Complete Galapagos (Grand Daphne)

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Travel Style: Array Relaxed
Physical Level: All or most of day hiking or biking, hills included. 3- Moderate
Lodging Level: 3 to 4 star western hotel equivalents. While not all lodging will be 'luxury' they will be quite comfortable by western standards. Comfort (4*)
10 days
From: $ 5,402 $ 540 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • Snorkelling in the Devil’s Crown is like nothing else. This submerged crater – full of sea lions, turtles and rays – boasts some of the best underwater views in the archipelago.
  • This trip is one for the bird-lovers. Witness the albatross colonies of Isla Espanola and seek out the rare red-footed booby on Isla Genovesa.
  • Plant your feet on 100-year-old pahoehoe lava as you walk across Bahia Sullivan, perhaps spotting a colourful marine iguana or twelve along the way.
  • Discover the otherworldly landscapes and creatures the islands are famous for, going deeper with a knowledgeable local naturalist who will accompany you on all your excursions.
  • Sea lions, marine iguanas, and more fish than you can shake a snorkel at – this trip is packed with guaranteed wildlife encounters.

Short Description

Discover the rich marine life, abundant bird colonies and stunning landscapes of the Galapagos Islands on this action-packed, 10-day tour. Board your comfortable motor yacht and set off in search of adventure and wildlife. Hike over pahoehoe lava on Bahia Sullivan, snorkel off the coast of Isla Espanola and discover the archipelago’s history on Isla San Cristobal.This journey will immerse you in the rugged, unique, inimitable Galapagos Islands.

Style Small ship cruise
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
3 to 4 star western hotel equivalents. While not all lodging will be 'luxury' they will be quite comfortable by western standards.
Lodging Level Comfort (4*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions All internal ground transport
Start City Quito
End City Quito


Day 1 Quito

The adventure gets under way in Quito, Ecuador’s sprawling but refined capital city. A welcome meeting will be held this evening at either 5 pm or 6 pm where you’ll get the chance to meet your fellow travellers, but aside from that you are free to check out the city on your own today. If you arrive with time to spare, perhaps head to Quito’s Old Town and pick one (or more) of the 30 churches to explore.

Day 2 Isla Baltra/Santa Cruz Highlands

Rise and shine! An early start is necessary this morning to make it to the Galapagos with time to play today. This could mean leaving as early as 4.30 am, and an Intrepid representative will confirm the exact departure time during the welcome meeting on Day 1. Transfer to Mariscal Sucre International Airport (AKA Quito Airport), enjoying a boxed breakfast en route. Fly to the Galapagos (approximately 3.5 hours). On arrival, collect your luggage and meet your naturalist guide in the arrival hall. Follow your guide on a public bus for a short distance (approximately 5 minutes), then board the public ferry and head across the Itabaca Channel (approximately 7 minutes). All public transport fees are included in your trip price. Once you reach Isla Santa Cruz, board a private bus to the highlands. After a short journey (approximately 10 minutes), arrive at Los Gemelos – twin sinkholes created by the collapse of surface material in underground fissures and chambers. They are surrounded by the unique scalesia cloud forest, so be on the lookout for the abundant bird life including different species of Darwin finches, woodpeckers, warbler finches and vermillion flycatchers. Continue further into the highlands (approximately 30 minutes) and explore a rancho farm, where you will take a walk and enjoy lunch. An approximately 2-kilometre walk around the area will likely reveal giant tortoises in their natural habitat. After lunch, travel to Puerto Ayora (approximately 45 minutes) where Le Grande Daphne and her crew will be waiting for you. Once on board, you’ll be assigned a cabin and have a chance to settle in for your first night on the islands before a safety briefing.

Day 3 Isla Floreana

Discover the quirky maritime history of Post Office Bay, home of the oldest postal system in the Americas. There’s a post box here that was first built by 18th-century whalers and is still in use today. Perhaps leave a letter to be collected by another traveller or look for one you can deliver. Snorkelling and a Zodiac ride are also included in this outing. Afterwards, head ashore at Punta Cormorant where the sand is made up of fine olivine crystal, a glassy volcanic mineral that gives the beach an olive-green colour. Take a 1-kilometre walk in search of sea lions, as well as flamingos, pintails and stilts. Finish at a sandy beach where Eastern Pacific green turtles nest. Just offshore, the famous Devil’s Crown waits for those who want a special snorkelling experience. The partially-submerged remains of a volcanic cone, Devil’s Crown is now a unique swimming hole and home to rays, sharks, sea lions and turtles. Sail overnight. Estimated travel time/distance: Puerto Ayora to Isla Floreana: 4 hours (32 nautical miles) Punta Comorant to Punta Suarez: 6.5 hours (52 nautical miles)

Day 4 Isla Espanola

Wake up and take a hike on Isla Espanola, the southernmost island of the Galapagos. It is the breeding site for almost all of the estimated 24,000 waved albatrosses on earth. If you’re lucky (and the timing is right), you might spot the elaborate courtship rituals performed by albatrosses before the female chooses her lifelong mate during your walk. Hike through booby colonies to the rocky trails of beautiful Punta Suarez. This 3-km hike culminates at a clifftop viewpoint. Gaze out over views of rugged cliffs framed by swooping frigate birds, watching while albatross use the cliffs as their ‘runway’, getting airborne on the southeast winds. Next, head to Bahia Gardner for a walk along the beach. Dodge lounging sea lions on this 1-kilometre walk, then cool off with a spot of snorkelling. The rocks off the coast are rich with reef sharks, turtles and many species of tropical fish (such as surgeon and angelfish). Small white-tipped reef sharks can also be spotted resting under the rocks. Estimated travel time/distance: Punta Suarez to Bahia Gardener: 45 minutes (5 nautical miles) Bahia Gardener to Leon Dormido (Kicker Rock): 5 hours (8 nautical miles)

Day 5 Isla San Cristobal

Shake off any early morning doziness with a trip to Leon Dormido (Kicker Rock). This basalt crater rises 150 metres above the water and is divided into two parts by a narrow channel. Cruise through the channel as nesting seabirds flank the boat, tropicbirds soar overhead, marine iguanas swim about and sea lions lounge on the water. Snorkelling here gives you the chance to see Galapagos sharks, sea turtles and an incredible biodiversity of invertebrates living in the rock. Later, sail to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on the island of San Cristobal. Some passengers will be leaving and others joining the group today, so you have some free time to explore the town of San Cristobal. In the afternoon you will visit the San Cristobal Interpretation Centre, which brings the history and geography of the archipelago to life, from its volcanic origins to the present day. If there’s time, your guide may be able to organise an optional visit to the highlands of San Cristobal, for a chance to see giant tortoises in the wild. The price of this optional activity depends on the number of passengers attending. Relaxing on the beach is a great option for those who don’t wish to partake in this excursion. Estimated travel time/distance: Leon Dormido (Kicker Rock) to Isla San Cristobal: 1 hour (8 nautical miles)

Day 6 Isla Santa Fe/Isla Plaza Sur

Sea lions, iguanas and hawks – oh my! Isla Santa Fe is home to all three, plus Galapagos mockingbirds, marine turtles, frigatebirds, Galapagos doves and lava lizards. This stunning island boasts one of the most attractive coves in the whole archipelago. Take a hike along the coast into the opuntia forest (approximately 1.5 hours). The trail is rocky, so mind your step. Afterwards, continue to Plaza Sur (South Plaza), a small, picturesque island. Take another walk (approximately 1.5 hours), getting close to sea lions and passing one of the Galapagos’ largest land iguana populations. The southern cliffs are great for spotting tropicbirds and swallow-tailed gulls, as well as ‘the Gentlemen’s Club’ – a gathering of male sea lions. Today there may be an extra stop along the way to Plaza Sur to restock the provisions for the boat. Later tonight, set sail for Isla Genovesa. Estimated travel time/distance: Isla San Cristobal to Isla Santa Fe: 3.5 hours (26 nautical miles) Isla Santa Fe to Plazas Sur: 2 hours (16 nautical miles) Plazas Sur to Bahia Darwin (Isla Genovesa): 7.5 hours (59 nautical miles)

Day 7 Isla Genovesa

Explore Isla Genovesa, the archipelago's north-eastern outpost. The island’s varied landscapes are a twitcher's paradise, with all three kinds of boobies, including the rare red-footed booby, nesting here. Next, Bahia Darwin (Darwin Beach) is another superb birding site with large breeding colonies of seabirds, frigates, lava herons, swallow-tailed gulls, mockingbirds, and vampire finches. Enjoy a moderate walk (approximately 2.5 hours) that passes tide pools, sea lions and diamond stingrays. This walk involves sand and some rocky sections. The steep Prince Philip's Steps lead you to the heart of the seabird rookeries, with birds swirling overhead and nesting among the cliffs. Look out for storm petrels on the island’s rocky plains -- Genovesa is the only place in the world where these birds can be seen flying during the day. Afterwards, perhaps cool off with a snorkel, during which you could encounter manta rays, sharks, turtles and moray eels, plus many species of fish. Later tonight, depart Isla Genovesa for Isla Santiago. Estimated travel time/distance: Prince Philip's Steps to Bahia Sullivan (Isla Santiago): 8 hours (48 miles)

Day 8 Isla Santiago/Isla Santa Cruz

On Santiago Island's eastern coast sits Bahia Sullivan. Take a walk along pahoehoe lava (approximately 1 hour), which was created by an eruption that occurred here in 1897. With some luck you might see some marine iguanas, Sally Lightfoot crabs, sea lions, finches, turtles, sharks and penguins. During your walk, as always, your naturalist guide will take you through the geological history of the island. Travel to Cerro Dragon (Dragon Hill): one of the best places to see land iguanas in the islands. From our dry landing, walk to a brackish, lagoon spotting lagoon birds such as stilts, pintail ducks, sandpipers, sanderlings and flamingos. Further inland, the trail offers a beautiful view of the bay and the western area of the archipelago. This area is a nesting site for land iguanas, which is constantly monitored and assisted by the Charles Darwin Research Station. The arid-zone vegetation makes for an ideal place to see Darwin's finches, Galapagos mockingbirds, the endemic Galapagos flycatcher and yellow warblers. The path can be challenging but it will be worth it for a spectacular view of the bay. Estimated travel time/distance: Bahia Sullivan to Cerro Dragon: 1.40 hours (17 nautical miles) Cerro Dragon to Black Turtle Cove :50 minutes (8 nautical miles)

Day 9 Isla Santa Cruz/Isla Baltra/Quito

Brave an early start to explore Caleta Tortuga Negra (Black Turtle Cove) on a Zodiac ride. This red mangrove wetland is located on the north shore of Isla Santa Cruz. A breeding area for green turtles, this is a good place to catch sight of them mating. There is also abundant bird life, such as the yellow warbler and lava heron. It is also a nursery for golden cow-nose rays, eagle rays and Galapagos sharks. This is your final excursion before you head to the airport in Isla Baltra for your flight back to Quito. The flight will stop over in Guayaquil en route, arriving at Quito Airport at approximately 4 pm. Enjoy a transfer back to your hotel. Your local Intrepid representative may stop by at your hotel this evening to get your feedback on your Galapagos experience. Estimated travel times/distance: Daphne to Isla Baltra: 15 mins Flight time Isla Baltra to Quito: approx 3.5 hours (including transit in Guayaquil) Transfer Quito Airport to Hotel: 1 hour (depending on traffic)

Day 10 Quito

There are no activities scheduled after breakfast this morning. Planning to stay in Quito? We don’t blame you! This gorgeous city deserves more time than we were able to give it on this trip, so if you have the time why not explore on an Urban Adventure. Find out more at


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Price From $ 5,402
Price Per Day: $ 540 per day
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Complete Galapagos (Grand Daphne)

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Quite simply, this was a once in a lifetime and truly amazing experience. The scenery, the food, the culture, the weather, all splendid! Our group were all fantastic, and we were expertly guided and supported by the entire Intrepid team (guides and porters), led by Parbati Joshi. If you ever get a chance, DO THIS TREK!
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With Sri Lanka as our beautiful backdrop it might always be the case to have such an amazing time, but to come away with such understanding, knowledge and experience of history, flora, fauna, wildlife, custom, food, culture and politics is down to the incredible guide Sampath. If you book this trip and your guides are Sam and Kasun, you are very lucky - cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you
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I requested a booking for a trip on the 17th January, and in the same day I was informed that there was no available places on that trip.
Even if the reservation was not confirmed, Intrepid still charged my credit card on the same day for 2.216€, for which I had to pay a commission from my bank.
I requested several times to have the money back in to my account, but today I still did not receive a refund.
It's not acceptable for Intrepid to keep the money so many days for a reservation that didn't happen.
I saw the opinions on the trips, and they are good, so I would recommend to make any reservation trough an operator that don't debit you credit card when they cannot confirm the reservation, such as Tour Radar.
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Don’t Book with Intrepid. They’re sexist.

Intrepid clearly doesn’t care about their female customers. I did the trip between Bangkok and Bali. I’ve used them before and never had an issue. The guide on the first half was wonderful. The second half - Tantan - was terrible. From the get-go, he told us that he was on “probation” due to an incident with another female customer from a previous trip. He treated the women like second-class citizens and verbally complained about us. He never told us anything about his own country. On more than one occasion, women were separated from the group. He didn’t even realize that we weren’t with the group. And in one situation, it could have been dangerous. 

When FIVE women complained about this to Intrepid, we were told that he’s “trained and professional”. They gave us a brush off amount as compensation. And this man will still be allowed to lead tours after “retraining”. In the age of Me Too, I don’t know how a company still thinks it can treat female complaints like they’re unimportant. 

I’ve used this company many times in the past. I will NEVER use them again.
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Explore Colombia

I've done a bunch of trips with Intrepid and they always exceed my expectations. Martin, the guide, was amazing. Intrepid designs a great trip that immerses you in the culture while keeping you safe. Itineraries include the 'must sees', with many optional excursions so you can customize your adventure to your liking. Awesome trip and awesome company!
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Flight & Transport Inclusions

All internal ground transport Boat,Plane,Bus,Zodiac (Panga)

Group Size

Small Group - 24 max

Maximum Number of People in Group: 16


Hotel (2 nights),Overnight boat (7 nights)


Our local representative will meet you in the evening of day 1 of the trip and conduct the group briefing. They will then also transfer with you to the airport on day 2 for your flight to the Galapagos. On arrival in the Galapagos you will be met your Guide. Our Guides are registered and trained in conservation and natural sciences by the Charles Darwin Foundation and licensed by the Galapagos National Park Service. The Guide will be on board with you for the duration of the trip and will accompany you on all excursions. Our boats are also staffed by highly experienced shipboard staff and crew.

Age Notes :

Min. Age: 15

Max Age: 99

Additional Information

Finish point

  • Hotel Reina Isabel
  • Av. Amazonas N23-44 y Veintimilla
  • Quito
  • Quito

Trip ID#:


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