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Top Hungary Attractions & Experiences

Top Hungary Experiences

  • Visit Statue Park, where some of the only surviving communist statues remain
  • Walk across the Danube on Margaret Bridge, just as the sun is setting
  • Meet fellow travelers and Hungarian locals at one of the most popular nightlife spots: Szimpla Kert
  • Indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of the Great Market Hall and taste the flavors of Hungarian cuisine
  • See the ancient ruins of Aquincum, a town founded by the Roman Empire
  • Walk up Gellert Hill and see the beautiful views over the Danube
  • Visit a thousand year old Benedictine Abbey in Gyor

Hungary Tours & Travel Guide

Hungary Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Hungary, located in Central Europe, has become one of the leading tourist destinations on the Continent since it escaped from Soviet domination in the early 1990s. Its leading draw is Budapest, a stunningly scenic city split by the Danube River and connected by more than a dozen bridges.

The Hungarian Parliament Building on the Danube is one of Europe’s most beautiful structures, and the city also harbors Europe’s largest and hottest thermal baths. The countryside is dotted with historic villages, the Hungarian language is like no other in Europe, and prices are reasonable. It’s an essential part of any Central European tour.

Hungary is a unique country, essentially landlocked in the middle of Central Europe. Their national identity is a complicated one, from the failure of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to time spent under communist rule behind the Iron Curtain. 

Tale of Two Cities 

While Hungary has much to see, Budapest is the crowning jewel of the country and where you will be likely spending a good deal of your time on your trip. 

The first thing to know about Budapest is that it is not said Budapest, but Buda-pesht. Locals aren’t too happy when people relate the name of their city to a bug. 

Another thing to remember about Budapest is the city was once two cities. Buda and Pest were two cities on either side of the Danube River. The two cities didn’t become one until the late-1800s. The best way to remember which side is which is by what is there. Buda is home to the Palace Area and is quieter. Pest, on the other hand, is larger and where many of the hotels, bars, and restaurants are located. 

Top Activities in Hungary 

1. Buda Castle: Overlooking the Danube River and the Pest side of Budapest, Buda Castle was once the home to Hungarian royalty. The castle complex dates back to the 1200s but reached its height during the 1700s. Today you can visit the Castle where you can find historical pieces from Hungary’s past and art exhibitions. 

2. Tokaj Wine Country: Located in the northeastern part of Hungary, is the beautiful and grape-filled region of Tokaj. Hungary’s wine region is famous for producing sweet wines and was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002.  

3. Hungarian Parliament Building: The most iconic building in Hungary is the Parliament Building located on the edge of the Danube River. The building is one of the most photographed buildings in Budapest, especially at sunset when the colors accentuate the building’s many spires and arches. 

4. Danube River Cruise: While there are Danube River cruises that take you up and down the entire river, you can also spend a night or day lazily floating along the river as it makes its way through Hungary. 

5. Visit a "Ruin Bar": In the Old Jewish Ghetto of Hungary are some of the most interesting buildings. This part of the city has seen a revitalization with many of the “ruined” buildings being converted into restaurants, bars, and gathering places for the residents of Budapest. 

Outdoor Travel in Hungary 

When visiting Hungary don’t forget to get out and enjoy the countryside. Much of Hungary is made up of rolling plains and small hills. Making this an ideal place for cyclists and hikers. 

Group cycling tours of Hungary are also very common. Tours take you alongside the Danube, through the countryside, and small towns. Hikers will also love the national parks in Hungary. Bukk National Pak has plenty of trails for you to explore along with caves and ravines. 

Don’t forget about water sports. If you’re visiting during the summer you can relax and unwind at Lake Balaton or take one of the small sailing ships and explore the lake. 

Cities in Hungary 

There are more cities in Hungary besides Budapest. Throughout all parts of the country, you’ll encounter historical cities that have played a major role in Hungary’s past. 

1. Budapest: The capital of Hungary, Budapest is a bustling city combining its long history with the modern world. Take a stroll down the romantic Vaci Street, shop to your heart’s content in the Great Market Hall, and learn about the city’s unique place in World War II. 

2. Eger: This northern Hungarian city has seen the rise and fall of empires. You’ll find remnants from a Mongol invasion, minarets from Ottoman Rule, Habsburg architecture, and modern innovations in this colorful city. 

3. Pecs: Pecs is located on the edge of the Mecsek Mountains near the Croatian border. Pecs is known for its Roman ruins and was a major city in Hungary during the Middle Ages and during Ottoman rule. 

4. Debrecen: Hungary’s second-largest city is one of the country’s cultural centers. Debrecen has a long history of intellectual institutions, supporting the arts, and architecture gems. 

Food and Wine in Hungary

Food in Hungary has a long history that is connected to the culture of the Magyar (Hungarian) people. Magyar cuisine is centered around a few key pieces: meat, fresh vegetables, cheese, soups, and bread. 

The most iconic dish in Hungary is goulash. There are some misconceptions about goulash many people outside of Hungary may have. The dish is less like the pasta dish from the U.S. you may think of and is more like a soup or stew that includes meat, carrots, and sometimes dumplings. Paprika is also included in many Hungarian dishes. This red spice is often included in goulash and other dishes. 

Many Hungarian dishes are hearty. In most restaurants, you’ll find stews, soups, sausages, and stuffed cabbage.

To accompany your goulash, you can taste one of Hungary’s many wines. Hungary has multiple wine regions that produce a wide array of wines, with the most popular being sweet dessert wines (Tokay). 

Beyond Budapest - Exploring the Hungarian Countryside 

If you’re planning on visiting Hungary on a guided tour, check your itinerary to see if they include plenty of stops in the countryside of Hungary. 

Hungary’s landscape is made up of beautiful, gently rolling hills that take you to the medieval city of Eger and the traditional rural village of Holloko. Explore the convergence of the Mediterranean and Hungarian way of life in Pecs or the Baroque feel of Gyor. 

Between these cities, you can explore the many lakes and smaller rivers in the country’s national parks. Make sure to check out the caves that also dot the country’s landscape. 

Fun Facts About Hungary 

Looking to pick up on some fun facts before your trip to Hungary, look no further. Here are some neat tips about this Central European country many don’t know about.

  • Hungary has over 450 bathhouses and spas
  • The inventor of the Rubik’s Cube was Hungarian and Hungary has 13 Nobel prize winners
  • The Tokaj wine region was the first official wine region in the world
  • It’s considered rude to clink your wine or beer glasses (has to do with the Hungarian Revolution of 1848)
  • Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Dracula, was born in Wallachia which was once part of Hungary

Impressive Architecture

There are multiple archictural sites to marval at in Hungary. The Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest is one of the most impressive architectural sights in all of Europe, inside and out. The Gellert Thermal Baths are an extremely popular destination for many reasons, not the least of which is the incredibly intricate Art Noveau influenced building.

Getting out of Budapest, there are castles, churches, and abbeys to visit to your hearts content. If you only see one though, try to see Pannonhalma, a thousand year old Benedictine Abbey. Located in the town of Gyor, it is a site to behold, and not just because the library looks distinctly similiar to a certain Beast's library in a certain Disney film.

An Eery Day Trip

For a truly strange and haunting experience, take a day trip from Budapest out to Memento Park (also called Statue Park), where the largest collection of original communist statues and propaganda can be seen. While they were immediately removed from the city, they were not destroyed as most were. It has a “middle of nowhere” feel, and that is the point. 

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