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Top Wheelchair Travel Attractions

Our meticulously curated travel tours ensure an unforgettable journey with utmost comfort for adults with disabilities. Immerse yourself in vibrant cultures, explore iconic landmarks, and indulge in unique activities tailored for travelers with disabilities.
  • Marveling at the great cathedrals in Europe
  • Enjoying the brisk air and wild landscapes of Scotland and Ireland
  • Going on safari and witnessing incredible wildlife
  • Taking in the majesty of New Zealand
  • Observing the unbelievable species variation on the Galapagos Islands
  • Enjoying a long leisurely al fresco lunch at a cafe in Rome
  • Exploring ancient ruins in Greece
  • Cruising through the stunning Norwegian fjords
  • Witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights in Iceland
  • Visiting historic castles in England
  • Discovering the vibrant street art scene in Berlin
  • Experiencing traditional tea ceremonies in Japan
  • Admiring the architectural wonders of Barcelona
  • Participating in cooking classes in Thailand
  • Exploring the colorful markets of Morocco

Wheelchair Travel Tours & Travel Guide

Wheelchair Travel Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Discovering travel tours for people with disabilities has become increasingly feasible, particularly if you choose the right tour operator. Almost any destination is accessible — of course, some are easier than others. 
Selecting an appropriate mode of travel is crucial. Cruising is one of the most popular choices, followed by train journeys, which facilitate exploration across diverse terrains, from mountainous regions to deserts. 

Accessible Travel With Small Ship or River Cruise
Physical Level: Very Easy
Top Operators: Travel for All, AMA Waterways, Silversea, Sage Traveling
Embarking on a European River Cruise is a popular choice for travelers who use wheelchairs. Once on the cruise, travelers with disabilities need to unpack only once — no need to switch accommodations and worry about accessible transportation. 
Imagine sitting on the deck as wonders of Europe drift by as you enjoy delicious local wines and cuisines. Disabled travelers also get easy access between the boat sections, decks, dining areas, and staterooms.
One thing to note is that river cruise vessels designed to navigate narrow waterways and pass beneath low bridges may not all have elevators. This could restrict access to upper viewing decks for wheelchair users. So, while you may be able to travel in a wheelchair, your access to the upper viewing deck may be limited.
It is also highly recommended that travelers with disabilities travel with a companion who can help, especially in situations such as disembarking at ports, where gangways aren't always the most sturdy.
For those seeking more rustic adventures, expeditions to destinations like the Amazon are feasible, though they may entail a higher level of ruggedness. Small ship cruises, similar to river cruises in terms of intimate travel experiences, offer additional comfort and spaciousness, along with a variety of room-size options.

Custom or Luxury Safari With a Wheelchair
Physical Level: Easy
Top Operators: Ker & Downey, Abercrombie & Kent, Rothschild Safaris
For wheelchair travelers seeking a luxurious African adventure, custom or luxury safaris offer unparalleled comfort and tailored experiences. 
Luxury safari lodges often feature spa facilities after a long dusty day on the savannah, allowing guests to unwind after exhilarating game drives. Spacious rooms with private verandas offer breathtaking sunset views, enhancing the safari experience.
While traditional game drives can be rough and lengthy, custom tour operators specialize in accommodating travelers with disabilities. They collaborate with local guides to arrange smoother, shorter drives over even terrain, ensuring accessibility without compromising wildlife viewing opportunities. 
Wheelchair travel tours prioritize your interests, crafting itineraries that maximize enjoyment while catering to individual needs.

Train Tours for Handicapped Travel
Physical Level: Very Easy
Top Operators: Rocky Mountaineer, Great Rail Journeys, Abercrombie & Kent
For people with disabilities, especially older adults, train tours offer a captivating way to explore the world. Picture yourself traversing the Alps or witnessing the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains through enormous windows designed for optimal viewing. 
Luxury train travel, complete with private staterooms and personalized service, evokes a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era.
However, it's important to consider the accessibility of train platforms worldwide. Many platforms are old and may pose challenges for limited mobility travelers. Before booking your accessible travel, reach out to the tour company to ensure that the stops along the route are accessible, providing a smooth and enjoyable journey for all passengers.

Best Accessible Travel Destinations
Many cities around the world are making significant strides in improving accessibility, making them ideal destinations for limited mobility travelers. Here are a few European cities most suitable for handicapped travel tours, each offering unique attractions and amenities to ensure an enjoyable experience:
  • Barcelona: Known for its innovative architecture and vibrant culture, Barcelona boasts numerous wheelchair-accessible attractions, including the iconic Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.
  • Amsterdam: With its flat terrain and extensive network of accessible transportation, Amsterdam is a breeze to navigate. Visitors can easily explore the city's picturesque canals, museums, and historic sites.
  • Vienna:Renowned for its grand palaces, classical music, and rich history, Vienna offers a wealth of accessible attractions, such as Schönbrunn Palace and the Vienna State Opera.
  • Paris:The City of Light is not only visually stunning but also relatively accessible for disabled travelers. From iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower to world-class museums like the Louvre, Paris offers plenty of wheelchair-friendly attractions.
  • Berlin:As a modern and cosmopolitan city, Berlin has made significant efforts to improve accessibility in recent years. Visitors can explore historical sites like the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate, as well as vibrant neighborhoods and green spaces.
  • London: With its comprehensive public transportation system and numerous accessible attractions, including the British Museum and Buckingham Palace, London is an excellent choice for limited mobility travelers seeking diverse experiences.
How Do I Pick Suitable Tours for Handicapped Travel?
On Travelstride, tours are categorized into five primary physical levels: Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, Strenuous, and Extreme, providing clarity on the level of activity involved. This knowledge can ensure you can pick the most suitable tour to match your mobility needs. 
For disabled travel, Very Easy to Easy tours typically include river cruises, small ship cruises, guided tours with flat surfaces, and motor vehicle transportation. 
Remember to verify wheelchair accessibility with the tour company to ensure a welcoming experience.

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Jan 2018

Written on

Castles, kilts and whisky - oh my!

My trip to Scotland was amazing! There was something for everyone to enjoy. From the beautiful landscapes, sheep everywhere, botanical gardens, Queen's yacht &...


Wonderful Tour

Dec 2017

Written on

The tour was a wonderful experience

The tour company really takes the time to find find great locations and provide time to relax.


Italy Tour

Dec 2017

Written on

Great Tour

Loved all of the locations. Small group and personalized attention.


Switzerland and Germany Tour

Dec 2017

Written on

Switzerland and Germany Tour

Great areas, hotels and transportation.

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