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Top Slovakia Attractions & Experiences

Top Slovakia Experiences

    • Going to Bratislava castle and walking to Hungary on Novy Most bridge
    • Michaels Gate 
    • Cave exploring in Demänovská and Belianska
    • Hiking in Vel'ka Fatra National Park

Slovakia Tours & Travel Guide

Slovakia Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Where the cities are just as stunning as the landscapes, Slovakia has something for everyone. Whether you choose cycling down the Danube, hiking the Tetra Mountains, museum hopping in Bratislava, or floating down a river in Dunajec Gorge, you will have an amazing adventure in this Central European nation.

Often times considered “The Heart of Europe,” for its location in the continent, Slovakia is still considered a widely undiscovered part of Europe. However, Slovakia’s secrets are getting out. 

Adventure seekers are coming to this Central European country for its hiking and cycling, foodies are coming to taste the traditional meals, and other travelers are trying to discover Slovakia’s off the beaten path destinations. With adventures and activities you are able to partake in every time of the year, Slovakia is becoming a top destination in Europe

Why Visit Slovakia on a Guided Tour?

If you want to go on an adventure, there’s no better option than a guided tour of Slovakia. Since one of Slovakia’s major draws is its varied and rugged landscape, visiting on a tour is ideal. 

Guided tours take you on the best routes and trails through the mountains and river valleys of Slovakia. You’ll be able to travel with experts who can show you the best viewpoints and guides who can help you catch a glimpse of the lynx in the snowy Tatra Mountains. 

Many tours of Slovakia also offer the chance for you to see other Central European countries. Since Slovakia in the heart of this region, its culture has been greatly influenced by the surrounding countries, and vice versa. Other ways to see Slovakia include river cruises or cycling tours. 

Top Cities in Slovakia

1. Bratislava 

The cultural, economic, and social center for Slovakia, Bratislava is a beautiful convergence of the different cultures that make up Slovakia. Influenced by Hungary, Austria, Poland, Germans, and more, you can see every different era of Bratislava in the streets of this growing city. 

2. Kosice 

Slovakia’s second largest city, Kosice is a cultural capital of Central Europe. The city is known for its cafe and food scene and expansive walking paths. Kosice’s population is also a melting pot of Central European countries with the city being a blend of many of them. 

3. Banska Bystrica

Once a sought out copper mining town, Banska Bystrica is a step into the past. This river valley city is surrounded by mountains and is known for its medieval preserved buildings and is a top city for travelers to Slovakia during both the summer and winter months. 

4. Levoca

Located in Eastern Slovakia, Levoca is a picturesque and historic destination. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its preserved Renaissance architecture, old town wall, and wooden carvings by Master Paul of Levoca, who built the tallest wooden altar in Europe in the city’s Church of St. James. 

Outdoor Travel in Slovakia

One of the top draws to visiting Slovakia is the wide variety of outdoor activities the country provides. Slovakia is known not only known for being one of the best countries to visit on a cycling tour, but is often considered one of the top hiking destinations in all of Europe. 

Cycling tours through Hungary, Austria, and Slovakia are very common. These tours take you through the small villages, countrysides, and river valleys that make up these countries. 

Slovakia is at the top of many hikers and climbers’ bucket lists. With nine different national parks, Slovakia has dozens of options for every level of hiker. You can lazily make your way through Poloniny or hike through the rugged landscape of the High Tatras Park. Many of the Slovakia’s national parks are also great places for winter activities since the snow during the winter stays in the mountains. 

Best Hiking Trails in Slovakia

With hundreds of different trails and paths throughout, Slovakia earns its name as one of the top hiking destinations in the world. 

1. Mengusovska Valley (6-8 hours)

This moderate hike takes you through the High Tatra Mountains through stunning valleys and daring ridges and near the largest and deepest lake in the region. 

2. Slovak Paradise(5.5 hours)

While many of the hiking trails in Slovakia are on mountain trails and footpaths, the trail in Slovak Paradise National Park is an adventurous course of ladders, metal landings, and catwalks. 

3. Prosiecka Valley in the Chockse Hills (6 hours)

Prosiecka Valley is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. The hike takes you through the valley where you can climb on steep rocks, waterfalls, wild flowers, and an old mill. 

4. Gerlachovsky Stit in the High Tetras (8-10 hours)

Trekking to Slovakia’s highest peak is no small feat. Towering at over 8,700 feet, Gerlachovsky is a rugged trail, but has been well maintained and is an accomplishment worth boasting about. 

Wildlife in Slovakia

Much of Slovakia’s diverse wildlife live in the forests and mountains of the country. Common animals you may see in the Tatra Mountains include wolf, bear, and fox. One of the country’s more elusive and beautiful creatures is the lynx. If you are hiking or skiing during the winter in Slovakia, you may come across these beautiful felines that call this place home. 

Down in the plateaus, river valleys, and smaller forests of Slovakia, you’ll come across pheasants, owls, and brown bears. Don’t forget about the air as well as the ground. Slovakia is home to a wide variety of birds and has a robust woodpecker population. 

Top Historical Sites in Slovakia

1. Cicmany

A living and breathing museum of Slovakia’s past, the village of Cicmany is constructed in the traditional and folk ways of Slovakia. Wood buildings painted black and decorated with white patterns dot the small streets of this city. If you want to see what the traditional way of life was like in Slovakia, then there’s no place better than Cicmany. 

2. Bratislava Old Town 

At the center of Slovakia’s capital, the Old Town of Bratislava is full of famous historical buildings, winding cobblestone streets, and small shops. You can visit the Bratislava Castle, St. Mark’s Cathedral (largest in the city), or walk along the Danube below this historic city center. 

3. Devin Castle 

A special site in a sea of amazing castles, Devin Castle is known for its amazing views. Situated on the juncture of the Danube River and the Morava River, Devin Castle is a fortification built to protect a palace and courtyards. It’s most famous feature, the Maiden Tower, is supposedly where many lovesick women fell to their deaths because of a broken heart. 

4. Trencin Castle

Near Bratislava, you’ll find another of Slovakia’s beautiful castles. Perched on a cliff near the Vah River, the castle’s history goes back to the Roman times and was the seat of many high-ranking officials and royals during the Middle Ages. Today, it is a museum where you can see art collected by the former occupants, armour, and artifacts that were discovered. 

5. St. Elisabeth Cathedral 

Kosice’s main attraction and the largest church in Slovakia, St. Elisabeth Cathedral is an architectural and historical gem. The church was built in the late-1300s and is a beautiful blend of Gothic styles and features art from Hungarian and German artists, a testament to Kosice’s diverse cultural influences. 

Food in Slovakia

Slovakia’s cuisine is a combination of many of its neighbors’ food cultures, with its own special flair. Much of traditional Slovakian food is based on the staples of meat, potatoes, cheese, milk, sauerkraut, and onions. 

Slovakia’s national dish, bryndzove halusky, is a combination of dumplings with sheep’s cheese. The dish includes all of Slovakia’s main traditions and ingredients in one: potato dumplings, sheep cheese, and bacon or sausage. 

As Slovakia was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, you’ll also find many dishes from both of these countries have made their way into Slovakian cuisine. For example, goulash and schnitzel can be found throughout the country. 

Castles in Slovakia

One of the top activities to do in Slovakia is go castle hopping. Slovakia was a poweful country during the Medieval Ages and many of its most stunning and picturesque castles were built during this time. In fact, Slovakia has more chateaux and castles per capita than any other country in the world. 

1. Spis Castle 

The largest castle in Slovakia, Spis Castle is a massive complex that was built during the 12th century. The castle was an important outpost in Slovakia, but was vastly destroyed by a fire. Today, you can visit the castle and walk through the ruins of this once mighty fortress. 

2. Bojnice Castle

Located in central Slovakia, Bojnice is often considered the “most romantic” of Slovakia’s castles. The castle is a combination of Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque styles, which give the castle its romantic and charming allure. The castle has been featured in many different TV shows and movies as well. 

3. Bratislava Castle

The most famous castle in Slovakia, Bratislava Castle towers above the city’s skyline. The castle is built on an outcropping that has seen occupation by the Celts, Romans, and Slovaks. Once the home to royals, the castle is now a museum where you can learn more about the history of Bratislava and Slovakia. 

4. Nitra Castle

One of the best representations of the Moravian Empire in Slovakia, Nitra Castle was originally built in the 9th century. The castle stands above a plateau and is made up of a church, an archbishop's quarters, fortification walls, and other buildings. 

5. Orava Castle 

While being one of the most recognizable castles in Slovakia, this 13th century castle may even be more recognized for it’s more recent past. The castle on a sheer cliffside was used in the filming of the famous vampire movie Nosferatu.

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