Style : Group tour
Italy & the Greek Islands tour

Italy & the Greek Islands

Travel Style: Array Mixed
Physical Level: All or most of day hiking or biking, hills included. Moderate
Lodging Level: Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels. Value (3*)
15 days
From: $ 2,644 $ 176 / day
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Highlights (Bullets)

  • Step into the Renaissance in Florence
  • Indulge in Italian food and wine while taking in the Tuscan countryside
  • Explore ancient Rome, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel
  • Hike to the top of Athens’ ancient and famous Acropolis
  • Partake in epic, world-class nightlife in Santorini and Paros
  • Snap a photo of the beautiful whitewashed buildings of the Cycladic Islands
  • Flood your Instagram with unreal vistas and Santorini sunsets

Short Description

Ancient history meets epic parties on Italy and the Greek Islands. See Michelangelo’s David up close and personal in Florence, envision yourself as a Gladiator in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome and travel back in time to where Western Civilization began on the Acropolis of Athens. After all that history, unwind on a white sand beach, drink in hand, on two of Greece’s most iconic islands: Paros and Santorini.

Style Group tour
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions Roundtrip air to/from trip start & all internal transport
Start City Florence
End City Florence


Day 1: Overnight Flight To Florence

Meals: Dinner

Board your overnight flight. You’re heading to Italy & Greece, the yin and yang of classical history; home to endless sunshine and stylish Mediterranean living.

Day 2: Arrival In Florence

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Welcome to Florence, Tuscany’s top city! The “Cradle of the Renaissance” helped usher in a more modern Europe thanks to its transformative effect on arts and architecture. Cozy up to the to top art museums, amazing food and great nightlife; Florence is Italy at its best.

Today's Highlights:

Meet an EF representative at the airport

Transfer to your accommodation and check in

Receive the latest schedule from your Tour Director

Meet the other travelers as they arrive

In the evening, it’s time for our Welcome Mixer. Enjoy appetizers and drinks with fellow travelers at an authentic local spot. Afterwards, take the party elsewhere.

Day 3: Explore Florence

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Join a local guide for a spirited walking tour featuring the best of the city’s Renaissance artwork.

Today's Highlights:

Cross the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence, home to many jewelers and art merchants

Stroll the Piazza della Signoria, where you’ll find Uffizi Gallery and a copy of Michelangelo’s David

Check out the celebrated Baptistry doors, the first product of the Renaissance

Visit the Duomo Cathedral; return during your free time to climb up 463 steps for stunning views of the city

Free Time Suggestions

Take a Hike: Snap the perfect picture of Florence’s skyline after hiking up to San Miniato al Monte.

Shop 'til You Drop: The area between Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo is our favorite.

Day 4: Cinque Terre + Free Day In Florence

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Enjoy a full free day in Florence, or take an excursion to the gorgeous Italian Riviera & Cinque Terre.

Free Time Suggestions

Art Class: View the Medici Family’s art collection at the Uffizi Gallery, one of the best art museums in the world.

One Goliath of a David: See Michaelangelo’s David at the famous Galleria dell’ Accademia.


The Italian Riviera & Cinque Terre   (extra cost; weather permitting)

Spend a full day exploring the Italian Riviera's gem—the tiny seaside villages of Cinque Terre. Ride up the Italian coast and catch a train to the village of Riomaggiore. After a quick tour, the rest of the day is yours to explore. A train connects the five villages, so pick one or two to visit. Our recommendation: Don’t miss beautiful Vernazza, where you can explore, grab lunch and swim in the cove. We also can’t get enough of Monterosso; the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters dazzle every time.

Day 5: Travel To Rome Via Orvieto

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Board your private coach for a delightful drive through the Tuscan countryside en route to Rome.

Today's Highlights:

On the way to Rome, stop in Orvieto, a quaint Italian hill town perched atop a rock cliff

Marvel at the artistry of the facade of Orvieto’s stunning cathedral

Look out at the cypress-dotted plains of Umbria

Benvenuti a Roma!

Settle in at your accommodations and then head out and explore Rome on your own. Tomorrow, you’ll explore the ancient Colosseum and Roman Forum.

Day 6: Explore Ancient Rome

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Walk in the footsteps of the likes of Caesar, Cicero and Augustus; visit the Colosseum and the palaces and temples where Rome grew into one of history’s great empires. Skip the line with guided tours of the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

Today's Highlights:

Experience the heart of ancient Rome with visits to the Colosseum and Forum

Walk the Via Sacra, the ceremonial and public main street of Ancient Roman life

Stand where gladiators battled to the death in mortal combat

See the ruins of several Roman temples, including the Temple of the Vestal Virgins

Day 7: Vatican City + Pasta-Making Class

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Peace be with you as you stroll the home of the Pope and capital of Catholicism: Vatican City. Then, do as the Romans do and learn how to make authentic pasta by hand.

Today's Highlights:

Get an in-depth look into Papal history and politics with an expert guide

Cross another country of your list (Vatican City is an independent nation)

View the frescos of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s greatest work

Visit the Vatican Museum, one of the largest, most renowned art collections in the world


Taste of Italy: Pasta-Making Class   (extra cost)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do best: cook awesome food. It starts with crafting the dough for homemade pasta, and finishes with a delicious meal prepared by your own hands. Along the way, you’ll get to taste some of the finest olive oil and vinegar with a local food guide while learning about Italian food traditions throughout the ages. This is truly an authentic cuisine experience you can’t find anywhere but Italy itself.

Day 8: Travel to Athens

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Welcome to Athens! 2,500 years ago, it was one of the most important cities in the world; its art, politics, architecture, and literature have reverberated down through the ages. Today, Athens is a vibrant metropolis, and a perfect jumping-off point for any adventure in Greece.

Today's Highlights:

Board your early flight to Athens

Arrive and check in to accommodation

Feel the glory of ancient Athens on a guided tour of the Acropolis, including the Parthenon

Enjoy stunning views of Athens from the top of the Acropolis

See the famed Kore statues in the Acropolis museum

The rest of the day is yours to explore! Your Tour Director will have suggestions, but here are some College Break favorites:

Fill Up: Sample ouzo, the local aperitif, at an authentic Greek taverna.

Get Your History Fix: The National Archaeological Museum is revered for its extensive collection of classical antiquities.

Day 9: Free Day in Athens

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Your Tour Director may arrange an optional group activity, but the day is completely yours to explore Athens as you wish.

Free Time Suggestions

Lunch Break: Roam the Athens central markets and grab a bite to eat. This is a great place to try some local fare

Gifts for Mom: Shop the Monastiraki Flea Market for interesting curios or the perfect souvenir, then take in the nearby vintage shops and galleries.

Day 10: Travel to Santorini

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Escape the hustle and bustle of Athens and immerse in island life, Mediterranean style. After a short, 30-minute flight to Santorini, you’ll enjoy endless sunshine, whitewashed buildings and volcanic beaches.

Today's Highlights:

Board your 30-minute flight to Santorini

Arrive and check in to your accommodation

Join your Tour Director for a group activity or explore the island on your own

Free Time Suggestions

Fira Way: Check out the cliffside bars, which overlook the Caldera and are a great vantage point for sunset.

Beach Time: Visit one of Santorini’s top beaches for an evening swim—there are dozens to choose from.

Day 11: Explore Santorini

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Continue to explore Santorini’s volcanic landscape. You have one more day in this island paradise; head out for an optional wine tasting at sunset, or do your own thing.

Today's Highlights:

Join your Tour Director for a hand-picked a group activity or plot your own adventure; you’re free to customize your day however you’d like!


Cliffside Wine Tasting & Village Tour (extra cost)

Leave mid-afternoon for Profitis Elias, the highest point of Santorini, for views of the beautiful beachscape and caldera. Then, go off the beaten path and explore the small, winding streets and terraces of traditional Greek villages before a wine tasting at Santorini’s vineyard—the rich soil makes the island a great place to grow wine. Finally, head to Oia, one of the best places to take in the sunset.

Free Time Suggestions

The Found City of Atlantis: The Akrotiri Ruins are a Minoan Bronze Age settlement buried in volcanic dust, this site predates Pompeii and is considered by many to be the famed lost city of Atlantis.

The Thira of Everything: This Greek and Roman archaeological site is perched high atop the cliffs on the southeast part of the island.

Museum On: The Archaeological Museum of Thera and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera are great options.

Day 12: Set Sail for Paros

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Set sail for Paros in the heart of the Cyclades Islands. With over 75 miles of golden sand beaches, Paros is one of the true delights of the Greek Islands. This is where locals go to vacation.

Today's Highlights:

Depart Santorini in the morning

Arrive in Paros and check in to your accommodation

Join your Tour Director for a hand-picked a group activity, or plot your own adventure; you’re free to customize your day any way you’d like!

Free Time Suggestions

Sunset: Enjoy a legendary Paros sunset anywhere on the western coast of the island.

Naoussa Nightlife: When the sun sets, everyone on the island heads from the beaches to the bars; Naoussa is where it begins and ends.

Day 13: Explore Paros

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

Keep exploring the best of Paros. Recharge, relax and spend the days under the blue skies on one of the island’s best beaches. Bring a bottle of wine, a book and your personal playlist—you’re in a beach paradise.

Today's Highlights:

Free day! Your Tour Director may coordinate a group activity, but you’re welcome to experience Paros as you’d like.

Free Time Suggestions

Chill Out: Try a quiet meal or drink inland at the village of Lefkes, a serene and rustic village in the hills above the beaches.

Go Back in Time: Stroll Parikia’s narrow, pebble-lined streets and the Frankish Castle built from the masonry originally used on an ancient temple.

Day 14: Return to Athens

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

It’s back on to the azure waters of the Aegean, this time returning to Athens via ferry. You’ve got one last chance to bask in the city that gave us democracy, epic poetry, tragedy, history writing, philosophy and much more.

Today's Highlights:

Board your ferry to Athens

Join your Tour Director for a group activity or plan an adventure of your own

Return the streets of Athens to explore the city one more time

Enjoy a farewell dinner with your group

Free Time Suggestions

Dig It: The National Archaeology Museum is considered one of the greatest museums in the world.

Follow the Light: Flood-lit like a beacon towering over the city, Mount Lycabettus offers a spectacular view of the city.

Farewell Dinner

Share some last laughs (and maybe shed a few tears) at an included farewell dinner with the group.

Day 15: Fly Home

Meals: Breakfast

It's time to say your goodbyes. Head to the airport for your flight back home.


Checking price
Price From $ 2,644
Price Per Day: $ 176 per day
Checking price
  • Deposit Price: $ 150

80 EF College Break (EF Ultimate Break) Travel Reviews & Ratings

3.0 out of 5 (100+ reviews)
Excellent 39
Great 1
Average 1
Disappointing 2
Terrible 37

Italy & the Greek Islands


The only positive thing about this entire trip was our tour guide who was knowledgeable and kind despite all the horrible things that happened during the trip.

To start, EF puts you on the worst flights imaginable. My first flight (out of 3) was cancelled the night before I was supposed to leave and EF refused to help me. I spent 8 hours on hold with the airline to get booked on another flight. I made it to my second flight and was denied boarding for no reason (at the fault of the airline). I called the 24/7 EF emergency line and they said they could only help me during business hours from Mon - Fri between 8am - 5pm ET. I later learned they helped someone else on my trip over the weekend, which was outside their "business hours." The emergency line is useless and the people who answer the phone are incompetent. I was stranded in another country for 24 hours with no assistance from EF and still had not made it to my destination. They refused to help me with the airlines, booking a hotel for the night or meals. When I finally made it to my destination, I had missed 2 days of the trip.

The hotels on the trip are the worst I've stayed at in my entire life. They are dirty and in extremely inconvenient locations. The restaurants we were taken to were not great - I could have found better on my own and you're stuck in a bus with 40 other people for the majority of the trip. We spent more time on a bus than actually touring the cities.

On my trip home, I barely made my connecting flight and was lucky because I would've been stranded AGAIN in a foreign country. Others on my trip dealt with lost luggage, more cancelled flights, being stranded or left on their own to figure it out. I understand a lot of these issues were airline related, but it's also because EF puts you on the cheapest possible flights, which means you get the worst service and no one cares about you. It's truly remarkable how little EF cares about their trip attendees.

Once I arrived home, I called EF to talk about my experience and to discuss reimbursement for the two days I missed. I had also purchased the travel insurance. I was told to file a claim and that "they rarely decline claims." The girl I spoke with said she'd talk to her supervisor and get back to me. I followed up three times and haven't heard from her in 5 months. She completely ghosted me. I filed a claim and followed up with them multiple times as well and just today, again 5 months later, received an email saying my claim was denied.

This company has the WORST customer service I've ever experienced and they DO NOT care about you or your safety during their trips. They want your money and that is all. I spent an additional $1,000 on a hotel and food while I was stranded because the city I was in was completely sold out on hotel rooms - money I will never see again in addition to what I spent on the trip itself. Even if you are a poor college student, you deserve a way better experience than this company provides.

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I think a little re-evaluation of tour guides is needed.

Went on one tour to Italy and Greece. I believe that one was planned out as well as it could have been. We missed excursions we already paid for and was told too bad, no refund. Then Barcelona was extremely dissapointing. I got home and cancelled my third tour. I would not recommend for several reasons.. Rude unhelpful tour guide, not being fed when that's all the group wanted, ended up walking around the entire city on foot but only had three special passes included that made the trip something other than just walking around and getting a normal sight seeing experience. While going to another country is amazing, do not let it blind you to the work this company does! Both trips EF tours was the worst part and interfered with my experiences. I think a little re-evaluation of tour guides is needed.
Read more

Company Reviews

Highly Recommend

The London-Paris-Amsterdam trip through EF Ultimate Break was terrific! When looking into travel programs, one aspect I want is organization. EF was highly organized. From flights to transportation in each city to the activities planned, EF had everything down pat.
Our tour leader, Kyri, was equally as fabulous. He was fun and excited to show us each city. A guide can make or break a tour, and Kyri made ours special.
I would highly recommend looking into a trip with EF!
Read more

They are very much irrational....a trip…

They are very much irrational....a trip cost 1800 and they want to keep 1k for cancelling regardless of the issues you are having. Do not book with this company! Plan you own trip or find someone else.
Read more


Do not sign up with this company. They just cause more extra stress for their travelers and customers. I had her worst experience with them ever. And it just seems like they find every little thing to to take your money. In the end, I felt very scammed.
Read more

I had the most horrible experience with…

I had the most horrible experience with EF Ultimate. They have horrible customer service and customer satisfaction. They will do anything to take your money, and it is sneaky. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. They will scam you.
Read more


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Add on another trip

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Flight & Transport Inclusions

Roundtrip air to/from trip start & all internal transport

Group Size

Standard Group - 25 + people

Cancellation policy

You have 48 hours to cancel and receive a full refund. You can also switch trips up to 99 days before you leave.

The full amount paid upon enrollment is refundable if you cancel in writing within 48 hours of booking the tour. After 48 hours, the deposit is non-refundable and the following standard cancellation fees apply.

If you are booking 30 days or less prior to the scheduled departure date for your trip, you are required to pay in full at the time of booking and standard cancellation fees then apply; you are not eligible for the 48 hour risk-free period.

Based on the date EF receives written notification of your cancellation, you will be refunded for monies paid minus the cancellation fee and any non-refundable fees. (See refund and non-refundable Fee description above for more details.) In addition to notifying us of your cancellation in writing, we also recommend you call so that we can best review your options.

Days Prior to Departure and Cancellation Fee

30 days or less is all monies paid

30-60 days will be $2000

61-99 will be $1000

100-364 days is  $450

365+ days will be $150

Age Notes :

Min. Age: 18

Max Age: 28

Additional Information

  • Stress Free Travel
  • Full-time Tour Director
  • Round-trip flights
  • Handpicked Lodging
  • Guided Sightseeing
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Transportation Between Cities

Trip ID#:


What's excluded

  • Rooming upgrades
  • Optional excursions
  • Travel Protection
  • Beverages, lunch, and dinner (except where specified in the itinerary)
  • Transportation to free-time activities
  • Customary gratuities (for your Tour Director, bus drivers and local guides)
  • Porterage
  • Any applicable baggage-handling fees imposed by the airlines
  • Expenses caused by airline rescheduling, cancellations or delays caused by the airlines, bad weather or events beyond EF’s control (see Flight Information section for details)
  • Passport, visa and reciprocity fees
  • Fees associated with Special Travel Arrangements (See Special Travel Arrangements section)

Meals Included

Daily breakfast & three-course Farewell Dinner

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