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Top Ruins & Archaeology Attractions & Experiences

Top Ruins & Archaeology Experiences

  • Reaching the end of a long trek to savor your first glimpse of Machu Picchu at sunrise 
  • Visiting Mexico’s Chichen Itza to marvel at the ancient Mayans’ command of astronomy 
  • Wandering the vast ruins of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the largest religious complex ever built
  • Participating in a dig in the Utah desert, hunting for dinosaur bones 
  • Stopping at Egypt’s ancient Luxor during a Nile River cruise to gaze in awe at the mammoth temples
  • Passing through a narrow canyon to come upon your first view of Jordan’s ancient Petra and its unforgettable red-rock Treasury
  • Joining professional archaeologists on a tour through Arizona’s Agua Fria National Monument, searching for prehistoric Native American artifacts
  • Paying an early morning call to one of the remote, crumbling sections of the Great Wall of China
  • Discovering the mystery behind Stonehenge, England
  • Exploring the caves of Longmen Grottoes in China
  • Strolling through the ruins of the Roman Forum
  • Exploring the temple and pagodas of Bagan, Burma

Ruins & Archaeology Tours & Travel Guide

Ruins & Archaeology Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Machu Picchu…Ephesus…Chichen Itza…the Parthenon…Angkor Wat…the Roman Forum…Luxor…Petra…Stonehenge…Pompeii…all archaeological treasures reflecting the finest cultural achievements of ancient civilizations around the world.

Many tours include these and other famous ruins and sites in their itineraries, while others offer travelers opportunities to engage in some amateur archaeology themselves. Whether you “dig” ancient ruins and sites figuratively or literally, you can find a tour that will breathe new life into your appreciation of their cultures.

Why You Need a Guide: The Importance of Archaeological Group Tours

Unless you are a qualified expert in the exact sites that you are visiting (and chances are, you’re not), getting information on archaeological site can be complicated, timely, or even impossible. This is the main reason that having a tour guide is quintessential when visiting, for example, a series of ruins.

Not only was the thing in front of you created during a time so long ago that you can barely imagine the context -- the wear and tear of time will have also degraded what it once was, making it more unrecognizable.

Going on a tour with a knowledgeable guide is by far the best way to connect with the historic (and sometimes prehistoric) places you are visiting, which is also important. Tours to ancient ruins and archaeological sites around the globe offer some of the best introductions into the often remarkable achievements of past cultures.

With a guide, you will be able to answer questions like:

  • How did the ancient Mayans uncover their startling insights into astronomy that enabled them not just to predict when the spring and fall equinoxes would appear, but produce special effects to mark the occasion?
  • How did the ancient Egyptians build the Pyramids without modern technology?
  • What evidence proves that dinosaurs once roamed the American West in great numbers?
  • Are there still more ruins likely to be uncovered at the Roman Forum?
  • How did ancient Easter Islanders move multi-ton stone statues miles away from their quarries?
  • What is the mystery behind England’s Stonehenge?

The possibilities are almost limitless, but here’s a small sampling of some key archaeological sites and ruins around the world that you can tour:

Top Archaeological Sites in Europe

  1. Israel: Temple on the Mount & Dome of the Rock, Old Jaffa Port, Western Wall, 
  2. Greece: The Acropolis (Athens); the island of Delos; Delphi; Epidaurus; Marathon; Mycenae; Olympia; Temple of Poseidon (at Cape Sounion)
  3. Italy: The Colosseum, Forum; and Ostia Antica (Rome); Hadrian’s Villa; Pompeii; Herculaneum; Agrigento, the old city of Siracusa and Taormina’s Greek theater (Sicily)
  4. Britain: Stonehenge; Hadrian’s Wall 
  5. Ireland: Skellig Michael (island); Carrowmore
  6. France: Lascaux caves (replica)
  7. Spain: The Alhambra (Granada); The Great Mosque (Cordoba)
  8. Croatia: Emperor Diocletian’s Palace (Split)

Top Archaeological Sites in Asia

  1. Cambodia: Angkor Wat (Siam Reap)
  2. China: Terracotta Army (Xian); The Great Wall 
  3. Japan:  Kyoto’s temples; Kasuga Shrine (Nara)
  4. Indonesia: Borobudur
  5. India: Taj Mahal; Fatehpur Sikri; Ajanta and Ellora Caves
  6. Nepal: Lumbini, Changu Narayan

Top Archaeological Sites in the Middle East

  1. Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum, Amman Citadel, Ummayad Palace, 
  2. Israel: Old Jerusalem; Akko; Be’er Sheva; Caperneum; Herodium; Masada; M
  3. Turkey: Ephesus, Pergamo, Gobekli Tepe, Troy, Hattusha, Aphrodisias

Top Archaeological Sites in Africa

  1. Egypt: the Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara; Temple of Karnak and Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens at Luxor, Abu Simbel at Aswan
  2. Tunisia: Roman amphitheater at El Djem
  3. Zimbabwe: Great Zimbabwe Ruins
  4. Tanzania: Olduvai Gorge
  5. Benin: Royal Palaces of Abomey

Top Archaeological Sites in Central & South America

  1. Peru: Machu Picchu
  2. Chile: The Moai (Easter Island) 
  3. Guatemala: Tikal

Top Archaeological Sites in North America

  1. Mexico: Chichen Itza; Tulum; Teotihuacan
  2. United States: Cahokia Mounds (Illinois); Capitol Reef National Park and Horseshoe Canyon, Utah; Canyon de Chelly and Agua Fria National Monument, Arizona
  3. Canada: Writing on Stone Provincial Park (Alberta)

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Australian Traveller

Feb 2020

Written on

Excellent tour of Cambodia

We enjoyed a week's tour of Cambodia (Siem Reap - Battambang - Phnon Penh) with Odynovo, with many attractions and activities included. It was easy to book online, a...


Response from Odynovo February 2020

Dear Australian Traveller, Thank you for your trust and support! At Odynovo, we place customer sa...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

A Week in Petra

A great week with a great bunch of people This was the trip just as I expected it - Petra being the highlight, but Wadi Rum coming a close second. Or maybe Jerash?...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

fine, does what it says on the tin

An amazing experience, better than expected. The 2 days in Petra were fantastic and we saw everything. Just exploring Petra it is so vast. we had 2 leaders becaus...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

A week in Jordan

Excellent Trip - fulfilled all my expectations - our Guide Zuhair was superb. on our second day in Petra spending time chilling at the tea shack by the High Place o...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Fantastic week, thoroughly recommend

An awe inspiring trip, with something for everyone, and covering all the key sights, sounds and tastes of Jordan. I knew I wanted to see Petra, but didn't really h...

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