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Top Family Friendly Attractions

  • Stopping at Terres d’Amanares, and trying zip lining
  • Visiting numerous waterholes in Etosha National Park to spot wildlife
  • Watching the kids participate in scavenger hunts and hands-on lessons
  • Spotting humpback whales at Point Adolphus
  • Visiting Sepilok Orangutan Centre to see Orangutan
  • Swimming and snorkeling in Gocek’s clean waters

Family Friendly Tours & Travel Guide

Family Friendly Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Multi-generational travel -- when grandparents, parents and kids all travel together -- is one of the hottest trends in group travel. As every parent knows, to have a successful trip, the first ones you have to please are the kids. But that doesn't mean limiting yourself to beach or theme park vacations. Many tour operators offer special family trips -- including adventurous and grandparent-grandchild trips -- that are specially suited to keeping kids (and everyone else) happy travelers. 

Education Meets Adventure

Cultural tours are a fantastic way to introduce kids to the magic of history and give them exposure to other cultures and customs. Hands on museums, activities, and demonstrations are the perfect way to provide a connection with place and past. For kids, as with adults, the intersection between education and adventure is much smaller when traveling- as they discover the world, they will not even realize how much they are learning.

Endless Wonder

For kids, travel is the whole experience, from the moment you arrive at the airport. Through their eyes, even the stress and annoyance of long lines at security and customs can be enjoyable. And as they discover the world around them, soaking in different cultures, foods, and languages, you will gain a new appreciation as well. 

There is some debate as to the best time to start traveling with kids. Is as a baby too young because they won’t remember? Is as a toddler too difficult? Whatever you choose, know that there are several tour companies that cater specifically to families, and will help provide the support you need, as well as fun and engaging activities for the younger travelers.

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Oct 2022

Written on

I knew it would be the best trip of my life.

Traveling is never easy for me, as it is unnerving and unsettling. However, from the moment I looked into the Egypt tour with CharlieTheTraveler, I knew it would be ...



Oct 2022

Written on

I loved everything about my trip

I loved everything about my trip to Egypt! I appreciated the small group number, as I wouldn’t have learned as much or felt like a priority if there was a huge group...



Oct 2022

Written on

How great it was to participate in all of the unique activities

Although it didn’t seem like a romantic getaway, I booked the Egypt tour for my significant other and me. I could not believe how great it was to participate in all ...



Oct 2022

Written on

Everything was planned for me

I have never had such a laid back trip until I booked the Egypt tour through CharlieTheTraveler. Practically everything was planned for me and our tour guide made th...



Oct 2022

Written on

The history and modern culture of Egypt was emphasized

The history and modern culture of Egypt was emphasized in every activity on this trip. CharlieTheTraveler organized a balanced trip that gave me a well-rounded exper...

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