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Top Train & Rail Journeys Attractions & Experiences

Top Train & Rail Journeys Experiences

  • Looking at the rolling hills and Siberian villages
  • Exploring different cities each day
  • Taking Maharaja Express from Delhi and along the way visiting colorful city Rajasthan and the Taj Mahal in Agra
  • Taking a rail journey through the Chunnel to France 
  • Looking at breathtaking scenery from Botswana to South Africa

Train & Rail Journeys Tours & Travel Guide

Train & Rail Journeys Attractions & Landmarks Guide

A rail journey is be one of the most pleasant ways to travel imaginable. Whether it's aboard a luxury sightseeing train in South Africa, PeruEurope, or Alaska, or an adventurous trip through India or across Siberia, long rail journeys allow you to sit back, view the scenery, read a book, have some meals, get some sleep, and meet other passengers if you're so inclined. Wherever you want to go, Stride will help keep you on track.

Covering Vast Landscapes

Traveling by train provides a view of vast landscapes unlike any other mode of transportation. Imagine gazing out across the expanse of Siberia, the impressive Alaskan landscape, and crossing through countries in Europe, seeing the change in topography. Its a stunning experience, at once feeling of the landscape and seeing it pass by in the blink of an eye. Bring your wide angle lens for spectacular photographs!

A Slower Way to Travel

Choosing a train means you get more time to explore your stops. As opposed to the hassle of getting out of the airport during a layover, train stops are much easier to plan around. From quaint mountain towns in Switzerland, to fascinating history in Bangkok, to sampling local food in India, a rail journey covers more ground allowing you to experience more in a shorter period of time. On the other hand sometimes the railway itself is the slowness in the equation. Chugging merrily along through the alps, for example, time itself takes on a different meaning as you travel through the ancient mountains taking in the scenery.

An Important Historical Milestone

Train travel first began in the mid 1800s, and caused a major stir. Suddenly access to farther away cities and countries was not such an ordeal. What would have taken several weeks by horse and carriage, now could take significantly shorter. Allowing a wider demographic to travel, becoming exposed to other cultures, languages, and customs. Traveling by train today might seem quaint and leisurely but imagine marveling at the speed and modernity in the 19th century! When you travel by train you are participating in what was the pinnacle of innovation.

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Dave L

Oct 2022

Written on

We had an enoybale expereince, it was a nice family vacation to Europe.

We had an enjoyable expereince, it was a nice family vacation to Europe. The hotels were clean and tour leader was always accomodating. The excursions allowed us to ...


Robert M

Jul 2022

Written on

The tour leader made all the difference, loved Paris, Bern, and Amsterdam

The tour leader made all the difference, loved Paris, Bern, and Amsterdam


Jenny F

May 2022

Written on

Amsterdam and Paris were the highlights of our trip, Versailles and the tulip fields were amazing

Amsterdam and Paris were the highlights of our trip, Versailles and the tulip fields were amazing


Laura J

Jan 2023

Written on

Nice itinerary

Nice itinerary, seeing the swiss alps was always on by bucket list and to learn about the swiss culture was a good complement, the food was great, the hotels were we...


Michael B

Dec 2022

Written on

Thank you to lina she was exceptional during our trip in Switzerland.

Thank you to lina she was exceptional during our trip in Switzerland. Guided us through beautiful valleys and rail journeys. Hotel were well located and breakfast we...

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