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Top Montenegro Attractions

  • Hiking Montenegro’s highest peak, Bobotov Kuk
  • Walking the small, cobblestone streets of Budva’s medieval old town
  • Photographing the quaint and rustic Our Lady of the Rocks church in Kotor
  • The adventure of hiking the historic San Giovanni Fortress walls to capture the best views of the Bay of Kotor
  • Swimming in the aquamarine waters around beautiful town of Sveti Stefan
  • Kayaking through quiet waters of the Bay of Budva
  • Shopping through the romantic old town of Perast on the Bay of Kotor

Montenegro Tours & Travel Guide

Montenegro Attractions & Landmarks Guide


Tiny Montenegro packs a punch of bright blue ocean, luxury dining and shopping, and history spanning back to the early 1000s - with eastern and western influences still prevalent today. It's the perfect destination for leisurely sunsets, history walks, sailing, and hiking.

Why Visit Montenegro on a Tour?

While Montenegro is growing in the tourism scene, much of this country is not well-known to travelers. Visiting Montenegro on a tour is a great way to see the main sites of the country from tour guides who know it best.

Montenegro also has a very rugged terrain and visiting Montenegro on a tour makes exploring all of the famous sites much easier.

Additionally, Montenegro is heaven for those looking to enjoy an active tour. Hikers and cyclists will love the mountainous regions of the country. There are tour companies that provide adventure itineraries for hikes and routes through the some of the most popular trails and mountains in Montenegro.

Montenegro Cities

Montenegro is just a little larger than the state of Connecticut with about 6x less the population. Much of the population lives in the major cities in the country. The three major cities visitors will likely visit each provide a look into Montenegro culture.

1. Podgorica

The capital city of Montenegro, Podgorica is one of the only cities in the country that doesn’t sit on the edge of a mountain. The city actually rests in the middle of a giant valley basin. The main airport into the country is in Podgorica and the city is seeing a growth in population and business with its own soccer team, skyscrapers, and cafe scene.

2. Budva

One of Montenegro’s two main coastal cities, Budva grew as an Eastern European and Russian vacation destination. Over the years this medieval city has grown around it’s lively restaurant scene and quaint old town to become one of the popular beach party cities in the region.

3. Kotor

Kotor is one of the top Montenegro destinations. The small city sits at the base of a large mountain range and is famous for its medieval old town and fortress walls that weave their way up the mountain. Kotor is also a popular cruise destination as it sits at the end of the Bay of Kotor, like a southern version of the Norwegian fjords.

Top Tour Activities in Montenegro

One of the highlights of Montenegro tours is the landscape, which is why the best tour activities are focused around getting out and exploring the geography of Montenegro.

1. Fortress Walls of Kotor

Kotor’s most famous attraction are the walls of the medieval fortress. These miles of walls zigzag their way up the steep terrain of the mountains soaring above the city. You can climb these walls all the way up to the fortress tower where you can capture panoramic views of the bay. However, this climb is not for the faint of heart as most of the trek is stairs.

2. Old Town of Budva

A short drive through the mountains from Kotor, is the coastal city of Budva. Budva’s old, historic town sits on a peninsula in the Budva Bay. Inside these historic walls, you can visit tiny cafes or buy souvenirs to take home with you. Also in the old town are a few of the city’s most famous churches, Church Sv. Trojica and the Church of Sv. Ivan.

3. Hiking

Montenegro has some of the most rugged terrain in all of Europe, which makes it the ideal place for hikers and adventure seekers. With the tallest peak, Bobotov Kuk coming in at over 8,200 feet, active travelers will enjoy the ideal adventurous holiday hiking through the stunning valleys and peaks of this country.

4. Kayaking

While Montenegro is famous for its mountains, its coastline and water also draws tourists to this small country. One of the top tour activities is to see these remarkable coastlines by kayaking. The Bay of Kotor and Budva have calm waters allowing you to enjoy a lazy afternoon taking in the stunning views while kayaking through the bay.

Montenegro Cuisine

Traditional Montenegro cuisine has strong Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. Montenegro is in a strategic location in Europe and was a stronghold for Rome, Venice, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottomans. Each of these empires left an impression on the Montenegro food culture.

Some of the traditional dishes influenced by these countries include stuffed peppers, lamb, meatballs, and sauerkraut.  

Along the coast, Montenegro cuisine embraces its maritime past with seafood becoming the focal point for dishes. A few of the primary proteins include daily catches of shellfish, prawns, and shrimp.

Montenegro food is also heavily influenced by Italy. You won’t be able to walk throughout the old towns on the coast without seeing pizzerias and gelato shops everywhere.

Montenegro Churches

With so many influences, Montenegro has a strong religious culture. One of the top things to see in Montenegro are the historic churches throughout the cities, countryside, and even islands in Montenegro.

One of the most popular churches is St. Triphon’s Cathedral in Kotor. Built in 1166, this Roman Catholic cathedral has withstood a few earthquakes and is known for its Romanesque architecture and an ornate, silver altar screen.

One of the more modern churches can be seen in the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica. This cathedral was built in the 1990s and features an ornately, detailed exterior and large towers.

A unique church to visit in Kotor is the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks. This church and Benedictine Monastery was built on a manmade little island in the Bay of Kotor. The original church that was constructed there was Orthodox, but when the Venetians took over Kotor in the 1600s, a Catholic church was built to replace it.  

The Church of St. John in Budva is a must see when visiting the old town. The church is the largest church in the city and some pieces of the church date back to the 9th century. Like many other churches in the region, the Church of St. John has been hit by earthquakes, but has stood the test of time.

Montenegro Souvenirs

Montenegro has some amazing and quirky souvenirs to take home as mementos of your trip. One of the top Montenegro souvenirs is food and drink, especially the rakija. Rakija, or fermented brandy, is a traditional drink in the Balkans and a memorable gift. But drink with care, most rakija is 40% ABV!

Another top souvenir in Montenegro is lavender. The Western Balkans are known for their lavender crop and you can find packets of the dried herb, bars of soap, or fresh lavender in souvenir stands and markets all across the country.

Montenegro is also known for its jewelry and colored lamps. Many of the independent shops in the old towns and villages sell silver jewelry and religious bracelets. You can also pick up hanging colored glass lamps harkening back to the days of Ottoman rule.

One of the most traditional souvenirs is a kapa, or a black and red cap. A kapa is a traditional circular cap worn by Montenegro men and is a symbol of the Serb Montenegro population of the country.

A quirky souvenir shop for any animal lover is the Cats of Kotor. The Cats of Kotor is a shop in the old town of Kotor selling paintings and artwork of all types of cats. Like many port cities, Kotor has a high population of cats roaming the streets and the store commemorates these local inhabitants with adorable artworks.

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Sep 2021

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Learn the history of a part of the world

We felt fortunate to experience the landscape and learn the history of a part of the world we knew little about. The scenery was breathtaking, the cultural aspects m...



Aug 2021

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The Montenegro Coast is wonderful! All of the hotels were not first-class but very good. The food was all great! Our guide was very good and attentive. I loved that ...



Jun 2021

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One of the best trips of my life!

One of the best trips of my life! A wonderful mix of culture, history, nature, glorious scenery, outdoor activity, and relationships—in a part of the world that few ...



Jun 2021

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The trip exceeded our expectations

The trip exceeded our expectations. The diversity of the experience of hiking in the mountains and then along the coast was tremendous. We did not expect to see such...



Jun 2020

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An excellent trip

This was an excellent trip to a relatively new country t...

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