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Top Egypt Attractions

  • Sailing on a traditional wooden felucca ship down the upper reaches of the Nile 
  • Visiting the Pyramids of Giza
  • Getting lost amongst ancient antiquities and mummies at Cairo’s world famous Egyptian Museum
  • Watching dawn creep in at Abu Simbel on the shores of Lake Nasser
  • Playing hide and seek behind the hundreds of towering columns in the great halls of Karnak’s temple
  • Heading up to the skies in a balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings
  • Scuba diving in the Red Sea, otherwise known as the "Underwater Garden of Eden"   

Egypt Tours & Travel Guide

Egypt Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Luxor, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings

There are so many treasures for the eyes and mind to feast on here that it may seem a little overwhelming! The Valley of the Kings itself contains hundreds of tombs: fortunately not all of them are open every day so some of the selecting is done for you. The valley is broken up into two sections called the East Valley and the West Valley.

Upon entering the site, you will need to purchase a general admission ticket that allows entry into the valley and three tombs that are open to the public that day. But tickets to the tombs of Tutankhamun, Ramesses VI, and Ayare are sold separately. One of the most popular tombs at the site is King Tut’s, which was was found largely intact when it was excavated in 1922.

However, it should be noted that when you visit the tombs, most of the artifacts have been taken out. But the intricate detailing and decoration of each room definitely makes the visit worth it. And you can always make a trip to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo which harbors most of the artifacts that were found in the tombs. 

For those looking for adventure, a donkey ride in the hills above the Valley of the Kings is something you won’t forget, or for those seeking even more height, there may be an opportunity to enjoy a ride in a hot air balloon ride over the valley.

What a wonderful way to witness the sun rising over the mighty Nile River!

Karnak Temple, known to some as the temple from the James Bond movie ‘The Spy who Loved Me’ is simply unmissable. Built as a place of worship in ancient Egypt, the Karnak Temple is one of the largest ancient religious sites ever built. It dates back to the Middle Kingdom but remained an active place of worship until the Roman succession in 30 BCE. Today, you can walk through its many courts and temples. The hundreds of tall columns and statues in its grand hall are likely to take your breath away.

A Word about the Pyramids

There’s no denying the Pyramids of Giza fully deserve their status as a wonder of the world. Don’t be surprised, however, to find that they appear to be in the middle of a Cairo suburb. The good news is that at least from one side, the Pyramids do back onto the desert.

As with all big attractions, it’s best to head there early in the morning to skip some of the crowds and midday heat. And there’s so much more to discover than the ‘headline attraction’!

While in Cairo, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Egyptian Museum, whose contents were miraculously kept safe during the uprisings in 2011. And if you like to bargain hard while you shop, head to the Khan el Khalili Market.

Cruising the Nile

Geographically, the Nile River is the longest river in the world. It is mentioned throughout history for its physical and metaphorical vigorousness. And today, you can experience its beauty and tranquility like the ancient pharaohs did thousands of years ago. There are hundreds of large cruise ships that drift down the Nile River in Egypt, particularly on the stretch between Luxor and Aswan.

But why not travel like a true Nubian: slowly and in a more environmentally-friendly way? A traditional Egyptian sailing boat, called a ‘felucca’, is the perfect option for travelers looking to see the Nile. Check if your tour includes the option for this as many do.

Visiting Aswan and Abu Simbel

Aswan marks the southernmost point of the navigable Nile river as beyond lies the Aswan Dam and shores of Lake Nasser.  At Lake Nasser, you can find Abu Simbel, a magnificent temple carved directly into the rock, and whose figures seem to watch over the river themselves.

When Lake Nasser was (somewhat controversially) created by the installation of the Aswan Dam and the flooding of the riverbanks surrounding it, the Abu Simbel temples were physically dismantled and moved, piece by piece, some 65 meters back from the river banks and up the cliffs to save them.  

Beyond the Nile Basin

Egypt offers a wealth of other interesting destinations that are a little more off-the-beaten-path. The Red Sea is unrivaled for its scuba diving, and the desert in the west of the country is famous for its beautiful oasis towns such as Dakhla and Siwa.

Travel Safety and Security in Egypt

Egypt is truly unique in the sights it has to offer, its history, landscape and people. Since 2011, Egypt has been suffering from intermittent but well-publicized political turbulence, and visitor numbers have been affected. Much of the area frequented by tourists (Cairo, the Nile basin, Aswan, Abu Simbel) are some of the safest parts of the country and do not have travel warnings in place. For full and up to date information about safe travel in Egypt check the travel advisory website of your country’s government.  

In general, understanding the culture a little, staying away from large crowds or political gatherings and using your common sense will help make your trip even safer. For female travelers, dressing conservatively in light, loose-fitting clothing that covers your legs and upper arms will help decrease any unwanted attention from would be admirers.

One of the best perks of going on a guided tour is that you will have local information and support at all times during your trip - therefore providing a bit of extra security.

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Jamie Sickel

Jun 2023

Written on

Amazing Trip to Egypt with Odynovo!

I cannot say enough good things about Odynovo, both on the coordination end (we worked with Laura Li, who was fantastic!) to the on-site people (shout out to our air...



Apr 2024

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Family Egyptian Sphinx, Pyramids and Nile River

A wonderful mixture of the ancient world and modern life. From pyramids, temples and tombs to a felucca, homestay and overnight train, the variety gave us a wonderfu...


Trusted Customer

Nov 2023

Written on

Family Egyptian Sphinx, Pyramids and Nile River

Day at Red Sea and valley of the kings



Nov 2023

Written on

Family Egyptian Sphinx, Pyramids and Nile River

There were so many highlights. We loved the temples and The Valley of the Kings, the felucca trip was amazing, we really enjoyed the traditional dinner with a local ...

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