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Moselle River Tour & Trip Reviews

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Editor’s Take

What to Look For in Moselle River Cruise Reviews

Most trip reviews tend to focus on some or all of these 5 key areas, not all of which may be relevant to you: the tour guide, travel company, service level, country or countries traveled in, and the trip itinerary.

Remember, just because you see a 1 star review doesn’t necessarily mean that person disliked the country or region.

It’s difficult to find a negative review of vacations in the Moselle River valley, which is little surprise considering how much of the river lifestyle is focused on food, wine, gathering in lively markets and strolling through unabashedly beautiful landscapes. The majority of reviews focus on the convenience their Moselle River cruise line provided - arranging accommodations, bicycle rentals, vineyard visits, dining reservations and more - so that all they had to do was show up for the boat on time.

If culinary excellence is of importance to you, take note of the dining options onboard as you read through reviews. Many of the river vessels pride themselves on their award-winning cuisine. Stateroom configurations, onboard amenities, all-inclusive vs. a la carte pricing and more will influence your experience.

In addition, explore the level of sightseeing immersion; often there are several categories available, from self-guided days onshore to constant accompaniment by a guide. The best operators will work with local guides to ensure the most authentic experience.

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