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Top Mediterranean Sea Attractions

  • Exploring the scenic French Riviera
  • Disembarking the cruise to take a ride to spectacular city of Florence
  • Snorkeling in the amazing blue Mediterranean waters
  • Taking a history tour and encouneting ancient Roman Ruins and fortified medieval towns
  • Voyaging through the Strait of Gibraltar and discovering the Spanish archipelago of the Canaries.

Mediterranean Sea Tours & Travel Guide

Mediterranean Sea Attractions & Landmarks Guide

What is a Mediterranean Tour?

The Mediterranean is perhaps the best known sea in the world, and with the range of countries and islands to visit, a tour along this famous sea is more than just a Mediterranean vacation. The array of cultures and cuisines it has helped to nourish over thousands of years are dizzying in their variety, and its scenic beauty is on display from countless promontories. Stride can help you decide which parts of this historic sea should be at the top of your list.

Countries to Visit in the Mediterranean

The Mediterannean Sea covers 965,300 sq. miles and touches the coastline of three continents -- Europe, Asia, and Africa. There are 21 countries that touch or are located in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The countries in the Mediterranean countries are -- Spain, France, Monaco, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, and Algeria. There are also provinces of other countries that are included in the Med like the British territory of Gibraltar. 

Figuring out where to go and what to see in the Mediterranean can be overwhelming. Try picking a particular region or a few countries on the Med that you really want to see and go from there.

Think about what you're most interested in seeing. Is your #1 desire to see peaceful, beautiful islands, and sunbathe on white sandy beaches? If so, there are still a lot of options, but Greece might be at the top of your list. Consider going to the Eastern Mediterranean to explore the villages in Mykonos and eat delicious food in Santorini.

Are you interested in immersing yourself in a totally different culture, and gaining some new historical knowledge? If that's the case, maybe you're more interested in archaeological sites, and want to visit Israel or Turkey. Many Mediterranean tours of Turkey will let you see ancient buildings and churches, explore artifacts from all around the region in museums, and relax at beautiful beaches.

Top Port Stops on a Mediterranean Cruise

Besides the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea has some of the busiest ports. Each of the countries in the Med have at least one large port city and many of the islands have popular port cities as well. 

1. Barcelona 

Barcelona is one of the top three port stops on a Mediterranean Cruise. Many of the cruises of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco begin in Barcelona. Barcelona is a colorful culture of Gothic neighborhoods, whimsical architecture, and busy food markets. Just expect plenty of people as the main street La Rambla gets busy during the summer. 

2. Naples

The birthplace of pizza is usually included on cruises of Italy and France. This major port city is the best place in Italy to get pizza, visit the historic sites of Pompei and Herculaneum, and taste the fresh lemons that make this part of Italy famous. 

3. Dubrovnik 

A major stop on cruises of the western part of the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik is a wealth of sites and culture. Heavily influenced by the Venetian Empire, Dubrovnik is a medieval walled city that sees thousands of visitors a year and was used in the filming of the TV show Game of Thrones. 

4. Athens 

At the center of the Mediterranean is Athens, the home of democracy, the Olympic games, and mathematics. Cruises of the Greek islands and the surrounding countries begin their journeys in Athens. However, make sure to check out the ancient Acropolis and other historical sites in this city to see one of the civilizations that still influences the world to this day. 

5. Venice

Probably the busiest cruise port in the Med is Venice. Venice’s mysterious canals and masquerade balls draws in tourists from all over. Don’t just spend your time in Piazza San Marco, head over a few canals and check out the local restaurants, shops, and churches not everyone is willing to look for.

Greek Island Cruises in the Mediterranean

One of the most best ways to tour the Mediterranean is to island hop between all of Greece’s many spots. The short distances between islands, remarkable variety in landscape, but consistently beautiful beaches make cruises well worth their while. It is increasingly popular to take a small cruise ship between the Greek isles.

There are many benefits to going on a smaller cruise boat, including the ability to visit more secluded harbors, a more individualized experience, and the fact that you won’t have to memorize a map to get back to your room. On a smaller boat, you will actually feel like you’re on a ship, and closer to the sights and water you’re paying to visit.

Taking a cruise is also the best way to visit some of the smaller, off the beaten path islands; it’s the best because it is the only way. Many of Greece’s most exclusive island take hours to reach by ferry, but are easily accessible by cruise. For example, prime vacations destinations like Zakynthos, Koufonisi, and Vidos.

Top Islands in the Mediterranean

One of the best things to do in the Mediterranean is island hop. The sea has so many islands to choose from and range in size, climate, and landscape.

Here are a few you won’t want to miss!

1. Sicily

The island just off the tip of the boot of Italy, Sicily is almost like a country in of itself. Sicily is one of the regions of Italy, like Tuscany, that has its own unique culture.

Populated by mountains and ancient ruins, Sicily is one of the food and wine capitals of Italy and offers a different look into Italian life. The island was also a center of trade for the sea and saw influences from all of the empires that once ruled here. 

2. Santorini

Often considered to be one of the most romantic islands in the world, Santorini is a top destination in the Med and Greece. With its blue domed and white-walled buildings, this small island is a picturesque wonderland. Make sure to catch the sunset from the cliffside bars in Oia or Fira!

3. Corfu

Where Greece, Venice, and Austria met. Corfu is an island off the western coast of Greece that has seen occupation by three major empires in Europe. You can see each of these cultures in the old town, the Achilleion Palace, and food of this beautiful island. 

4. Korcula

Just off the coast of Croatia, Korcula is one of the top islands in the Dalmatian Coast. The island is known for its romantic old town, olive trees, and has some of the best wine Croatia has to offer. 

5. Ibiza

If party is your middle name, you’ll love Ibiza. Considered one of the top clubbing and party islands in the world, Ibiza is an adult playground. Pool parties, major DJs, luxury hotels, and fine dining make up this lively island off the coast of Spain.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Cuisine in the Mediterranean has similar base ingredients, but can be quite different depending on what continent or region you are in. However, there is a reason there is something called “The Mediterranean Diet.” 

The Mediterranean Diet is the foundation for any traditional Med meal. This diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, hearty grains, fish, olive oil, and small amounts of heavier protein. Throughout the countries on the Mediterranean you will find all of these ingredients, but each region adds its own spices and cooking techniques. 

Around Greece, Turkey, and the Balkans you will see meals including fish, lamb, spreads, and kebabs. This area of the Med was heavily influenced by the Ottoman Empire and is why the gyro or meat pita sandwich is so popular in this area. 

In Spain, Italy, and France you’ll find some of the best food in the world. This area of the Med is known for its cuisine with fresh herbs, elegant cooking techniques, and rich dishes. You’ll find plenty of oregano, parsley, and basil along with fish, beef, and ham. 

Northern Africa’s cuisine takes all of these ingredients and combines them with fragrant and flavorful spices. Tarragon, turmeric, allspice, and more are added to these dishes that are commonly served in small plates or cooked in one pot. 

Overall, the Med cuisine has a commonality that runs through it all, with additional proteins or spices that are native to each of the countries. However, if you are concerned about health or dietary restrictions, much of the cuisine is healthy if not sometimes meat heavy. Vegetarians and vegans may have a harder time in the Balkans and Africa, but there are usually options in the major cities.

Mediterranean Travel Activities

There is plenty to do in the Mediterranean for the adventure traveler. Whether it’s hiking the mountains of Sicily or walking through the vineyards of Croatia, the Med has a great deal to offer. 

Most of the top activities in the Mediterranean are related to water and history. Many destinations on Mediterranean tour itineraries include coastal regions or cities where you can relax on the beach and swim in the azure waters of the sea. In some parts of the Med, like Croatia, you can even get out and kayak through the quieter bays. 

The Mediterranean is also characterized by history. Some of the world’s oldest and largest civilizations once occupied this sea. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Ottoman Empire, Ancient Egyptians, and Moorish Empire all laid claim to a part of this sea at one point or time.

Every one of the countries on the Med has ruins or ancient sites you can explore. History buffs should seek out Mediterranean tours and cruises with a strong focus on historical sites.

Food tours or cooking classes are also popular in this part of the world because of the popular and tasty cuisines. You can learn how to make authentic pizza in Naples or tour the spice markets of Marrakech. 

For those interested in religious sites, you’ll find plenty in the Mediterranean. Major religious sites are the Vatican City in Italy, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Jerusalem, and the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Browse tours to the Holy Land for more »

Cultural Attractions in the Mediterranean

There are quite literally too many cultural attractions in the Mediterranean Sea to list. Greece alone has hundreds of sites you could visit for history, politics, and stunning landscapes. Since the Med was the waterway for some of the most powerful civilizations, there are plenty of historical and cultural stops to make on your tour, not to mention the scenery as well. 

If you are looking for a historical or cultural tour, then make sure to check out Greece, Italy, and Egypt. All three of these nations are chock full of historical ruins and cities featured in our history books and movies. 

For the most picturesque port cities, don’t miss Cinque TerreSantorini, or Dubrovnik. All of these cities can be beautifully captured at sunset and are full of color and are ideal romantic vacations. 

If you want to tour based on your stomach, head to Marrakech, Naples, and Istanbul. These cities are known for their distinct cuisines that use local ingredients and techniques combined with traditional Mediterranean staples. 

The Mediterranean also touches one of the most religious regions of the world, the Holy Land. With Israel, Lebanon, and Syria all having coastline on the Med, a religious pilgrimage to where three of the world’s largest religions meet is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Mixed group, great guide, perfect organization and

Mixed group, great guide, perfect organization and back-up at all time



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Huge variety of activities, exploration of ancient

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Overall I think the trip was well

Overall I think the trip was well organised and our safety was of the highest priority. Also it was good that collective decisions were made when plans had to be cha...

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