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Top Thailand Adventure Tours Attractions & Experiences

Top Thailand Adventure Tours Experiences

  • Taking a jungle trek and seeing incredible wildlife
  • Sea kayaking through incredible blue waters
  • Exploring the world underground in enormous caves
  • Tasting new flavors and foods at Bangkok’s many enormous markets
  • Visiting an elephant sanctuary and volunteering for a day

Thailand Adventure Tours Tours & Travel Guide

Thailand Adventure Tours Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Adventure travelers may think of Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Iceland before they think of Thailand, but this incredible country is more than just busy food markets and beautiful beaches. Visitors traveling on a tour to Thailand who are interested in adventure travel are in for a treat.

Of course “adventure” is applied in many different ways when it comes to travel. It can mean braving the unique and unfamiliar food items around the many famous food markets in Bangkok. It can mean taking a walking tour through small countryside villages and interacting with locals. And it can mean sea kayaking around one of the many islands off of Thailand's extensive shoreline.

Top Adventure Travel Activities in Thailand

There are so many adventures to choose from in Thailand, but here are some of the top classic experiences.

1. Interact with Elephants in Chiang Mai - Animal experiences are a touchy subject in the travel world. Ethical travel often involves working with establishments that work to rehabilitate animals that had been used for tourism, and the Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai is one such operation.

2. Sea Kayaking - Thailand is renowned for its beaches. And while lounging, coconut in hand on the soft white sand is attractive, there’s action to be had here too! Take to the beautiful blue waters on a sea kayaking excursion for a thrilling, active and rewarding afternoon. Sea kayaking is challenging but the waters around Thailand's islands are usually calm and temperate. You'll often find hidden lagoons to swim and enjoy a rest before striking off back to shore. If you are visiting Koh Kradan, this is a popular island for sea kayaking as it’s so small, you can circumvent the entire island in three hours or under.

3. Jungle Zip LinesThailand is home to some of the world’s most beautiful jungles. It is undeniable that one of the best ways to see a jungle is to soar through the canopy, at a literal bird’s-eye-view. Doing a zip line is fun activity, requiring no previous experience. And though you are high in the trees, many many safety measures are in place to prevent injury or falling.

Other than the thrill of it, zip line tours also introduce you to the indigenous wildlife and plant life of the area through knowledgeable guides, and you have the opportunity to walk between zip platforms high above on swinging bridges.

The Chiang Mai zip lines are extremely popular, but because of this it can get very crowded. There are many other areas in Thailand where you can zip line, including outside of Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Koh Samui Rainforest.

4. Snorkeling - The bright blue ocean waters around Thailand are so clear, they absolutely beckon snorkelers to get a glimpse of life under the sea. This is great activity for families. Young kids can enjoy the bright coral beds, schools of tropical fish, and a reef shark or two, providing endless delight.

Some of the best spots for snorkeling in Thailand include:

Kata Beach: Secluded, quiet, and not crowded even though it’s only about a mile long, Kata Beach provides wonderful opportunities for snorkeling in it’s shallow and safe waters.

Ao Niang Bay: Part of Hat Chao Mai National Park, the reefs around this bay are heavily protected. Wildlife and coral thrive, providing excellent viewing opportunities. Ao Niang is off the coast of Koh Kraden island, which is among the lesser visited and farther out islands in Thailand.

Maya Bay: Fans of the film “The Beach”, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio will immediately recognize this setting. The beautiful waters are just as enticing as in the film, and it’s a perfect spot for snorkeling as the bay is almost all coral reef. Protected and shallow, it’s secrets are below as well as above the surface. It does get crowded though, for its filmdom infamy.

5. Night Biking in Bangkok - Nighttime in Bangkok may spring something else entirely to mind, but if you have a night free, hit the town in an entirely different way when you explore by two wheels. These tours typically end in the early morning, when many of the markets are just opening, so another bonus is you’ll have the chance to experience them without the massive crowds.

6. Whitewater Rafting - Thailand offers an abundance of areas for whitewater rafting. All levels will find a place to enjoy this activity, from extreme to easy floating. Phuket and Chiang Mai dominate the main spots for this activity, in particular the Mae Taeng River, but you can venture farther afield to experience it in Phang Nga, Hua Hin as well.

7. Waterfall Abseiling - This activity is an absolutely thrilling way to get outdoors and cool off in the jungle humidity. The Doi Inthanon Waterfalls in Chiang Mai are one of the most popular destinations for this exciting activity. Located in Doi Inthanon National Park, an attraction for its many waterfalls as well as hiking, wildlife spotting, and camping. During the rainy season, between May and November, the waterfalls are at their most brilliant.

8. Jungle Trekking - Zip lining shows you the view from the air, but feel like a true explorer as you trek ancient paths through the jungle. Take in incredible wildlife, plant life, and have your camera ready for anything.

9. Caving - Thailand is just as intriguing underground as it is under and above the ocean waters. Adventurers who enjoy the mysterious world of caves, will find caving activities in abundance throughout Thailand. Some are accessed only by sea kayak, revealing secret hidden lagoons and idyllic pools straight out of a novel. The days are full of adventure when you take a cave tour in Thailand. Here are some of the caves you can experience:

Phang Nga - The Phang Nga caves are a remarkable experience, and very popular Thailand tour activity in Phuket. Your tour to the caves begins by kayaking to the cave’s entrance through classic bright blue Thai ocean waters. Float past multiple limestone formations, some of which create various “hongs” (rooms). Some of these rooms connect, forming a vast labyrinth of hidden treasures to discover. Phang Nga bay is also popular for nearby James Bond Island, which shot into fame from the film “The Man With the Golden Gun”.

Phraya Nakhon - Situated in Khao Sok National Park, this cave requires a boat trip or hike to access it’s mouth. Once inside an entrancing walk awaits. You will stumble upon one of the stranger cave sites in the world. No not a creepy albino spider or group of bats. This is a pavilion, nestled under shafts of light, that was erected in the 19th century in honor of a king that was visiting.

Tham Lod - Located in Mae Hong Son Province in northern Thailand, this is a full cave system, about 1 mile long. Worth exploring for the 1,700-year-old coffins that were discovered here. There are ample jagged stalactites and stalagmites, formed in numerous bunches from the steady rains in the area over thousands of years. Nearby is another cave, Tham Mae Lana, much larger in size, so tours tend to visit sections only.

Chiang Dao - The Chiang Dao caves are also very popular and well known, so book early if you’d like to explore this area. The caves have been intrinsically linked with the local culture and history of the area, and many local legends exist with the caves as a prominent story element.

Thailand Adventure Photography Tips

Many Thailand activities involve water or dark lighting. Here’s some tips to get the best possible photographs.

1. Bring a monopod. Monopods are great for tours where you’ll be doing a lot of walking and want to lessen any bulkiness. In Thailand you may be exploring caves or the jungle, and traveling with as little extra weight as possible makes the journey a lot more enjoyable.

2. External Light Source. Some of the caves in Thailand are full of ambient light, but others are more traditional and darker. Your camera won’t be able to pick up as much as you think, so having an external light source or flash is essential for picking up the nuances you can see with the naked eye. For caves that do have filtered light from outside, practice shooting with different fstops and shutter speeds to effectively capture the soft tones.

3. Waterproof Casing. If you want to swim, dive, or snorkel, there’s no way you should pass up capturing the beautiful light blues and greens of Thailand’s incredible waters. Soft and ethereal colors both above and below the surface are the hallmark of Thailand picture postcards. Shooting underwater for clarity is a challenge, so take advantage of Thailand’s clear waters. If you don’t want to spring for a lot of DSLR equipment, there are a lot of smart phone and go pro casing options.

4. Soft shoulder or neck strap. Thailand gets hot and humid, and especially if you’re doing some jungle trekking you’ll want to have your camera out and ready to snap wildlife shots. The generic strap can get itchy and uncomfortable quickly, so making one out of lightweight and water resistant material (avoid cotton) can help you hike longer and much more comfortably.

5. Bring the camera in the kayak at your own risk! It is highly advisable to leave the nice camera at home for long days kayaking. Unless you have a very secure way to tie it down, or are confident in your kayaking abilities enough to be comfortable having it out, heed the warning. Your guide will know if the waters get more choppy at a certain time of day or other issues that could arise that you may not be aware of.

Before you go


For US citizens, UK citizens, and Canadian citizens, if you’re planning to be in Thailand for less than 30 days, you are not required to obtain a tourist visa. However, you must ensure that your passport is valid 6 months after your date of entry into Thailand. Though you may not be required to present it, it will be a good idea to have proof of the length of your stay available.


If you’re entering Thailand from a country with yellow fever present, have your proof of vaccination ready to show. Hep A and Typhoid vaccines are recommended as the risk of getting ill from contaminated food and water is heightened, especially if you partake in the street food scene (recommended! But be discerning about where you go. Always ask your guide or fellow travelers for their recommendations).

CDC travel information for Thailand

Show your doctor where you’ll be traveling to determine if you should take anti malarial precautions.


Zika has been reported in some areas of Thailand, but it is endemic as opposed to epidemic. You are not in as high a risk from Zika than if you were traveling in some areas of South America. Nevertheless, if you are pregnant or traveling with young children, you may want to consider another travel destination.

In the cities, be very alert and cautious to your surroundings. Pickpocketing is common as are more heinous crimes such as kidnapping, especially for young single women traveling alone.

When crossing the street, know that pedestrians do not have the right of way in Thailand! Crossing the street can be very dangerous with the high numbers of tuk-tuks, motorcycles, and cars all competing for the right of way.

Be wary when choosing adventure activities! Safety standards may not be what you’re used to as a western traveler. This is another very good reason to go through a reputable tour company who is familiar with local operators and outfits.

Thailand Adventure Tours Reviews


Bob Z.

Feb 2023

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I was amazed at how well this trip was planned. I had such a fantastic time!

Besides the positive reviews, this company seemed to include a lot in each trip, which made it an easy decision to book my trip to Thailand. I was amazed at how well...


Jean W.

Feb 2023

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All of the hard planning and organizing was done for me which was such a treat!

I had no idea Northern and Central Thailand had so much to offer before finding this trip through CharlieTheTraveler online. It was easy to book and even easier to t...


Laura G.

Feb 2023

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This made for a great trip with no stress! I came back from the trip relaxed and refreshed thanks to this company!

When I booked my trip to Thailand with CharlieTheTraveler, I knew exactly what I was getting. There weren’t any surprises so I was able to pack accordingly. This mad...


Barbara Schmidt

Feb 2023

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CharlieTheTraveler provided the perfect tour guide for this trip to Thailand.

CharlieTheTraveler provided the perfect tour guide for this trip to Thailand. He definitely made the tour much better, as I could not imagine the trip without him. H...


Dylan R.

Feb 2023

Written on

I can’t wait to book my next with this company!

CharlieTheTraveler planned the perfectly balanced trip to Northern and Central Thailand, which is known for both its natural and cultural beauty. This was a great tr...

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