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About the company

Why Enchanting

Enchanting Travels is not like every other travel company. What makes us different? Our team are seasoned, passionate travellers and we know the secret behind the best travel experiences: every trip should be about you.

Who We Are

We live and breathe the joy of travel!

The secret to any enchanting trip are the people you meet throughout the planning and execution of your trip. Our destination knowledge is unsurpassable. Unlike most travel companies, we don’t use middle men. We have are our enchanting people on-the-ground, there to support you. Some of us are home grown in our destinations while others have migrated.


No matter how old you are or where you have travelled, we want you to have unique, exceptional encounters that match your interests and needs, whether that is your available travel dates, your preferred style of accommodation and level of comfort, your pace, or your sense of adventure.

We just don’t like the cookie cutter approach – which is why we offer private, flexible and customized trips.

Who we are

How do you share the joy of travel? That was the question we asked ourselves twelve years ago. We discovered that travel to exotic destinations could be transformative and authentic with destination expertise, local presence and seamless support. This thought led us to where we are today: an international company of 130 passionate individuals from over 17 nationalities, spread across 6 offices in 4 continents.

The world has changed since we began our journey thirteen years ago, but our mission has remained the same: to redefine tailor-made travel. Traveling with us remains an exclusive, customized experience that is tailored to your individual tastes and preferences, and always supported by a team who genuinely care.

Across Asia, South America and Africa, we are with you every step of the way.

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  • You choose budget, destinations, activities, transport & lodging type
  • Expert designs the itinerary for you, and once approved, takes care of logistics
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