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Top River Rafting Attractions & Experiences

Top River Rafting Experiences

  • Rafting through Raft Badger and Soap Creek rapids of Grand Canyon
  • Hiking to explore the Grand Canyon which can only be accessed from the river
  • Seeing beautiful Kackar Mountains while rafting Coruh River in Turkey
  • Stopping to camp at a sandy beach
  • Gathering around campfire and listening to river legends
  • Spotting amazing wildlife and beautiful landscapes
  • Seeing monkeys while rafting through Sun Kosi River of Nepal

River Rafting Tours & Travel Guide

River Rafting Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Whitewater river rafting -- especially class III and above, with plenty of churning rapids -- provides all the thrills most adventurous travelers could ask for. Long-distance river rafting trips are available in many countries; just grab a paddle and helmet and prepare to follow your river guide's instructions. It's a good multi-generational activity, too, especially with teenagers.

Whitewater River Rafting vs. Beginner River Rafting

No matter how much of a beginner you are, river rafting is always a thrilling experience. If you are not going whitewater rafting you’ll experience the joy of being outside, drifting through calm water in the sun, taking in the unique view of the landscape from the middle of the river.

Whitewater rafting is a bit less about gazing at the landscape and more about the adrenaline rush of soaring down the river through thrilling rapids, avoiding rocks and banks, and working with your companions to stay upright.

But the thrills are nicely intermittent with periods of calm, when you can gather yourself in preparation for the next whitewater section, and appreciate the surrounding landscape. Whitewater rivers - really any rafting rivers, are by nature situated in stunning landscapes so appreciate the beauty! 

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North America & South America

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U.S.CanadaChile & Costa Rica

Popular Rafting Destinations:                           

Alsek & Tatshenshini Rivers, U.S.; Middle Fork, Salmon River; U.S.; Rio Upano, Ecuador; Magpie River, Canada; Futaleufu River, Chile; North Johnstone River, Australia & Many More

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Wildlife viewersAdventurers & Hikers


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4.8/5  Excellent
180  Reviews
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Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Costa rica family adventure

What a fabulous experience only made possible by our wonderful guide Glenda Araya, our fantastic driver Mauricio and 3 families who met as strangers and ended the ...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Amazing Adventure with Teens

A wonderful couple of weeks focusing principally on the wildlife of Costa Rica. We went at the start of the rainy season and were lucky with the weather, but don't...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels


This was a really memorable holiday. Costa Rica is an extraordinary country with a plethora of fantastic birds, animals, and flowers to see - and the big appeal o...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Wow, wow, wow!!!

Costa Rica is a fabulous country and well worth the long flight. We went as a family of 5, parents of nearly 50, my mum in her early 70s and 2 girls aged 10 and 1...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Excellent intro to Costa Rica - outstanding guide Edward

Wow, just back from our 2 week adventure. I don't usually do reviews but this one is definitely worth a few lines! Firstly, our guide Edward absolutely made the tr...

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