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Top 50-Plus Travel Attractions & Experiences

Top 50-Plus Travel Experiences

  • Waking to the rising sun in an African game lodge to a view of giraffes, zebras and wildebeest sipping side by side at a watering hole just outside your window.
  • Sipping wine on deck or on your balcony as your river cruise boat drifts past an ever-changing panorama of old-world Europe.
  • Walking alongside strange-looking iguanas, exotic birds and giant tortoises -- all unafraid of humans -- as you tour the Galapagos Islands.
  • Setting eyes on the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of ChinaAngkor Wat and the temples of Kyoto on a grand tour -- or better yet, tours -- of Asia.
  • Gazing at the vast Amazon rainforests via riverboat while listening to howler monkeys crying in the distance.
  • Marveling at the sheer force of power generated by waters flowing over Victoria Falls in Africa and Iguassu Falls in South America.
  • Birding in the Costa Rican rainforests and coming upon a rare species to add to your life list.
  • Landing on the seventh continent, Antarctica, on an expedition-style cruise that only a small number of people will ever get to experience.  
  • Discovering the birthplaces of the Americas on journeys to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Quebec City in Canada.
  • Trekking to Peru’s Machu Picchu or atop Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro to test your mettle and enjoy some of the world’s finest views.
  • Rafting the wild rivers of Idaho, California, or West Virginia under the expert direction of an experienced guide.
  • Taking a small ship cruise along the gorgeous and historic coastlines of Croatia, Turkey or Greece.

50-Plus Travel Tours & Travel Guide

50-Plus Travel Attractions & Landmarks Guide

As a generation, baby boomers -- turning a minimum age of 50 in 2014 -- have led the way for decades in forging international travel, beginning with the 1960s-era European backpackers and continuing to the present, as more and more parts of the globe become ripe for discovery.

Destinations that once seemed too remote and exotic for most folks to imagine visiting -- from the jungles of Costa Rica to the mountains of Bhutan, from the plains of East Africa to the icy waters of Antarctica -- are now just a plane, train, or boat ride away. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that baby boomers are the most well-traveled generation in history!

But while many previously unavailable travel opportunities have opened up, travel has also become more complicated as a result. Where once travelers might have decided between the beach or the mountains within driving distance of home -- or, if they really wanted to get exotic, choose between vacationing in London or Paris -- they now have the whole world at their feet.

Airline routes and fares are dizzyingly complex; travel costs everywhere have escalated; the profusion of advice available on the Internet often only confuses matters; and independent travel in general can sometimes end up more trouble than it’s worth -- especially when you have limited time to plan for a trip that may take you far afield and lasts a week or longer.

More Time and Resources

But here’s the good news: with many of us nearing retirement or already retired -- and others still at the peak of our earning power -- we have more time and resources to indulge our passions and our curiosity to see the world, and have the maturity and wisdom to recognize the value of traveling with experts in the field. Professional travel providers and outfitters can help us make the most of -- and truly savor -- each experience.

And so we’ve witnessed a remarkable rise in the number of organized tour operators which cater to our specialized interests. These are no longer your grandmother’s tour companies, which herded large groups off and on buses like sheep; in fact, even coach-based tours are striving to appeal to a more sophisticated, knowledgeable group of world travelers.

Top Travel Activities for Baby Boomers 

Spending a combined $157 billion a year on travel, baby boomers are leading the charge in discovering our world. By the time these travelers reach the 50-plus age group, they have acquired a thirst for travel and the means to do so - to the tune of about $6,600 per year spent on four to five leisure trips.

Among the top baby boomer travel trends are bucket-list trips - perhaps to celebrate their retirement - summer vacations, weekend getaways, international vacations, domestic trips and heritage travel. 

The common thread in baby boomer travel trends is a desire for experiential travel. This is where small-group guided vacations come in - offering 50-plus travelers a chance to see the world through immersive, expert-led tours. The baby boomer set is anything but sedentary, as tour companies have been quick to discover.

To that end, tour companies focusing on the 50-plus age group are offering hands-on learning and workshops, locally guided tours and behind-the-scenes sightseeing - from art-history tours in Italy to culinary tours in Thailand. With more time for travel, baby boomers can take longer trips - typically a week or more - therefore gaining more time to unplug and really engage in their destination.

Authentic Experiences

In response to a number of boomer travel trends, the new generation of travel providers seek to offer authentic experiences that create lasting memories, without the hassle of having to plan and execute every detail yourself. These travel providers can take you to the far corners of the globe and, in the process, offer expert guidance that ensures you’ll be able to spend your time doing what you want to do -- and not what you have to do just to get from one place to the next.

Many of them have special expertise in organizing trips for people aged 50 and above, whether it’s an adventure like an African safari or a trek to Machu Picchu, a river cruise through Europe or Southeast Asia, a small ship expedition to the Galapagos, or a culture-minded trip to Greece, Turkey, Italy, or Egypt.

And we’re not forgetting North America, where U.S. and Canadian national parks and Mexican and Central American archaeological and natural treasures beckon 50-plus travelers.


One of the most popular methods of over 50 travel is to enjoy a cruise. Traveling by ship eliminates the difficulty of constantly changing accommodations, pinpointing new restaurants to eat at every night, and organizing how you will get from location to location. On larger boats with overnight rooms, all of this is taken care of, and remote and wild places are more accessible than they have ever been before.

There is no better way to experience the breathtaking and hostile landscape of the fjords in Norway than aboard a cruise, or to see the many different islands in the Caribbean.

If the high seas aren’t your cup of tea, than consider taking a river cruise -- all the convenience of a cruise also exist for those interesting in exploring Eastern Europe with a river cruise down the Danube, or experiencing all the treasures of Egypt floating down the Nile.

Adventure Travel for 50+ 

Baby boomer travel is about being on the go and learning through doing. The baby boomer age group is a curious bunch, seeking immersive, authentic experiences that largely include some amount of physical activity. From hiking to cycling to birdwatching, soft adventure and active travel are among the top travel activities for 50-plus travelers.

Given the opportunity to shop or sightsee, baby boomers routinely pick the latter. Then, for a large majority of these 50+ travelers, they take things up a notch with active sightseeing rather than logging hours on a motorcoach. Perhaps that means an unforgettable guided glacier walk in Iceland, followed by a meal of deliciously fresh seafood. Or, maybe it's cycling in Catalan, exploring the Camin de Ronda coastal path and medieval villages along the way. 

Active doesn’t have to mean rugged. Baby boomers appreciate their creature comforts and can typically find active vacations that include an admirable dose of fine food, wine and accommodations - think river cruising along the Danube in a state-of-the-art ship with daytime biking and walking tours through Austria’s wine country.

That’s the beauty of the baby boomer-focused active vacation - just how active you want to be is entirely up to you, with a range of excursions and levels available.

50+ Travel for Singles 

As the baby boomer population’s interest in travel grows, so does solo 50+ travel. With more time and resources, many mature travelers are choosing to go it alone - and there are more opportunities than ever for those single folks. When traveling alone as a baby boomer, look for affordable, safe destinations where you can really dive into the history and culture with like-minded travelers - making a few new friends along the way.

Popular 50+ single travel vacations include river cruises, soft adventure tours, walking tours and cycling tours. For most guided tour companies, single supplement fees are a thing of the past, so you most likely won’t be penalized for traveling alone. In fact, there are many guided tours and cruises targeted exclusively at solo baby boomer travelers, so you’ll be in good company!

Women make up the majority of solo 50+ travelers, choosing to take a trip without a spouse who may not be interested in travel, or simply because they’re independent, life-long learners.

These single baby boomers place a heavy emphasis on authentic local experiences when traveling abroad and welcome the security that comes from being a part of a small-group guided tour. There’s ample opportunity to meet and mingle with similarly minded 50-plus travelers within the group, yet plenty of free time to explore on one’s own.

More Relaxed Itineraries

Trips catering to those over 50, while adventurous, may offer somewhat more relaxed and less physically demanding itineraries. A 50-plus focused tour guarantees special attention to the finer aspects of travel: comfortable lodgings, good local food, and stress-free means of transport between the sites. Instead of adventure activities, the trip may instead allow time for other recreation. For example, some trips pay special attention to activities such as photography, fishing, wine tasting, or may allow extra time for cultural immersion.

Stride is here to help you make your way through the clutter and clamor and to find the travel providers that understand the needs of 50-plus travelers -- and keep you in the thick of the travel revolution you helped pioneer.

Top Destinations for Baby Boomers

Europe tops the chart for favorite baby boomer travel destination, in particular, England, Italy and France. Within the United States, 50-plus travelers are primarily headed to the southern and western states, with Florida, California and New York the top three most popular domestic destinations. 

Baby boomers are also heading to the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East. Not so much South America - this continent is on the rise, though, as new upscale tour operators introduce a range of experiences beyond Machu Picchu (think hiking in Patagonia and Colombia coffee tours).

Small group guided tours, or river cruises, are a comfortable, safe way to explore new destinations - say, Asia or the Middle East - where cuisine, culture and landscapes may be new and different. Traveling with a reputable tour company in these regions allows baby boomers to immerse themselves in an entirely new and fascinating destination, yet with the safety net of guides that know their way around. 

No matter where your wanderlust takes you, there’s a baby boomer-specific vacation waiting to be enjoyed. From Egyptian pyramids and Petra, to cycling in Japan, to snorkeling in Belize, 50+ travel is immersive, experiential and gratifying.

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13,494  Reviews
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Trusted Customer

Nov 2023

Written on

Japan Discovery

Thinking of eating Shushi in Japan. Well, tour guide told us that it's bad timing for that. I thought Japan was famous for that. Anyway, dinners were awful. The m...


Trusted Customer

Oct 2023

Written on

Japan Discovery

Itinerary included alot of great sites, shopping and restaurant opportunties.


Trusted Customer

Oct 2023

Written on

Japan Discovery

Busses don't have bathrooms. Too much walking. Drop offs and pick ups closer to venues.


Trusted Customer

Oct 2023

Written on

Japan Discovery

The hotel room in Kyoto was the only one that needed some improvement. The location was perfect, but the room was not as nice as the other hotels in the itinerary. ...


Trusted Customer

Oct 2023

Written on

Japan Discovery

Itinerary was good for someoone who wanted to overdose on some of thre historical aspects of Japan. Hiroshima was a must for me and should be for everyone. The hotel...

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