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Daigo-ji is a Shingon Buddhist temple in Fushimi-ku


4.5 Excellent
This operator is an Active Member in good standing in the United States Tour Operator Association and part of the $1 million traveler insurance program
# of trips 768 Trips
Type Global Operator
Service Level Standard
Trip prices $ 1,269 - $ 15,399
Tour languages English
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Collette Reviews & Ratings

94% Recommend
4.5 Excellent
we had an absolute wonderful time
My wife & I just returned from your National Parks tour and we had an absolute wonderful time. Great itinerary, tour director (Merrin) and driver (John). First class!
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The Best
The best. I've worked with many travel companies, but now I only book my groups through Collette.
Had a river cruise booked for May 2020
Had a river cruise booked for May 2020 on the Danube but unfortunately because of Covid 19 it was cancelled. I had no issues in getting a full refund for my vacation. I will definitely rebook with Collette when things return to normal...
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our dream trip to Italy was canceled due to covid-19
Recently, our dream trip to Italy was canceled due to covid-19. Collette's superior customer service responded to my inquiry by message and phone call literally within minutes. Their team was sympathetic and informative with regards to our refund details. Thank you Collette. We realize this is also a difficult time for your company as well. We hope to rebook our trip to Italy with you again one day!
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I do recommend Collette
I do recommend Collette, had two great dream trips to AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND and AFRICA. Was planning to go to MOROCCO this Spring but trip was cancelled. The way they handled the cancellation of the trip did not make me feel like a valued customer. I wanted to keep the reservation and move it to next year. I asked that I receive back the $7000 plus final payment I just made and they could keep the initial payment to hold the trip. Collette basically said I could move the reservation till next year and get no money back or just cancel the trip. They wanted to keep my total payment in order for them to move the trip. They would rather me cancel my trip, with no chance of trying to keep my business, go through the rebooking process, hoping I rebook, then just move it and return all of my final payment. This was a big disappointment from a company I have had a great travel experience with and have recommended to my friends. I want to take many more trips that Collette offers but I am not sure now.
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Love Collette!
Love Collette! Best Tour managers! They help you to see all the "must sees" and help you to explore and enjoy each destination to the fullest!
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Editorial review of Collette

With a history that goes back to 1918, their experience speaks for itself. They provide comprehensive, well-managed guided tours for travelers seeking an exploratory, comfortable travel experience.

Collette - Quick Facts

Founded in 1918

Group size: It varies. Collette offers private and customizable tours, as well as small groups of between 14-24 guests

Typical age range: 45+  

Average tour price: $2,996

Accommodation style: 4 star and above hotels and unique locations

Top regions: USA & Canada, Europe & UK

Commonly compared with Tauck and Trafalgar 

What Makes Collette Tours Stand Out?

  • Flexibility & personalization
  • Expert tour managers
  • Easy booking process
  • Private & Customizable tours
  • Balances iconic must-sees with immersive cultural experiences

Italy street on guided tour

A long history in guided tourism means Collette knows every inch of guided travel. Take care of all the details like it’s second nature, and even though it's old hat every traveler is new and they dig into that. Collette recognizes that no two traveler is the same and approach each planning experience from a perspective of flexibility and personalization.

Their goal is to ease the hardship of planning and organizing for the traveler so you can fully enjoy the experience without worry or stress. At Collette, they know guided travel and have been successfully leading tours around the world to a growing, devoted customer base for nearly 100 years.

Collette tours are about letting you, the traveler, experience unbelievable, classic, and unique moments around the world.  

Who Will Enjoy Traveling With Collette?

  • Travelers aged 45+
  • Moderately active travelers
  • Upper budget range

Do you love the ease of mind that comes with having every detail taken care of when you travel? Details that allow you to relax and enjoy the special little moments of discovering the world; learning about new cultures, awe inspiring wildlife encounters, and leisurely meals highlighting local cuisine? Then you are ideally suited to Collette tours.

The Collette traveler is typically older, in the 50+ range. Travelers who enjoy the finer things, value a premium to luxury style of accommodation and transportation, yet have an adventurous spirit will love traveling with Collette.

Recent retirees and active seniors who are game for anything are the kind of traveler who relish a tour with Collette - check out this group in Costa Rica - taking part in Costa Rica's famous ziplines!

If you don't want to be encouraged to jump in and push your comfort zone a bit, you may find yourself out of step on a majority of Collette tours. They have several offerings though, so don't let that discourage you. 

Collette is ideal for active travelers who enjoy a comprehensive guided tour, with a lot of activity, and local experiences. These tours can involve extensive walking, sometimes over uneven surfaces, so a certain basic level of physical fitness is required.

Tours with Collette are classified by 5 basic physical levels, to help you find one best suited to you:

Level 1 - Mostly flat services and minimal walking. You should be comfortabe with climbing a few stairs, plus getting in and out of the coach 

Level 2 - Average physical ability is required such as long stairs and walks of a few hours. Some walks may be over uneven ground.

Level 3 - Slightly longer distances and more frequent walks can be expected. Expect stairs and some uneven surfaces such as cobblestones or nature trails.

Level 4 - Expect to be on your feet longer, including periods of standing and more extensive walking periods. These tours may also feature nighttime activities, so you'll be active for a longer period of time.

Level 5 - Very active travel. Expect adventure experiences and activities, early mornings and late nights. You can also expect to experience the elements so be ready for rain, wind, dust, what have you.

Free days are included in most Collette tours, giving travelers time to relax, take walks on the beach, or maybe do some shopping.

If you’re the kind of traveler for whom the a glass of champagne out in the blazing sun of the Australian outback, gazing at Uluru, sounds idyllic - then Collette would be perfect for you.

Top Destinations

Collette tours travel all around the world, to all 7 continents including Antarctica. They are well known for Central and South America, Australia, and Africa. They also offer an impressive variety of North America tours including several in the United States and Canada.

Travel styles include everything from river cruises to family tours to faith based tours.

Collette Travel Style

Collette promises the “trip of a lifetime” through exclusive outings, luxury touches, and appreciating the moments of anticipation before the world reveals itself. Their travel style is about discovering new cultures, embracing the explorer within -- in time for a cocktail at the end of the day.

Beautiful national park landscape

They have 6 broad classifications for travel style: Classic, Explorations, Spotlights, River Cruise, Faith, and Impact Travel:

1. Classic Collette Tours - This is what they call their Flagship collection, group tours that make the postcard come to life. Visit all the must see sites, enjoy cultural experiences, all with a professional and knowledgeable guide, there to help make your travel as seamless as possible. Groups are on the larger side

2. Explorations - These tours are about going deeper, meeting locals, and getting off the beaten path. “Authenticity” is a big word for Collette Explorations. You’ll experience the destination in a smaller group, an average of 18 people, allowing for access to more local experiences not available to larger groups. Classic sites will also be included in your itinerary, but the focus is mostly on unique experiences.

3. Spotlights - Have a shorter amount of time and don’t want to miss anything? Collette Spotlight tours are designed to maximize your city stay or short getaway experience. These are primarily walking tours, packed with sightseeing, historical and cultural information, but with some downtime as well. Typically these tours are between 5-9 days.

4. River Cruise - A very popular mode of travel, particularly for 50+ travelers, river cruising is ideal for those seeking a leisurely vacation, unpacking only once, enjoying gliding by beautiful sites and participating in various guided shore excursions. Collette river cruises go around the world, including China, Egypt, and Europe.

5. Faith - For those travelers interested in visiting religious sites, Collette has a group of tours dedicated to faith based travel. Visit world famous icons and learn their ancient histories.

Collette Faith tours visit everything from grand churches to the humble beginnings of the three major world religions in the Holy Land. Tours are history based with an emphasis on finding deeper spiritual significance and meaning. They also have trips to the Oberammergau Passion Play.

6. Impact Travel - Being a responsible traveler is an important component on all Collette tours, however if you’re seeking to do more to give back, their Impact Tours are a great way to do so. Sightsee with a purpose as you assist with local initiatives, volunteering among the community, helping in classrooms, and protecting local wildlife.

Why Choose a Tour with Collette?

  • Flexibility in planning
  • Extensions available pre or post tour date
  • Private airport transfer
  • Expert planners 

Collette tours in New York

If you are looking for an entertaining, fully escorted, active tour to explore new cultures, and enjoy unique experiences, Collette could be for you. They provide a dedicated guide, and handle all the details throughout the tour.

Free time is available on some days, but for the most part expect fairly full itineraries and a good amount of walking on their group tours. Some optional excursions are offered during the tour, so you can tailor your experience to a certain extent.

This is a great opportunity for meeting fellow travelers in a similar age range. Collette tours are open to everyone, but the majority of people on your tour will be older - in the 50+ range. Collette tours are ideal for travelers who want to have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and are open to new experiences.

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Travel better together
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    ...and much more

More details

Activities Safari Adventure

Travel wisely

COVID-19 is still affecting travel around the world but more countries continue to reopen and adjust travel restrictions and requirements. We recommend reviewing the full list of Covid-19 travel resources - all updated regularly given the fast-changing environment.

And check out everything you need to know about how vaccines are affecting travel, including which countries are open to fully vaccinated travelers.

Ready to travel? 

Take a look at our interactive travel restrictions map or see the countries reopening for tourism list to find your next destination.

Consider booking a Custom or Private Trip for the peace of mind that comes from working directly with a travel expert. They can plan ahead for safety and assist you during the trip if any complications develop, plus give you more freedom and flexibility with your itinerary.

About the company

From Collette

True adventures go beyond incredible destinations or inclusive packages. Collette delivers a sense of possibility across all seven continents.

Since 1918, we have been sharing our love of travel. Today our worldwide travel collection features comprehensive land tours, river cruises, rail journeys, small group tours, family trips, garden holidays and more. With Collette, wake each morning on tour with a new experience in front of you, and when your head hits the pillow, you will know it has been an amazing day. Best of all - we seamlessly handle the details. All you have to do is enjoy the adventure.

Everyone at Collette believes travel is vital to a life well-lived and our executive team sets the tone. Drawing on a diverse set of skills that includes operations, sales, information technology, law and financial planning, they work across three offices to bring you the best experience possible.

Go Guided:

There are so many benefits to letting someone else take on all the details that come with having The Perfect Trip. See why more and more travelers choose to Go Guided — and why they never go back.

5 Reasons to Go Guided:

Go Tour Managers!

On Day 1 of your trip, you’ll meet a friendly person who sure does know a lot about your tour and the destinations you’re visiting. This highly skilled professional is your tour manage and from the moment you meet this key player on your tour, you’ll know you’re in good hands. With their rich travel backgrounds, as well as their useful information about language, currency, and all things local, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Go Culture!

Visiting a destination gives you a taste of the local culture. But imagine actually becoming part of that culture. Staying overnight in an Irish castle like Old-World royalty…feeling the cool waters of the Great Barrier Reef envelop you as you snorkel in its turquoise paradise…or rolling dough with an Italian chef to make the perfect pizza. It’s not just about all the iconic spots that will make for the best photos, it’s about diving into another world that makes for the best memories.

Go Product Team!

Our product experts are probably on the road right now — scoping out the best of our worldwide destinations. They go, take it all in, and find the moments they love best. Those are the moments they create for you. Those experiences and sights comprise each itinerary and make each one extra-special. Best of all, you don’t have to plan a thing. You just need to choose which itinerary best suits you.

Go Social!

Travel is social by nature. Guided travel is extra social. Meet a cast of characters: your fellow travelers, tour manager, driver, local guides and more. The social aspect of guided travel is one of the best parts! Many travelers on our tours have forged lasting friendships. Think of all the wonderful people waiting to meet you out in the world.

Go Worry-Free!

Your peace of mind is the most important thing to us. And that starts with our roundtrip home to airport sedan service. Forget taxis, airport fees, or public transportation. We will get you there...and back. And if for any reason you need to cancel your tour, you can do so — right up until the day before departure — and receive a full refund (thanks to our travel protection plan).

There are many ways to experience the world:

Among Collette’s worldwide collection of tours we offer a variety of guided travel choices. No matter where (or how) you want to go, Collette can take you there.

Small Groups, Big Experiences

From vibrant cities to remote villages, immerse yourself in other worlds. As part of a small group, enjoy accommodations chosen to capture the spirit of the destination, savor spectacular local cuisine, and take the time to explore on your own. Along the way Explorations sets the stage for the unexpected moments that make travel so special. With just 12-24 passengers, these are the personal adventures that today’s cultural explorers dream about.

Amazing Family Moments Included

Collette's Family tours bring travelers of all ages together to experience the world’s greatest destinations. There’s no better classroom than the world, no better education than taking a walk through history. Today’s parents — and grandparents — want to share the riches of travel with their children and grandchildren. Each tour in our family line is specially crafted with the best local experiences, iconic must-see's, family-oriented hotels and immersive cultural activities. Children ages 14 and under enjoy substantially discounted rates.

Collette's Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection Plan

The Traveling Well Experience

Our Commitment to Your Well-being and Enjoyment

There’s no denying that life and travel will likely look a little different for the foreseeable future, which is why we worked with our partners all over the world to create enhanced protective measures for our guests. These measures are intended to help safeguard guests’ health and well-being, while allowing for an enjoyable travel experience.  

From flexible booking to more open space on the coach and much more – all aspects of travel have been considered. This is The Traveling Well Experience.

  • Travel Protection Plan – cancel for any reason up until 24 hours before departure, plus provides numerous on-tour protections
  • More Physical Space – on the coach, in restaurants, and more
  • Wellness Protocols – for partners like motor coach operators, hotels, restaurants, and airlines
  • Enhanced Tour Manager Training ­– our tour managers are destination experts and highly equipped to handle a variety of unexpected situations – including illnesses and emergencies

Before Your Tour

Cancel for Any Reason Waiver

Our Travel Protection Plan financially protects you in the event you need to cancel or move your trip to a different date. Learn more here

Pre-Tour Health Screenings

We will ask all travellers to complete a wellness declaration form before joining their tour.

Private Sedan Service

Your ride to and from the airport will be stocked with fresh water for every pickup and all surfaces will be disinfected daily and after every passenger.

Air Travel

Specific details will vary by airline, but standard operations typically include flight attendants wearing masks, sanitizing all surfaces between flights and physical distancing. For links to major airlines, head to the bottom of the page, or visit your airline’s website for specific information.

On Your Tour

Smaller Groups

Tours will operate with a number of empty seats to allow guests to space out for a more comfortable experience.

Your Tour Manager

We have employed new and enhanced hygiene & physical distancing protocols for tour managers. They are local experts and highly trained to handle a variety of unexpected situations — including illnesses and emergencies. They are also available 24/7 for guests throughout the tour should any situation arise.

Use of Face Coverings

Face coverings will be included with your pre-tour documents and will be required throughout many experiences on tour including the motor coach and air travel.

Motor Coach

All surfaces will be sanitized often, including regular cleaning of high-touch areas with disinfecting wipes. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times and drivers will wear protective gear when appropriate.

On-Tour Experiences

We work closely with our local partners to ensure adequate physical distancing during meals, experiences, and sightseeing. Guests may be rotated in smaller sub-groups when necessary.

On-Tour Insurance Coverages

When you purchase our Travel Protection Plan, you’ll have access to telehealth services should you need it, plus you’re covered on tour for emergency assistance, baggage loss, trip interruption, medical expenses, and more. Learn more here


We will ask all travellers to monitor their health throughout their tour, with protocols in place in the event someone becomes ill.


Specific protocols will vary from destination to destination, hotel to hotel. Overall, rooms and areas like restaurants, fitness centres, etc. will be deep-cleaned regularly, with rooms disinfected thoroughly between guests. High-traffic areas like lobbies and elevators will be cleaned hourly.

After Your Tour

Post-Tour Survey

After you get home, you’ll be able to share your opinions of your tour experience, allowing us to constantly improve for the benefit of future guests.

Trips & Specials See all 768 trips

Want a tailor-made trip instead?

Travel better together
Your trip, your way, planned by an expert:
  • You choose budget, destinations, activities, transport & lodging type
  • Expert designs the itinerary for you, and once approved, takes care of logistics

Collette Company Ranking by Category


The National Tour Association, The United States Tour Operators Association, The Alliance of Canadian Travel Associations, The Travel Industry Council of Ontario, Association of British Travel Agents


Are flights included?
Collette is happy to assist you in accommodating your flight needs. Due to tour scheduling and limited availability, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Collette's air packages. We are not responsible for air arrangements you have made on your own. On occasion, it is necessary to change tour dates. In this case, we can only protect air reservations booked through Collette. For all air reservations, it is strongly recommended to reconfirm flights before departure, in the event that the airline has an unexpected schedule change. We cannot assume responsibility for schedule changes, routings or flight cancellations involving the airlines. Not all airlines offer pre-assigned seats. Some charge a fee for seats which will be at the guests' expense. Where pre-assigned seats are not offered, the guests must contact the airline directly to arrange seat assignments.
Do I need Travel Insurance?

It is always recommended, and usually required, to have travel insurance. There are many different options available! Collette offers a specialized protection plan that offers you a full refund of your money in case you have to cancel for any reason up to 24 hours before departure.

Can I extend my trip?
Yes! You may enhance your tour by purchasing either an extension or pre/post hotel stays, offered on select tours. Extensions may be "hosted" rather than escorted. When hosted, passengers will be greeted upon arrival by a local tour manager who will provide all included services and be available on-call during the duration of the extension. A minimum number of passengers may be required to operate some extensions. Extensions not purchased at time of deposit are subject to availability and applicable charges at time of request.
What is the Average Group Size?
Collette offers many different trip styles, so the group size will depend on the type of trip you choose. Their small group tours always have a max of 18 people.
Pre or post trip accommodation available?
Yes! Collette can help arrange pre and post hotel accommodations for you. You'll be able to explore the destination independently. Note that your tour manager will not be available during this time.
What is the age range?
The age range of travelers on Collette tours is mostly 50 and up.
Is there a Single Supplement for Solo Travelers?
Collette is very welcoming to solo and single travelers. A small number of tours are regularly be offered that do not require a single supplement. More options are available with single supplements from as low as $200.
Are kids welcome?
Children over the age of 5 may travel on a Collette tour accompanied by an adult. Child land rates are valid for ages 5-12, sharing a room with two full-paying adults. Parents should be advised that some theater performances may be unsuitable for children.

What specific COVID safety measures are your company implementing on all trips at the moment?

Following all CDC health & wellness measures

Current company-wide policies regarding the flexibility of cancellation/re-scheduling trips with your brand.

With our cancellation insurance, guests can cancel for a full cash refund up to 24 hours of departure for any reason, no questions asked.


Collette Welcomes You Back to Touring
As we plan to resume tour operations and welcome back our guests to experience the world, we’ve evaluated the tour experience from start to finish. We’ve implemented measures as recommended by the medical experts with whom we’ve consulted along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and appropriate government agencies to promote cleanliness, physical distancing and reduced contact.


We’re excited to announce that Collette intends to resume tour operations to select destinations beginning July 1, 2020. Based on a variety of factors, the decision to
operate specific departures will be made 45 days prior to departure of travel. As we resume travel, experiences on tour to include restaurants, museums, attractions and coach travel may be modified to support limited capacity. This may be subject to limited availability based on tour manager discretion, direction from health experts and government officials to promote physical distancing and reduced contact.


All tour managers have been and will be continuously educated and trained. Collette follows global health protocols established by health experts and government agencies as well as our standard protocols

Guidance on physical distancing, sanitizing and disinfecting processes
• General knowledge and references on Covid-19 to create awareness and ensure overall health and safety for all guests.

  •  How does COVID-19 spread
  • Symptoms of Covid-19 and identifying potentially unwell guests
  •  Appropriate use of face coverings
  • How to effectively clean hands with soap and water and hand sanitizer

Requirements for Guiding a Tour
• Tour managers will provide Collette with a health declaration prior to guiding a tour
• Tour managers will self-report health status at 14-days post-tour
• Tour managers will only operate tours beginning a minimum of 14-days apart to reduce
the risk of spread of the virus from one group to another
• Tour managers will be required to wear face coverings in confined areas and as per
local government regulations
• Tour manager pre-tour communication to include:

  • Link to safety protocols
  • Recommendation for guests to bring sanitary wipes with them on tour
  • All handouts and welcome information will be sent as attachments with pre-tour email and no longer distributed on site

• Tour managers will be equipped with a supply of additional face coverings, gloves,
sanitizing wipes and a body temperature scanner.
• Tour managers will have the ability to alter the itinerary to avoid congested areas that
are deemed to be a risk, and will consider returning at a later time
• Local guides that join the group during various parts of the tour will be required to
follow Collette protocol


Pre-Tour Guest Requirements
• Pre-tour guest wellness declarations will be provided in pre-tour documents received
before departure. These forms will be turned in to all Tour Managers upon arrival.
Questions will be related to guest wellness in the 14-days leading up to the tour.
Physical Distancing and Reduced Contact Measures
• Collette will conduct all verbally guided components using headsets provided by
Collette to allow for proper distancing between the tour manager and guest
• Face coverings will be included with your pre-tour documents and will be required
throughout many experiences on tour including the motor coach
• Guests traveling together will be seated together at all times
• Seat rotations will only be allowed once per day, when the coach is boarded for the first time
• Tours will operate with enough open seats on the coach (up to 50%) to allow for physical distancing
• Group coach boarding & disembarkation

  • Where possible, front and rear doors will be utilized on the coach to reduce contact
  • Coaches will be boarded back to front
  • Coaches will be disembarked, front to back driver and guide will not physically assist people in getting on and off the bus due to physical distancing requirements

• Restaurants

  • On tour, dining will be conducted in accordance with local rules and regulations, in
  • generally smaller group seating arrangements, with servers and verbally relayed or disposable menus
  • Guests will regularly be reminded of the need to maintain physical distancing and face coverings throughout the tour to ensure these measures remain top of mind
  • Optional tour sales on-site will be contact-free. Guests will be provided a verbal
  • acknowledgment of the purchase and a receipt will immediately be provided via e-mail.

If a Guest Exhibits Symptoms on Tour
• Collette Tour Managers are trained to assist guests that become ill and are empowered
to act accordingly to protect the health and well-being of all guests on a tour
• If a guest exhibits symptoms of Covid-19 or other significant illness, they will be
isolated and required to go to a local hospital for testing
• CDC Defined Symptoms of Covid-19:

  • Fever (100.4°F/38°C or higher) or chills• Cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing that you cannot attribute to another health condition
  • Sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition
  •  Muscle aches that you cannot attribute to another health condition or that may have been caused by a specific activity (such as physical exercise)
  • Loss of taste or smell


Our highest priority is to mitigate the risk in travel to our guests and employees while resuming tour operations. We will continue to evaluate our operating plans and make necessary adjustments along the way. Rest assured, Collette delivers these experiences with a trusted team monitoring our tour departures globally, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

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