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Top Venezuela Attractions & Experiences

Top Venezuela Experiences

  • Visiting Morrocoy National Park
  • Hiking to Angel Falls
  • Lounging on a beach in Los Roques Archipelago
  • Hiking Roraima
  • Visiting the National Pantheon of Venezuela
  • Exploring the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas
  • Riding the Teleferico de Caracas
  • Visiting Valencia’s Aquarium
  • Eating ice cream at Coromoto Ice Cream Shop
  • Visiting Canaima National Park

Venezuela Tours & Travel Guide

Venezuela Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Just a hop and a skip from the island of Trinidad in the southern Caribbean, Venezuela forms the northern crown of South America. The country’s top attractions are its rainforests and magnificent Angel Falls, the world’s highest single drop waterfall. Venezuela’s Orinoco River is the continent’s second longest after the Amazon, and cruise ships sometimes call at the country’s offshore islands in the Caribbean. Caracas, the capital, combines modern sophistication with colonial architecture.

Top Experiences in Venezuela


Hiking is a great experience in Venezuela.

There are many different natural sites and national parks that give travelers the opportunity to go hiking. A popular destination for this activity is Mount Roraima or Angel Falls.

Lounging at the beach

Venezuela is perfect for a day on the beach.

Beaches in Venezuela are perfect for a fun day in the sun. From crystal waters to white sand beaches, lounging in the sand is a great way to experience the beauty of Venezuela.

Wildlife watching

Bird watching in Venezuela.

Wildlife watching is a great experience that travelers can have in Venezuela. Travelers can choose their desired way to get up close and personal from safaris to wildlife refuges.


Venezuela is rich in history and culture and a great destination for travelers who want to learn and soak it all in. Visit religious destinations like the National Pantheon of Venezuela or for art lovers, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas.

Venezuelan Cuisine

Arepas: Grilled, fried, baked or steamed cornmeal bread, Arepas is one of the most popular dishes in Venezuela. These cornmeal patties are filled with many different kinds of ingredients from beef to eggs to avocados.

Tequenos: Better than mozzarella sticks, Tequenos is a pastry crust filled with salty white cheese. This dish can be fried or baked and typically served with a Venezuelan avocado sauce.

Cachapa: Found both in street vendors and restaurants, Cachapa is like a pancake that is often stuffed with hand-made cheese and cream with butter on top. If you order this in a restaurant it often comes with ham, pork or beef.

Tres Leches: For the travelers with a sweet tooth, Tres Leches is perfect for you. This dish is a sponge cake soaked in condensed milk, evaporated milk and regular milk with a meringue topping. With all this milk you may think the cake gets soggy but because there is no butter, the batter is light and stays fluffy and delectable. 

Cachitos: Mimicking a croissant, Cachitos are bread rolls filled with ham and cheese. It’s often eaten at breakfast and is quick and easy which makes it great for a busy day of sightseeing and exploring.

Mandocas: This dish isn’t your typical donut. It’s a dough made of sweetened cornmeal, salt, water and plantains. It is served with butter or cheese and is often eaten as a breakfast dish.

5 Best Beaches in Venezuela

Venezuela beach

Madrisqui: White sand beaches and gentle waves, Madrisqui is the perfect destination for a beach day. It’s great for families who have little kids that want to splash in the water as well as those who like to soak up the sun on a beach chair or go fishing on the shore.

Cayo de Agua: A popular destination, Cayo de Agua is big enough to share as it’s a long slim stretch of white sand. This destination doesn’t get crowded or noisy which is perfect for a relaxing day in the sun. It’s best to note that the tide can be unpredictable so if you get in the water it’s best to stay alert.

Mochima National Park: More than just a beach, this national park also offers forests, hills and plenty of wildlife. Mochima National Park is great for outdoor activities from swimming to snorkeling to boat tours.

Playa El Yaque: This destination is great for travelers who like a lot of life and activity in a place. Playa El Yaque is a common tourist beach which means there are many hotels, restaurants and shops. Water sports are common at this beach including kitesurfing.

Isla El Faro: Another great destination for people who want to get in the water but don’t like rough waves, Isla El Faro has calm waters. Travelers can paddle, wade and swim in these waves without any difficulty. There are many shady spots on this beach for when it gets hot and good surrounding restaurants for when you get hungry.

Nature and Wildlife Travel in Venezuela

Nature and wildlife are rich in Venezuela.

Venezuela is rich with nature and wildlife. Travelers have the opportunity to explore national parks, record breaking waterfalls and luscious forests. These destinations are great for travelers who love the outdoors and who don’t shy away from getting their heart pumping. They love a good day of hiking, backpacking or cave exploring.

Some great nature destinations include Angel Falls, the Amazon Rainforest:, Guacharo Cave and Mount Roraima.

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