goal is to ensure your vacation is all you want it to be. That's why on this Rome trip we've arranged your hotel reservations, sightseeing, breakfast, and guides. All you have to do is bring your camera, come prepared to have fun, and “do as the Romans do!” Add the comfort of knowing you’ll have a Local Host throughout your stay in Rome, and you've got a vacation of a lifetime!

Style Self-guided tour
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions N/A
Start City ROME
End City ROME Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning



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Day 1

ROME, ITALY Benvenuto—welcome! Your Local Host is on hand to help you create lasting memories in the “Eternal City.”

Day 2

ROME Your morning guided sightseeing, with headset, is rich in religious and ancient history. Visit the Vatican Museums to see amazing treasures. In the Sistine Chapel, where the Conclave is held to elect new popes, view Michelangelo’s The Last Judgment and his famous ceiling paintings. Also on the agenda today, enter monumental St. Peter’s Square and Basilica, built in 313 AD above St. Peter the Apostle’s tomb and home to Michelangelo’s masterpiece Renaissance sculpture, the Pietà. Cross the Tiber River and continue your immersion in history at the iconic Colosseum, built for 50,000 spectators, and the Roman Forum, where the oldest structures of the ancient city are located. (Please note the Vatican Museums are closed on Wednesdays and Sundays, therefore if your included sightseeing falls on those days, your alternate sightseeing will include Trevi Fountain, a true masterpiece and icon of Rome, Palazzo Chigi, the heart of Italian political life, an inside visit of the Pantheon, and world-renowned Piazza Navona. Your tour concludes with a visit of the Colosseum and Roman Forum.)

Day 3

ROME Your Local Host will have many ideas for your day at leisure, such as how to find the Bocca della Veritá (Mouth of Truth), which is said to be the face of a river god that will bite off a liar’s hand; or a visit to Cimitero Acattolico of Testaccio (non-Catholic cemetery), a corner of peace in the heart of the city and resting place of poets Keats and Shelley.

Day 4

ROME Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning.


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Price From $ 773
Price Per Day: $ 193 per day
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Mar-07-2023Mar-10-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-08-2023Mar-11-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
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Mar-10-2023Mar-13-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-11-2023Mar-14-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-12-2023Mar-15-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-13-2023Mar-16-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-14-2023Mar-17-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-15-2023Mar-18-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-16-2023Mar-19-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-17-2023Mar-20-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-18-2023Mar-21-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-19-2023Mar-22-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-20-2023Mar-23-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-21-2023Mar-24-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-22-2023Mar-25-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-23-2023Mar-26-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-24-2023Mar-27-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-25-2023Mar-28-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-26-2023Mar-29-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-27-2023Mar-30-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-28-2023Mar-31-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-29-2023Apr-01-2023$ 773NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-30-2023Apr-02-2023$ 805NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-31-2023Apr-03-2023$ 836NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-01-2023Apr-04-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-02-2023Apr-05-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-03-2023Apr-06-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-04-2023Apr-07-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-05-2023Apr-08-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-06-2023Apr-09-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-07-2023Apr-10-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-08-2023Apr-11-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-09-2023Apr-12-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-10-2023Apr-13-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-11-2023Apr-14-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-12-2023Apr-15-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-13-2023Apr-16-2023$ 869NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-14-2023Apr-17-2023$ 869NoAvailable Reserve
Apr-15-2023Apr-18-2023$ 869NoAvailable Reserve
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May-31-2023Jun-03-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-01-2023Jun-04-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-02-2023Jun-05-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
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Jun-04-2023Jun-07-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-05-2023Jun-08-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-06-2023Jun-09-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-07-2023Jun-10-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-08-2023Jun-11-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-09-2023Jun-12-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-10-2023Jun-13-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-11-2023Jun-14-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-12-2023Jun-15-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-13-2023Jun-16-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-14-2023Jun-17-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-15-2023Jun-18-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-16-2023Jun-19-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-17-2023Jun-20-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-18-2023Jun-21-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-19-2023Jun-22-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-20-2023Jun-23-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-21-2023Jun-24-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-22-2023Jun-25-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-23-2023Jun-26-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-24-2023Jun-27-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-25-2023Jun-28-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-26-2023Jun-29-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-27-2023Jun-30-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-28-2023Jul-01-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-29-2023Jul-02-2023$ 885NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-30-2023Jul-03-2023$ 853NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-01-2023Jul-04-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-02-2023Jul-05-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-03-2023Jul-06-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-04-2023Jul-07-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-05-2023Jul-08-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-06-2023Jul-09-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-07-2023Jul-10-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-08-2023Jul-11-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-09-2023Jul-12-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-10-2023Jul-13-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-11-2023Jul-14-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-12-2023Jul-15-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-13-2023Jul-16-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-14-2023Jul-17-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-15-2023Jul-18-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-16-2023Jul-19-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-17-2023Jul-20-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-18-2023Jul-21-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-19-2023Jul-22-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-20-2023Jul-23-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-21-2023Jul-24-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-22-2023Jul-25-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-23-2023Jul-26-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-24-2023Jul-27-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-25-2023Jul-28-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-26-2023Jul-29-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-27-2023Jul-30-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-28-2023Jul-31-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-29-2023Aug-01-2023$ 821NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-30-2023Aug-02-2023$ 818NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-31-2023Aug-03-2023$ 816NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-01-2023Aug-04-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-02-2023Aug-05-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-03-2023Aug-06-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-04-2023Aug-07-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-05-2023Aug-08-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-06-2023Aug-09-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-07-2023Aug-10-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-08-2023Aug-11-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-09-2023Aug-12-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-10-2023Aug-13-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-11-2023Aug-14-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-12-2023Aug-15-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-13-2023Aug-16-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-14-2023Aug-17-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-15-2023Aug-18-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-16-2023Aug-19-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-17-2023Aug-20-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-18-2023Aug-21-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-19-2023Aug-22-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-20-2023Aug-23-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-21-2023Aug-24-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-22-2023Aug-25-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-23-2023Aug-26-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-24-2023Aug-27-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-25-2023Aug-28-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-26-2023Aug-29-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-27-2023Aug-30-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-28-2023Aug-31-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-29-2023Sep-01-2023$ 814NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-30-2023Sep-02-2023$ 849NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-31-2023Sep-03-2023$ 884NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-01-2023Sep-04-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-02-2023Sep-05-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-03-2023Sep-06-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-04-2023Sep-07-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-05-2023Sep-08-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-06-2023Sep-09-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-07-2023Sep-10-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-08-2023Sep-11-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-09-2023Sep-12-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-10-2023Sep-13-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-11-2023Sep-14-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-12-2023Sep-15-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-13-2023Sep-16-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-14-2023Sep-17-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-15-2023Sep-18-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-16-2023Sep-19-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-17-2023Sep-20-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-18-2023Sep-21-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-19-2023Sep-22-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-20-2023Sep-23-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-21-2023Sep-24-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-22-2023Sep-25-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-23-2023Sep-26-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-24-2023Sep-27-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-25-2023Sep-28-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-26-2023Sep-29-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-27-2023Sep-30-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-28-2023Oct-01-2023$ 919NoAvailable Reserve
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Rome Getaway 3 Nights

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Company Reviews

Great service

Overall, the experience with Monogram was great, it communicated everything with plenty of time and they were always available whenever I needed to consult anything.
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Monograms is the best

I would recommend Monograms to everyone!! We traveled to Europe and our monograms host was there for us with amazing restaurant suggestions, directions to the places we wanted to visit & took care any questions that we had. The MonogramsGo app is the best!!
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Great Monogram staff

Our Monograms experience was mostly great. The hotel we stayed at in London was not what we would have preferred. Thx Park Plaza Waterloo has a dark theme with very little light in the hallways, The staff was good but the room was not furnished for comfort. The high tech lighting system and only overhead lights (no bedside lamp) was poor. Monograms staff did well and walked us through all our travel connections very well. Their sight seeing excursions and recommendations were just what we needed. We did not feel alone on our vacation. Monograms staff were all very friendly and inviting.
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Service was excellent

Service was excellent. Staff was very helpful

It was an excellent experience

It was an excellent experience. Staff was helpful. City tour very informative even for me who has been here before. Hotel is excellent too.

Wonderful Experience

Our recent experience with Monograms handling our trip to Rome, Florence, and Venice greatly exceeded our expectations. From the first class hotels, seamless transportation, to our wonderful local hosts who took care of us in each city, we are extremely satisfied with the entire experience. We would highly recommend Monograms and will definitely use them again with future vacations.
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Starhotels Metropole

This elegant 236 room modern boutique style hotel is perfectly placed. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the property and there is also a fitness room. Tempting international dishes and Roman specialties can be savored in the intimate restaurant and for a refreshing break there is a stylish bar offering all day drinks, cakes, and light bites.

Via Principe Amedeo 3

Best Western Hotel Universo

Set in a 19th-century building with 198 modern rooms, two restaurants serving traditional Roman and international cuisine, an elegant bar and Free WI-FI internet access throughout the property. The fitness zone of the Hotel is equipped with a gym, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna and hydromassage shower.

Via Principe Amedeo 5

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