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Top Ghana Attractions & Experiences

Top Ghana Experiences

  • Learning about the extensive and colorful history of Ghana
  • Spending time in the city of Accra and enjoying the beaches
  • Visiting old colonial outposts
  • Getting out among beautiful nature in Kakum National Park
  • Going on a safari in Mole National Park

Ghana Tours & Travel Guide

Ghana Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Located in the heart of West Africa, Ghana isn't as rich in wildlife as is East Africa or southern Africa, but it provides plenty of opportunities for cultural exploration and ecotourism.

The first country in sub-Saharan Africa to regain its independence from colonial rule, Ghana is a stable democracy with friendly people, historic sites, thriving market towns, sandy beaches, and some wildlife viewing opportunities as well. It's an indispensable stop on any West Africa tour.

Top Stops on a tour of Ghana

Most tours of Ghana will stop in these three major cities:

1. Accra

Accra is Ghana’s capital, which is known for being large and chaotic, but also extremely lively and colorful. The streets are crowded with the bustling humdrum of daily commuters, but also musicians, acrobats, and small shop owners selling their goods.

Some of the main attractions in this city include the National Museum, which has one the best collections of African art on the planet, the Black Star independence arch, and the Osu Palace.

2. Elmina

Elmina is Ghana’s city on the sea -- its architecture a mix of colonial and modern, and its shoe lined with hundreds of colorful fishing vessels, called pirogues. Despite Elmina’s bright appearance and lively, thriving fish market today, the city did not always look this way.

One of the must-see attractions in Elmina is the Elmina Castle, a UNESCO heritage site, and the first slave holding station in West Africa. As there are no signs in the Castle, it is best seen and experienced on a guided tour, where you can truly understand the significance of the place.

3. Kumasi

Kumasi, the ancient capital of the Ashanti Empire, is an important stop on any trip to Ghana. Known was the heart of the Ashanti culture, Kumasi is a great place to see and purchase genuine Ashanti crafts, in no small part because of it boasts the massive Kejetia market, the largest market in all of West Africa.

When you need to take a breath of air outside of the city, take a drive to visit to Lake Bosomtwe - a lake inside of an ancient crater - which is just outside of the bounds of Kumasi.

The Ashanti Kingdom

Prior to colonialism, the Ashanti Kingdom was a West African state that existed where modern day Ghana currently lies. The state was composed of smaller chiefdoms, and the language spoken was Akan.

The state was formed at the same that Europeans began to visit West Africa, and the Ashanti became an important trading partner of the Portuguese. This allowed them to amass considerable wealth. Gold was the kingdom’s primary export in the 1700s, though by the early 1800s, this became slaves.

The Ashanti begant to trade captives for luxury items and firearms, and this led to chaos within the state. Eventually, this weakened the Ashanti empire, and Great Britain was able to annex it.

Today, the Ashanti are a distinct ethnic group with a known diaspora in the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica (resulting from the slave trade). As a result, many African Americans and Afro-Caribbean tourists choose to visit Ghana to better connect with their origins and their past. One popular stop on these forms of tours is Elmina Castle, the first trade port in Sub Saharan Africa.

Despite their troubled political past, the Ashanti people have a rich and vibrant culture, and this also takes center stage on many tour packages to Ghana. This can be explored formally, for example, on a visit to Ghana’s National Museum, or on your guided tour as you guide explains the fascinating Ashanti religion.

Often called the “Gateway to Africa,” Ghana is known for its traditional craft making, in particular: its textile, brass work, wood carvings and beads. If you travel to the Eastern region of the country, make sure you have the chance to visit one of the country’s infamous mud-and-stick mosques, and hear a song played on the Gyil, the Ghanaian version of a xylophone.

5 Top Beaches in Ghana

Africa travel doesn’t always scream beach getaway, with the majority of travel focused on safaris, wildlife, and the mysterious archaeological sites of Egypt. However, there are several tucked away places along Africa’s coasts with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Madagascar, the Seychelles, Cape Town, and of course Ghana.

When you travel to Ghana on a tour, the beach scene is sure to be a stop on your itinerary. A large portion of beaches in Ghana are in close proximity to Accra. Here are some of the top:

1. Bojo Beach - This small beach is attractive for how secluded and quiet it is. Only accessible via canoe over the Densu River, Bojo is great for people who want to get a way for a bit and enjoy a truly relaxing beach getaway.

2. Kokrobite - For some the heavy tourist scene at Kokrobite might be a bit too much, but travelers flock here for the classic rastafarian and reggae culture. If you enjoy a party atmosphere and meeting people from around the world with similar interests, this is the perfect beach for you.

3. Labadi Beach - One of the more touristy beaches in Ghana, Labadi beach can be a bit crowded, but the crowds come for the many activities, food options, entertainment and beautiful ocean views. If you can put up with the less “authentic” feel, Labadi beach is great for a lively beach day or afternoon.

4. Ada Beach - At the estuary of the Volta River, east of Accra, you find Ada beach. With the thatch roof tables and several activities this is a great destination for families seeking a non-touristy beach that still offers nice amenities. The beach is still large enough that the crowds aren’t overbearing. At Ada beach you can go water skiing, yachting, fishing, and even observe endangered marine turtles.

5. Fete - Despite being the closest beach to Accra that is suitable for surfing, Fete beach is far less touristy than some of Ghana’s other beach destinations. Though this may change as travelers begin to discover the historic Fort of Good Hope and explore the local fishing village of Senya Beraku.

Is Ghana Safe?

Today, Ghana is a stable democratic country, though it’s modern history has not been without internal strife. In both the rural areas and cities, travelers are advised not to display items of value. Pickpocketing is the most common offense, and women especially should remain aware of their surroundings as purse snatching is also commonplace.

The people in Ghana are very receptive and welcome to tourists. White travelers may notice a heavier insistence on providing papers and identification around the borders, and may also get some curious attention is the less touristy areas. 

Sometimes tourists wonder whether or not public transportation is a safe choice. Transportation in Ghana can be unreliable which is one reason going on a tour is advisable, though it is not necessarily unsafe. 

Some general tips are to avoid traveling at night, especially by public transport, and be particularly aware of your surroundings in tourist areas, or establishments frequented by expats -- these places are occasionally targeted for pickpocketing or robbery.

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