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Editoral Review of Grand Circle Travel

The "older sibling" of Grand Circle Cruise Line, Grand Circle Travel specializes in land tours for Americans of baby boomer age and above (fifty-plus, but leaning toward the plus).

What Makes Grand Circle Travel Stand Out?

  • Unique local experiences
  • Expert english-speaking guides
  • International airfare included
  • Relaxed tour pace
  • Community feel

Eiffel Tower with red flowers in front

Grand Circle Travel was started by the founder of AARP, and as such know their demographic extremely well. Over the years they have established a solid reputation for tours and river cruises that offer good value to destinations around the world.

They also foster a community of dedicated travelers, encouraging you to share your memories, images, and stories with them and the friends you meet along the way.

Who Will Enjoy Traveling with Grand Circle Travel?

  • 60+
  • Budget minded
  • American
  • Culturally curious
  • Grandparents & grandchildren (ages 13 and up are welcome to join)
  • Social travelers

Local cooking class on trip with Grand Circle

If you like the idea of joining a tight knit travel community, with frequent cost cutting options, then Grand Circle could be for you.

This is definitely a travel experience well suited to older American travelers in the 60+ range, seeking a degree of comfort, in their travel experience, within a mid to high budget range. 

Younger couples or families will probably feel out of place among the crowd on a Grand Circle tour. The activities, lectures, and easy pace are all designed for older travelers. If relaxing on the cruise with a book in hand for hours on end, gliding by quiet European shores is your idea of a grand old time then Grand Circle is for you!

If you’d rather have a bit more action, or are after a "see a lot, do a lot" city and country hopping pace, this style of travel is probably not going to hit the right note for you.

Trips are mostly all-inclusive, focusing on comfortable accommodations, informative and easy paced guided walking tours, cultural encounters, learning experiences, and special events that they call their Discovery Series. Itineraries are designed to give you more time in each stop, allowing for a more balanced combination of included activities and independent time.

Solo travelers make up nearly a third of Grand Circle's customers, and they're made to feel more than welcome on group tours, including some price breaks on single supplements.

Itineraries are designed for American travelers, with an aim towards immersive experiences such as visiting local homes, interesting walking tours, in-depth cultural interactions and culinary experiences.

Top Destinations

Great wall of china

Grand Circle travels all over the world, with a strong focus in Europe, Aisa and Southeast Asia. They also have limited departures in Africa, South America, the Middle East, South Pacific, North America, Central America, and even Antarctica.

Grand Circle Travel Style

The Grand Circle Travel Style is comfortable, standard river cruises and motorcoaches. On motorcoach tours with Grand Circle you will make frequent stops to stretch your legs, and some longer stops for sightseeing. Groups are between 24-47 people, so expect some company! Because Grand Circle attracts a similar age range, you’re sure to meet new friends with like interests in no time.

Hotels are comfortable and centrally located. Don’t expect extreme luxury or especially unique accommodations however.

Yosemite in California

You will probably do a fair amount of walking throughout the tour - Grand Circle suggests that travelers be relatively physically fit. Most trips with Grand Circle are, unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible.

Their itineraries are designed with individuals in mind. While there are several included activities, you have many options for personalization through optional extensions and plenty of free time in each destination. 

Why Choose a Tour with Grand Circle Travel?

  • Leisurely pace
  • Flexibility
  • Unique cultural interactions
  • Large groups of like minded travelers
  • Budget friendly
  • Airfare included

For the flexibility and comfort aspects, combined with unique experiences at every turn. You might find yourself sharing dinner at the home of a local family or visiting local schools. Plenty of free time is included in the itineraries, and there is a lot of choice among optional tours.

More Details

Solo friendly

  • No single supplement


About the company

Grand Circle Travel offers distinctive international vacations for older Americans. Established in 1958 by Ethel Andrus, educator and founder of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), we view world travel as a powerful lever for lifelong learning. We make it accessible through trips that deliver unmatched discoveries, leisurely pacing, more travel choices, and comprehensive value.

Our values are the foundation upon which our company is built. They are what our beliefs and actions are derived from. Our values shape our decisions, give direction to our growth, and allow us to measure our progress.

Teamwork: We believe in groups of people who work together to create excellent results, solve difficult problems, support each other personally and professionally, and recognize their success. In a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment each member of the team is critical for success. Empowered teams are committed to taking the necessary actions to ensure that the team will reach its goals. Every member must be fully accountable for the team’s and one’s own personal results.

Thriving in Change: In these times of rapid change, global competition, and high volatility in the travel industry, we must be prepared to change course and move forward. Being well organized may sometimes be less important than moving quickly. The goal is for each of us to maximize our effectiveness, and ultimately our success, in an unpredictable and ever-changing environment.

Quality: Our decisions must be made and actions taken in accordance with high standards of quality and service. Quality can be subjective, and in our business quality often involves a compromise between speed and perfection. When the level of quality required is in question, we will operate to the high standards expected by our customers. Excellence in our quality will continually enhance our repeat business and ultimately our financial performance.

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undefined. Are flights included?

Yes. Flights are included in Grand Circle Travel trips. You can choose between two different air programs: Standard Air (basic flights, no choice on route) and Personalized Air (business class available, custom air requests such as stopovers, some special rates).

undefined. Can I extend my trip?

Grand Circle Travel has what's called a "Breakaway policy". They can help arrange flight extensions and accommodations pre or post trip though additional charges usually apply. Pre or post accommodation or flight changes are not available for every departure.

undefined. What is the Average Group Size?

The average group size with Grand Circle Travel is 40+. Smaller groups will be around 25 people.

undefined. Pre or post trip accommodation available?

Grand Circle Travel has what's called a "Breakaway policy". They can help arrange flight extensions and accommodations pre or post trip though additional charges usually apply. Pre or post accommodation or flight changes are not available for every departure.

undefined. What is the age range?

Grand Circle caters to the 60+ age range. Trips are designed to be slow paced, allowing ample time in each stop for you to take it easy, relax, and enjoy a meal.

undefined. Are kids welcome?

Grandchildren of 13 years of age and older are welcome to join most trips with Grand Circle. Be aware that itineraries usually involve long drives, so younger kids may get bored easily.