Cycling the Highlights of Holland

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Physical Level: All or most of day hiking or biking, hills included. Moderate
Lodging Level: Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels. Value (3*)
8 days
From: $ 2,179 $ 272 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • Discover the cities of Amsterdam, Zandvoort, The Hague, Rotterdam, Gouda, & Utrecht with easy cycling between
  • Ride through typical Dutch landscapes passing windmills, canals, drawbridges & through picturesque villages
  • If travelling in April and early May take in Holland's famous Tulip fields

Short Description

Style Small group tour
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions N/A
Start City Amsterdam
End City Amsterdam





Attractions & Cities Visited


Activities & Interests


Age Requirement


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Day 1 Arrive in Amsterdam

Wander around the iconic and surprisingly peaceful 17th century canal ring area of the city (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). For hustle and bustle, make your way to the city's famous squares or head off the beaten track along Brouwersgracht. Alternatively find out what the city looks like from the canals. Overnight Westcord Fashion Hotel 4*, Amsterdam.

Day 2 Amsterdam to Zandvoort

Get an early start today and beat the queues at the Van Gogh or Anne Frank museum. Then, say 'farewell' or 'tot ziens!' to Amsterdam and ride through Kennemerland with its lovely variety of countryside, from vast polders and country estates to woods and beautiful peatland. The attractive city centre of Haarlem offers a wealth of shopping, art and culture, or the option to just relax in cafes and restaurants. In this idyllic town, you will also find some of Holland's characteristic windmills, canals and drawbridges. The last stretch will take you to the coast and Zandvoort, where the extensive sandy beaches will tempt you to take a swim. Overnight Amsterdam Beach Hotel 3*, Zandvoort.

Day 3 Zandvoort to The Hague

Today takes you along the North Sea coast where wonderful beach promenades will once again tempt you to take a dip in the cool water. In spring, a short detour to Keukenhof is worthwhile, where more than 7 million tulips, hyacinths and daffodils can be admired. Today's destination is The Hague where wide sandy beaches, green parks and beautiful dunes characterise the city. Those interested in art and culture will also get their fill thanks to the wide range of museums. Overnight Movenpick Hotel 4*, The Hague.

Day 4 The Hague to Rotterdam

You will now head inland again, away from the coast. On your way, you will quickly reach Delft. This university town is famous far beyond its borders for Delft porcelain. In the Vermeer Centre, you can admire works by the painter Johannes Vermeer. The numerous cafes and restaurants will tempt you to linger here before moving onto the trendy harbour metropolis of Rotterdam, a paradise for shopping fans. Overnight Hotel Van Walsum 3*, Rotterdam.

Day 5 Rotterdam to Gouda

After breakfast, you will still have time for a short stroll through Rotterdam. You will be captivated by the modern architecture. Once on your bike, you will quickly reach the windmills of Kinderdijk. The 19 impressive buildings are among the most popular postcard motifs in the Netherlands. The famous windmills were built as early as 1740 and were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The rest of the tour takes you through the water-rich and picturesque countryside to Gouda. As you wander around the city of Gouda at the end of the day, don't miss the gothic town hall (1450); the Weighing House (1667); the romantic inner-city canals and the stained glass windows in St. John's Church. Gouda is also famous for making syrup waffles (try one hot!) and candles. If you're travelling in summer, plan your trip so that you can witness the traditional Thursday morning cheese market (early April till last Thursday in August). Overnight Best Western Plus City 4*, Gouda.

Day 6 Gouda to Utrecht

The medieval town Gouda is not only famous for its cheese, but also for its syrup waffles. You can convince yourself of their quality at breakfast! Today's stage takes you into the green heart of the Netherlands. You will pass through extensive natural landscapes, picturesque villages and vast polders. In the historic city centre of Utrecht, you can end the cycling stage with a refreshing beer. Numerous restaurants and bars invite you in. Overnight Hotel Mitland 4*, Utrecht. 

Day 7 Utrecht to Amsterdam

Picturesque parks, canals, historic buildings and many interesting museums await you in Utrecht. Following the course of the Utrechtse Vecht, your cycle tour continues. The region surrounding this idyllic river offers a lot of culture and history. The beautiful landscape is complemented by a rich gastronomic culture. At the end of the day, you will once again reach the starting point of your cycling tour, the Dutch capital Amsterdam. Overnight Westcord Fashion Hotel 4*, Amsterdam.

Day 8 Depart Amsterdam

After a hearty breakfast, depart Amsterdam.


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Price From $ 2,179
Price Per Day: $ 272 per day
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Apr-12-2024Apr-19-2024$ 2,179No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-13-2024Apr-20-2024$ 2,179No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-14-2024Apr-21-2024$ 2,179No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-15-2024Apr-22-2024$ 2,179No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-16-2024Apr-23-2024$ 2,179No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-17-2024Apr-24-2024$ 2,179No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-18-2024Apr-25-2024$ 2,179No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-19-2024Apr-26-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-20-2024Apr-27-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-21-2024Apr-28-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-22-2024Apr-29-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-23-2024Apr-30-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-24-2024May-01-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-25-2024May-02-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-26-2024May-03-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-27-2024May-04-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-28-2024May-05-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-29-2024May-06-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
Apr-30-2024May-07-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
May-01-2024May-08-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
May-02-2024May-09-2024$ 2,249No8 spots left Reserve
May-03-2024May-10-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-04-2024May-11-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-05-2024May-12-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-06-2024May-13-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-07-2024May-14-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-08-2024May-15-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-09-2024May-16-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-10-2024May-17-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-11-2024May-18-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-12-2024May-19-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-13-2024May-20-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-14-2024May-21-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-15-2024May-22-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-16-2024May-23-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-17-2024May-24-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-18-2024May-25-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-19-2024May-26-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-20-2024May-27-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-21-2024May-28-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-22-2024May-29-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-23-2024May-30-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
May-24-2024May-31-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
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Jun-17-2024Jun-24-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-18-2024Jun-25-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-19-2024Jun-26-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-20-2024Jun-27-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-21-2024Jun-28-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-22-2024Jun-29-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-23-2024Jun-30-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-24-2024Jul-01-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-25-2024Jul-02-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-26-2024Jul-03-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-27-2024Jul-04-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jun-28-2024Jul-05-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
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Jun-30-2024Jul-07-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-01-2024Jul-08-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
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Jul-21-2024Jul-28-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
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Jul-23-2024Jul-30-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-24-2024Jul-31-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-25-2024Aug-01-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-26-2024Aug-02-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-27-2024Aug-03-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-28-2024Aug-04-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-29-2024Aug-05-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-30-2024Aug-06-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Jul-31-2024Aug-07-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-01-2024Aug-08-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-02-2024Aug-09-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-03-2024Aug-10-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-04-2024Aug-11-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-05-2024Aug-12-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-06-2024Aug-13-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-07-2024Aug-14-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-08-2024Aug-15-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-09-2024Aug-16-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-17-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-11-2024Aug-18-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-12-2024Aug-19-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-13-2024Aug-20-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-14-2024Aug-21-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-15-2024Aug-22-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-16-2024Aug-23-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-17-2024Aug-24-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-18-2024Aug-25-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-19-2024Aug-26-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-20-2024Aug-27-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-21-2024Aug-28-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-22-2024Aug-29-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-23-2024Aug-30-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-24-2024Aug-31-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-25-2024Sep-01-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-26-2024Sep-02-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-27-2024Sep-03-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-28-2024Sep-04-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-29-2024Sep-05-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-30-2024Sep-06-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Aug-31-2024Sep-07-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-01-2024Sep-08-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-02-2024Sep-09-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-03-2024Sep-10-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-04-2024Sep-11-2024$ 2,499No8 spots left Reserve
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Sep-06-2024Sep-13-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-07-2024Sep-14-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-08-2024Sep-15-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
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Sep-10-2024Sep-17-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-11-2024Sep-18-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-12-2024Sep-19-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
Sep-13-2024Sep-20-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
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Sep-15-2024Sep-22-2024$ 2,379No8 spots left Reserve
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Cycling the Highlights of Holland

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Exodus cycling tour to Sardinia - you won’t be disappointed

Exodus cycling tour to Sardinia was a faultless experience. Great cycling destination; great food, drink and accommodation; great office admin support
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Walking the Prosecco Hills was an absolutely wonderful.
Everything from Local Small Town Italian Living to San Marco Square Venice.
Exodus Travel far exceeded my travel company expectations.
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My 3rd trip with Exodus gave the same excellent service I’ve come to expect.
The Tour De Mont Blanc 8 day trip was absolutely fabulous. Hris, our guide, was brilliant and led us up and down the challenging trails. Please read all Exodus trip notes carefully as they are accurate and tell you exactly what to expect.
A truly memorable trip.
Well done Exodus!
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Spectacular scenery, good food & pleasant company - what’s not to love?!

Just back from my first Exodus trip as a solo traveller walking the Amalfi Coast. I would not hesitate to recommend this trip. Pre-trip information is comprehensive with accurate trip notes so you know what to expect. I would say that the rating of 2/7 ‘leisurely to moderate’ is misleading. Whilst the walks are not long (11km max), the terrain is varied, there are LOTS of steps & that combined with the heat make this trip more challenging than described. But that is not a criticism from me as I wanted to feel tired at the end of the day. Our group leader Veriano was a local & his passion for the area was infectious. The views are simply spectacular. The accommodation is a well-run, friendly, family hotel that has been used by Exodus for many years & I can see why - they know what they’re doing & they do it well. The beauty of this holiday is that you show up prepared to walk and everything else is taken care of.
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Great guide and driver

Great guide and driver; good history of the area and cultural sites.

Tour of Mont Blanc F&L

Excellent guide, great group dynamic, fantastic scenery and walking


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