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Top Victoria Falls Attractions

    • Experiencing Victoria Falls at dawn, when the rising sun first brings the thundering waters into focus, and you sense their incredible power and grandeur.
    • Returning to Victoria Falls at dusk, when the setting sun casts a red glow over the towering mists.
    • Photographing the falls as rainbows paint the mists in a spectrum of hues.
    • Walking the rain forest path directly across from the falls for superb views – if you’re prepared to get wet.
    • Flying over the falls in a helicopter or light plane for fabulous overhead views and photos.
    • Taking a dinner cruise on the Zambezi River upriver of the falls or riding a scenic train across Victoria Falls Bridge.
    • Canoeing on the peaceful river waters above the falls.
    • Hyper-charging your adrenaline by bungee jumping off the 420-foot-high Victoria Falls Bridge, the highest commercial jump in the world (not for the faint of heart).
    • Whitewater rafting or kayaking down the swirling Zambezi River (including class V rapids) through the gorges below the falls.
    • Swinging on a cable across a 442-foot-long, 246-foot-high gorge while in full body harness.
    • Swimming beneath the falls, at the bottom of a gorge, or above the falls in a natural pool with a view.

Victoria Falls Tours & Travel Guide

Victoria Falls Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Other waterfalls are higher (Angel Falls), wider (Iguazu Falls), and even more famous (Niagara), but Victoria Falls is the largest single curtain of cascading water on earth. The falls form part of the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in south-central Africa and are their premier tourist attraction.

A whole set of adventure-laden activities – ranging from bungee-jumping and whitewater rafting to abseiling and “gorge swinging” -- have blossomed around the falls, the gorges below and the Zambezi River. A wide variety of accommodations, restaurants and shops have also sprung up on both sides of the falls and river, but the ultimate attraction remains the cascades themselves.

The Smoke That Thunders

The deafening roar of the waters and the towering mists that can be seen for miles away led to its traditional name Mosi-oa-Tunya, “the smoke that thunders.” When Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone came upon the cascades in 1855, he named them after Queen Victoria of England, but “the smoke that thunders” still says it best.

The height of the rainy season (March-May) is the time to catch the falls at their most torrential, but the thickness and height of the spray can obscure the views of the falls themselves, and walking on the pathways near the falls can get wet and slippery. The dry season, which peaks in October and November, means the view of the falls from the Zambian side can be disappointing. But in dry season you can reach Livingstone Island below the falls (from Zambia only) and pathways will be less treacherous.

Though you can visit both sides of the falls, you’ll need to go through border formalities crossing from one country to another and pay visa fees (which may or may not be included on your tour). Which side you stay on will affect some aspects of your visit, even if you end up spending some time on both.

Zimbabwe vs. Zambia

Zimbabwe used to be the side to stay on, with its classic colonial-style Victoria Falls Hotel located a short distance from the falls (even if you don’t stay there, you can still drop in for a very British high tea), and better views of the falls in general. But Zimbabwe has had well publicized civil strife under the iron rule of Robert Mugabe, and Zambia has been the beneficiary; it’s attracting an increasing number of tourists, even though Zimbabwe’s town of Victoria Falls has stepped up its police presence and made the area safer.

Both countries offer a range of accommodations from deluxe to simple guest houses, though many on the Zambian side are in the town of Livingstone, several miles from the falls. Victoria Falls is a frequent add-on to wildlife safaris, whether in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Chobe National Park in Botswana (the nearest major game park) or those further afield. You can also take horseback safaris, elephant rides, or even commune with lions.

Whatever your choice of trips, Stride can help you find it – and turn your Victoria Falls fantasies into reality.

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Aug 2019

Written on

Above all else FUN TIME with guide

Botswana Adventure, August 2019. Loved: the trip, adventure, guide Tshepo, driver Moses. So informative, great culture immersion, great game viewing, fun accommodati...



Jul 2019

Written on

This was an amazing three week

This was an amazing three week journey across a beautiful part of Southern Africa. An excellent itinerary with lots of included activities. Lots of wildlife, scenery...



Jun 2019

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Appreciated efforts to be socially and environmentally

Our Botswana adventure was the best guided tour we have taken. It was our first with Intrepid and were impressed by the effort taken by our leader and driver to make...



Jun 2019

Written on

Appreciated efforts to be socially and environmentally

Our Botswana adventure was the best guided tour we have taken. It was our first with Intrepid and were impressed by the effort taken by our leader and driver to make...



May 2019

Written on

Absolutely most authentic trip

Absolutely most authentic trip,very well informed,always very prompt ,great communication,safety the utmost importance on this Safari,excellent Safari tour guides. U...

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