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Top Armenia Attractions & Experiences

Top Armenia Experiences

    • Learning about the Armenian Genocide through the many exhibits at the Genocide Museum and seeing the eternal flame at the nearby memorial
    • Watching a sea of traffic converge at Republic Square
    • Wandering countless stalls of pickled vegetables, fragrant spices, and live animals at the Armenian Market in Yerevan
    • Climbing the many steps of the Cascade for a bird’s-eye view of Yerevan
    • Staring in awe at the Hellenic Garni Temple and admiring the vast valley below
    • Crawling around the Geghard Monastery and finding dark cavernous rooms illuminated by filtered sunlight
    • Gazing up at the 23 meter statue of Mother Armenia and exploring the Military Museum that tells the story of Soviet Armenia
    • Descending the 7 meter ladder into the dark well of the Khor Virap Monastery with Mt Ararat in the distance

Armenia Tours & Travel Guide

Armenia Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Situated between Europe and Asia in the Caucasus Mountains, landlocked Armenia is known for its ancient culture, including many Christian pilgrimage sites. (Its cultural heritage dates back three millennia and it became the first official Christian nation in 301 AD.) Medieval monasteries, mountain hiking, Armenian cuisine and cafes, and the lively capital city of Yerevan – which sits in the shadow of Mt. Ararat across the Turkish border – are among the highlights of this historic country.

Hidden deep in the Caucasus region, Armenia is a mystery to most tourists. It’s an intriguing mix of deep history, religious significance, and natural beauty. The country is also in a unique position given its frosty relationship with neighboring Azerbaijan and Turkey. Considering its time as a Soviet republic and subsequent transition to a sovereign state, the country has a rich and often complicated history that demands the attention of sophisticated travelers who are looking for a deep and rewarding experience.

Yerevan and Nearby

As expected, Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan is the heart of the country and serves as a great starting point for any adventure. This city includes a moving tribute to the country’s troubled past with the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum. Although a sobering reminder of the country’s tumultuous relationship with its western neighbor, Turkey, this memorial and museum offers unique insight to the atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire and is important to understanding Armenia today. Back in the city center, climb the stairs of the Cascade which provides breathtaking sights from high atop the city. Yerevan also offers some of the most action-packed, colorful, and rich market experiences anywhere. Furthermore, Armenia has many archaeological and religious sites including Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, and Khor Virap, all within a day trip of Yerevan.

Beyond Yerevan

Outside Yerevan, Armenia has a wide variety of options for the casual tourist and adventurer alike. For relaxation, travelers visit Lake Sevan for time at the beach and fun in the sun. Balance the sunscreen with hiking boots in the mountain town of Dilijan. For travelers looking for more challenges, visit the famed Mt Aragats with four peaks, the highest rising over 4,000 meters. If you’re ready for more adventure, return to Yerevan and take the overnight train to the neighboring capitals of Baku (Azerbaijan) or Tbilisi (Georgia).

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Mar 2017

Provided byG Adventures

Armenia and Georgia comprise a fascinating part of the world that still lies off the beaten track

Armenia and Georgia comprise a fascinating part of the world that still lies off the beaten track. And it feels that way. Many of us on the trip knew little about th...



Oct 2016

Provided byG Adventures

It was interesting experiences

It was interesting experiences



Oct 2016

Provided byG Adventures

Armenia and Georgia were very interesting countries to visit

Armenia and Georgia were very interesting countries to visit. Being with a small group was great as we all got to know each other well, and we all looked out for eac...



Oct 2016

Provided byG Adventures

We didn't learn a single word in Armenian

We didn't learn a single word in Armenian. Do I need to say more-



Sep 2016

Provided byG Adventures

I would highly recommend this tour, it was such an excellent introduction to a part of the world that is deeply interesting given its rich cultural heritage and history

I would highly recommend this tour, it was such an excellent introduction to a part of the world that is deeply interesting given its rich cultural heritage and hist...

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