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Top Jamaica Attractions

  • Enjoying the wonderful beach life and friendly people
  • Hiking among the unexpected mountain terrain
  • Wildlife viewing on a nature tour
  • Learning about Jamaica's expansive and complicated history
  • Eating amazing meals including the famous jerk chicken, and spectacular seafood
  • Sharing stories and enjoying spirited discussions ranging from fishing and Jamaica’s economy, to politics and world affairs
  • Hearing the near constant strains of Reggae music in the air
  • Touring Kingston, located on the southeastern coast - the capital and largest city

Jamaica Tours & Travel Guide

Jamaica Attractions & Landmarks Guide

One of the largest islands in the Caribbean Jamaica is steeped in pirate lore, reggae and Rastafarianism. Visitors today often limit themselves to staying at all-inclusive resorts or stopping at ports aboard giant cruise ships. But an around-island guided tour can help reveal Jamaica’s rich history, vibrant culture, musical traditions, and magnificent scenery, including its dramatic winding coastlines.

Natual Wonders in Jamaica

Given its size, the island has some of the most varied topography in the Caribbean, from beaches to mountains. Whether striking out on your own or taking a guided tour, no one should leave Jamaica without experiencing its natural beauty

The many beaches vary in size and ambience. They include a seven-mile sweep of golden sand lined by inviting restaurants and bars, a stretch of shoreline overlooking waters once touted for their healing powers and aptly named Blue Lagoon, where a young Brooke Shields made the movie named for that spot.

Exploring the mountains that cover about 80 percent of Jamaica - laced with lush forests, rushing rivers and streams, and lovely waterfalls - truly feels like a hidden gem in a country so known for beach life.

Historical Wonders in Jamaica

Delving into Jamaica’s unique history is an unforgettable tour experience. It is long and rich, including stories of Taino Indians who arrived around 650 AD, and the landing of Columbus in 1494 during his second voyage to the New World.

You will also discovering the remaining influences of both the Spanish, who controlled Jamaica until 1655, and the British, whose cultural touches have remained since Jamaica attained independence in 1962.

The island is scattered with “Great Houses” which you can visit on your tour. These were occupied by the owners of plantations during the heyday of sugar from the 17th to 19th centuries. The homes range from grandiose to more modest, and some serve as museums that recall this important part of Jamaica’s past.

Due to this unique past, Jamaica is something of a melting pot. The beliefs, superstitions and other traits of slaves from various African countries over time merged with the lifestyles and traditions of Spanish, British and other immigrants. The result is a unique and intriguing mélange of coexisting customs and lifestyles.

Rocking to Reggae and Researching Rastafarianism

Jamaica has two distinct steryotypes which are pleasantly embraced by the culture. And when you visit, you'll learn where the roots of these cultural pillars come from and how to appreciate them beyond the steryotype.

Even many non-music aficionados have heard of Bob Marley, the best-known artist among many who have spread the Reggae beat around the world.  Music pervades the air in Jamaica, heard from the radios of passing cars, blasted out from shops by loudspeakers and setting the scene for dancing in clubs and elsewhere – in fact, almost anywhere.

Then there's the complex world of Rastafarianism. As the center of the Rastafarian religion and belief system, Jamaica is the perfect place to gain an understanding of its tenets. One way to do so is a mini-tour conducted by the Zimbali Retreats mini-resort to meet a fascinating man who goes by the “Rasta” name Fire. He describes the faith, shows visitors his very modest living quarters and prepares a vegetarian lunch of organic vegetables he has grown.

Enjoying Jamaican Food

Jamaica is truly a treat to your palate. Foodies find much to savor in Jamaica, where the cuisine fuses flavors and ingredients from various countries and cultures. Staples include saltfish, callaloo (thick vegetable soup) and rice and peas (actually small black beans).

The most popular and ubiquitous treat  is jerk pork, chicken, fish and sausage dry-rubbed with spices and grilled. For adventurous diners, curried goat, pig’s tail and oxtail prepared several ways grace some restaurant menus.

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