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Top Sweden Attractions & Experiences

Top Sweden Experiences

  • Take a trek along the Kungsleden trail, which is the longest and most well-known trail in Sweden.
  • Visit the Drottningholm Palace and see where the Majesties of Sweden live and take a dive into Swedish history.
  • Explore the picturesque medieval town of Sigtuna, Sweden’s oldest town, to understand the beginnings of Sweden.
  • Enjoy the summertime and the sea in Gotland, an island getaway that host lively daytime and nightlife activities.
  • Ride your bike along the Gota Canal in Southern Sweden and enjoy the rolling countryside.
  • See the Northern Lights in the northernmost province of Lapland. Additionally, explore the area through outdoor activities.
  • See and support the marine life at the national marine park of Kosterhavet by foot, kayak or canoe.
  • Get to know the many sides of the capital, Stockholm.

Sweden Tours & Travel Guide

Sweden Attractions & Landmarks Guide

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All non-essential travel is currently banned from entering Sweden. The ban is expected to lift on August 31st.

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Souvenirs from Sweden

Sweden has both usual and unique souvenirs to take home a piece of your trip with you. If you enjoyed the cuisine, you can take home pickled herring or another fish dish. If you enjoyed the beverages, take home the local Absolut Vodka.

Other common souvenirs are the salt liquorice, dala horse from the Dalarna region, hand-crafted wooden utensils or nobel dishware. You can also find vintage shoes and clothes and exceptional home decor and design to inspire your time at home.

Top things to do in Sweden

The top things to do are both outdoorsy and cultural in Sweden. A visit to Stockholm introduces a visitor to this multifaceted city through its excellent museums, culinary delights and beautiful parks. A major attraction just outside of Stockholm is the world UNESCO sight of Drottningholm Palace. Another popular place to visit is Sigtuna, the oldest town in Sweden, or the most northern province of lapland. Visiting the towns and cities of Sweden gives travelers a picture of Swedish culture.

Travelers enjoy coming to Sweden to engage in outdoor recreation such as visiting one or many of the National Parks, planning a trek, a bike tour or relaxing in many natural preserves. Let’s not forget seeing the Northern Lights in the winter! In particular, travelers see the lights in Abisko National Park or another northern area.

In the summer, there are many festivals including celebrations of Midsummer, which celebrates the longest day of the year in June. These festivals happen throughout the country and include unique dancing, food and festivities. After enduring another long winter, Swedes love to celebrate the new season’s bounty! No matter what interests you, this country has a variety of regions, each with unique things to see and do.

Can’t miss Swedish cuisine

When you first think of Swedish cuisine, you might think of Swedish meatballs, known for their exceptional spicing. Apart from that, Sweden has excellent seafood dishes, namely numerous fish dishes such as marinated salmon with dill potatoes, pickled herring on a Smörgåsbord (buffet) or Gubbröra, an egg and anchovy dish served with brown bread. To top it off, have some dessert! Enjoy the Princess cake or the Saffron buns.

Here are some other classic Swedish culinary delights:

  1. Jansson’s Temptation - a traditional Christmas casserole of potatoes and anchovies

  2. Raggmunk & Lingonberries - a lovely Swedish potato pancake with berries

  3. Gravlax, or dill-cured salmon, is a foodie’s treat

  4. Knäckebröd - a crisp and delightful bread that complements any meal

  5. Toast Skagen - toast with a spread of prawns, whitefish roe, mayo/mustard and dill

Taking a bike tour in Sweden

A bike tour is a great way to explore both the cities and the countryside of Sweden. As with many bike tours, you can plan your route according to what you’d like to see along the way and the distance you’d like to travel each day. The summer time is the best time to plan a bike tour in Sweden, since it has warmer and longer days.

Sweden is offers cyclists a wide variety of terrain including mountain trails, scenic coastal byways or city tours. It is also an excellent place for a bike tour because of the spectacular and wild scenery that you will get up close and personal on an extended trip. There is something for every level of cyclist and can be challenging or more leisurely depending on what type of cycling you’d like to do.

Some popular places to bike are Klarälvsbanan that is 220 km tour in west-central Sweden or Kattegattleden, Sweden’s first national bike route on that goes 370 km along the west coast. Additionally,  One possible weeklong bike tour is written in the itinerary section.

Tips for taking a bike tour in Sweden

  1. Bring your own bike/gear on the airplane or rent one from many shops in Stockholm. You can rent by hour or for multiple days.

  2. Take care of your bike and gear. If out for multiple days, be prepared with the proper tools and maintenance knowledge. Although there is far less crime in Sweden than the U.S, it is always important to lock your bike and take care of your personal belongings.

  3. The road rules are generally the same as in the U.S. and they drive on the right as well. Remember to follow all the posted signs and don’t forget that they measure distance in kilometres!

Sweden outdoor travel

Sweden is home to nearly any outdoor adventure you can think of, be it a trek, hike, bike tour, ski trip, snowshoe, fishing, camping, etc. You can choose an itinerary that fits your activity level and the sights you’d like to see. You can do something more mellow or strenuous within the various outdoor activities. Additionally, you can pair your outdoor travel with time in the major cities of Sweden.

Some of the top outdoor travel activities in Sweden include:

  1. Hiking - There are numerous opportunities for hiking in Sweden for a wide variety of physical levels. Those seeking something more challenging can try some mountain treks along the Kungsleden trail, Sweden’s most famous walking trail which stretches over 440km, but can be walked in different sections. Or if you’re looking for a calmer outing, consider island hopping and walks within the Stockholm archipelago.

  2. Dogsledding - One simply can’t travel to a Scandinavian country in the winter and not try their hand at dogsledding. This mode of transport goes back centuries and many guided tours in Sweden include it on their itineraries. Dogsledding is a great way to get to know the local culture and tradition, while also enjoying the company of dogs!

  3. Snowshoeing - Active travelers will love this challenging by rewarding way to hike in the snow. Snowshoeing is not for everyone, but if you’re up to the challenge, it’s invigorating and can get you to unique places not easily accessible by vehicle, or even dogsled! Snowshoeing can be enjoyed in many of Sweden’s National Parks.

  4. Fishing or fly fishing - In the summer months, a visitor to Sweden can enjoy being in nature while fishing along over 100,000 lakes, rivers or along the coast.  One local fishermen's spot is Lake Vanern, one Sweden’s largest lakes.

  5. Nordic (cross country) or downhill skiing - You can ski almost anywhere in Sweden during the winter months and it hosts terrain for any level of skier. One excellent resort is the Åre resort in central Sweden, known as one of the biggest ski resorts in Northern Europe.

The main cities in Sweden

When people think of cities in Sweden, they are likely to think of the capital, Stockholm. Many exciting activities await you in this city, including watching the change of the guard at the Royal Palace, relaxing in the quaint town square, Stortorget, or taking a boat to the city’s greenest island, Djurgården.

But Sweden is much more than it’s capital! While primarily a country for outdoorsy travel, Sweden’s cities provide wonderful glimpses into the Swedish culture, cuisine, and modern local life, each of which with its own attractions and character.

Other main cities to visit in Sweden include:

  1. Gothenburg - a city known for its arts and music festivals, it is a great place to get a taste for the local culture.

  2. Uppsala & Sigtuna - these places allow the visitor to imagine the past lifestyles in Sweden due to well-preserved old town centers.

  3. Malmö - a coastal city in southern Sweden, this city is within striking distance of Denmark and as such has an interesting international feel.

  4. Västerås - a medium sized city, this city sits beside Lake Malaren, about 100 km west of Stockholm.

Swedish National Parks

Sweden is home to 30 distinctive National Parks that have varying and dynamic landscapes. There are National Parks that are more marine-based, more mountainous, magical forests and expansive sand dunes.

Some of the most popular National Parks in Sweden include:

  1. ÄNGSÖ National Park - An untouched gem, only accessible by boat, and a truly great place to visit for those wanting to get away from it all. ANGSO National Park is beautiful year round, but commonly only included on Sweden tour itineraries in the Summer.

  2. Abisko National Park - an excellent viewing spot for the Northern Lights!

  3. Sonfjallet National Park - one of the oldest National Parks in Europe.

You will find a beautiful National Park in Sweden for whichever natural landscape you’d like to immerse yourself in.

Visiting Sweden in the winter

Sweden is a great destination for winter enthusiasts! You can enjoy this season through snowshoeing, nordic (cross-country) or downhill skiing or ice fishing. After your day of adventures outside, you can warm yourself by enjoying delicious seasonal winter dishes, tasty beverages and then plan for your next day outdoors.

You can also enjoy visiting the famous ice hotel-museum in Kiruna or peruse the indoor side of any major city. Don’t forget that the winter is the best time to see the Northern Lights. Remember to be prepared for cold and changing weather by packing accordingly.

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Sep 2019

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You’ll see incredible places

This glorious trip is 1 week with people on the Taste of Scandinavia tour then 2 weeks with those on the Scandinavian Explorer trip (I’m so glad I chose all 3 weeks)...



Jul 2019

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Had a fabulous time

We did “Complete Scandinavia” trip and had a fabulous time. We enjoyed every place we stayed, from the capital cities to smaller towns like Lillehammer and Gudvangen...



Jul 2019

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Simply an amazing trip

Simply an amazing trip - so much seen and done. Each country is uniquely different and it has been great to experience them all. This trip provides a complete Scandi...



Jul 2019

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Fantastic insight into Scandinavia

Fantastic insight into Scandinavia. Highlights were the local guide who took us cycling in Copenhagen and a 4th generation local guide at wild, beautiful Vrångö Isla...



Jul 2019

Written on

The Taste of Scandinavia trip was fantastic

The Taste of Scandinavia trip was fantastic and a great way to get an introduction to this beautiful part of the World! The travel and accommodation was great and al...

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