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Iceland's Magical Northern Lights  - 2024 tour
Cultural Culture Iceland's Magical Northern Lights  - 2024 package

Iceland's Magical Northern Lights - 2024

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Travel Style: Array Mixed
Physical Level: All or most of day hiking or biking, hills included. Moderate
Lodging Level: 3 to 4 star western hotel equivalents. While not all lodging will be 'luxury' they will be quite comfortable by western standards. Comfort (4*)
7 days
From: $ 2,599 $ 371 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • S
  • Experience the energy at the geothermal fields of Geysir.
  • Explore Skógar Museum, covering all aspects of Icelandic life.
  • Learn about the volcanic nature of the island of Iceland during a visit to the Lava Exhibition Center.
  • Straddle two continents while exploring Thingvellir’s rugged rift valley.
  • Search for nature's dazzling display on a northern lights cruise in Reykjavík.
  • Venture out into the countryside outside of Vík for 3 nights in search of more aurora borealis sightings.
  • See Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, filled with floating icebergs.
  • Relax in the warm, mineral-rich water of the Blue Lagoon.

Short Description

Experience the “land of fire and ice” and chase the aurora borealis across an ethereal wonderland.

Style Group tour
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
3 to 4 star western hotel equivalents. While not all lodging will be 'luxury' they will be quite comfortable by western standards.
Lodging Level Comfort (4*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions N/A
Start City Reykjavik
End City Reykjavik





Attractions & Cities Visited


Activities & Interests

Culture Historic sightseeing History

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Day 1 Overnight Flight

You’re on your way to Iceland, a land and culture forged by fire and ice. Where steaming lava fields and massive glaciers sculpt mountains and valleys, leaving thundering waterfalls and plunging fjords. In this land of many natural wonders, enjoy the rare opportunity to search for the aurora borealis — one of nature’s most dazzling light displays, also known as the northern lights.*

Day 2 Reykjavík, Iceland - Tour Begins

Your tour opens in Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital city. Make yourself comfortable at your hotel upon arrival, as your rooms are ready for an early check-in and breakfast awaits you. This afternoon, get acquainted with old town Reykjavík with a local guide on a walking tour featuring the harbor, city hall, the Parliament building, and the nearby cathedral, dating back to 1796. Gather with your fellow travelers at a popular restaurant for dinner featuring Icelandic cuisine. This evening, take an exhilarating northern lights cruise** and sail into the darkness of Faxaflói Bay in search of the aurora borealis.*

Day 3 Reykjavík-Golden Circle-Lava Exhibition Center-Seljalandsfoss-Vik

This morning, travel the Golden Circle to experience natural wonders, including the explosive Geysir thermal area and the double-cascade Gullfoss waterfall. You’ll also experience the famous Thingvellir National Park, where you’ll stand upon the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. In the afternoon, stop at the Lava Exhibition Center and delve into Iceland’s past and present volcanic eruptions. Afterward, witness Seljalandsfoss, a rushing waterfall where you may walk behind the water for unique views from the inside out. Next, continue onto Vík. Drive or venture on foot into the stillness of rural Iceland in search of the northern lights. You’ll enjoy three nights of searching to increase your likelihood of catching a glimpse of these elusive lights.*

Day 4 Reynisfjara - Skógar Museum - Vík

Begin your day with journey to Reynisfjara, a volcanic sandy beach surrounded by basalt formations and home to thousands of nesting sea birds. Look out over the natural rock formations at Dyrhólaey, a small peninsula of volcanic origin towering over the ocean. Next, visit the Skógar Museum and discover its turf-built homes and artifacts. Afterward, stand in awe before the impressive Skógafoss waterfall, one of Iceland’s biggest and most beautiful waterfalls. Cap off your day with a visit to Sólheimajökull Glacier, Iceland’s fourth largest glacier. After dinner, gaze at the sky in search of the northern lights.*

Day 5 Skaftafell National Park - Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon - Vík

Travel through Skaftefell National Park, gateway to Vatnajökull Glacier known for having Iceland’s highest mountains and Europe’s largest ice cap. Travel to Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, filled with floating icebergs. Explore this extraordinary landscape and search for seals swimming in cold waters. After dinner, continue searching for the northern lights dancing across the night sky.*

Day 6 Vík - Blue Lagoon - Reykjavík

Drive along the south shore towards the Reykjanes Peninsula. Known for its rugged landscape, lava fields, and numerous hot springs, the peninsula is home to the Blue Lagoon. Take a dip in the warm, mineral-rich waters of the geothermal pool, located in the heart of a dramatic lava field. Return to Reykjavík for your farewell dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7 Reykjavík - Tour Ends

Depart for home with many incredible memories.


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Price From $ 2,599
Price Per Day: $ 371 per day
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Sep-20-2024Sep-26-2024NA$ 2,999$ 3,599NoSold Out Reserve
Sep-29-2024Oct-05-2024NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Sep-30-2024Oct-06-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Oct-04-2024Oct-10-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-05-2024Oct-11-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-07-2024Oct-13-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-10-2024Oct-16-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Oct-11-2024Oct-17-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-13-2024Oct-19-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-14-2024Oct-20-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-16-2024Oct-22-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Oct-19-2024Oct-25-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Oct-20-2024Oct-26-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Oct-23-2024Oct-29-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-26-2024Nov-01-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Oct-28-2024Nov-03-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-29-2024Nov-04-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Oct-31-2024Nov-06-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-01-2024Nov-07-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Nov-03-2024Nov-09-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Nov-06-2024Nov-12-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Nov-08-2024Nov-14-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799NoSold Out Reserve
Nov-09-2024Nov-15-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-13-2024Nov-19-2024NA$ 3,199$ 3,799YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-14-2024Nov-20-2024NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-16-2024Nov-22-2024NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-17-2024Nov-23-2024NA$ 2,799$ 3,399NoSold Out Reserve
Nov-19-2024Nov-25-2024NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-20-2024Nov-26-2024NA$ 2,999$ 3,699NoSold Out Reserve
Nov-22-2024Nov-28-2024NA$ 2,999$ 3,699YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-26-2024Dec-02-2024NA$ 2,999$ 3,699YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-29-2024Dec-05-2024NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Nov-30-2024Dec-06-2024NA$ 2,599$ 3,199NoSold Out Reserve
Dec-03-2024Dec-09-2024NA$ 2,599$ 3,199YesAvailable Reserve
Dec-04-2024Dec-10-2024NA$ 2,599$ 3,199NoSold Out Reserve
Dec-07-2024Dec-13-2024NA$ 2,599$ 3,199NoSold Out Reserve
Dec-10-2024Dec-16-2024NA$ 2,599$ 3,199YesAvailable Reserve
Dec-27-2024Jan-02-2025NA$ 2,899$ 3,499YesAvailable Reserve
Dec-28-2024Jan-03-2025NA$ 2,899$ 3,499YesAvailable Reserve
Dec-30-2024Jan-05-2025NA$ 2,899$ 3,499YesAvailable Reserve
Jan-04-2025Jan-10-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Jan-07-2025Jan-13-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Jan-11-2025Jan-17-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Jan-14-2025Jan-20-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Jan-18-2025Jan-24-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Jan-21-2025Jan-27-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Jan-25-2025Jan-31-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Jan-28-2025Feb-03-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-01-2025Feb-07-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-08-2025Feb-14-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-10-2025Feb-16-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399NoSold Out Reserve
Feb-11-2025Feb-17-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-15-2025Feb-21-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-17-2025Feb-23-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-18-2025Feb-24-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-22-2025Feb-28-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399NoSold Out Reserve
Feb-24-2025Mar-02-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-25-2025Mar-03-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399YesAvailable Reserve
Feb-27-2025Mar-05-2025NA$ 2,799$ 3,399NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-01-2025Mar-07-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-02-2025Mar-08-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-04-2025Mar-10-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-05-2025Mar-11-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-08-2025Mar-14-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-10-2025Mar-16-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-11-2025Mar-17-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599NoSold Out Reserve
Mar-13-2025Mar-19-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-15-2025Mar-21-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-17-2025Mar-23-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-18-2025Mar-24-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-19-2025Mar-25-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-22-2025Mar-28-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-23-2025Mar-29-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-25-2025Mar-31-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
Mar-29-2025Apr-04-2025NA$ 2,999$ 3,599YesAvailable Reserve
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Iceland's Magical Northern Lights - 2024

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Customer support/service/care whatever name they use, failed me. In addition there were Zero toilets available on all coach buses.

When I needed their customer service or support or care team, a fancy name, for an awful service, they failed me. In addition when I was stranded at the airport the tour guide couldnt find the phone number for the above Collette service. It was an absolute nightmare. I will never travel with them again, and I am a seasoned traveller. In addition, although they advertised there air conditioned coaches contain toilet facilities, they did not. This was on all 5 or 6 different coach buses, not One had a toilet facility we could use. Anyway, there are Much better tour companies out there with a better value. In closing, I dont want to hear the words "beef or fish" ever again. Poor food selection on included meals. Youve been warned.
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It was a wonderful trip and experience!

It was a wonderful trip and experience! We are still sorting all the pictures and memories about it, and some of them I would like to share with you - read my diary about this trip!

My Diary about our trip to South Dakota
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we had an absolute wonderful time

My wife & I just returned from your National Parks tour and we had an absolute wonderful time. Great itinerary, tour director (Merrin) and driver (John). First class!
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The Best

The best. I've worked with many travel companies, but now I only book my groups through Collette.

Had a river cruise booked for May 2020

Had a river cruise booked for May 2020 on the Danube but unfortunately because of Covid 19 it was cancelled. I had no issues in getting a full refund for my vacation. I will definitely rebook with Collette when things return to normal...
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our dream trip to Italy was canceled due to covid-19

Recently, our dream trip to Italy was canceled due to covid-19. Collette's superior customer service responded to my inquiry by message and phone call literally within minutes. Their team was sympathetic and informative with regards to our refund details. Thank you Collette. We realize this is also a difficult time for your company as well. We hope to rebook our trip to Italy with you again one day!
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