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Top Climbing & Mountaineering Attractions & Experiences

Top Climbing & Mountaineering Experiences

  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and taking pictures in front of of the iconic sign at the top
  • Taking a multi-day trekking trip across Patagonia
  • Learning how to rock climb in Morocco and marveling at the amazing views
  • Taking a mountaineering tour in Alaska and learning about the "last frontier"
  • Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and feeling the comraderie of your group as you follow the footsteps of the historic figures that first made the journey

Climbing & Mountaineering Tours & Travel Guide

Climbing & Mountaineering Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro? How about some serious Himalaya action? Maybe you're eyeing Cotopaxi in Ecuador or Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic?? The Rockies in the U.S. and Canada always beckon, as do the smaller Munros of Scotland. If there's a climbable mountain, you can probably find an outfitter to take you there. We'll help.

There’s are few things better than cresting a ridge to find yourself on the top of a mountain. Whether it be five or fifteen thousand feet, reaching a peak is both a literal and metaphorical accomplishment. Luckily for amateur climbers and mountaineers, there are no lack of mountains around the world, and many climbing trips can be combined with other guided or adventure travel itineraries for non-climbing travel companions.

Popular Climbing Destinations

The United States offers many options for climbers and mountaineers - from the granite slabs in Yosemite National Park to Washington State’s volcanoes, including Mount Rainier, there is something for every ability and skill level. Farther afield, Mexico invites climbers from around the world to experience their volcanoes, including Orizaba and Popocatepetl, both of which are within close proximity to the museums and culinary delights of Mexico City.

Further south, the Andes mountains include gems like Cotapaxi and Chimborazo in Ecuador, Chopaqualki and Yannapancha in Peru, and Aconcagua in Argentina, standing as the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere at nearly 23,000 ft (7,000 meters). A classic trip would be to pair the flair of Buenos Aires plus the wine and culinary mecca of Mendoza with an exhilarating summit bid on Aconcagua, which requires a minimal amount of climbing experience.

Of course, every mountaineer dreams of stepping foot on the massive, storied, and sacred peaks of the Himalaya, especially in Nepal. Everest, which is reserved only for those with extensive high-altitude climbing experience, is far from the only famous mountain in the region. For begineer climbers, try the ‘trekking’ peaks of Island Peak and Lobuche. For the more experienced, Ama Dablam beckons with it’s near perfect conical form and location just off the main trekkers route to Everest Base Camp.

Questions to Ask Your Tour Company

Once you’ve decided on your destination, there are a few key pieces of information you’ll want to obtain from your chosen climbing guide. What meals are included? What personal climbing equipment is required and what can be rented on site? Are the guides all certified mountain guides with First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aid training?

What is the acclimatization plan (pace of the climb). Are there any tour options for non-climbing partners or travel companions? For example, many operators offer trekking options in the same region where climbers will be attempting their summit bid. All in all, a climbing trip can leave you exhausted but filled with a deep sense of personal accomplishment as you push your physical boundaries further than you ever thought possible.

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Nov 2016

Provided byG Adventures

The trip itself has been a life experience, Morocco is a country with an indescribable magic: the variety of the landscapes, the culture, the rhythm of the music, the people, the colors

The trip itself has been a life experience, Morocco is a country with an indescribable magic: the variety of the landscapes, the culture, the rhythm of the music, th...



Nov 2016

Provided byG Adventures

Gadventures are great I've used them 6 times now and will continue to do so

Gadventures are great I've used them 6 times now and will continue to do so.



Nov 2016

Provided byG Adventures

The north and south of Morocco are very different and I am very happy to experience both

The north and south of Morocco are very different and I am very happy to experience both. The country has everything to offer from coastal cities, mountain towns, an...



Oct 2016

Provided byG Adventures

Very well organized

Very well organized. We had a great time!



Oct 2016

Provided byG Adventures

it was a great experience

it was a great experience. we saw many cool things, in particular the night in the desert. the food was limited in variety, and at times the activities were a little...

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