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Premium Egypt & Jordan tour
Amman Aswan Premium Egypt & Jordan Trip
Cairo Dana Biosphere reserve Premium Egypt & Jordan Trip
Dead Sea Jerash Premium Egypt & Jordan Trip
Luxor Temple Madaba Premium Egypt & Jordan Trip
Nubian Desert Petra Premium Egypt & Jordan Trip
Pyramid of Giza Shobak Premium Egypt & Jordan Trip
Sphinx Temple of Karnak Premium Egypt & Jordan Trip
Valley of the Kings Valley of the Queens Premium Egypt & Jordan Trip
Adventure Swimming Premium Egypt & Jordan package

Premium Egypt & Jordan

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Travel Style: For those looking to maximize their sight seeing time. You thrive on a packed day’s schedule from 8 am to 6pm, with some (but limited) free time. Most activities and meals included. Full on
Physical Level: Some walking over short or flat distances. Some trips may include cycling options. Some are wheelchair friendly (check for individual trips). Some cruises. Easy
Lodging Level: Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels. Value (3*)
15 days
From: $ 6,080 $ 405 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • A day at the incredible Pyramids of Giza is only the beginning. Discover the Valley of the Kings, Petra and Wadi Rum, and experience the unique sensation of floating in the Dead Sea.
  • With two feature stays, experience the best of each country with three unforgettable evenings on a Nile riverboat and a night in isolated elegance at a luxury camp in Wadi Rum.
  • Lift the lid on Middle Eastern cuisine when you dine in fantastic local restaurants in Amman and Cairo, learn the tricks of the trade during an immersive cooking class and enjoy a dinner at a Bedouin camp cooked in a traditional zarb.
  • Visit one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Amman and enter a cooking school run by three sisters in the home of their grandmother. Learn how to make traditional Jordanian food and of course eat plenty of it too.
  • Gain an unmatched understanding of the region while travelling with experienced local leaders and spending time with the locals. Discover the Nubian way of life with a family on the Nile and immerse yourself in Bedouin culture during an exciting evening at their camp.

Short Description

From the Valley of the Kings to the awe-inspiring ruins of Petra, this 15-day Premium adventure through Egypt and Jordan reveals the sphinxes and tombs of your childhood imagination and then some. Cruise down the Nile, visit traditional Nubian communities, dig for obscure treasure in ancient marketplaces and float in the Dead Sea. Be guided by a passionate Egyptologist and a Jordanian local, respectively, for the most immersive possible experiences in two fascinating nations. This tour reveals the iconic sites that you’ve seen on film plus plenty of intimate moments with locals who are proud to invite you into their world.

Small groups are usually defined as between 10 and 24 travelers, often less. If you're the kind of person who enjoys more intimate experiences and personal service this is a good choice. All else being equal you will pay a premium for this style vs a larger group tour.
Trip Type Small Group Tour
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions All internal ground transport
Start City Cairo
End City Amman


Day 1 Cairo

Welcome to Cairo! On arrival at the airport, take an included transfer to your hotel. You are free to arrive at any time today before an important welcome meeting, held at 6 pm. If you do arrive early, perhaps get out and explore the busy streets, finding a hole-in-the-wall eatery for a snack like ta’ameya – Egypt’s take on falafel. Or you may wish to make the most of your fabulous hotel – the pool area offers magnificent pyramid views. After your welcome meeting, where you will meet your local leader and fellow travellers, head out for an included dinner with the group. Here your leader will introduce you to the dazzling variety of Egyptian cuisine, known for being fresh, delicious and unique to the country. Best enjoyed when shared, tuck into an array of traditional dishes like fatta, a dish made with rice, bread and meat in a garlic and vinegar sauce, and kushari, a tantalising mixture of pasta, rice, lentils and fried onions.

Day 2 Cairo

This morning, tour the mighty Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx with your small group and expert leader, who is a trained Egyptologist. Seeing these ancient and iconic structures up close is a memory that will stay with you long after your time in Egypt is over. For an additional charge, you may be able to go inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu (or Cheops). After stopping to purchase some lunch, pay a visit to the long-anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum, the largest archaeological museum in the world and home to a collection of Tutankhamen’s antiquities, many of which have never been displayed before. Your leader will take you through some of Egypt’s dynastic history, and you will have plenty of time to explore on your own – home to almost 100,000 artefacts, there’s a whole ancient world to uncover.

Day 3 Nile Cruise - Aswan

Catch a morning flight to Aswan – Egypt’s southernmost city. Its relaxed charm is due in no small part to its large Nubian population. Here you will board a Nile riverboat, your feature stay accommodation for the next three nights. There’s no better way to soak in the ancient history of the Nile and the incredible sights along its banks. Enjoy all the comforts of a world-class hotel, including a swimming pool, sundeck, restaurant and cabins with panoramic windows to watch riverside life stream by. Travelling by riverboat allows you to get to the heart of each destination while ensuring the journeys in between are every bit as interesting. Travel to Philae Island and visit the beautiful Temple of Isis – the goddess of health, marriage and wisdom – rescued from the rising waters of the Nile and relocated here. Your leader will share stories of the history and changing landscape of the island. Then, board a traditional felucca sailing boat where you can sit back and relax with some drinks as the sun sets over your beautiful surroundings. Stop off at a Nubian village on an island in the middle of the Nile. Walk through the village before sitting down to dinner with a local Nubian family in their home. Enjoy traditional Nubian food, swap stories with your friendly hosts and gain a unique perspective into their way of life.

Day 4 Nile Cruise - Edfu

Enjoy a peaceful morning on board your riverboat, then set out in the afternoon along the river, relaxing in the sun on deck and taking in the desert hills forming a backdrop over the lush riverbanks. Arrive at Kom Ombo Temple, sitting spectacularly on the river’s edge. Your leader will let you in on the secrets of this ancient temple. Built in approximately 181 BC, Kom Ombo is dedicated to two gods – Horus (god of protection) and Sobek (god of fertility, linked to the Nile’s water). Each god has a dedicated section – north or south – and there have been recent discoveries of mummified crocodiles in the Sobek section. Afterwards, return to your riverboat and continue to Edfu where you will dock for the evening.

Day 5 Nile Cruise - Luxor

This morning, you will be moored near Edfu and may have the option to venture independently into town to see the nearby temple. Sail towards Luxor passing through the Esna Locks. You may have to queue to proceed through the locks, but this is a great opportunity to sit back with a drink in hand and observe life on the Nile – listen to the shouts of the many captains as they navigate their way through the various small boats of merchants selling their wares to a captive audience. Arrive at the open-air museum of Luxor – from the spectacular temple complex of Karnak to the Valley of the Kings, Luxor is full of wonderfully preserved reminders of the Pharaohs. Today you'll explore the Karnak Temple. One of the world's most celebrated temple complexes, Karnak is a house of the gods built over a period of some 200 years. Your guided tour of this vast temple of impressive pylons, obelisks and chapels will reveal its finest sections, such as the Avenue of Sphinxes and the Great Temple of Amun.

Day 6 Luxor

Disembark your riverboat and travel to the Valley of the Kings. Buried under the arid hills here are over 60 tombs of pharaohs, many richly decorated with reliefs and paintings. With your leader, explore this place, where the pharaohs of the New Kingdom (16th to 11th century BC) were secretly interred for all eternity, and where discoveries are still being made. Your leader will explain the history and legends of these remarkable people, and the significance of the many paintings and hieroglyphics, still well preserved in the deepest tombs. Entry is included to three tombs of your choosing, as well as access to the tomb of Tutankhamun. The unearthing of the young Pharaoh’s resting place is one of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries, and today you will have the chance to explore the painted chamber and marvel at his famous golden sarcophagus. Continue to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut – a colonnaded building set against high cliffs that create a spectacular natural amphitheatre, then view the Colossi of Memnon – two 17-metre-high statues on Luxor's west bank.

Day 7 Cairo

Board a flight bound for Cairo this morning. On arrival, settle in to your hotel then head with your group to the Al-Azhar neighbourhood to visit Khan al-Khalili Bazaar – a sprawling maze of alleyways including the gold market, cloth market, 'perfume street' and the spice market. Continue to the 9th-century Ibn Tulun Mosque – one of the oldest and largest in Egypt. Its perfectly proportioned courtyard and distinctive minaret make it a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. Stop off in Cairo’s oldest coffeeshop for an Arabic coffee or mint tea as you watch the world go by. It’s a known fact that the very best food in Cairo is made inside local homes, but few visitors get the chance to experience this for themselves. Tonight, you will be one of the lucky few as you are welcomed into the home of a local family for dinner. Sit down to a wonderful meal of traditional dishes which you’ll share with your friendly hosts and gain an inside look at modern Egyptian life.

Day 8 Amman

Today you will transfer to Cairo airport and catch a flight to Amman, Jordan’s cosmopolitan and contemporary capital that’s steeped in biblical history. On arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel where a meeting will take place at 6pm to welcome any new travellers joining you for the next part of your adventure. After the meeting, head out to a local restaurant for a welcome dinner with your group and leader. Sharing food is a huge part of Jordanian culture and eating out is a social affair that’s packed with flavour. Tonight your leader will introduce you to some of the country’s most beloved dishes, like mansaf, a dish made with lamb, yoghurt and rice, and kunafa, a delicious dessert made with pastry and cheese.

Day 9 Amman

This morning, leave Amman for a short drive north to Jerash where you’ll find some of the world’s best Greco-Roman ruins. Reaching its peak as a favourite of the emperor Hadrian, Jerash holds a striking collection of archways, theatres, baths, public buildings and colonnaded streets. Your leader will share the incredible history of the ruins and help you imagine what life once looked like in this glorious Roman city. Grand columns encircle the city's centrepiece of the Oval Plaza – an atmospheric place to linger after exploring Jerash's riches. Afterwards, return to Amman and head to a cooking school run by a mother and her daughters, where you’ll get a special look behind the scenes of Jordanian cuisine. You’ll feel as through you’ve stepped into the welcoming home of a local grandmother as you learn how to make classics like tabbouleh, flat bread and lentil soup with passionate guidance and generations of culinary know-how. The flavours, recipes and warmth of this evening are sure to stick with you long after your time in Jordan is over.

Day 10 Dead Sea

Today you will make the journey from Amman to the Dead Sea. Named for the lack of life in its waters, this lake is so intensely salty that the water density makes swimming very difficult, but bobbing on the water's surface is a truly fun and one-off experience. En route, stop off at Mount Nebo and hear the story of how Moses saw the Promised Land before he died from what is believed to be this very spot, and St Georges Church, best known for its Byzantine mosaic depicting a map of the Holy Land. On arrival, enjoy some time to float in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea, relax on your hotel’s beachfront or take a dip in one of three swimming pools or jacuzzi.

Day 11 Petra

Depart the Dead Sea and drive to the ancient Crusader castle at Shobak – your leader will explain how this ancient castle was originally built to protect the eastern flank of the Latin Kingdom and its trade routes to the sea before it fell to Saladin in 1189. Enjoy superb scenery and stop off at the viewpoint overlooking the Dana Nature Reserve before arriving in the late afternoon to your Petra accommodation. Petra dates back to the sixth century BC and is considered the crown jewel of Jordan, featuring an impressive series of tombs and dwellings carved directly into the rock. On arrival, there is time to check out the town that has grown around the site and to relax, ready for a big day of exploring Petra tomorrow.

Day 12 Petra

Today will be spent uncovering the secrets of Petra with the knowledgeable guidance of your leader. The iconic view of the Treasury's glorious facade, glimpsed from a narrow cleft known as the Siq, is perhaps the single-most striking sight of the entire region. The Siq leads through the rock and is at points only a few metres wide, with walls soaring up to 180 metres on either side. Explore the old Roman road, amphitheatre and several ancient tombs. You will also have time to climb to the Monastery if you wish, providing a magnificent view of the entire site. There is a cafeteria on the site, where you can enjoy your own light lunch. The rest of the day will be at your leisure. This evening, perhaps take the chance to witness Petra by night if your dates align. Seeing the Treasury plaza lit up by candlelight while Bedouin music plays is a truly memorable experience.

Day 13 Wadi Rum

For another glimpse at Petra, rise very early for an unguided morning visit, if you wish. Then, drive to Wadi Rum, a protected area of desert that impresses with sandstone mountains, canyons and arches. Enjoy some lunch in the small village of Rum and browse the informative visitor’s centre. Afterwards, jump into a local jeep and journey into Wadi Rum with your Bedouin hosts. Visit several of the area’s distinctive rock formations and appreciate the vast silence and spectacular desert landscapes. These landscapes are home to hardy Bedouin communities that live in scattered camps. You will gain a deeper understanding of their way of life as you join them for a zarb (underground oven) dinner at one of their camps, set in an amazing location deep in the desert. Tonight’s feature stay accommodation is a luxury camp that offers a splendid base among remote and wild surroundings. Spacious tents are fitted out with creature comforts like king-sized beds, air conditioning and en suite bathrooms, and all furniture is made by hand with décor inspired by Bedouin culture. Fall asleep beneath a magnificent canopy of stars and wake up to a sunrise over the red-hued landscape.

Day 14 Amman

After waking up in the unique surrounds of your Bedouin camp this morning, take a walk around the area – the length of which depends on the group’s desires – before scaling one of the large dunes to enjoy panoramic views of your surrounds. Afterwards, return to Amman for the evening. Tonight you may like to join your group for a final dinner to round off your adventure – speak to your leader about the best restaurants in the city that are popular with the locals.

Day 15 Amman

Your trip will come to an end today after breakfast. Check-out time is usually around 12pm and you are free to leave at any time. If you have arranged a private airport transfer, you will be advised of the pick-up time. If you would like to spend more time in Amman, we’ll be happy to organise additional accommodation (subject to availability).


Checking price
Price From $ 6,080
Price Per Day: $ 405 per day
Checking price
Start DateFinish DateBase PriceAvailability 
Jan-08-2022Jan-22-2022$ 6,08011 spots left Reserve
Feb-05-2022Feb-19-2022$ 6,0807 spots left Reserve
Mar-02-2022Mar-16-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Mar-05-2022Mar-19-2022$ 6,0808 spots left Reserve
Mar-09-2022Mar-23-2022$ 6,08011 spots left Reserve
Mar-12-2022Mar-26-2022$ 6,3256 spots left Reserve
Mar-16-2022Mar-30-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Mar-19-2022Apr-02-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Mar-26-2022Apr-09-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Mar-30-2022Apr-13-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Apr-02-2022Apr-16-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Apr-06-2022Apr-20-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Apr-09-2022Apr-23-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Apr-13-2022Apr-27-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Apr-16-2022Apr-30-2022$ 6,56510 spots left Reserve
Apr-20-2022May-04-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Apr-23-2022May-07-2022$ 6,32511 spots left Reserve
Apr-27-2022May-11-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Apr-30-2022May-14-2022$ 6,3259 spots left Reserve
May-07-2022May-21-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
May-14-2022May-28-2022$ 6,3259 spots left Reserve
May-21-2022Jun-04-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Jun-11-2022Jun-25-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Jun-25-2022Jul-09-2022$ 6,08011 spots left Reserve
Jul-09-2022Jul-23-2022$ 6,08011 spots left Reserve
Aug-24-2022Sep-07-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Sep-03-2022Sep-17-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Sep-07-2022Sep-21-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Sep-10-2022Sep-24-2022$ 6,32510 spots left Reserve
Sep-14-2022Sep-28-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Sep-17-2022Oct-01-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Sep-21-2022Oct-05-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Sep-24-2022Oct-08-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Sep-28-2022Oct-12-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Oct-01-2022Oct-15-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Oct-05-2022Oct-19-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Oct-08-2022Oct-22-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Oct-12-2022Oct-26-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Oct-15-2022Oct-29-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Oct-19-2022Nov-02-2022$ 6,56512 spots left Reserve
Oct-22-2022Nov-05-2022$ 6,32510 spots left Reserve
Oct-26-2022Nov-09-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Oct-29-2022Nov-12-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Nov-05-2022Nov-19-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Nov-09-2022Nov-23-2022$ 6,32512 spots left Reserve
Nov-12-2022Nov-26-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Nov-16-2022Nov-30-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Nov-19-2022Dec-03-2022$ 6,08010 spots left Reserve
Nov-23-2022Dec-07-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Dec-10-2022Dec-24-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Dec-17-2022Dec-31-2022$ 6,08012 spots left Reserve
Jan-07-2023Jan-21-2023$ 6,3859 spots left Reserve
Feb-04-2023Feb-18-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Mar-01-2023Mar-15-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Mar-04-2023Mar-18-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Mar-08-2023Mar-22-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Mar-11-2023Mar-25-2023$ 6,38510 spots left Reserve
Mar-15-2023Mar-29-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Mar-18-2023Apr-01-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Mar-25-2023Apr-08-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Mar-29-2023Apr-12-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Apr-01-2023Apr-15-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Apr-05-2023Apr-19-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Apr-08-2023Apr-22-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Apr-12-2023Apr-26-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Apr-15-2023Apr-29-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Apr-19-2023May-03-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Apr-22-2023May-06-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Apr-26-2023May-10-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Apr-29-2023May-13-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
May-06-2023May-20-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
May-13-2023May-27-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
May-20-2023Jun-03-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Jun-10-2023Jun-24-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Jul-08-2023Jul-22-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Aug-23-2023Sep-06-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Sep-02-2023Sep-16-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Sep-06-2023Sep-20-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Sep-09-2023Sep-23-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Sep-13-2023Sep-27-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Sep-16-2023Sep-30-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Sep-20-2023Oct-04-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Sep-23-2023Oct-07-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Sep-27-2023Oct-11-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Sep-30-2023Oct-14-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Oct-04-2023Oct-18-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Oct-07-2023Oct-21-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Oct-11-2023Oct-25-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Oct-14-2023Oct-28-2023$ 6,89512 spots left Reserve
Oct-18-2023Nov-01-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Oct-21-2023Nov-04-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Oct-25-2023Nov-08-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Oct-28-2023Nov-11-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
Nov-04-2023Nov-18-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Nov-08-2023Nov-22-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Nov-11-2023Nov-25-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Nov-15-2023Nov-29-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Nov-18-2023Dec-02-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Nov-22-2023Dec-06-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Dec-09-2023Dec-23-2023$ 6,38512 spots left Reserve
Dec-16-2023Dec-30-2023$ 6,64012 spots left Reserve
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Premium Egypt & Jordan

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Company Reviews

Terrible customer care.

I first used intrepid 2016 and was really impressed,so I used them every year until the pandemic hit. I decided to go on their north south Island tour my travel agent told them I am exempt from wearing a mask they said no problem. Airlines want a doctors letter which they are not providing it tells you this in the government guide lines, so I had no choice but to cancel they will only refund me half the money in a voucher my travel agent spoke to them on several occasions but they won't budge. I have emailed and written but they won't reply. I am shocked and upset I really thought this company was different. They told the travel agent they can sell the voucher so no care for loyal customers. I won't be fooled again.
Read more

Intrepid doing "bait & switch" with hotels?

Bored during my lockdown - i reviewed my fantastic trip to Morocco back in late 2019. It was "comfort" style and worked out really well, perfect in every respect, however i cant help feeling Intrepid did some "bait and switch" on the hotels. Although Intrepid does cover themselves by saying "or similar" when advising the hotels you will be staying at, after review i discovered 8 of 11 hotels were switched. And here is the thing - they were ALL switched to cheaper quality hotels. I'm not saying switched hotels were horrible, just saying its beyond "or similar" when majority of hotels were of cheaper standard when i google and compare the hotels. I also understand that not all hotels advertised may be available, but very suspicious 8 of 11 were substituted downward, none upward. If Intrepid are downgrading guests to cheaper hotels they should also pass on some of these $$$$ savings to the guest, maybe a voucher for future trips or perhaps shout a free dinner as compensation. This would provide transparency and result in more guest appreciating this honesty - rather than feeling a bit gouged. It also took 1 star off the rating i really wanted to give Intrepid. I'll will still consider Intrepid for my next trip, but now also looking at other companies that offer "comfort style" trips.
And in comes Intrepid response very promptly, thanks Intrepid. I think you have missed the mark with that "generic" response. I never said I was unhappy with the alternative hotels. I truly loved the trip and could write paragraphs on how enjoyable it was.
I was offering Intrepid constructive ideas and the opportunity to address situation where a customer feels they have been "bait and switched" and not compensated. Instead, Intrepid chose to challenge the way customers should feel, rather than acknowledge events that can cause customer angst.
I cant wait until we can all travel again. Ihave 2 x Intrepid "comfort" trips on my hit list - but if i get "bait & switched" for majority of hotels again ( with zero compensation) - I promise I will be back on Trustpilot to tell others of experience. My 2019 Morocco trip was booked through Flight Centre if it helps to locate me if you NEED.
Good advise from my grandad - you get just as much "free" business from repeat customers and word of mouth vs costly advertising. Never abuse the former.
Read more

It is actually funny how Intrepid going…

It is actually funny how Intrepid going on and on about 'helping the community' and doing the right thing and then keeping travellers money when their customers needed it most. Keeping customers money saying its a 'hidden cost' and not being able to even explain what these 'hidden costs' are. is 'helping the community' all about your marketing? You don't mean it! If you mean it, give all our money back. How come you have spent any money on anything when the trip has not even started and it is cancelled months and months in advance. so what are those 'hidden costs'?
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We lost sooo much money

We lost sooo much money. Our trip was cancelled many times. Don't book unless you have money to give away for no good reason!

BUYER BEWARE: Intrepid Travel

I was booked on Intrepid Travel's trip 'Cruise Croatia: Dubrovnik to Split via Zadar' to depart April 2020. My tour was understandably canceled due to Covid. Obviously, I have zero issues with that. The total cost of my trip was $9002 but Intrepid Travel was only willing to partially refund me. They kept $1000 despite the fact that the tour was canceled and the tour I booked was guaranteed to depart. Intrepid said they needed to keep the $1000 for 'unrecoverable costs' yet, if I had kept the full $9002 with them there would have been no 'unrecoverable costs' and I could have used that money toward a future trip with Intrepid. I don't want a refund for my $1000, I just want to use that $1000 toward a future trip with Intrepid but they will not allow it. It's clear that Intrepid Travel is out for profit and, sadly, don't seem to care about their customers or how their customers are financially impacted during a pandemic.
Read more

Bad form.

One year after having to cancel our tour to Egypt due to COVID, it's safe to say Intrepid responded horribly compared to other travel brands and companies.

Myself and 4 family members booked a tour with Intrepid and they kept $1000 between the 5 of us. By FAR the most amount of money any company took from us due to circumstances beyond our control (a pandemic meaning we couldn't leave the country).

They insisted that they couldn't provide a line item breakdown of what we were actually paying for because a lot of it wasn't "able to be seen". I fail to see how you could have used $1000 of our money considering the itinerary had already been made.

It's an absolute joke to profit off people in a pandemic, and $1000 for a group of 5 is too much. Will stear clear once we can travel again, that's for sure.
Read more


Flight & Transport Inclusions

All internal ground transport Private vehicle,Plane,Riverboat,Felucca,Jeep

Group Size

Small Group - 24 max

Maximum Number of People in Group: 12


Comfortable hotel (10 nights),Feature Stay (4 nights)


All group trips are accompanied by one of our group leaders. The aim of the group leader is to take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best trip possible. Premium leaders are Intrepid’s most experienced, with in-depth knowledge and extensive local networks to make it a trip of a lifetime. Your leader will provide information on the places you are travelling through, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating venues and introduce you to our local friends. While not being guides in the traditional sense, you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the places visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious, and social aspects. At Intrepid we aim to support local guides who have specialised knowledge of the regions we visit. When not already included in your trip, your leader will be able to recommend a local guide service who can share more detailed or specialised information at specific sites should you be interested in delving deeper.

Age Notes :

Min. Age: 15

Max Age: 99

Additional Information

Finish point

  • Sulaf Luxury Hotel Amman
  • Al-Madina Al-Monawara St
  • Amman
  • Phone: +962 6 554 4515

Trip ID#:


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