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Top Netherlands Attractions

    • Taking to the canals of Amsterdam to see the city from water level
    • Watching the windmills of Kinderdijk appear out of the low sky
    • Wandering through the ancient university towns of Leiden and Utrecht
    • Cycling through polder lands, along a patchwork quilt of canals and waterways in Zeeland
    • Get up (very) early to miss the queues for Anne Frank’s house
    • Seeing carpets of color in North Holland’s tulip fields 
    • Experiencing a myriad of birds and wildlife in the backwaters of South Holland
    • The Hoge Veluwe National Park, and the Kröller-Müller within
    • Seeing the famous Netherlands tulips at the Keukenhof Gardens
    • Strolling along the beautiful canals in Amsterdam and Leiden, birthplace of Rembrandt

Netherlands Tours & Travel Guide

Netherlands Attractions & Landmarks Guide

The Netherlands conjure up images of tulips and fashionably dressed cyclists, but it also offers a great snapshot into European history. The capital, Amsterdam, features one of the world’s most extensive canal systems and is an art lover’s dream, with museums featuring works by Rembrandt and Van Gogh. There’s also the Anne Frank house, documenting the bravery of The Netherlands’ Jewish population during World War II.

Although small in size and famously below sea level for much of the country, what the Netherlands may lack in size and height of its landscape, it certainly makes up for in beauty and wealth of attractions. A cyclist’s paradise and awash with natural beauty, culture and history, The Netherlands really does offer something for everyone.

The Netherlands is often referred to as Holland (indeed, the official tourist board is called ‘Visit Holland’), whereas North Holland (including the country’s capital, Amsterdam) and South Holland are officially just 2 of the 12 provinces that make up the Netherlands. Friesland, Zeeland and Limburg offer some of the country’s most beautiful spots and are well worth the effort to pay a visit to. 


Amsterdam is certainly the arrival and starting point for most visitors to the country and should not be missed. The city centre features over 160 canals and is in itself a UNESCO heritage site. With world famous museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, the newly refurbished Rijksmuseum (home to Rembrandt’s Nightwatch), enough ‘Gezellig’ (cosy) cafe’s to keep you warm enough on a windy day, wonderful hotels, and it’s own more ‘liberal’ side, it would be easy to be held captive by Amsterdam for weeks, or longer. 

Cycling in Amsterdam

As one of the most cycling friendly cities in the world, it can be very tempting to rent a bike and do as the locals do. A word of caution: Amsterdam cyclists stop for very little, which may or may not include new visitors. 

Look carefully before crossing streets for cyclists, trams and other traffic, and beware walking inadvertently in bike lanes. If you are tempted to join the throng of two wheelers, have your wits about you, cycle slowly, and make sure you’re accustomed to cycling in a city. 

For those seeking safety in numbers, there are several companies that run bicycle tours in Amsterdam, which your tour leader may be able to help arrange, or are even included in your trip - check at time of booking.

River Cruises in Amsterdam

Many river cruises stop in Amsterdam and/or Kinderdijk before heading up the rivers IJ or Rhine towards Germany. It can be a great way to get an introduction to the Netherlands and enjoy some of the wonderful scenery that the country has to offer from the water.

Beyond Amsterdam

It pays, however, to venture away from the capital, after a few days of exploring its museums, canals and nightlife, to some of the less-known treasures of the Netherlands. Outside the capital city you’ll find friendlier locals, a more relaxed pace of life, and stunning scenery.  

Often overlooked, but still one of the largest ports in the world, Rotterdam is The Netherlands’ second city and offers plenty of culture, art, and a buzzing restaurant scene. Experience the glory of bygone days with a visit to the Hotel New York, the former Head Office of the Holland America line, or stay on former cruise ship SS Rotterdam - now moored in the harbor of Rotterdam and used as a hotel.

The Hague (Den Haag) and the Dutch Coast

Experience the British influenced refinement of the Hague, and its neighbouring seaside town of Scheveningen. The Dutch coast offers miles on miles of sandy beaches - perfect for a spot of kite flying, eating haring (herring), or just sitting back and watching the sun set over the sea.

Leiden and Utrecht

These are often seen as smaller versions of Amsterdam - picturesque and filled with old houses and canals, but with a fraction of the visitors. Take your time to wander and enjoy these cities of ancient learning.


This gem of Limburg is the most southerly province of Holland, and not to be missed as it provides some of the best food and service in the country, all with a friendly southern lilt, known as ‘Limburgish’ - the local dialect. Made famous by the EU treaty of 1992, Maastricht is a great place to spend a few days, take walks by the river, and (almost) look across into Belgium.

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Jul 2024

Written on

European Whirl

It was a perfect Whirl of Europe. Saw so much, learned so much and laughed so much.


Evelyn Phillips

Jul 2024

Written on

European Whirl

Everything about this trip was just amazing! I was not a fan of...


Trusted Customer

Jul 2024

Written on

European Whirl

I enjoyed seeing all the countries on the itinerary. There were plenty of opportunities to get souvenirs and enjoy the local cuisine while I was visiting all of thes...


Trusted Customer

Jul 2024

Written on

European Whirl

My husband and I really enjoy the European whirl and our tour director jacqui was awesome and ours driver Rudy did an amazing job driving us to get were we needed to...


Trusted Customer

Jul 2024

Written on

European Whirl

It was called "whirl" for a reason. But we enjoyed ev...

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