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Top Self-Guided & Independent Attractions & Experiences

Top Self-Guided & Independent Experiences

  • Sampling culinary delicacies in Tuscany
  • Ascending the terraced hillsides to reach upper Ghandruk that offers a fine view of Annapurna mountain range
  • Strolling through the cobblestone streets of Trinidad and enjoying the sight of colorful houses
  • Enjoying a self guided walking tour at your own pace
  • Enjoying the hospitality of a local host
  • Having a local guide that shows you around town
  • Volunteering at a rehabilitation and conservation center of wild animals
  • Exploring the Amazon jungles with local guides 
  • Hitching a lift on a cargo boat to Timbuktu 
  • Taking a train journey through Europe with suggested stops planned out by a travel expert
  • Learning some of the local language when staying with a family in Nepal

Self-Guided & Independent Tours & Travel Guide

Self-Guided & Independent Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Self guided and independent travel is when an individual navigates a destination alone as opposed to being with a group or following an escorted tour. Much like escorted tours, self guided trips can be done in any type of travel style in any destination.

This type of travel doesn’t have to be for the fearless traveler. Traveling alone is great for any type of traveler with any level of experience. Many tour operators put together pre-organized itineraries. This allows independent travelers a guide to follow while traveling. This takes the pressure off being alone, because you have an organized plan of where to be and how to spend your time.

If you prefer to create your own travel experience, tour operators can help you craft the perfect trip just like they could for groups and families. You may be alone during your travel adventures, but crafting the exact itinerary with the perfect destinations doesn’t have to be done without help.

However, independent travel may not be for everyone. It comes with plenty of pros and cons, so it's worth factoring both when making your decision to go on a self guided trip.

Independent travel in Brazil.

Pros of Independent Travel

Freedom: Traveling independently allows travelers to make all the decisions both about where to go and what to do. Self guided travel also gives you the opportunity to decide every detail. More of a luxury traveler? You can plan for a five star hotel. Prefer to be immersed in nature? Find the perfect camping spot. Travelers have the ability to make all the decisions to match their specific interests, comfort levels and desires.

Self guided tours allows travelers the freedom to create their perfect trip.

However, this freedom doesn’t have to mean doing everything alone. Travelers who desire independence but also some guidance for their trip can look to tour operators to help craft their trip. All the traveling is still independent and on the day, you get the option to follow the planned itinerary or stray to something different.

Price: With freedom comes the ability to find the best price for your budget. Independent travel is said to be cheaper than going with a group or following a planned trip. You don't have to factor in the cost of a guide, or tour company fees. 

However, travelers get the option to decide how expensive their trip is. Want a big luxurious vacation? Are you a budget traveler wanting to make every penny worth it? You have the option to choose.

Independent travel gives travelers the ability to decide the budget.

If traveling with low costs is what you’re after, it may be better to check out trips for the budget travel.

It’s also best to keep in mind that some things may be more expensive if you travel alone vs with a group. For example, in places where you need to rent a car and driver, it usually helps financially to join up with the group to split the costs. 

Immersion: For the traveler wanting complete immersion into culture or nature, independent travel is great for this. Going on self guided tours allows you to decide where you go. Travelers have the option to go off the beaten path, experience homestays or see all the sights on their bucket list.

Independent travel provides opportunities for cultural immersion with activities like homestays.

There’s no pre-planned itinerary that you must follow nor do you have to cater to anyone else’s desires or preferences. This type of travel allows you to melt into the destination and experience it first hand in an intimate way that may be hard with a big group.

Cons of Independent Travel

Planning: While freedom may be one traveler’s pro, needing to plan everything may be another traveler’s con. Even if you have a tour operator help create your dream trip, there are still flights to book, travel insurance to sort out, and accommodations to arrange. You still have to decide what’s right for you and make the dream trip turn into a reality.

Even deciding where you want to travel is included in traveling. In doing so, travelers should research their destination and the best places to visit and the best attractions to see. Tour operators are great for helping sort these out but ultimately the last decision is up to you. There’s no pre-planned trip you can just join and forget making the final calls.

Planning may be a con of independent travel for some individuals.

It’s also important to remember that planning isn’t a pre-travel activity. Planning carries through into the travel itself. Throughout your trip, you must deal with the logistics of finding your way around, sorting out necessities, and bargaining or hunting for the best price. And all while possibly dealing with a language barrier and an infrastructure far different from what you're used to. To some, dealing with logistics is all part of the adventure, but for others, it's a hassle that takes away from their experience of travel.

Interested in help planning? Read more about why should consider an indpendent travel agent >>

Loneliness: Traveling independently can be a great experience in many ways, but it can also be lonely. Joining a group or going with friends and family allows for you to experience the destination with other people, something you don’t get with self guided tours.

Traveling independently can get lonely for some travelers.

However, independent travel can still be a great way to meet new people. You just need to put in more effort than if you were with a group. Try finding hostels with a lively sociable bar, meeting other travelers through travel forums or joining tours at different tourist attractions. To meet locals, try taking part in fun lessons, or arranging a home stay.

Safety: The nice thing about traveling in a group is that oftentimes, you are more safe. There are certain destinations that travelers shouldn’t try to tackle alone. It’s best to research your desired destination beforehand to get a better understanding if its a good option for your independent travel experience.

Safety is an important factor to keep in mind when going on self guided tours.

Finding the Best Self-Guided Experience for Your Travel Style

When traveling independently, creating the perfect trip for your specific travel style is important. If you love the outdoors, find a destination that offers unforgettable natural sights such as waterfalls, mountains and forests.

Traveling independently gives you the freedom to create the best trip for your travel style whether that's a luxury trip or nature trips with camping accommodations.

If you’re more of a luxury traveler, it’s best to do research to make sure your destination has the right accommodations for you. This could include five star hotels, white sand beaches and impeccable restaurants. When it comes to self guided tours and independent travel, travelers don’t have to compromise. They can make every detail exactly as they want it without needing to cater to the preferred travel style of someone else.

Deciding on what your perfect travel style is can be intimidating, but finding the right tour operator that helps you create the best itinerary for your trip can make a world of difference. Making sure the company understands what is important to you whether it be food, accomodation, sites, or ecotravel, can help design the travel itinerary that works with your style.

Popular Destinations for Self-Guided Travel

Spain: Spain is one of the top self-guided destinations in the world. Many of the independent tours in Spain revolve around the historic pilgrimage trail of Camino. This trail has been in use for hundreds of years as pilgrims made their way to Santiago de Compostela while stopping at religious sites along the way.

A beautiful water view in Mallorca, Llubí, Spain.

Switzerland: This country is a hiker’s dream. With its towering mountains and stunning valleys, Switzerland is the ideal place for adventurous hikers to explore the outdoors with self-guided tours of the landscape and the beautiful cities.

Stunning mountains in Rotenboden, Zermatt, Switzerland.

Argentina: For travelers looking for a self-guided road trip, Argentina is a great destination to choose. It has diverse landscapes and historic cities which make for an amazing self drive experience. You can see Patagonia and Buenas Aires at your own pace on your own time.

A mountain backdrop with beautiful trees and water in Bahía de los Troncos, Bariloche, Argentina.

New Zealand: This country is great for the active and adventurous solo traveler. New Zealand is great for hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. Another bonus for travelers is the connection to the Lord of the Rings and the many great tours that are offered in relation to the book and movie franchise.

Hooker Valley Track in New Zealand.

Thailand: Travelers with any style and experience can rest assured when choosing to visit Thailand alone. There are many great backpacking trails as well as beautiful beaches to lounge on. For those looking for a more cultural immersion can take part in homestays or yoga lessons.

Loha Prasat, a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

Pre-planned Independent Travel Tours

For travelers who don’t want to have a custom trip where they decide all the details, can instead choose from a pre-planned trip offered by tour operators. A travel company will plan your itinerary and logistics such as loding, activities and transportation.

Pre-planned itineraries for solo travelers is a great way to reduce the stress of planning.

There’s no decisions you need to make which gives you a more convenient travel experience as well as time well saved. You get the flexibility and freedom of traveling alone without needing to stress about the little details and logistics.

Self-Guided & Independent Reviews & Ratings

4.6/5  Excellent
1,103  Reviews
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Cheryl & Michael

Jan 2023

Written on

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The hikes were fantastic, the route notes very accurate

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The hikes were fantastic, the route notes very accurate (we only were confused one time and missed a turn but it didn't take long to ...


David & Frances

Jan 2023

Written on

The actual walks were all terrific and we enjoyed them very much, and all the accommodations were excellent too

We loved the trip and only have good things to say about the experience. The only thing we might have changed would be to have put a rest day in the middle of the it...


Hannah, Annabel & Cecily

Jan 2023

Written on

Absolutely fantastic itinerary, the best walking trip I've ever done

Absolutely fantastic itinerary, the best walking trip I've ever done. Beautiful scenery, fabulous food and perfect distances. We spent the whole week exclaiming how ...


Claudia & Dany

Jan 2023

Written on

The trip was all really well prepared, very detailed and thorough.

The trip was all really well prepared, very detailed and thorough. Good of you to include history and other information as well as restaurant suggestions etc. The in...



Jan 2023

Written on

We really enjoyed our trip.

We really enjoyed our trip. The hikes took up a large portion of our day and we would have liked to have more time exploring the towns and villages. Maybe a good ide...

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