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Top Slovenia Attractions & Experiences

Top Slovenia Experiences

  • Discovering mystical Lake Bled, its monastery and castle 

  • Taking in the beautiful scenery on a hike in the Julian Alps

  • Kayaking or cycling around Vintgar Gorge

  • Wandering around the postcard-perfect capital of Ljubljana

  • Discovering the emerald waters of the Soca River 

  • Conquering one of Europe’s Longest Ziplines

Slovenia Tours & Travel Guide

Slovenia Attractions & Landmarks Guide

It’s hard to imagine a country that’s ‘greener’ than Slovenia - both in terms of its landscapes and rolling hills, but this is also a place where commitment to the environment is second nature. The Slovenians really know how to make the most of their natural resources, and how to keep you coming back to see more of this central European gem.

A small and still relatively unknown country in Central Europe, Slovenia is often eclipsed by its celebrity neighbors: Croatia, Austria, and Italy. Slovenia by itself though is more than enough of a reason to visit, and you may find your Slovenia tour much fuller with things to do and see than you ever imagined!

Slovenia’s main draw, and rightfully so, is its abundance of beautiful nature. Ranging from the peaks of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park, to the Lakes of Bohinj and Bled that will take your breath away, to the beautiful Adriatic coast, Slovenian nature will leave a lasting memory as some of the most beautiful you’ll see in Europe.

The environment is treated as a treasure by Slovenians and it is exceptionally rewarding to travel in a country that does as much to protect its environment and natural green assets as it does to include healthy living as part of its day to day lifestyle. Slovenians are active, outdoors-y folk, and when you see the country, you’ll understand why!

Slovenia is a paradise for those who enjoy adventure sports, of the ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ variety. From canyoning, to kayaking, to mountain biking, to cycling around Ljubljana, to zip-lining (and that’s just to name a few), Slovenia has activities for everyone. Families with children, couples of all ages and independent travelers will find plenty to keep them busy and provide fun filled memories to take home.

Why Visit Slovenia on a tour?

There are many reasons to visit this gem at the heart of Europe. Although it has much to offer travelers, it is not generally a top visited tourist destination, which keeps prices cheaper and tours less crowded than nearby Switzerland, Austria, and Italy.

It is also small in size, so it is easy and quick to travel around to maximize your time. With its breathtaking natural beauty, Slovenia is best visited on a tour. Tour guides and tour companies are experts in travel within all of Slovenia’s regions, giving you an opportunity to visit not only the most popular destinations but also the less common, unique destinations.

What is there to do in Slovenia?

There are over 150 tours listed on Stride that visit Slovenia. With magnificent nature and lush, rolling green hills, you will find an abundance of outdoor related tours. There are several options for hiking and walking tours, such as the majestic Lake Bled. There is also the opportunity to dive into Slovenian culture, food, and architecture in the beautiful capital city of Ljubljana.

With its southwest end located on the Adriatic Sea, travelers can also experience boating and water related adventures. You can explore the underground wonders in the Postojna Cave, known for its intricate stalactites and stalagmites. If you’re looking for a more thrilling outdoor adventure, whitewater raft along the rapids of the Soča river. When visiting Slovenia, the tour options are endless! 

How to plan your trip to Slovenia

The most popular stops in Slovenia include Lake Bled (the country’s number one tourist attraction, and the number of visitors does reflect this, especially in summer!) and Ljubljana, the country’s small capital. Beyond these places is where the fun begins---don’t miss out on the mesmerizingly emerald Soca River Valley, Lake Bohinj, The Triglav National Park, and the eastern region of Brda which offers some delicious Slovenian wine!

For those looking for a dip in salty water, the coastal town of Piran on the Adriatic offers clear waters, a Venetian-styled clock tower, city walls, and innumerably cafes by the harbor front to sit and soak up some late summer sun whilst pondering your next move. 

A few days is enough to cover a couple of Slovenia’s highlights only, a week allows more time for going into the countryside, exploring peaks and valleys, and trying a couple of activities. If time is in short supply, do check out the combined trips with the Balkans, Italy, or even Austria, which give an introduction to the region.

Slovenia Cities

Cities in Slovenia are rich with culture, history, and beauty. A hidden gem located in the heart of Europe, Slovenia has something to offer every traveler. With many active adventures as well as leisurely tours, every visitor will find their perfect Slovenia itinerary listed on Stride.

Some of the most popular and frequently visited Slovenia cities include:

  1. Ljubljana: The capital and largest city in Slovenia, Ljubljana is a frequented tourist destination. Known best for its Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljanica River, and Tivoli Park, Ljubljana is a popular start and finish destination for many Slovenia tours. Check out one of the 140 tours that visit Ljubljana listed on Stride to plan your perfect Slovenia trip!
  2. Maribor: Maribor is located in the northeastern region of Slovenia within the wine country along the Drava River. A popular ski town in the winter, Maribor is rich in Slovenian culture and history and is a common destination linked to a Drava River tour.
  3. Koper: One of Slovenia’s most popular cities along the Adriatic coastline, Koper is a unique city comprised of gothic, medieval, and venetian influences. Out of the seven tours visiting Koper listed on Stride, many are paired with nearby Adriatic regions of Italy and Croatia.  
  4. Bled: Located in the foothills of the Julian Alps, Bled is most famously known for its picturesque Lake Bled and Bled Castle Slovenia landmarks. With over 100 trips to choose from listed on Stride, your picture-perfect Bled trip is just around the corner.
  5. Piran: Piran is most famously known as a resort city on the Adriatic coast. Decorated with colorful frescoed buildings and coastal town squares, this quaint seaside town is a common destination on Slovenia and Adriatic boat or sailing tours.
  6. Kranjska Gora: Located near the mountains and glacial lakes of Triglav National Park, Kranjska Gora is a popular ski resort town in northwestern Slovenia. Aside from skiing and winter sport activities, Kranjska Gora is also a common destination for hiking, biking, rock climbing, and nature walking.

Seasonal Slovenia

Another aspect that makes Slovenia such an ideal travel destination is its relatively moderate climate. The climate is considered continental yielding colder winters and warmer summers, however the coastal areas of Slovenia experience a cooler sub-mediterranean climate.

With distinct seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall, average temperatures are not too extreme and can accommodate all travelers. As most of Europe, winters can get cold in Slovenia, with January being the coldest month.

Temperatures are known to reach freezing during the coldest parts of winter. Spring lasts from late March to May and is pleasantly warm. Summer extends from June to September, with temperatures averaging 73°F (23°C). Autumn tends to cool off in Slovenia, with pleasant temperatures perfect for travelers.

Slovenia's coastline

Slovenia’s coastline is called the Slovene Riviera. It is located on the Gulf of Trieste, a very shallow bay in the extreme northern part of the Adriatic Sea. The Slovene Riviera is part of the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, the Istrian peninsula, and is 46.6 km long. Popular cities to visit along the Slovenian coast are Koper, Piran, Portorož, and Izola.

Many trips that tour Slovenia’s coastline also visit surrounding countries along the Adriatic Sea. Popular coastal destinations paired with Slovenia are Croatia and Italy. Don’t miss out on some of the most breathtaking views in all of Slovenia, and reserve a Slovenia coastal trip through Stride today!

Active Travel in Slovenia

Known for its lush landscapes, rolling green hills, and ample picturesque nature, Slovenia is a prime location for active travel. There are many active Slovenia tours listed on Stride ranging from high adventure, cycling & biking, nature & wildlife, sailing, national parks, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, trekking & expeditions, hiking & walking, and eco, sustainable & green travel.

Some of the most popular destinations for active travel in Slovenia are:

  1. Mount Vogel: Mount Vogel is located in Triglav National Park in the southern Julian Alps. In the winter, it is one of Slovenia’s largest and most popular ski resorts, and in the summer it is visited by tourists both for active and non-active travel. For those more interested in a relaxing tour, there is a gondola that can be ridden up the mountainside for unbeatable panoramic views. For those that want to get out in nature and experience it firsthand, there are several trails of varying difficulty that can be hiked.
  2. Sava Dolinka River: Located in northwestern Slovenia, the Sava Dolinka River flows for 28 miles (45 kilometer). Aside from its crystal clear rapids and ample wildlife, Sava Dolinka River is popular among locals and tourists alike for swimming and most famously rafting. 
  3. Triglav National Park: Triglav National Park offers tourists an abundance of options for active and nature-filled travel. From camping to hiking to biking, Triglav National Park is filled with activity opportunities year round. When it comes to mountain biking, there are many trails for not only experienced cyclists but also more novice ones. Take the challenge and climb Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, which is very popular among Slovenians and tourists alike.
  4. Vintgar Gorge: Vintgar Gorge is located in northwestern Slovenia in between Gorje and Bled. Both the Radovna River and Radovna Valley run through the Vintgar Gorge. Covered in lavish forest and greenery, the Vintgar Gorge has a surprise around every bend. The gorge is equipped with a walkway for easy viewing and exploration.  
  5. Lake Bled: Lake Bled provides a plethora of activities for travelers to partake in while soaking in the panoramic fairytale views. Exploring the scenic terrain, Lake Bled offers countless walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, and boating opportunities.

Castles in Slovenia

With over 500 castles, Slovenia is a must see and one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Stride lists 140+ trips that visit at least one of Slovenia’s magnificent castles.

The best castles to visit in Slovenia are:

  1. Bled Castle - Overlooking the awe-inspiring Lake Bled, this medieval castle is a must see on your Slovenia trip. It is one of the most visited tourist locations in all of Slovenia, and is the country’s oldest castle. Stride lists 89 tours that visit the prominent Bled Castle.
  2. Ljubljana Castle - This Slovenian castle stands atop Castle Hill in Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana. Rich with Slovenian culture and history, Ljubljana Castle offers many events year round for locals and tourists to experience.
  3. Kamen Castle - Catch a glance of Slovenia’s history by taking a tour of the ruins of Kamen Castle. This castle is located in the city of Begunje, in northern Slovenia, near Lake Bled. Kamen Castle dates back to the 12th century with its Romanesque tower and Gothic and Renaissance influences.
  4. Predjama Castle - Predjama castle is a Renaissance style castle unique in that it is built within the mouth of a cave. Located in south-central Slovenia, a tour of Predjama castle is perfectly paired with a visit to Postojna Cave, residing only 9 kilometers (5 miles) away.
  5. Ptuj Castle - A prominent Slovenian landmark, Ptuj castle is located in the northeastern region of Slovenia, situated on a hill overlooking the Drava River. Ptuj castle was built in the 12th century with its original intent to defend against Hungarian forces.

Slovenian Cuisine

Slovenia cuisine is rich in flavor, pulling influences from its different regions, climate, culture, and neighboring countries of Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria. Soup, although a newer phenomenon in Slovenia, has become very popular course in Slovenian cuisine in recent years.

When visiting Slovenia you will find over 100 different soups to choose from.

Some of the must-try dishes when touring Slovenia include:

  1. Veal and buckwheat dumplings - Slovenia’s national dish, these traditional dumplings are served with meat, stews, sauerkraut, or sausage. Buckwheat is a major crop grown in Slovenia and is used in many traditional Slovenian dishes.
  2. Belokranjska povitica - This classic Slovenian pastry consists of flaky, crisp dough, usually spun into a spiral shape. The pastry is commonly filled, most typically with cheese.
  3. Bujta repa - This national dish is most common within the northeastern part of Slovenia. Historically, this was a winter dish comprised of pig remnants during slaughter season. Now this dish is a common pork meal served throughout the country.
  4. Kranjska Klobasa - Much like its neighboring eastern European countries, Slovenia is a consumer of sausage. Kranjska Klobasa is a traditional national Slovenian dish generally small in size and comprised of simple ingredients; pork, garlic, salt, and pepper.
  5. Potica - This festive Slovenian dessert is a delicious nut roll cake. Sweet dough is rolled thin around a sweet nut-based paste.
  6. Prekmurska Gibanica - This layered pastry traditionally contains apples, nuts, raisins, and ricotta. Fruit fillings can vary based off the local crops of the region.
  7. Struklji - This Slovenian dish consists primarily of rolled dough that can be steamed, baked, or fried. Struklji is unique in that is comes with many different fillings, prepared for preference or occasion.

Caving in Slovenia

Slovenia is an underground wonder, with over 10,000 captivating caves to explore! The sunning subterranean splendour of Slovenia caves are often comprised of karst limestone winding throughout magnificent caverns.

Book a tour through Stride visiting Slovenia’s most stunning cave formations

  • Postojna Caves - The longest of Slovenia’s caves, Postojna Cave runs 24,340 meters long (about 15 miles) and is one of the world’s most famous karst caves. Postojna Cave is one of the top tourist spots in all of Slovenia. Created by the Pivka River, Postojna is over 2 million years old! Don’t miss out on an experience of a lifetime; book one of the 45 tours listed on Stride that visit the unforgettable Postojna Cave system today!
  • Skocjan Caves - This remarkable Slovenian cave system has been a UNESCO’s natural and cultural world heritage site since 1986. Considered a natural treasure, Skocjan Cave is corroded by the Reka River running 200 meters deep, comprised of one of the world’s largest underground chambers.
  • Predjama Cave - This exquisite Slovenian cave is unique in that the Predjama Castle was built in its mouth. An ancient site, the Predjama Cave shows evidence of human inhabitants as early as the Stone Age. 14 kilometers long (about 8.5 miles), Predjama Cave is the second longest cave in Slovenia. Choose from one of 5 trips listed on Stride that tour the thrilling Predjama Cave.
  • Planina Cave - This Slovenian cave is most famous for its astonishing underground water features. As the subterranean bed of the Unica River, the Planina Cave acts as a large underground tunnel located in inner Carniola. Planina Cave has extraordinary biodiversity with over 100 different species and can be toured by boat and foot.

See all Slovenia tours that include caving »

All You Need to Know About Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most visited locations with postcard views resembling a vision from a fairytale. Located in the Julian Alps, Lake Bled sits in the northwestern region of the country and is visited by tourists year-round.

Stride lists 100+ tours that visit the majestic Lake Bled with an array of itinerary and activity options. Tours on Stride provide options to visit Lake Bled and surrounding Slovenia destinations as well as tours visiting other neighboring countries along with Slovenia.

Tours range from 5 to 30+ days in length and are geared for travelers of all ages and physical level, ranging from easy to strenuous. Trips to Lake Bled can be organized in small groups or privately guided tours with a relaxed or “full on” energetic agenda.

Some of the most popular activities to experience while in Lake Bled are:

  1. Walking or Cycling around Lake Bled: The circumference of the beautiful Lake Bled is about 4 miles (6.5 kilometers) in length. Visitors can cycle or stroll along the paved path that circles the lake. When walking, the average time to walk around the entire lake is around 5 hours due to frequent stops made to take pictures of the breathtaking views of the lake at every angle.
  2. Swimming in Lake Bled: This is a popular activity for tourists and locals alike at Lake Bled during the warm summer months. There are designated swimming areas at the lake, so you are safe from boats and other popular Lake Bled water activities. When you are done with your swim, relax on the beach and soak up some sun and some miraculous views of the surrounding lake!
  3. Hiking in Lake Bled: You can find 15 hiking paths at Lake Bled which vary in physical fitness level and length, ranging from a short 20 minute hike to a longer 3 hour hike. Hikes around Lake Bed are equipped with awe-inspiring viewpoints. Hike the uphill trail 6 to Ojstrica and Osojnica viewpoints for unforgettable views. Don’t forget to bring your camera!
  4. Touring Bled Castle: Overlooking the majestic blue-green Lake Bled, Bled castle is the oldest Slovenian castle built into the rocky cliffs of the Julian Alps. There is a fee to visit Bled Castle (around 11 Euro for adults), so skip the line and make sure to book one of Stride’s 90 tours that visit the mighty Bled Castle.
  5. Eating a Bled Cream Cake: The official name for this delicious Slovenian dessert is Cremeschnitte, although it is affectionately known as Bled cream cake. This decadent custard cream cake is popular among locals and tourists and can be found in most local shops and restaurants in and around Lake Bled.
  6. Boating and Kayaking around Lake Bled: There are many variations of boating and water transport offered at Lake Bled. You can rent a paddle boat and leisurely move about the lake, get a workout in kayaking, or hire a boat with a captain for a fee. Lake Bled boat rides for sale can come in the form of group pontoon experiences to private picturesque swan-shaped row boats for those interested in a romantic sail setting.

Slovenia Reviews & Ratings

4.6/5  Excellent
419  Reviews
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Oct 2018

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Magnificent scenery, challenging hut to hut traverse, not to be missed

This trip was just what I wanted - a hut to hut traverse in high mountains with great scenery, some challenging walking and the highlight of climbing Triglav. We ...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels


A great trip and good group All getting on together ...



Oct 2018

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Fantastic fun in absolutely stunning surroundings

This was my first Exodus trip, and my first time travelling alone. I booked onto the trip because of the wide variety of activities included and didn't even pause ...



Oct 2018

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Good Trip

This trip was very good, when you are doing the activities it's great fun and a beautiful country for being outdoors. The group was excellent (they always seem to ...



Aug 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Another excellent Exodus holiday

Slovenia is a lovely country with lovely people - helpful and friendly. I can but pass on the advice given to me which was “go before it gets too popular”. An imp...

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