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Top Malaysia Attractions & Experiences

Top Malaysia Experiences

  • Enjoy sampling tea in Cameron Highlands, an extensive hill stations famous for its tea plantations.
  • Climbing Mount Kinabalu without mountaineering equipment. It is also known for its botanical and biological biodiversity.
  • Relax in the beaches of Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands.
  • If you are a budget traveler, visit the Perhential Islands that offers sandy beaches but with plenty of cheap accommodation.
  • Explore Mulu Caves in Gunung Mulu National Park. One of its underground cave chamber, Sarawak chamber is the largest cave chamber in the world.
  • Take in the view from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur
  • Walk along the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old George Town Street in Penang, one of Malaysia's top-visited tourist destinations
  • Venture out on one of the world’s longest rope walkways at Taman Negara National Park
  • Go off the beaten path to the mesmerizing beaches of Kapas Island
  • See orangutans in the wild in Malaysia Borneo
  • Taste Nasi Kandar, a common mixed-rice dish with which you can pick a variety of toppings, from okra to squid
  • Live the island life in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, with quiet Sulug Island and bustling Gaya Island
  • Get a history lesson on Malaysia in Malacca, with some of the region’s most interesting architecture

Malaysia Tours & Travel Guide

Malaysia Attractions & Landmarks Guide


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Malaysia is a true mix of ethnicities -- Malays, Chinese, Indians, Nyonya (Straits Chinese of noble descent) and more -- as well as religions, architecture, and cuisines. You'll find both ultra-modern skyscrapers in the capital of Kuala Lumpur (KL) and highly traditional longhouses in the jungle settings of East Malaysia, which occupies about a third of the island of Borneo.

East Malaysia's Sabah is the site of 13,000-foot Mt. Kinabalu, a favorite spot for climbers. West Malaysia, a peninsula just south of Thailand, is home to KL -- with its nearly 1,500-foot-high Petronas Twin Towers -- as well as the resort island of Penang (known for its food) and the Dutch-influenced town of Malacca. It all makes Malaysia a don't-miss Southeast Asia destination. 

Beaches in Malaysia 

It’s all about beaches in Malaysia. With some of the most exceptional beaches in Southeast Asia, not to mention the world, Malaysia is a sunbathing, snorkeling, diving and beachcombing paradise. Beaches are everywhere in Malaysia, spread out amongst 878 islands and archipelagos, from the most popular - Langkawi and the Perhentians - to off-the-beaten-path beach secrets.

Among the most amazing beaches in Malaysia are:

1. Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil: Known for its incredible turquoise waters and bustling nightlife.

2. Turtle Beach, Perhentian Besar: Swim with turtles and snorkel with reef sharks at one of Malaysia’s favorite island beaches.

3. Coral Beach, Redang Island: Top beach destination in Malaysia for diving and snorkeling. 

4. Kapas Island, coast of Marang: One of Malaysia’s secret beaches, perfect for a quiet island vacation and not yet too touristy

5. Monkey Bay Beach, Tioman Island: A frequent stop on a Malaysia snorkeling tour. Guests can also hike here in about an hour from Salang. 

6. Pantai Cenang, Langkawi: A busy, yet fantastic Langkawi beach with powder-white sand and an abundance of world travelers

7. Paya Beach, Tioman Island: A great Malaysia beach choice for snorkeling

8. Teluk Belanga Beach, Pangkor Island: Known for its stunning emerald water and quiet surroundings

9. Sipadan Island Beach, Sabah: Known as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world - look for giant turtles and white-tip sharks

Malaysian Culture

Cultural tourism in Malaysia is intriguing, a melting pot of cultures stemming back to the country’s place on the spice route so long ago.

The people of Malaysia are among its many treasures … delve into the country’ three main races - Malay, Chinese and Indian - and learn about their historical and cultural significance in the region. Plus, you’ll discover the countless other, smaller populations who live in Malaysia, from Kadazan-Dusun to Bidayuh to Nyonya. 

Look for small-group Malaysia cultural tours that include visits to some of the following destinations: 

1. Batu Caves

Take a tour of 400-million-year-old Hindu temples set in these limestone caves. These temples are among the most visited Hindu shrines outside of India. Don’t miss the 140-foot-high Murugan statue marking the cave entrance. 

2. Pinang Peranakan Mansion 

Your Malaysia culture tour will likely include a visit to this cultural center, where you can learn all about the Peranakans, well-to-do Chinese traders who settled here. The mansion reflects the architectural style of the region, a blend of Chinese, Malay and colonial British influences. 

3. Jonker Street Night Market 

Head to Malacca’s Chinatown to tour this lively night market, a highlight of your Malaysia cultural holiday. The sights and smells of the market range from global street food to antiques and souvenirs. Along the way, your Malaysia tour guide will point out various temples and mosques that line the street. 

4. Kek Lok Si Temple

Many tour highlighting Malaysian culture will include a visit to this temple, the country’s largest Buddhist complex. Stroll the vast grounds to take in the seven-story pagoda, 10,000 alabaster and bronze Buddha statues, ponds, pools and gardens. One of the best times to visit Kek Lok Si Temple is during Chinese New Year, when thousands of brightly lit hanging lanterns adorn the temple. 

5. Langkawi 

Beyond its beautiful beaches, Langkawi is a great place to immerse yourself in Malay culture. Small group tours of Langkawi can introduce you to the local islanders, many of whom are fishermen and farmers. Take a driving tour of the countryside and see the paddy fields and meet the villagers out running errands by bicycle. Visit the historic Field of Burnt Rice and learn local folklore at the Gua Cerita, or Cave of Legends. 

6. Blue Mansion, George Town 

Tour the most-photographed structure in George Town, a 28-room mansion from the 1880s. The blue exterior dates to a time when this color was a hallmark of the town - it’s achieved through an indigo-based limewash. Pay attention to the mansion’s feng shui and uniquely local features and listen to stories of the owner who commissioned the mansion for his seventh wife. 

7. Kellie’s Castle, Perak 

Look for the ghosts that are said to haunt the hallways of this moderately restored, Gothic- and Moorish-style castle. 

8. Sabah Museum

Take a guided tour of Sabah Museum to learn about the area’s indigenous cultures, take a peek at traditional attire and crafts and learn about the customs of the Dusun, Murut, Rungus and Bajau peoples. There are musical instruments to play, embroidery to appreciate and Chinese ceramics dating to AD 1300. Ask your Sabah tour guide about visiting the nearby Heritage Village, where you can see Kadazan bamboo houses and tribal dwellings. 

Top Travel Activities in Malaysia 

Who are Malaysia tours good for? With a wide range of activities, Malaysia is a favorite for just about anyone. Look for tours that give you plenty of time to explore this fascinating Southeast Asian country, from the beaches to the rain forest to the big city.

The best Malaysia vacations will include several of the following activities in both Western and Eastern Malaysia. 

Meeting an Orangutan

Wildlife tours of Malaysia will undoubtedly focus on the delightful orangutan. Visit with orphans at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, where about 60 to 80 of the primates live at any given time. 

Enjoying Beach Time in the Perhentian Islands

Where will you find the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia? Head to the Perhentian Islands for the prettiest beaches and most stunning water and coral reefs. Swim and snorkel with sea turtles and rainbow-hued tropical fish, even small sharks. There are two main islands to tour in the Perhentians: Kecil, the smaller, and Besar, the larger. Both are covered in jungle and hiking trails - no roads, so arrange a Perhentian Island tour to make the most of your visit. 

City Time in Kuala Lumpur 

Take some time away from the beach to tour Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and home to the impressive Petronas Towers. 

Trek in the Rain Forest

Outdoor enthusiasts traveling to Malaysia will enjoy touring Taman Negara National Park, boasting one of the world’s oldest rain forests - some say it’s more than 130 million years old! An abundance of foot trails wind their way through the forest making this a top hiking destination in Malaysia.

Eat in Malaysia

Foodies will love the Malaysian cuisine they’ll encounter throughout their tour. Even the smallest, hole-in-the-wall places dish out the most incredible tastes. Your Malaysia tour guide can point out local favorites. Some of the best Malay cuisine to try includes chicken satay, Char kway teow, laksa and nasi goreng. 

Go Diving in Sipadan 

Active travel tours in Malaysia may include the option to dive in Sipadan - and if you’re an avid diver, you’ve likely heard of this amazing spot. If you haven’t dived before and would like to learn, this is an incredible place to start. Ask your Malaysia tour operator about diving certification options in Sipadan.

Wildlife in Malaysia 

Wildlife tours are popular in Malaysia thanks to the country’s pristine rainforest, home to an incredible array of animal and plant life. From the orangutans and pygmy elephants of Borneo to the sun bear and the Sumatran rhino, there are wildlife wonders waiting to be discovered on your Malaysia wilderness vacation. 

Among the best places to see the wildlife of Malaysia are:

1. Danum Valley Conservation Area: Tours of Borneo focusing on wildlife will likely visit the Danum Valley rainforest, considered to be the world’s oldest. Birdwatching tours in Malaysia flock here for the 300 bird species. On the ground, you’ll see orangutan, proboscis monkey, sun bears, clouded leopard and, if you’re lucky, the rare Bornean rhinoceros. 

2. Taman Negara National Park: One of the easiest national parks to tour in Malaysia due to its central location, Taman Negara is home to the rare rafflesia, elephants, monkeys and lizards. 

3. Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre: Where do you go to see orangutans in Malaysia? Visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to get up close and personal with these adorable, rust-colored creatures. The reserve is home to rescued orangutans, who are taught the skills they’ll need to survive in the wild.

4. Batang Ai National Park: To tour one of the most undisturbed and pristine wildlife areas in Malaysia, visit Batang Ai. The dense rainforest is home to many endangered animals, including wild orangutan, bearded pig, clouded leopard and gibbon. 

5. KL Forest Eco Park: Birdwatching tours in Malaysia typically include a visit to this eco park in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. Here in the midst of the urban capital, birdwatchers can see more than 200 species, as well as civet cats and silver leaf monkeys. 

6. Langkawi: Diving and snorkeling vacations in Langkawi boast excellent sightings of more than 250 fish species and 50 different types of coral. Most tours center on the main island of Langkawi - Pulau - for its welcoming fishing villages, incredible beaches and abundant marine life.

7. Kinabalu National Park: Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Borneo - Malaysia’s first. It’s one of the world’s most biologically diverse areas, making it a popular stop on a Southeast Asia wildlife tour. Look for 90 different species of mammal, 300 bird species and more than 5,000 species of plants. 

8. Royal Belum State Park: Where can you see a sun bear in Malaysia? Will I see a Malayan tiger in Southeast Asia? If you tour Royal Belum State Park, bordering Thailand, it’s likely. Sumatran rhinos, white-handed gibbon join Malayan tiger and Sumatran rhinos as top billers in this remote nature reserve. Birdwatching tours are popular in this area of Malaysia for the more than 300 different species found here, including all of the species of Malaysian hornbill. 

9. Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre: Visit with the world’s second-most endangered bear, Malaysia’s sun bear. Watch from two elevated walkways and viewing platforms as the bears climb, cavort and sunbathe.

Souvenirs from Malaysia 

Everyone wants to bring home a memento of their Malaysia travels, something to remember their amazing Southeast Asia tour by or as a gift for friends or family.

What kind of souvenirs is Malaysia famous for? Look for one (or five) of the following favorite items to buy in Malaysia:

  • Pewter: The pewter goods found in Malaysia are world renowned, made a metal mixture that is primarily tin. The products made by the Selangor Company are of the highest quality. You’ll find everything from jewelry to tableware that has been handcrafted with incredible detail.
  • Batik fabric: A gorgeous, and yet practical gift, painted silk fabric can be worn, accessorized or hung as art. Look for both hand-brushed and block-printed - the latter is usually less expensive and still just as meaningful a souvenir of your vacation in Malaysia. 
  • Songket: A representation of the mixing of the Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures, painted songket fabric is a mixture of silk and gold threads. As with batik, you can turn it into anything, from a tablecloth to wall art. 
  • Kerongsang: Certain to be a talking piece at your next dinner party, a Malaysian Kerongsang brooch is a glamorous souvenir. Typically, Kerongsang is sold as a set of three pieces, all of varying sizes, and embedded with colorful stones and beads.
  • Wau kites: Bring home a piece of Malaysian history - traditional way kites used to be flown competitively in Kelantan. There are colors and prints suited to any preference or personal style, all incredibly intricate and eye catching. 
  • Boh tea: Tea lovers can tour a Malay tea plantation in Cameron Highlands - then bring home a taste of the world-renowned Boh tea to enjoy at home. There are countless flavors to choose from, each with its own spices and health benefits.

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152  Reviews
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Aug 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Great trip to Borneo

I've been on plenty of Exodus hiking holidays, but this was my first wildlife trip. I was a bit nervous in case my fellow travellers were a bit serious about both...



Aug 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Excellent wildlife

A fantastic trip to a beautiful country. My main purpose was to see orang utans in the wild, although I was prepared to be disappointed. However expectations wer...



Aug 2018

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Awesome adventure

If you want to see the best of Borneo this trip's for you. Beautiful country, great food, lovely friendly people and oh boy did we see wildlife! So many highlights...



Mar 2018

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Wildlife and More

We knew December was the wettest month, but hearts sank when our first wildlife trip had to be abandoned as the river was too high for safety to take us there. Ho...



Jan 2018

Provided byExodus Travels


Very enjoyable well organised trip to a fabulous country. Orang-utans and proboscis monkeys. Ronnie was super. Be prepared to experience high humidity - book ext...

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