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Canals of Venice on Trafalgar Tour


4.5 Great
This operator is an Active Member in good standing in the United States Tour Operator Association and part of the $1 million traveler insurance program
# of trips 849 Trips
Type Global Operator
Service Level Standard
Trip prices $ 108 - $ 13,575
Tour languages English
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Trafalgar Reviews & Ratings

91% Recommend
4.5 Great
thanks for the trip of a lifetime
Our guide for Italy and Sicily was so knowledgeable. If she did not know the answer, she found it by looking it up. Trafalgar see to your every need. We were so comfortable in every situation. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime.
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I can't wait to travel with them again!
The guides are amazing and everyone does their best to accommodate the guests. There is ample free time to explore on one's own as well as optional extra excursions. I can't wait to travel with them again!
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great tour guide
great tour guide. Italy 2019. lino - so knowledgeable and so much fun!
had an amazing time
My tour of New Zealand was gorgeous. The tour director Marty was very knowledgeable. He shared many details about the places we visited. I had an amazing time. Kia ora Marty!
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very knowledgeable
your tour guides specially Tiago .are very knowledgeable.and professional lI have beautiful memories from my trip .
He took us to places it was like a dream come true.I will recomend your company to my friends and others..I still think of that trip as if it was yesterday I had lots of fun the restaurants and shows were amazing the castles and cathedrals georgeous the coach nice and clean
. the driver very professional everything was a 10 this trip was a good learning experience.. thanks
Martha Isaacoff
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very knowledgeable
your tour guides specially Tiago .are very knowledgeable.and professional lI have beautiful memories from my trip .
He took us to places it was like a dream come true.I will recomend your company to my friends and others..I still think of that trip as if it was yesterday I had lots of fun the restaurants and shows were amazing the castles and cathedrals georgeous the coach nice and clean
. the driver very professional everything was a 10 this trip was a good learning experience.. thanks
Martha Isaacoff
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Editorial review of Trafalgar

Trafalgar is a name many seasoned travelers will recognize. A branch of the Travel Corporation, whose brands all enjoy stellar reputations, Trafalgar has been offering classic and affordable tours for over 70 years.

Trafalagar Tours - Quick Facts

Founded: in 1947

Group size: Large Groups, between 40-45 people

Mode of transportation: Primarily large comfortable coaches

Accommodation style: Unique 3 & 4 star hotels and guest houses

Typical age range: 50+

Single travelers welcome (single supplements are required, but often discounted)

Average tour price: $3,796

Top Regions: Europe, USA, Canada

Related TTC Brands: Insight Vacations, Uniworld, Brendan Vacations

Commonly compared with: Insight Vacations & Globus

What Makes Trafalgar Tours Stand Out?

  • Budget friendly without cutting activities
  • Comfortable, not physically demanding tours
  • Largely focused on cultural immersion 
  • Destination specific accommodation styles
  • Strong reputation 
  • Dedicated to responsible tourism - Founding member of TreadRight Foundation
  • Good balance of free time and inclusions

Trafalgar is a budget friendly group tour operator with premium tastes. Their motto is “See the world from the inside,” - this is the place to come for culturally rich and immersive travel experiences that don’t break the bank or the back.

Tours with Trafalgar are comfortable, not too physically demanding, and offer the opportunity to meet, talk, eat and drink with locals. You’ll get to know chefs, artisans, craftsmen, historians, and farmers as you explore what makes each destination truly special.

Trafalgar has a strong reputation, having been around since 1947 - putting them right at the pinnacle of when many premier guided tour companies were established. You’ll meet groups of like minded travelers, enjoy cultural experiences, expertly crafted itineraries with local touches and experiences guides, while traveling in comfort and ease.

Who Will Enjoy Traveling With Trafalgar?

  • Older travelers (but all ages are welcome)
  • Families
  • Mid to high range budget travelers
  • Those who enjoy slow-paced itineraries and easy physical activity
  • Those who favor historic sightseeing & cultural immersion over hard core adventure 

Winery in Europe tour with Trafalgar

If you are an active traveler, perhaps recently retired, eager to explore the world in comfort, visiting a nice combination of unique local spots and classic sites, then Trafalgar could be a great choice.

Possibly you are new to group tours and packages, having been used to creating your own travel experiences at a younger age - Trafalgar provides the perfect introduction to group tours.

You'll have plenty of free time to explore on your own, for shopping, sightseeing, and meals away from the group. Optional excursions are available throughout the itinerary for when you want a bit more structure.

Families will also get a lot out of the Trafalgar travel experience. If you're seeking a family vacation and interested in introducing a new generation of travelers to your favorite country - but don’t really have the time or patience to worry about planning out all the logistics - Trafalgar could be a great choice.

Hiking in Mount Cook New Zealand trafalgar tour

While they offer many trip styles, suitable for travelers of all ages, their classic touch is popular among older travelers. Classic doesn’t mean old fashioned or tired - simply a bit less on the active adventure and more on the historic sights and cultural experiences. They have a number of family focused tours, as well as tailored trips for special interests.

Trafalgar trips are budget friendly, with most trips in middle to low range, including a “Cost Saver” feature that allows you to see more inexpensive trips broken down by ratings and cost clearly. They offer several deals on trips throughout the year.

Trafalgar is a British brand, so many of the attendees on your tour will be from the UK.  

Top Destinations

  • Europe & the UK
  • USA and Canada
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Asia
  • South America

Italy iconic cultural sites tour with Trafalgar

With Trafalgar, you can find trips to Europe, USA & Canada, South America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. While the destinations are widespread, Trafalgar trips explore the culture and their highly trained local guides take you to hidden local spots without venturing too far outside the comfort zone.

Tours in Europe and the UK are among the most popular itineraries, utlizing guest houses and even castles for accommodation! 

Their USA & Canada tours are extremely popular for outdoorsy travelers. National Parks are a common itinerary item, as are trips along the Rocky Mountaineer railroad.

In South America, Trafalgar travels to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. In Africa, they go to Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa. In Asia, it’s Cambodia, China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

And in the Pacific, Trafalgar visits Australia and New Zealand - some trips in this region are more basic when it comes to accommodation so be sure to read the itinerary carefully!

Wherever you go, you can expect high quality guides, unique destination-specific accommodations, and smooth travels.

Croatia Dubrovnik tour with Trafalgar

They also have a number of religious themed tours, including trips that include excursions to Oberammergau, Bavaria. Once a decade this small town presents a Passion Play, and Trafalgar has had special access since 1970. The next time to experience this unique event is 2020.

Trafalgar Travel Style

The Trafalgar travel style is all about getting to know the culture through activities and connecting with locals. Their main tagline is “Discover the Good Life”. On Trafalgar tours, you get to experience the real thing in a safe, escorted environment with knowledgeable guides there to help with the language and provide historical and cultural context.

Iceland Reykjavik city tour Trafalgar

"Discovering the Good Life" encompasses perks like skipping lines and private access to classic sites; and unique experiences that bring you to places and among people you’d never have the chance to meet traveling on your own.

This kind of travel is local immersion, but not in the same way a 25 year old might interpret that idea.

Rather than bunking at hostels, going out late at night, and enjoying potentially questionable street food, you’ll stay in premium, centrally located and culturally significant accommodations - everything from bed and breakfasts in Ireland to hotels right on the banks of Norwegian fjords.  

Learn cooking techniques in Italy, enjoy private winery tours at French chateaus, and touring a small olive farm in Spain are just a few examples of the kind of unique travel experiences you can expect with Trafalgar.

Groups are large, typically between 40-45 travelers, a max of 52 on trips in the USA and Canada. Primary transportation during the tour is in large coaches, equipped with WiFi (with the exception of Alaska) and featuring large viewing windows - ideal for taking in the scenery as you head to your next spot on the itinerary.  

Most meals during Trafalgar tours are included. Trips often include free time during which you can explore on your own, with suggestions from your expert guides.

Why Choose a Tour with Trafalgar?

  • Well known company
  • Culturally rich experiences in comfort
  • Many activities included, plus some optional choices
  • All guides are expertly trained
  • Large groups of international travelers

France castle tour with Trafalgar

Trafalgar has a solid reputation, and they stick to what they’ve done well for over 50 years. They focus on the classics, providing a culturally rich perspective as you meet locals along the way. Their experience has allowed them to cultivate relationships around the world with local businesses - quality control you can trust for every stop along the trip.

Niche tours based on specialized interests are also something they are proud to offer. Trafalgar is where you go to have the essentials and logistics take care of seamlessly while you sit back and enjoy. Do note that these tours can be quite large - 40 people traveling together in a tour group can be stifling for some.

While they appeal to an older crowd due to their history and recognizable name, Trafalgar has an impressively well integrated social media presence. Trips on their site are accompanied by instagram posts from real travelers who have been on the same tour, using the hashtag #SimplyTrafalgar.

Old or young(ish), couple or single, traveling Simply Trafalgar inspires confidence, comfort, and enjoyment.

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Activities 50+

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And check out everything you need to know about how vaccines are affecting travel, including which countries are open to fully vaccinated travelers.

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About the company

From Trafalgar

At Trafalgar, we passionately believe in the power of travel to broaden the mind and build bridges between people. By sharing with you the hidden places not mentioned in guidebooks, the local people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and the traditions you may not have experienced by yourself, we ensure that you get the ‘insider’ view, an authentic and enhanced experience you simply could not have had on your own.

It is this dedication to taking our guests beyond the obvious sights that has helped us grow over the past 65 years into one of the most trusted and successful international guided vacation/holiday companies in the world. From Europe to the United States, South America to South Africa, and with the recent addition of Asia, we pride ourselves on uncovering the hidden gems, cultural highlights and not-to-be-missed attractions of the places you visit. We’ll help you delve deep into the heart of each city and capture the true essence of each new destination.

We are committed to establishing lasting relationships with our guests by exceeding their expectations the first time and every time, through consistently outstanding quality of service, experience and value.

We're proud to be the most globally awarded guided travel company. Every year, we win some of the most prestigious travel accolades around the world – from the Travel Globes to the Agents' Choice Awards. We've collected 46 major travel awards over the last five years alone, as well as the Gold Trusted Merchant Award from independent reviews provider Feefo.

Trips & Specials See all 849 trips

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Trafalgar Company Ranking by Category



Country Award  Category  Year
UK Telegraph Travel Awards 2015-16 Best escorted tour operator 2016
USA  Travvy Best Escorted Tour Operator, Europe  2015
USA  Travvy Best Escorted Tour Operator, Mexico & Latin America  2015
UK  Travel Weekly Globe Awards Best Mainstream Touring Company  2015
Australia National Travel Industry Awards Best Tour Operator - International: Trafalgar 2013
Australia Out & About with kids Best of Family Travel 2013
USA Travel Weekly Readers' Choice Awards Best International Tour Operator, Europe 2012
USA Travel Weekly Readers' Choice Award Best International Tour Operator 2007-2011
USA AAA Supplier Award Best in Sales Support 2011
USA TravAlliance Awards: Leisure Travel Leaders Award Best Tour Operator 2010
Canada Loyalty One - Package Vacation & Cruise Best Supplier of the Year 2009
UK The TTG Awards Rail, Road or Sea Operator of the Year 2009


United States Tour Operators Association, American Society of Travel Agents


Are flights included?
Airfare is not included on Trafalgar tours, however their agents can assist with booking flights for you.
Do I need Travel Insurance?

While not required, travel insurance is highly recommended. You can purchase through Trafalgar directly or use your own. See our top recommended Travel Insurance Options »

What is the Average Group Size?
40-45 on Europe tours, and a max of 52 on tours in the USA and Canada.
What is the age range?
Trafalgar tours cater primarily to recent retirees in the 50+ range, however anyone interested in an easy paced, culture and history centric tour will enjoy their itineraries.
Is there a Single Supplement for Solo Travelers?
Yes. Trafalgar requires that single travelers pay a supplement if they wish to have a private room. These supplements are often heavily discounted however depending on the destination and group size.
Are kids welcome?
Yes. Trafalgar welcomes kids and families on their tours, provided kids are 5 years old minimum. They also have a special series of Family Friendly tours.
What kind of luggage should I bring?
Trafalgar requires that you bring one suitcase only, plus a small carryon. Dimensions: 76cm x 46cm x 25cm (30” x 18” x 10”) and weight not exceeding 23kg (50 lbs).

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