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18-30's Travel Tours & Travel Guide

18-30's Travel Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Young adult travelers are often -- though certainly not always -- on the lookout for budget trips. Many seek active, outdoorsy adventures such as hiking or cycling tours, trekking and camping expeditions, backpacking trips, off-the-beaten-path locations, and a variety of learning tours, such as cooking classes in Turkey or scuba lessons in the South Pacific.

All these options and more are offered by today's tour operators. And if you want to put together a custom itinerary for yourself and your friends, just ask -- many operators will be happy to do that, too. 

Take the Planning Out

The 18-30 group is one of the busiest by far; busy with school, work, kids, and life in general. Pre-planned trips save you time by having a set itinerary so you don't have something else on your plate. You can search by the number of days you have available, where you want to go, or what type of trip you want to go on. You can guarantee that you will see plenty of wildlife and exotic locations.

Productive Itineraries

If this is one of your only vacations of the year, you’ll want to see as much as you can. These trips have multiple activities everyday to make sure you see the most of each area visited. Choose activities based on your interests. Short on time? There are trips you can do in less than a week for a quick vacation. Whether you have a week or a month, your trip will be unforgettable.

Budget Trips

These trips are catered to the young traveler's budget. Traveling alone can be very expensive, and is not as affordable if you are in or just out of college. No need to worry about booking expensive taxis or hotels for your vacation. Your trip will put together the most affordable lodging and transportation for you to get the most out of your money.

Exploring New Territories

More and more young people are venturing out of their comfort zones and going to less well known countries. The convenience of a pre-planned group trip means you don't have to worry about getting from A to B and deal with transportation. You can focus all your energy on taking breathtaking pictures as you see foreign lands.

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4.8/5  Excellent
3,279  Reviews
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Oct 2015

Written on

I love our tour leader Edith and

I love our tour leader Edith and the support we got from her was excellent!



Oct 2015

Written on

A great variety of experiences (learning about

A great variety of experiences (learning about culture, but also being in nature and doing some more physically challenging activities). Great tour leader and great ...



Sep 2015

Written on

I felt we covered a lot in

I felt we covered a lot in a short time and there was a flexible app...



Sep 2015

Written on

Great country, people, food and quality of

Great country, people, food and quality of the trip & leader



Sep 2015

Written on

I thoroughly enjoyed my Intrepid tour and

I thoroughly enjoyed my Intrepid tour and all the optional activities on offer. It's great to travel with the comforts of having transport and accommodation already ...

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