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Top Italy Culinary & Wine Tours Attractions & Experiences

Top Italy Culinary & Wine Tours Experiences

  • Learning how to make pasta from scratch in an Italian home
  • Staying overnight in a Tuscan abbey from the 11th century
  • Enjoying simple, farm fresh ingredients on a picnic in the vineyards
  • Wine tasting in some of the world’s premier wine regions such as Piedmonte, Abruzzo, and Tuscany 
  • Exploring small, picturesque villages, discovering local delis with homemade products
  • Enjoying the light, tart taste of a strawberry gelato
  • Learning about the traditional process for making Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese in Bologna

Italy Culinary & Wine Tours Tours & Travel Guide

Italy Culinary & Wine Tours Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Nothing beats a food and wine tour in Italy. The rolling vineyards of Tuscany, the Mediterranean influenced fare in the south, delicious thin crust pizza in Naples…your taste buds will be in heaven! Let Stride help you find the perfect tour for your tastes.

It may seem like a stereotype, but Italians do truly love food, love eating, love the communal aspect of cooking and sitting down to a meal. There’s a welcoming warmth in the kitchen. Every meal is an event. Families often make their own wine, olive oil, and pasta from scratch - recipes have been handed down through generations, often not written down.

A culinary tour in Italy will introduce you to many experiences. You'll eat in local establishments, making regional specialities. Learng the proper way to cure prosciutto, explore the ultra specific region where Parmigiano-Reggiano is made - get ready to eat and drink some of the best food and wine in the world!

Regional Italian Food

Food in Italy is very regional, with dishes integrally connected to what the specific region offers. You will find everything from light, seafood-rich Mediterranean fare, to heavier peasant style dishes, rich in potato, pasta, and meats in the north. When these distinct nuances come to light - you will realize that there are many Italy’s to visit.

Along Italy’s northern European borders, you will find a more forest-influenced cuisine. Stews, polenta, risotto’s, truffles, and mushrooms are everywhere here. Hearty and earthy dishes, with chunky meats - a reflection of the cooler climate and wider European influences.

On the north western coast, basil grows wild in the port city of Genoa. Delicious pesto made from the fragrant herb is traditionally served over gnocchi. And if you think you don’t like anchovies, you may reconsider after you try this Genoa delicacy.

In the south of Italy is Puglia, "Italy's heel." Positioned along the Adriatic Sea this region is quickly becoming a foodie destination. Here you'll find food stalls, offering fresh ingrediants from artichokes to asparagus. Unlike the pasta in the north of Italy, which has a softer consistency, pasta in the south is made with durum wheat flour and is typically more al dente after cooking. In Puglia they are known for orecchiette, shell shaped pasta, still made by hand.

Italians take their food seriously - everything is made with care and attention, and they take pride in their region’s specialities. There is nowhere better in the world to learn the process of appreciating your food, from the farm and ingredients, to the kitchen and cooking process, to the table where every bite is a burst of flavor and laughter flows as easy as the wine.

Wine Tasting in Italy

Wine tasting is a universal language: Swirl, sip, enjoy, pour, repeat. The nuances of the wine are explored, discussed, matched with delectable cheeses, and it is debated whether this wine would pair better with a classic Italian spaghetti or a light summer evening gazpacho.

Not only will you be introduced to spectacular old world wines, you’ll get to spend your days at spectacular villas, taking in views of the Italian countryside. 

A wine tasting tour in Italy is an experience like no other. Typically the experience will be slightly more rustic than Sonoma or Napa wine tasters may be used to. Be prepared for dust, dirt, chilly cellars with potent smells of winemaking at work! 

But rustic isn’t at all meant to imply primitive. Rather you may not have the veneer of a posh tasting room, and will feel the buzz of the winery at work around you, as you taste the product of the vineyards. Your tour leader points out the exact row of grapes that produced the wine in your glass. Among descriptions of the winery’s history, you get a true sense of what “old world wine” means.

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Sep 2022

Written on

Classic journeys expensive sham

Incredibly squalid lodging - no amenities- boiling hot- bad, cheap food and wine. 19 people - 8 more than promised at booking - paid single premium but treated se...



Aug 2023

Written on

TrovaTrip is a scam

TrovaTrip is an absolute scam and an MLM. Not only do they not deliver the trip and services promised, they are openly negligent. We paid over $3k USD for the tour (...


Proceed with EXTREME caution

Nov 2022

Written on

I pray people read this review and save themselves time, money, and utter distress and frustration

This company deploys abusive communication tactics to frustrate, provoke and deter paid clients of theirs from "give up" They will take your money and then you are ...



Oct 2019

Written on

Perfect first trip to Italy

We flew in from Albany, New York. The entire nine days of the Tour we had nothing but incredible food. Our guide Giovanni spoke perfect English and is a true expert ...


Anne Coral

Sep 2019

Written on

The real Italy we have never seen!

We have visited Italy a few times but never had an experience quiet like this one. Everything was authentic, our group was made up of only 6 guests and the whole exp...

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