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Top Thailand Food Tours Attractions & Experiences

Top Thailand Food Tours Experiences

  • Sampling a new dish at a food stall in one of Bangkok's many vibrant and atmospheric markets
  • Learning to create classic and traditional Thai dishes in a cooking class
  • Visiting local farms and learning about the food production in Thailand
  • Browsing stalls of fresh produce and helping support local organizations
  • Enjoying coming up with a personalized combination of sauces and spices for classic dishes

Thailand Food Tours Tours & Travel Guide

Thailand Food Tours Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Thailand travel experiences are almost synonymous with tremendous food experiences. The Thai cuisine is unlike any other - distinctly Asian flavors, yet also distinctly individual. When you take a tour of Thailand, expect your tastebuds also to go on their own journey.

The Thai Food Market

Food in Thailand is regional, and so is the market culture. One thing most travelers are excited to experience is the famous food markets throughout the country. Tours in Thailand are bound to visit a market or two, sampling the street food and watching amazing dishes being prepared right before your eyes, with deft precision.

This experience is like no other - succumb to the noise, crowds, smells, and tastes. There are multiple markets in Bangkok, each with their own unique personality. Then there’s the smaller local markets in the countryside. Here’s some of the can’t miss markets in Thailand:

1. Chatuchak Market, Bangkok - This weekend market is the ultimate Thai market experience. Bangkok’s largest market, and a classic food adventure. Attending this market is hitting the ground running for your Thailand experience - albeit it is a “touristy” bucket list kind of item. Regardless, this is what you think of when envisioning the quintessential Thailand market - crowded, busy, loud, full of different smells, multiple languages and dialects, steam rising up from food stalls.

In peak seasons, this market attracts over 200,000 people a day, and has over 15,000 booths selling everything from food to crafts. The market is enormous, so plan a good half day to go, explore, get lost, and enjoy the swirling activity.

2. Bangkok Farmers Market - Shop here to support local organic farmers in Thailand. More high end food items can be found here; it’s also a great place to sample traditional Thai dishes, made with high quality fresh ingredients. The market and its supporters work to encourage healthy living through community outreach, yoga classes, charity, and education initiatives.  

3. Klong Toey - For some of the freshest produce, fish, and shellfish in all of Thailand, head to this market in Bangkok. This is one of the more authentic food markets in Thailand, with locals and business owners taking advantage of the wholesale prices. It’s a great glimpse into the food culture and economy of Bangkok, especially in a country so renowned for its cuisine.

4. Bang Nam Pheung - To get outside of the city, this market is a great day trip from Bangkok, located on the Phrapradaeng Peninsula, an area of rural, picturesque farmland. The market is food centric, and a popular itinerary for the day may involve purchasing some lunch and having an impromptu picnic. This market is a frequent stop for bike tours, taking in the lush Thai countryside, and the area is popular for other activities like bird watching.

5. Chiang Mai Sunday Market - In Thailand’s northern mountainous region lies beautiful Chiang Mai. The Sunday Market is the largest and most popular market here. It’s a great place to purchase handcrafted goods, as well as sample the distinct cuisine of the region from various food stalls and surrounding restaurants.

Top Thailand Dishes

During a visit to Thailand, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll sample at least a few of these classic Thai dishes. A common practice is to have your meal served with multiple condiments and various sauces to add to your dish - take advantage of mixing and familiarizing yourself with these flavors. By the end of your Thailand tour you’ll have your very own personalized preferences and be a pro at creating your meal exactly how you want.

Many if not most Thai dishes are very spicy. Ask your tour guide for advice on how to order if you prefer things a little more mild. Also, if you spend the nights enjoying some of Bangkok’s infamous nightlife, a number of Thai dishes do double as classic and effective hangover cures. Coincidence?

1. Tom Yum Goong - This dish has everything quintessentially Thai: spiciness, sourness, seafood, and bold flavors. It usually features shrimp as the main protein, served with vegetables and spices in a deliciously complex broth. (The word “Tom” refers to the boiling process used to make the broth. As many Thai dishes are broth based, you will see this word frequently throughout your Thailand food tour).

2. Som Tum -  This dish hails from the Northeast regions of Thailand, where it’s main ingredient grows in abundance. Those travelers in the know may be slightly alarmed when offered a taste - Som Tum is a right of passage of sorts due to its intense spiciness. It is a salad including papaya, chilis, garlic, tomato, and green beans. Many regions serve it with their own unique twist.

3. Tom Kha Gai - One of the many Thai dishes to include coconut, Tom Kha Gai is among the most popular. Also very spicy, yet the coconut adds a cooling nature, making the spice less hot and more flavorful. Infused with the calming scents of lemongrass, and featuring a fresh dash of lime, it’s a delectable treat to dive into. This dish typically includes chicken, but sometimes will use seafood instead.

4. Gaeng Daeng - The bright red color of this curry dish may lead some tasters to be wary, but never fear. This dish is far more savory than it is spicy. It has a reputation for leaving almost %100 of tasters completely satisfied. The main protein is often switched out based on availability; it can also be made vegetarian.  

5. Pad Thai - An instantly recognizable dish, especially for westerners, Pad Thai in Thailand is actually not that different than the Pad Thai from your favorite Thai restaurant at home. The ingredients are fairly simple, so part of the appeal to this dish is making it your own with classic Thai condiments.

6. Pad Krapow Moo Saap - Fried basil and pork are the stars of this dish, an extremely popular meal among travelers and locals alike. It is often served the way locals like it (with a lot of chilis) so be sure to ask for it “a little spicy” if your taste buds have a difficult time with the spice threshold of many Thai dishes.

7. Gaeng Keow Wan Kai - This classic green curry contains either chicken or fish as the main protein, and the delicious flavors of coconut milk, basil and coriander. It is most common in Central Thailand. Delicate interlacing tastes make it a slightly lighter tasting meal than the red curries, but no less filling.

8. Kai Med Ma Muang - Another chicken dish, this is a delicious and popular side dish consisting of chicken and roasted cashew nuts. A fantastic dish to share, it often accompanies rice or noodle dishes.

Enjoying a Thailand Food Tour

Food tours in general are all about being open to new flavors. In Thailand you may be uncomfortable at first with the intense spiciness, but let yourself acclimate to it. You may find yourself ordering completely authentically by the end as your palate becomes less sensitive to the spicey nature of Thai dishes.

That said, there is actually a lot of choice and variety in Thai cuisine. Particularly as you get outside of the cities and explore the countryside, where families have their own spins on “traditional” Thai dishes, based on the availability of ingredients and what they can afford.

At the markets, go where the lines are. Not to say that you may discover the next big market food stall sensation by going to the cart with no line, but given the unfortunate propensity for contamination and lack of adherence to westernized standards of food safety, maybe best not to risk it. At least not on your first day. Lines are a good sign of both deliciousness and repeat visitors - the odds of getting ill are lower.

Take advantage of a local guide to branch out from the familiar. It’s certainly understandable if you don’t speak the language to stick with words you recognize (Pad Thai for example), but that will get boring very quickly. As your guide to help you order more exotic meals and really expand your enjoyment of Thai cuisine.

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Oct 2015

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I really enjoyed everything about this tour

I really enjoyed everything about this tour and Soon was an excellent group leader



Sep 2015

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The itinerary was packed with all the

The itinerary was packed with all the things I wanted to do while in thailand. I like that there is a little bit of free time to do things we wanted to do separate...



Sep 2015

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From the description of the trip, the

From the description of the trip, the detail of the trip notes, the communications and updates, and most importantly the tour guide ( SOON ) were excellent. I felt a...



Apr 2019

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Every guide was extremely knowledgeable

I had never been to southeast Asia, so I searched for a reliable travel agent to help me. I found Odynovo through a google search, and was hesitant to work through m...



Feb 2019

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Highly recommended by our friends.

We chose Odynovo travel agency, because they were highly recommended by our friends. During preparation for the trip, our agent Kevin worked with us to get suitable ...

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