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Top Kayaking & Canoeing Attractions

  • Seeing seals up close in New Zealand
  • Braving rough ocean waters in Tasmania
  • Canoeing in the Everglades of Florida and feeling like one of the first explorers 
  • The incredible experience of rowing among wild Orca’s in Canada

Kayaking & Canoeing Tours & Travel Guide

Kayaking & Canoeing Attractions & Landmarks Guide

From sea kayaking where you can see orca's and otters, to long distance canoe trips across tranquil lakes and creeks, these small craft water trips can be exciting and peaceful at the same time.

Kayaking and Canoeing - What’s the difference?

While similar, these activities are nevertheless distinct in a few ways.

Kayaks are typically smaller, and usually involve one person per vessel. A lot of times your lower half is covered over, protecting from water splashing into the kayak. This is especially useful because unlike most canoes, in a kayak you are not in an upright sitting position, above the boat floor, but rather with your legs stretched out on the bottom of the kayak.

Canoes on the other hand are longer, and may involve two or more people to a vessel. They are also open and can be a bit more cumbersome to manipulate. 

Kayaks are much more suited to rougher waters, and are often used in the ocean. Canoes are more often used for calmer waters such as lakes or rivers. 

Neither requires tremendous skill, but be prepared to use a lot of upper body strength! And if you are going sea kayaking, know that the ocean can tend to have a mind of its own. Rough waters can make the experience an exhilarating one, but always pay attention to where your group is and listen for instructions from your guide. Occasionally there will be a need to avoid rip tides or unexpected weather causing larger waves.

Up Close and Personal

A kayaking and canoeing trip gives you a unique perspective! When you’re on top of, but still so close to the water, you get a much different sense of place and distance. And plus a great view looking back at the shore! It’s also an excellent opportunity for getting up close and personal with local wildlife, including curious sea creatures like dolphins, seals, and even the magnificent black and white Orca.

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4.8/5  Excellent
732  Reviews
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Oct 2023

Written on

Wonderful and Varied Adventure

This is an excellent trip with a great variety of activities and adventure. A train into the mountains, biking, hiking, kayaking, glaciers, ocean, rainforest, and po...



Oct 2023

Written on

New Zealand's adventure - a Rousing Success

Unexpected wildlife and plant growth, and land features constantly, with breathtaking beauty, and with an air of untouched freshness. Oh, and the cycling was excitin...



Oct 2023

Written on

Wonderful and Varied Adventure

This is an excellent trip with a great variety of activities and adventure. A train into the mountains, biking, hiking, kayaking, glaciers, ocean, rainforest, and po...



Oct 2023

Written on

New Zealand is a must see place. Do it with VBT

3 wonderful local guides that enhance your educational & cultural experience



Oct 2023

Written on

New Zealand

Guides were terrific and NZ is beautiful. The biking on t...

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