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Editor’s Take

What to Look For in Europe Tour Reviews

Most trip reviews tend to focus on some or all of these 5 key areas, not all of which may be relevant to you: the tour guide, travel company, service level, country or countries traveled in, and the trip itinerary.

Remember, just because you see a 1 star review doesn’t necessarily mean that person disliked the country.

Most reviews of European tours are highly rated with a four to five star review. Many travelers are satisfied with the attractions, organization, logistics and experience that they had on a tour in Europe. Europe is a destination that is a traveler’s hotspot and as such has a wealth of resources and the tourist infrastructure is very strong, helping ensure that you have a positive and enriching experience.

As with most travel experiences, it is important to solidify what you want to experience, learn and do on your trip and what type of travel style fits you. That way, you can find the right tour to fit your needs and dreams. For example, if you want to go on a history and culture tour in Italy, be sure to research and read the reviews of tour companies that specifically offer these types of tours.

Many of the 1 star reviews of Europe tours relate to the accommodation and hotel staff on tours. Keep in mind that Europe is a very economically diverse continent and there may be some differences between accommodation back home and on a trip. If you need a certain style of accommodation, thoroughly research trip options and lodging to ensure you have your needs met.

Being that Europe is a very diverse continent, there are a range of experiences that travelers have on their trip. The beauty of Europe is that every country is a unique culture, history and way of life. As a traveler, the more you open to these nuances, the more enriching your experience will be.

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