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Croatian History

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

If any country has played a role as a crossroad of history, it’s present-day Croatia.  Because of its key location spanning Eastern and Western cultures, this West Virginia-size nation has provided a bridge and melting pot of peoples over the centuries.  Among those who came, went and left their influences were ancient Greeks, Romans, and Venetians. 

This rich kaleidoscope of cultures, history, and natural beauty has elevated Croatia into a major magnet for travelers seeking an authentic experience. The result: While the country ranks only 127th in size, it’s the world’s 18th most popular tourist destination.

Croatia’s cities, towns, and villages serve as living history museums that immerse visitors in centuries past.

Dubrovnik, “Pearl of the Adriatic”

Walls of Dubrovnik, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dubrovnik, a World Heritage Site, was a major city-state and maritime trade center from the 14th through 18th centuries. Its reach and power throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas rivaled that of Venice. 

The fortress walls that surround the old city are still intact and a popular site for visitors. The stunning architecture, historic monuments, and maze of narrow streets send visitors back in time. This contributed greatly to Dubvronik becoming one of the shooting locations for the HBO TV series Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik suffered heavy damage in the early 1990s, when Croatia sought to become a sovereign country following the breakup of Yugoslavia but was opposed and attacked by local Serb forces and the Serb-controlled Yugoslav People's Army. 

Since then, the historic core of the city has been restored to its former splendor.  The city walls, accentuated by three forts, 16 towers and other fortifications, are among the best-preserved and most beautiful in Europe. Built over a span of 600 years beginning in the 12th century, they create a 1-1/4-mile long defensive ring around the old city, and a “walk on the walls” is a favorite activity for visitors. 

 This historic quality and rich culture make Dubrovnik a key destination to include in a Croatia custom tour. Looking for a preplanned trip with Dubrovnik included? Find the right Croatia vacation package that includes this destination.

Zagreb, Split, and Beyond

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, claims architectural treasures that echo the charms of Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and other great European cities. Many historic monuments grace the Lower Town and Baroque Upper Town. More contemporary touches include the seemingly wall-to-wall cafes and coffee houses that are packed with people throughout the days and evenings.

City Square in Zagreb, Croatia.

Split boasts Roman ruins – the 4th century Emperor Diocletian’s Palace -- built right into the center of the city. (Remnants of Roman structures are grouped along the coastline, dotted throughout the countryside, and preserved in cities.) A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Split also contains medieval and Renaissance architecture. Tiny Trogir,  another World Heritage Site along with the coast, is a medieval gem.

Split, Croatia.

The defensive walls that encircle the medieval hill hamlet of Hum (pronounced Hoom) are distinctive because houses were built into them. Tiny Hum consists of just two short streets, has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest town in the world, and locals claim a current population of 17, 18, or “about 20.”

The adjacent seaside resorts of Lovran and Opatija (oh-pah-tee-uh) have a history of tourism dating back to Roman times, when both were popular with patrician families who built impressive villas. At the end of the 19th century, the towns once again became fashionable vacation destinations for aristocratic families, whose elegant homes still grace the setting.

These two destinations and many others like it are great for those that love history, sightseeing, and culture.

Visiting Croatia on Land vs. on a Cruise

Croatia is one of the few countries in Europe that is a top destination to visit by land or sea. Croatia’s history is intertwined with its landscape and no matter which way you see this amazing country, it will be unforgettable.

Visiting Croatia on a cruise is one of the best ways to see the country’s historic old towns. The Dalmatian Coast, or the central and southern portion of Croatia’s coastline, is full of ancient cities and stunning beaches.

Croatia cruise

Traveling Croatia by boat allows you to easily explore these cities and quickly transfer between destinations. Additionally, if you are on a cruise, stops on the outer islands of the coast are usually included and include many unforgettable experiences.

If you visit Croatia by a land tour, you will be able to explore the inland sites, such as Plitvice National Park and Zagreb. Many of the Croatia tours by land include stops on the coast, but transportation will be by bus, allowing you to see more views of the country. Additionally, these tours also include more opportunities to do adventurous activities like hiking or ziplining.

However, you can combine both types of tours. There are many tours to Croatia that combine seeing the country by cruise ship, but also by taking day trips inland to see more. Additionally, land tours have itineraries that include taking catamarans out to the smaller islands. A Croatia travel planner will help you blend the two kinds of travel for the perfect trip.

Nature in Croatia

Croatia is a rich destination for natural beauty. One of the main natural attractions is Plitvice Lakes National Park, which encompasses a series of 16 lakes linked by waterfalls and rivulets that cascade from one to another.  The lakes themselves reflect the colors of their surroundings, from emerald green and turquoise to blue and gray.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

Another popular setting is the line of beaches strung out along Croatia’s long coastline on the Adriatic Sea.  While most are pebble beaches, there also are inviting sandy stretches – and 97 of them have Blue Flag status, an international award based upon water quality and other standards.

The Croatian coast is lined with a thousand little islands like Korcula and Hvar, which combine medieval architecture and natural beauty. Small ship cruises often stop there. 

The Best Time to Visit Croatia

With Croatia’s location, you can visit at all times of the year. The coast of Croatia has a typical Mediterranean climate with very warm summers and cool winters making visiting during the spring, summer, and fall ideal.

However, Croatia is a perfect winter destination. The capital city of Zagreb is known for its Advent Festival during December with its twinkling lights and there are many ski resorts throughout the Dinaric Alps that make up central Croatia. If you create a Croatia custom tour, consider choosing this season as your time to visit. You won't regret it!

Croatia Cuisine

Local cuisine in Hvar, Croatia.

Croatia Cuisine is unique in the Balkans because of its combination of different cooking styles. You can see influences from traditional Croatian dishes, Turkey, Italy, and Austria depending on what part of the country you are visiting.

If you are visiting the Dalmatian Coast, you will find many seafood dishes and Mediterranean ingredients like olives and feta. But if you travel farther inland, towards Zagreb, the fare becomes more meat heavy and reflects Austrian or Turkish cuisine.

One of the top items on a Croatian menu is stuffed anything. Stuffed meats, peppers, or pastries are staples in Croatian kitchens. Additionally, hearty stews and gnocchi are found throughout the country. No matter what part of Croatia you are in, you will learn about the country’s history through its food.

Wine Tasting in Croatia

Vineyard in Blato, Croatia.

Croatia is one of the top wine destinations in Europe. Birthplace of zinfandel, Croatia has a long history of making and producing wine and grapes on the Dalmatian Coast. The best place to taste the wine is in the central and southern regions of the coast between Split and Dubrovnik.

Most Croatian tour itineraries include activities of either visiting a winery or including a wine and food tasting. These tours give you an opportunity to see the countryside and experience one of Croatia’s oldest industries.

Mainland Croatia isn’t the only place to taste wine. Some of the top wine experiences in Croatia are on the islands. Hvar and Korcula are known for having some of the best wineries and in fact, most of the islands are made up of sprawling fields of grapevines.

Be sure to work with a Croatia travel planner to include this unforgettable experience in your trip.

Top Things to See in Croatia

Croatia is full of places to see and experience, but there are a few destinations that are top attractions to search for in a Croatia vacation package.


Old Town Market Square in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dubrovnik is a must see when visiting Croatia. This historic, walled city is the crown jewel of the Dalmatian Coast with its towering walls, romantic streets, and lively food scene. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the walls to kayak the bay or layout on the sandy beaches.

Diocletian’s Palace

The most important Roman ruin in Croatia, Diocletian’s Palace was once the estate for the Roman Emperor Diocletian and today makes up most of the old town in Split.

Plitvice National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

Plitvice is Croatia’s oldest national park. The sprawling park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features aquamarine lakes, waterfalls, and trails. The park’s goal is to preserve the local landscape and teach visitors about protecting the environment.

Zagreb’s Upper Town

Zagreb’s Upper Town was once two former villages, but is now the oldest area in the city. This part of the city includes some of the city’s top attractions -- St. Mark’s Church, Cathedral of Zagreb, and Dolac Market.


 Zadar, Croatia.

Zadar is the home of the largest old town in Croatia. This massive old town features modern cafes, large plazas, and two unique architecture pieces. The Sea Organ and Monument to the Sun are examples of how art and nature can combine to make something special.

Game of Thrones Locations in Croatia

Croatia was one of the countries the TV show Game of Thrones filmed at. When you visit, you can go on specific Game of Thrones tours taking you to each specific site that was used or influenced an episode of the show.

Most of the filming of the TV show took place in and around Dubrovnik. There are many sites in the city, like Pile Gate, Rector’s Palace, and the Jesuit Staircase, that were used in filming. The show also used sites outside of the old town as well. Bokar Fortress and Lokrum island were both used in the shooting of the show.

Another top Game of Thrones destination in Croatia is Split. Spots throughout Diocletian’s Palace can be seen throughout the city of Mereen in the show. Also, Klis Fortress outside of Split was used as the inspiration and shooting for Mereen.

Adventure Travel in Croatia

While Croatia is an ideal place to visit to relax, it is also a place to go on an adventure. Croatia has some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes in Europe. Visitors can kayak through the bay around Dubrovnik or hike through the numerous mountain ranges, like Velebit Range.

One of the most popular adventure activities in Croatia is sailing. Travelers can rent sailboats out of the busy ports of Split, Dubrovnik, or Zadar and spend a few days sailing the Dalmatian Coast islands and relaxing in the Adriatic Sea.

If you want to go further inland, you can visit the many mountains and national parks, like Krka and Plitvice, to see some of the best untouched landscapes in the Balkans.

Most Popular Cities in Croatia

  1. Split - The center for the Dalmatian Coast, Split is a sprawling combination of Croatia’s past and present. This bustling port is where many Croatian cruises and tours start, but don’t forget to check out the historic Diocletian’s Palace or Marjan Park before you leave.
  2. Dubrovnik - A top destination in Croatia, Dubrovnik is famous for its walled city and vibrant old town that has been featured in many films and TV shows, such as Game of Thrones. You can get lost in the staired side streets or local shops in the windy streets of the city.
  3. Zadar - The northern point for the Dalmatian Coast, Zadar is quickly becoming one of the top sites in Croatia. With its sprawling old town and vibrant cafe scene, Zadar is drawing in visitors with a huge seaside promenade and modern architecture pieces.
  4. Zagreb - Croatia’s capital is distinct from the country’s coastal cities. Reminiscent more of Austria than Italy, Zagreb features stunning architecture, food streets, and some of the best off-the-beaten-path sites in all of Croatia.
  5. RovinjRovinj is one of the most photographed cities in all of Croatia. This small village islet is characterized by sheer cliffs, colorful buildings, and a famous church. There isn’t a bad angle in this city if you are looking to capture the Croatia coast way of life.

Greece to Croatia Vacation Packages

Parthenon, Athens, Greece.

Interested in seeing more of Europe on your vacation? Croatia and Greece are two destinations often paired together for vacation packages and for good reason. Both destinations offer many different types of experiences but both are rich with history. In Croatia, you can visit the walls of Dubrovnik or the Roman Amphitheatre in Pula. In Greece, you can visit the Acropolis or  Epidaurus Theater. Visiting these sites is more than just marveling at the stunning architecture and preservation. It's also a great way to learn more about these destinations and get closer to what makes both Croatia and Greece tick.

Greece and Croatia are perfect for a vacation package because travelers will get an immersive Europe experience in both. Spend half of your time in Croatia and the other half in Greece and walk away with unforgettable memories and experiences.

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Sailing in Croatia

One of the most popular ways of seeing Croatia’s coastline is by sailing. While taking cruise ships can provide you views and stops at historic cities, sailing allows you the chance to further explore the area. Many of the smaller group tours use sailing ships to visit destinations on the coast. 

Travelers can book small sailing vessels or catamarans from the popular port cities of Dubrovnik or Split to visit the islands off of the coast. You can rent these boats for a day or longer, depending on how long you wish to island hop.

Traveling by sailboat means you can visit the less visited or smaller islands large cruise ships don’t stop at. Also, you can pull into port at many of the smaller villages that are up and down the coast.

Working with a Croatia Travel Planner

When considering you Croatia vacation, if you're worried you won't get to see everything then work with a travel planner to create the perfect trip for your travel style and interests. You may be wondering what a travel planner is exactly. Travel planners, also referred to as travel agents, help travelers make travel arrangements and customize their trip. They often make reservations for accommodations and activities. This is great for travelers because the travel planner is an expert in the industry and has many connections to get you the best options to fit your desires.

Working with a Croatia travel planner means you get to see and do what you desire most instead of sticking to a pre-planned group tour that only seems a little interesting. This type of experience is often joined with a private guided tour where travelers get a one-on-one tour experience from a guide. What better way to continue your customized trip than with a guide all to yourself to show you around Croatia. Your Croatia vacation is about you, a travel planner understands that and will help you craft that perfect trip that you'll never forget.

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Croatia Vacation Cost and Trip Length

Much like any destination, depending on the type of trip and operator, a trip to Croatia can vary in cost. Private guided tours tend to be more expensive than small group tours. Duration also connects to price and if Croatia is just one of many destinations in a vacation package then the price will also be higher. However, trips to Croatia tend to range from $1,000 to $4,000 with many less than $3,000.

Some trips do range higher with some even costing into the $6,000 range. These costs are typically linked with larger vacation packages. So, if you're just looking for a trip to Croatia for a duration of 12 days or less, there's a great likelihood it will be in the $1,000 to $2,000 range.

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The typical trip length on a Croatia vacation is between 8 and 12 days. If you're looking for a more expansive trip throughout all of Europe, trips can get as lengthy as 27 or even 49 days! These lengthy trips of 30 plus days are what will drive the price of the trip higher.

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1. Excellent itinerary 2. Excellent logistics/transport to destinations 3.

1. Excellent itinerary 2. Excellent logistics/transport to destinations 3. Excellent trip guide



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Dinko Pervan was an excellent leader; he

Dinko Pervan was an excellent leader; he spoke knowledgeably and not too much :) I liked the format of the trip where we were given an introduction to a new locatio...



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I like the Intrepid style of trip

I like the Intrepid style of trip where you are not organised all the time



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Love small group tours, the free time

Love small group tours, the free time and travelling on loca...



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The trip was actually split into two

The trip was actually split into two trips which made it difficult to develop a good rapport with the rest of the group & the tour leaders. We were just starting...

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