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Top Surfing Attractions & Experiences

Top Surfing Experiences

  • Watching the waves crash to shore as the sun sets behind the horizon in a sunset surf lesson

  • Taking in the sights of Sydney and Byron Bay

  • Perfecting your pop-up in the Pacific Ocean

  • Zipping through Costa Rica’s jungle canopy on a zip line before heading out to the water

  • Find your zen in a post-surfing yoga session

Surfing Tours & Travel Guide

Surfing Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Surfing is one of the most popular beach activities, and there are opportunities to learn for all ages. It takes patience and practice, but learning with a group is one of the best ways to make sure you achieve the ultimate dream of riding the waves. It's easy to find lessons for all different experience levels and soon you're out on the beach enjoying learning a new skill. Let Stride find the perfect surfing group trip for you!

About Surfing Vacations:

Surfing can be a wonderful way to get back in touch with nature and escape the daily grind.  There are many destinations in the world that offer wonderful surf---for varying levels of ability and varying price points. The best pointer is to do some research as to what the conditions are likely to be like in your chosen destination at the time of year you’re planning to go, as waves can vary dramatically at different times of year with summer not necessarily being the best season for surf.

How Much Surfing Would You Like To Do On Your Tour?

Some trips offer the opportunity to try your hand at surfing for one lesson or one day. This can be a great chance to see if surfing is something you’d like to do more of, or for those who aren’t sure if they want to commit to a full week or more of surf camp. Just don’t expect to be surfing a barrel in a day! 

For those ready to learn or develop their skills, week - long, or longer holidays provide plenty of time to get used to the waves and work on your pop-up in the white water or start honing some green waves.  

Surf Camps

Whether you’re a first timer or have tried your hand a few times before, Surf Camps can be a great way to practice popping up on the waves.

One of the great advantages of surf camps is that it’s a relaxed way to learn to surf with little investment required by you. Boards and wetsuits are all provided, with no need to buy your own. Surf camps are often located right on the beach with walk-in access to waves, although some may be located a short drive or walk away from the beach. 

Surf camps vary in vibes with some being extremely chilled and laid back (think yoga classes and massages by the beach too) while others have more of a party vibe. Have a look into what feels right for your trip.  

Standards of accommodation can range widely too. Some camps are literally camps in that accommodation is provided in either basic or luxury tents. Other surf camps provide higher end accommodation in fixed buildings, apartments, or lodge-style accommodation. 

Board basis varies from trip to trip, from fully inclusive 3 meals a day to self catered trips. Some camps (usually the higher end ones that focus more on yoga as well) offer a vegetarian, vegan or healthy-eating focused menu. 

Exploring the Local Area

Some camps will take you to the same spot each day, while others will take you to different beaches depending on conditions. Surfing can be a great way to get to know the coastline of your destination from (literally) a different angle.  

Many camps also include a ‘day-off’ or ‘non-surfing-day’ where excursions may be organized to nearby towns, cities or to do non-surfing activities such as horse riding on the beach. Check your trip itinerary or with your tour operator for details.  

Where to Go On Your Surfing Tour

Depending on your personal point of view, surfing is arguably most enjoyable in tropical destinations with warm water, where a full wetsuit is not required. Some destinations are extremely popular with many surf schools lining the beach. This can create great vibes but can lead to competition for space in the water. 

If you want a quieter surfing experience have a look for camps or vacations that are in spots with fewer surf schools on the same stretch of beach. When in the water always be courteous to other surfers, even if they do not extend the same to you. 

A Word About Learning to Surf

Rome was not built in a day, and (from this writer’s personal experience) neither were professional surfers. Surfing is an amazing activity that can take time and patience to master - but investing in a week can be a great first step. Go with the flow, stay in the moment, don’t look down and feel the adrenaline rush as you catch your first wave! 

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Jun 2023

Written on

Pleasant experience in Vietnam

A great trip. Very well organised throughout, and it felt like the trip managed to fit a lot in. Thank Dat, our consultant, for arranging all the things. Nice hotels...



May 2023

Written on

Nice trip

Prestigo is brilliant. I love kayaking in halong and scuba diving in Phu quoc. Hoi An was also peaceful. Love people and food. Thank you for your support all the tim...



Dec 2019

Written on

I loved every second of this trip

I’m just about to finish up my 2 week trip with Do You Travel and Im so bummed that its over!.. I’ve had the time of my life! Island hopping in El Nido was my favour...



Nov 2019

Written on

Such an amazing experience!

Such an amazing experience! Loved the itinerary especially the nights camping on the island by the bonfire. The meals provided at our beach front accommodations were...



Jun 2019

Written on

Itinerary was awesome

Itinerary was awesome. Jam packed with awesome activities to the point that we were absolutely exhausted by the end, but spending 4 days in Siarago at the end of the...

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