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Top Tunisia Attractions & Experiences

Top Tunisia Experiences

    • Visiting the location of Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine home
    • Exploring Tunisian history at the Bardo National Museum
    • Seeing beautiful mosques and architecture
    • Going on a trekking excursion through the Atlas Mountains
    • Exploring fascinating archaeological finds at the Sousse Archaeological Museum

Tunisia Tours & Travel Guide

Tunisia Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Safety in Tunisia

There is currently a Level 2 Travel Advisory put in place by the U.S. government. This asks that citizens “exercise increased caution” in light of terrorist threats in several cities, and along the Libyan border. This means having a contingency plan in place, avoiding protests, and being aware of the possibility of kidnapping.

The good news is that traveling with an experienced tour guide on a specialized tour package is potentially the safest way to experience the country. If you are willing to calculate the risks and plan to travel safely, there is an incredible wealth of culture and experiences to be had. Tunisia is wedged between the azure water of the Mediterranean and the largest desert in the world, the Sahara, and boasts some of the best beaches and historical sights in the world.

Top Landmarks

For those interested in archaeology, visiting the renowned ruins of the ancient city of Carthage is a must. Famously destroyed by the Roman Empire in 146 BC, extensive archaeological excavations have shed light on what life was like within the medieval city’s walls. To see some of the artifacts discovered, visit the Bardo National Museum, and revel at the sight of stunning Islamic pottery, Roman mosaics, and Phoenician artifacts. The fortresses Monastir and Bordj el Kebir are two other, unmissable attractions.

Religious Sites

Some of Tunisia’s most visited sites are also religious places. The mosques, medina, and tombs of Kairouan -- the fourth most important city in the Muslim faith -- are some good examples of just how beautiful Arabic architecture can be.

Tunisia also has a historically Jewish quarter (which would be best explored on a Jewish Heritage tour), and a beautiful temple in La Ghriba that is a significant site of pilgrimage in the faith.

Natural Vistas

One of the natural wonders of the world, the Sahara, is easily accessible from Tunisia -- in fact, the desert covers most of the country. There are various ways to see the otherworldly landscape; camel riding, four wheeling, and trekking are just a few. No trip to Tunisia would be complete, however, without watching an uninterrupted sunset over unending red sand dunes.

To visit the beach, there is Jerba -- a beautiful island and classic tourist destination -- but also lesser known towns, such as the picturesque Sidi Bou Said, or Hammamet.

Tunisia Star Wars Tours

One little-known fact is that Tunisia served as a major film location for the original Star Wars films. Prior to the revolution, the film spots and abandoned sets were major tourist attractions. Fans of the movies should take a trip around Jerba to see the various sites, and visit the iconic Amphitheatre of El Jem, a massive Roman amphitheatre that served as a film set of Star Wars and Gladiator.

Some of the coolest Star Wars related sites are alien structures that were used in the film, but weren’t built for it. For example, the beehive-like building that served as Anakin Skywalker’s house in Star Wars is actually an ancient, fortified granary.


Many travelers are pleasantly surprised by Tunisian food, which is a combination of Mediterranean and North African fare. Tunisia is well known for its impeccable fresh fish dishes, delicious harissa, couscous, and tanjine -- among other things. Whatever your meal, you will likely be given fresh bread along with it, as bread is sometimes served as a substitute to silverware.

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Best of Tunisia

The trip has a number of high spots, including El Jem, the Bardo Museum and camping in the Sahara

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