Costa Rica Experience

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4.6 . Excellent
Travel Style: Array Mixed
Physical Level: Walking or physical activity half to most of day - no carrying equipment. 2- Easy
Lodging Level: Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels. Value (3*)
9 days
From: $ 1,237 $ 137 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • San Jose is Costa Rica’s cultural heart. Spend time wandering through the artisan stalls of the main Plaza de la Cultura, with plenty of time to stop for a refresco (smoothie) and to do some people watching.
  • Lend a hand at a farmstay outside of Santa Rosa de Pocosol, and learn some home-cooked recipes and techniques from the locals on a visit to the Juanilama agricultural community.
  • Marvel at the size and stature of the Arenal Volcano on the horizon, perhaps taking a soak and relaxing in La Fortuna’s lava-heated thermal springs.
  • Try to spot the elusive resplendent quetzal when you’re exploring Monteverde’s steamy cloud forests. Better yet, why not consider a jungle zip-line to get high in the sky?
  • With plenty of time to chill out at your own pace, Quepos’ surf vibe is ideal for catching some waves, lazing on the white-sand beaches or hiking the lush trails of Manuel Antonio with your travel pals.

Short Description

Discover a region of natural diversity, cultural riches and laidback vibes on a nine-day jungle jaunt through Costa Rica. Thanks to a longstanding tradition of preserving its natural assets, much of the country’s primary rainforest still stands, opportunities for nature-based adventures are endless and the beaches on both coasts are nothing short of picturesque. Kick back in the rustic beach town of Quepos, explore the steamy cloud forests of Monteverde, and get to know the locals by lending a hand on a rural farmstay near Santa Rosa de Pocosol. Explore the depths of this colourful and vibrant country with plenty of time to make this trip your own.

Style Small group tour
Off the beaten track trips will stretch your comfort zone. They don't always feature tourist highlights, but dive deeper into local life and culture.
Itinerary Focus Off the Beaten Path
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions All internal ground transport
Start City San Jose
End City San Jose


Costa Rica

Attractions & Cities Visited

La Fortuna Manuel Antonio National Park Monteverde

Age Requirement


No single supplement
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Day 1 San Jose

Hola! Welcome to Costa Rica. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm today. With over half the country's population living within its parameters, San Jose is an enjoyable city with intriguing museums and a dynamic atmosphere. If you arrive with time to spare, a good place to start exploring is the main plaza – perfect for some people watching. Artisan booths are common here and you never know when there'll be a spontaneous art fair.

Day 2 Santa Rosa de Pocosol

Travel by private vehicle to Santa Rosa de Pocosol (approximately 4 hours) where you’ll spend the night in a homestay. Just down the road is the Juanilama agricultural community, where you have the opportunity to get to know the locals, help with farm chores, and take an informal cooking lesson. Several villagers have built comfortable rooms for guests next to their homes, and you will stay in one of them this evening. Please note that these rooms use shared facilities. In order to make the most of this homestay experience, it may take a bit of effort from your side to break the ice first. Learn as many Spanish words as you can and get ready for some serious hand language signals. The reward for your efforts? An authentic slice of life in the Costa Rican countryside.

Day 3 La Fortuna

Today, continue towards La Fortuna – a small town situated just a few minutes away from Costa Rica's famous Arenal Volcano (driving time approximately 2 hours). Besides its panoramic views, the town offers a range of other activities such as the 70-metre-high La Fortuna waterfall, stunning lush forest, rare plants, animal watching and water-based activities on the lake. The volcano’s inner workings also mean that the area has a number of thermal springs where lava-heated water gushes to the surface. These springs have been sculpted into a number of pools and waterfalls, making them the ideal place to relax. Spend the rest of the day as you please in this exciting town, perhaps getting active on a stand-up paddleboard or looking for monkeys and caimans during a boat tour of the Cano Negro area.

Day 4 Monteverde

Today you’ll take the scenic route to Monteverde (approximately 4 hours in total). Travel by minibus to Lake Arenal, then cross the water by boat. On the other side of the lake, re-board a minibus and continue on to our destination. Monteverde was founded as an agricultural community in 1951 by a group of North American Quakers – they cleared virgin forest to create verdant pastures ideal for dairy farming. These environmentally-aware settlers were conscious of the danger that unrestricted settling and farming could cause to this precious habitat. Consequently, they established a small, privately-owned wildlife sanctuary, which has since grown to become the internationally-renowned Monteverde Cloudforest Biological Preserve. Perhaps start your exploration with a tour of the suspension bridges that hang in the trees, or head to the Serpentarium to see some crawly critters. More than 2000 species of plants, 320 bird species and 100 different types of mammals call Montverde home.

Day 5 Monteverde

Choose how you'd like to spend today in this beautiful area. Watch butterflies at play in the specially created garden, hire a local guide to show you around the area, visit a community cooperative or zip-line through the lush canopy! Whatever you do, be sure to keep an eye out for the resplendent quetzal – one of the most elusive birds in the world.

Day 6 Quepos

Travel through the mountains to Quepos by private minibus (around 5 hours). Located close to the beautiful Pacific beaches and exotic wildlife of Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos is a laidback town with a vibrant nightlife. Travel through the mountains to Quepos by private minibus (around 5 hours). Located close to the beautiful Pacific beaches and exotic wildlife of Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos is a laidback town with a vibrant nightlife. This afternoon, you'll get the chance to meet three generations of Costa Ricans and tuck into a traditional cooking class and lunch with them in their home. Prior to the pandemic, the family ran one of the most popular restaurants in Quepos for almost 20 years. Now, you're lucky to learn the secret flavours and spices of their traditional dishes and get to know the whole family. Once the sun goes down, why not grab a spot at a waterfront restaurant and sink your teeth into some fresh seafood with your travel crew – this is the life. Once the sun goes down, why not grab a spot at a waterfront restaurant and sink your teeth into some fresh seafood with your travel crew – this is the life.

Day 7 Quepos - Manuel Antonio NP

Spend your time enjoying all that Manuel Antonio National Park has to offer. Perhaps head out for a hike along one of the many trails on offer, keeping one eye on the great views and the other looking for the abundant wildlife. Monkeys, armadillos, sloths and hundreds of birds are among the species you maybe be able to spot. The park also boasts turquoise seas and white-sand beaches – perfect for swimming, kayaking, sailing and fishing. It would be easy to spend your whole time here in, or by, the water.

Day 8 San Jose

Take a public bus back to San Jose (around 4 hours). Arrive back in time for you to pick up some last-minute souvenirs at the city's colourful and vibrant markets. Then, head out for an optional dinner and a night on the town, getting a taste of the huge variety of nightlife on offer.

Day 9 San Jose

There are no activities planned for the final day and you are able to depart the accommodation at any time following check out. If you would like to spend more time in San Jose, we’ll be happy to organise additional accommodation (subject to availability).


Checking price
Price From $ 1,237
Price Per Day: $ 137 per day
Checking price
Start DateFinish DateBase PriceAvailability 
Feb-06-2023Feb-14-2023$ 1,500Sold Out Reserve
Feb-11-2023Feb-19-2023$ 1,585Sold Out Reserve
Feb-18-2023Feb-26-2023$ 1,585Sold Out Reserve
Feb-25-2023Mar-05-2023$ 1,555Sold Out Reserve
Feb-27-2023Mar-07-2023$ 1,3104 spots left Reserve
Mar-04-2023Mar-12-2023$ 1,525Sold Out Reserve
Mar-11-2023Mar-19-2023$ 1,5251 spots left Reserve
Mar-13-2023Mar-21-2023$ 1,4402 spots left Reserve
Mar-18-2023Mar-26-2023$ 1,485Sold Out Reserve
Mar-25-2023Apr-02-2023$ 1,2378 spots left Reserve
Mar-27-2023Apr-04-2023$ 1,45510 spots left Reserve
Apr-03-2023Apr-11-2023$ 1,6451 spots left Reserve
Apr-08-2023Apr-16-2023$ 1,5307 spots left Reserve
Apr-10-2023Apr-18-2023$ 1,51511 spots left Reserve
Apr-15-2023Apr-23-2023$ 1,5453 spots left Reserve
Apr-24-2023May-02-2023$ 1,5158 spots left Reserve
May-06-2023May-14-2023$ 1,4008 spots left Reserve
May-13-2023May-21-2023$ 1,40011 spots left Reserve
May-20-2023May-28-2023$ 1,4306 spots left Reserve
Jun-03-2023Jun-11-2023$ 1,40012 spots left Reserve
Jun-12-2023Jun-20-2023$ 1,40012 spots left Reserve
Jun-17-2023Jun-25-2023$ 1,40010 spots left Reserve
Jul-01-2023Jul-09-2023$ 1,4559 spots left Reserve
Jul-03-2023Jul-11-2023$ 1,45512 spots left Reserve
Jul-15-2023Jul-23-2023$ 1,45512 spots left Reserve
Jul-29-2023Aug-06-2023$ 1,45512 spots left Reserve
Aug-12-2023Aug-20-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Aug-14-2023Aug-22-2023$ 1,5158 spots left Reserve
Aug-26-2023Sep-03-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Sep-09-2023Sep-17-2023$ 1,40012 spots left Reserve
Sep-23-2023Oct-01-2023$ 1,40010 spots left Reserve
Oct-07-2023Oct-15-2023$ 1,40012 spots left Reserve
Oct-16-2023Oct-24-2023$ 1,40012 spots left Reserve
Oct-21-2023Oct-29-2023$ 1,4008 spots left Reserve
Nov-04-2023Nov-12-2023$ 1,40010 spots left Reserve
Nov-11-2023Nov-19-2023$ 1,4009 spots left Reserve
Nov-13-2023Nov-21-2023$ 1,4009 spots left Reserve
Nov-18-2023Nov-26-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Nov-20-2023Nov-28-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Nov-25-2023Dec-03-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Dec-02-2023Dec-10-2023$ 1,51511 spots left Reserve
Dec-09-2023Dec-17-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Dec-16-2023Dec-24-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Dec-18-2023Dec-26-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Dec-23-2023Dec-31-2023$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Dec-25-2023Jan-02-2024$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Dec-30-2023Jan-07-2024$ 1,51512 spots left Reserve
Jan-06-2024Jan-14-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jan-15-2024Jan-23-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jan-27-2024Feb-04-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jan-29-2024Feb-06-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Feb-05-2024Feb-13-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Feb-10-2024Feb-18-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Feb-17-2024Feb-25-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Feb-24-2024Mar-03-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Feb-26-2024Mar-05-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Mar-02-2024Mar-10-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Mar-09-2024Mar-17-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Mar-11-2024Mar-19-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Mar-16-2024Mar-24-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Mar-23-2024Mar-31-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Mar-25-2024Apr-02-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Apr-01-2024Apr-09-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Apr-06-2024Apr-14-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Apr-08-2024Apr-16-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Apr-13-2024Apr-21-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Apr-15-2024Apr-23-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Apr-20-2024Apr-28-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Apr-22-2024Apr-30-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
May-04-2024May-12-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
May-11-2024May-19-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
May-18-2024May-26-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jun-01-2024Jun-09-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jun-10-2024Jun-18-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jun-15-2024Jun-23-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jun-29-2024Jul-07-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jul-01-2024Jul-09-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jul-13-2024Jul-21-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Jul-27-2024Aug-04-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Aug-10-2024Aug-18-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Aug-12-2024Aug-20-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Aug-24-2024Sep-01-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Sep-07-2024Sep-15-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Sep-21-2024Sep-29-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Oct-05-2024Oct-13-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Oct-14-2024Oct-22-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Oct-19-2024Oct-27-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Nov-02-2024Nov-10-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Nov-09-2024Nov-17-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Nov-11-2024Nov-19-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Nov-16-2024Nov-24-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Nov-18-2024Nov-26-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Nov-23-2024Dec-01-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Nov-30-2024Dec-08-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Dec-07-2024Dec-15-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Dec-14-2024Dec-22-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Dec-16-2024Dec-24-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Dec-21-2024Dec-29-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Dec-23-2024Dec-31-2024$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
Dec-28-2024Jan-05-2025$ 1,43012 spots left Reserve
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Costa Rica Experience

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Flight & Transport Inclusions

All internal ground transport Private vehicle,Boat,Public Transportation

Group Size

Small Group - 24 max

Maximum Number of People in Group: 12


Hotel (7 nights),Homestay (1 night)


All group trips are accompanied by one of our group leaders. The aim of the group leader is to take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best trip possible. Intrepid endeavours to provide the services of an experienced leader however, due to the seasonality of travel, rare situations may arise where your leader is new to a particular region or training other group leaders. Your leader will provide information on the places you are travelling through, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating venues and introduce you to our local friends. While not being guides in the traditional sense, you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the places visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious, and social aspects. At Intrepid we aim to support local guides who have specialised knowledge of the regions we visit. If you are interested in delving deeper into the local culture at a specific site or location then your leader can recommend a local guide service in most of the main destinations of your trip.

Age Notes :

Min. Age: 15

Max Age: 99

Additional Information

Finish point

  • Urban Green Hotel
  • Avenida Central, Calles 1ra y 3ra
  • San Jose
  • Phone: +506 40806262

Alternate Finish point

  • For trips departing on the following dates, use this finish point.
  • 06 Feb 2023 (QVSS230206), 25 Feb 2023 (QVSS230225), 13 Mar 2023 (QVSS230313), 10 Apr 2023 (QVSS230410), 17 Apr 2023 (QVSS230417), 13 May 2023 (QVSS230513), 12 Jun 2023 (QVSS230612), 03 Jul 2023 (QVSS230703), 14 Aug 2023 (QVSS230814), 16 Oct 2023 (QVSS231016), 13 Nov 2023 (QVSS231113)
  • KC Hotel
  • 125mts West, 175mts South
  • Sabana Sur
  • San Jose
  • 10101
  • Phone: +506 25194100

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