Israel & Wonders of Jordan

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14 days
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • Tel aviv: Welcome dinner
  • Latrun area: Visit the site of David’s victory over Goliath in the Valley of Elah, the Monastery of the Trappist Monks in Latrun
  • Jaffa: Walking tour of the ancient port
  • Caesarea: Visit the Roman Amphitheater and the Crusader fortress
  • Acre: Visit the underground Crusader city
  • Haifa : Visit the Baha’i Shrine
  • Nazareth: Visit the Church of the Annunciation
  • Cana: Visit the site of the first miracle
  • Sea of galilee : Panoramic view; see an ancient fisherman’s boat; enjoy a cruise
  • Kibbutz: Lecture on kibbutz life
  • Mount of beatitudes: Visit the site where Jesus delivered his sermon
  • Capernaum: Visit the site where Jesus recruited his followers
  • River jordan: Visit a baptismal site
  • Bet she’an: Admire its Roman and Byzantine relics
  • Jerusalem: A panoramic view from the Mount of Olives; visit the Garden of Gethsemane; guided walking tour, follow the Stations of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall, and walk through the Jewish Quarter to Mount Zion, visit the Upper Room, the tomb of King David, and the house of Caiaphas; visit Yad Vashem and the Israel Museum; the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem; the Garden Tomb; farewell dinner
  • Masada: Ride a cable car and visit the cliff-top fortress
  • Dead sea: Experience the buoyancy feeling in the Dead Sea water and receive a salt scrub gift
  • Wadi rum : Four-wheel drive to Jordan's largest wadi
  • Petra : Guided sightseeing. Including the (LF) Siq and the Treasury; sip tea in a Bedouin tent
  • Kerak : Visit the Crusader Castle
  • Wadi mujib : Visit the "Jordanian Grand Canyon"
  • Madaba : Visit St. George's Church and the Madaba Archaeological Museum.
  • Mount nebo : Visit the area Moses saw the Promised Land
  • Bethany beyond the jordan : Visit the site of John the Baptist's settlement
  • Israel and Jordan are treasure troves of historical and biblical sights, and on this Israel and Jordan tour, you’ll visit their most famous and interesting sights
  • You’ll visit many of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Baha’i Shrine, the world center of Baha’i faith; Acre, a historic walled port-city where you’ll see the immense underground Crusader City; Masada, a rugged cliff-top fortress; and Petra, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World®, where you’ll walk down the Siq, a narrow gorge with spectacular colors flanked on either side by high cliffs

Short Description

Scenes from Scripture, scenes of the desert, and even scenes from the movies await on this historical and biblical tour of Israel and Jordan. As you travel from Tel Aviv, the “Mediterranean Manhattan,” to the calming waters of the Dead Sea, you’ll come alive as you float in the salt-laden lake, immerse yourself in fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and dig into out-of-this world plates of mezze—the Middle East’s version of Spanish tapas. Between the moving sites of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, you will be inspired by a variety of breathtaking natural wonders. Feel exhilarated on a four-wheel drive through the sand dunes of Wadi Rum, visit Wadi Mujib, the “Jordanian Grand Canyon,” and channel your inner “Indy” as you navigate the narrow gorge of the Siq at the rock-cut archaeological site of Petra—made famous in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Style Small group tour
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions All internal ground transport
End City DEAD SEA Safe travels until we meet again! Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning


Day 1

ARRIVE IN TEL AVIV, ISRAEL Welcome to Tel Aviv! This evening, meet your Tour Director and travel companions for a welcome dinner at your hotel. (D)

Day 2

TEL AVIV. EXCURSION TO VALLEY OF ELAH–LATRUN–JAFFA Giant Victories LATRUN AREA See the site of David’s victory over Goliath and visit the Monastery of the Trappist Monks.
JAFFA Take a walking tour of the ancient port. (B)
82mi/ 132km

HISTORY & MYSTERY Explore the ancient port of Jaffa, where biblical stories of Jonah, Solomon, and St. Peter took place. The Israeli city traces its roots to 1800 BC, with mythological tales of Andromeda and Perseus. Today Jaffa features picturesque alleys, art galleries, unique boutiques, ancient buildings, and wonderful landmarks.

Day 3

TEL AVIV–CAESAREA–ACRE–HAIFA Crusaders & Legendary Leaders CAESAREA Visit the Roman Theatre and the Crusader Fortress.
ACRE Visit the Underground Crusader City.
HAIFA Explore the Baha’i Shrine. (B,D)
62mi/ 100km

LEGENDARY LIVES Born Sayyed ʻAlí Muḥammad Shírází, “The Báb” was the founder of Bábism, and endures as the central figures of the Baháʼí Faith. He was executed in 1850 along with thousands of his followers by the Persian government which opposed this new movement. The magnificent shrine and ethereal gardens of Baha’i stand as a testament to the revered religious leader where his remains are laid to rest – a UNESCO World Heritage Site of extraordinary beauty.

Day 4

HAIFA. EXCURSION TO THE SEA OF GALILEE, MOUNT OF BEATITUDES, CAPERNAUM & KIBBUTZ Faithful Sites & Service MOUNT OF BEATITUDES Explore the site where Jesus delivered his iconic Sermon on the Mount.
CAPERNAUM Visit the site where Jesus recruited his first followers.
JORDAN RIVER Visit a baptismal site.
SEA OF GALILEE See Lake Tiberias before a [LF] scenic cruise. Hear a [LF] lecture on Kibbutz life. (B,D)
107mi/ 173km

EPIC RIDE Cruise on the historic waters of Lake Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) with panoramic views of the area. Later hear about the traditions of the Kibbutz. Hebrew for ‘gathering,’ Kibbutz life dates back thousands of years with quiet and collaborative communities of volunteers from around the world who work to enhance industry or agriculture in a peaceful and harmonious setting.

Day 5

HAIFA–NAZARETH–CANA–BET SHE’AN–JERUSALEM Miraculous Sites & Ancient Wonders NAZARETH Visit the Church of the Annunciation.
CANA Visit the site of Jesus’ first recorded miracle.
BET SHE’AN Explore the ancient city including the Roman and Byzantine relics.
Stop for a panoramic view of Jerusalem. (B,D)
147 mi / 235 km

ARCHAEOLOGICAL WONDERS Bet She’an is one of the best-preserved archaeological sites of this region and well worth some time to wander around. Ongoing excavations at this UNESCO World Heritage site reveal time-worn colonnade-style streets, bathhouses, and an auditorium with perfect acoustics.

Day 6

JERUSALEM. EXCURSION TO MASADA & THE DEAD SEA Uplifting Waters & Wonders JERUSALEM Take a scenic drive through the Judean wilderness en route to the Dead Sea.
MASADA Take a cable-car ride to visit the cliff-top fortress.
DEAD SEA [LF] Float in the saltwater of the Dead Sea and receive a salt scrub gift. Return to Jerusalem. (B)
64 mi / 103 km

NATURAL WONDERS Feel weightless as you float effortlessly on the waters of the Dead Sea. This legendary salt lake in the Jordan Rift Valley is fed by the Jordan River, with its salty surface lying 430.5m below sea level – the lowest land-based shores on Earth.

Day 7

BETHLEHEM Take an orientation tour and visit the Church of Nativity. (B,D)
6 mi / 10 km

IN MEMORIUM Yad Vashem (the World Holocaust Remembrance Center) takes its name from the biblical verse, ″And to them will I give in my house and within my walls a memorial and a name (a yad vashem)” – (Isaiah, 56; 5). Here, roughly one million visitors come to remember the millions who were persecuted during WWII. Housing a remarkable collection of historic and personal artifacts, stories, and memorials to the Jewish people who suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime, Yad Vashem leaves a deeply profound impression of remembrance and conviction in the souls of all who visit.

Day 8

JERUSALEM. EXCURSION TO THE OLD CITY History & Mystery JERUSALEM Take a guided walking tour of the Old City.
includes the Garden Tomb, Mount of Olives, and the Garden of Gethsemane. Follow the Via Dolorosa and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Stop at the Western Wall. Walk to Mount Zion and visit the Upper Room where Jesus and his disciples had the last supper. Visit the tomb of King David. Dinner at your hotel. (B,D)

Jerusalem is totally unique; there is no place like it. A city of tradition, religion, and history, but also increasingly of modern culture and heritage. Take in all this while you wander around the maze of streets listening to the story that made it so special even astronaut Neil Armstrong when visiting said, “I am more excited stepping on these stones than stepping on the moon.”

Day 9

JERASH Visit the Greco-Roman ruins en route to Amman. (B,D)
111mi / 178km

ART & ARCHITECTURE Explore the remarkable Roman ruins of Jerash’ ceremonial gates, colonnades, temples, and auditoriums. Considered one of the world’s largest and best-preserved sites of Roman architecture, Jerash gives a glimpse into a world of chariots racing before 15,000 spectators in the Hippodrome, and religious sacrifices carried out in the Temple of Zeus.

Day 10

AMMAN–WADI RUM–PETRA Red Roving in Wadi Rum WADI RUM Free time for lunch. Take a scenic [LF] four- wheel drive tour in the red sandstone landscape of Wadi Rum and receive a complimentary keffiyeh (traditional headscarf).
PETRA Enjoy free time this afternoon. (B,D)
272mi/ 437km

EPIC RIDE Climb aboard a four-wheel drive for a visually thrilling ride you’ll never forget. Explore a spectacular Mars-like landscape spanning nearly 200,000 acres in the painted desert and rocky masterpieces of Wadi Rum.

Day 11

PETRA Cinematic Treasures PETRA Guided walking tour features the Siq, the famous narrow gorge. See the famous Treasury. Free time for lunch. [LF] Sip tea in a Bedouin tent. (B,D)

PICTURE PERFECT Enjoy an unforgettable experience as you walk down the Siq, the narrow gorge made famous by Indiana Jones. Stand in awe in front of the iconic and famed treasury. See spectacular temples and tombs created out of the rose-hued sandstone, and sip tea in an authentic Bedouin tent.

Day 12

PETRA–KERAK–WADI MUJIB–DEAD SEA A River Wild KERAK Visit the Crusader castle, followed by free time for lunch.
WADI MUJIB Photo stop at the canyon. (B,D)
187mi/ 301km

NATURAL WONDERS Stop for a photo opportunity at the spellbinding canyon of Wadi Muji. Towering above Jordan’s Mujib River on its way to the Dead Sea, the Mujib Biosphere Reserve is home to fascinating and rare wildlife species who call this spectacular natural landscape their home.

Day 13

DEAD SEA. EXCURSION TO MADABA, MOUNT NEBO & BETHANY BEYOND THE JORDAN The Promise Land MADABA Visit St. George’s Church and the Madaba Archaeological Museum.
MOUNT NEBO Stand at the site where Moses saw the promised land.
BETHANY BEYOND THE JORDAN Take an orientation walk. Enjoy free time this afternoon before a farewell dinner at your hotel. (B,D)
29mi/ 46km

ART & ARCHITECTURE Explore the market town of Madaba, home to a bounty of breathtaking Byzantine mosaics. See the most famous of these ancient works discovered amid the rubble of the floor of St. George’s Church – revealing a treasure of early Christianity and the oldest existing map of Palestine.

Day 14

DEAD SEA Safe travels until we meet again! Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning. The nearest airport is Amman. (B)


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Israel & Wonders of Jordan

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Company Reviews

Excellent tour director and driver

Excellent tour director and driver. very nice locations and hotels. Food very good

We love globus

We love globus, gréât hôtel accommodations, food and restaurant choices and itinerary.. our tour director in South Africa is also great, his name is Taki, we really enjoyed our vacation and pace with him, no pressure just pleasure
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Great trip

Sheryl Evans was a great tour director. Switzerland was an amazing country. This was a unforgettable trip.

Epic trip

The experiences were varied and well planned. The tour director, Juliet Hudson, was exceptional. Hotels were comfortable and food was plentiful!

Down Under Discovery

The Down Under Discovery was well organized and the trip gave us a good taste of NZ and Australia. Our tour guide was over the top with her knowledge of the Kiwi and Aussies, but her personality made this trip exceptional.
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Great Globus host guide

I enjoyed both the guide’s history review of the area and the variety of excursions. We were lucky to have a humorous Globus guide, who made sure at every point that we were comfortable and enjoying our experience. Of course, as I am sure you know, the most difficult part is trying to balance toilet, eat and shop within small windows of time
Our arranged transport went without a hitch.
Thank you Globus! We’ll be joining you again in Greece in October
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Optional Activities

QC|Fascinating Israel
QCE|Israel & Wonders of Jordan

Flight & Transport Inclusions

All internal ground transport

Group Size

Intimate Group - 12 max


Herods Hotel Tel Aviv

Contemporary High-rise Hotel situated on the Mediterranean, in hub of fashionable tourist center.

Tel Aviv
155 Hayarkon Street

Leonardo Plaza

Set on the Mediterranean coast close to Mount Carmel, this 184-room property offers relaxing tranquility, an indoor pool with retractable roof for the summer months, a gym, a restaurant, and elegant lounge bar. Guestrooms are all air-conditioned and offer free Wi-Fi internet access, coffee & tea-making facilities, and in-room safes.

On Carmel Beach 10 David Elazar St.

Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem

This 269-room hotel is located in one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, close to both the old and new city with Free Wi-Fi access throughout. Delicious Italian cuisine can be enjoyed in the hotel's restaurant and there is a seasonal outdoor swimming pool which offers a breathtaking view of Jerusalem as well as a luxury spa with Jacuzzi, sauna and fitness room.

47 King George Street


This modern 14-story hotel is located in the vibrant commercial district of Jordan's capital close to shopping malls and attractions. It offers an elegant all-day dining restaurant, a shisha lounge with panoramic views, a sports bar, and a contemporary lobby lounge serving refreshments and ice cream. Leisure facilities include a well-equipped gym, sauna and steam rooms, as well as a seasonal outdoor swimming pool. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the hotel including the 214 spacious guestrooms which are all air conditioned and complete with coffee/tea-making facilities, minibar, and in-room safe.

Al Madina Al Monawara Street

Movenpick Nabatean Castle

Relax in the unique 110 sqm heated indoor pool located on the hotel's garden level. Surrounded with windows opened during summer, enjoy the view onto the private terrace.

Taibah Street

Moevenpick Resort & Spa

Seaside resort that offers therapeutic benefits from the salt water and elaborate marble lobby with grand chandeliers.

Amman-Dead Sea
Sweimeh, Dead Sea Road P.O. Box 815538

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