The Vinland Saga Adventure

15 days
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Small Ship Cruise
Sail in the wake of the Norse settlers. See the untouched wilderness they inhabited and the fascinating remains from this period. Between 800 and 1000 A.D., the feared and fabled Vikings carried out a number of expeditions to explore the North Atlantic Ocean. It is thought that they set out to colonise new lands as a result of population pressures and polit...
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Small Ship Cruise
Lodging level
Premium - 4 star
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Flexible schedule


    • Explore several of the isles and islands in the North Atlantic Ocean
    • Sail in the wake of the Vikings
    • Learn more about Viking history and heritage
    • Exciting excursions, both with and without a Viking theme

What's this trip about?

    Sail in the wake of the Norse settlers. See the untouched wilderness they inhabited and the fascinating remains from this period. Between 800 and 1000 A.D., the feared and fabled Vikings carried out a number of expeditions to explore the North Atlantic Ocean. It is thought that they set out to colonise new lands as a result of population pressures and political unrest in their homeland. The Vikings were able to explore so extensively thanks to their remarkable longships, which allowed them to travel long distances across rough oceans and through stormy weather. They were also exceptional navigators, relying only on simple maps and using the position of the sun and stars when in open water

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Itinerary focusClassic Highlights
Group sizeStandard Group - 25 + people
Age range18 years and up
Flights and transportAll internal ground transport included
Start CityReykjarvik
End CitySt. Johns

Travel Themes

  • Cultural
  • National Parks
  • Nature & Wildlife
  • Small Ship Cruise


  • Greenland
  • Europe
  • Denmark
  • Iceland


  • Copenhagen
  • Ilulissat Icefjord
  • Reykjavík
  • Snaefellsjökull Glacier


  • Culture
  • Hiking
  • Historic sightseeing
  • History
  • Hot Springs
  • Land expedition
  • Nature
  • Photography
  • Ruins & Archaeology
  • Whale watching
  • Wildlife viewing

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Travel Map

Day 1: Reykjavik, Iceland

The Vikings were the first people to permanently settle in Iceland. According to 'The Book of Settlements (Landnámabók)', Ingólfur Arnason was the first to settle here around 870 A.D. He named the settlement Reykjarvík (bay of smoke), after the steam from the hot springs in the area:. Today, Iceland's modern capital is the starting point of this expedition.

Day 2: Snæfellsjökull National Park

The Snæfellsjökull National Park has many famous sites, and the magnificent Snæfellsjökull glacier is one of the highlights. Other attractions include basalt cliffs and the many fascinating lava formations. At Djupalonssandur, you can also test your 'Viking strength' ...

Day 3: At sea

Rather than rowing a longship across the Denmark Strait to reach Greenland, we'll sail in the modern and very comfortable MS Spitsbergen. Join our Expedition Team’s fascinating on board lectures to learn about Norse Greenland before our arrival.

Day 4: At sea

Greenland’s southern shores contain some of the most culturally and scenically diverse regions of this massive island. Conditions permitting, we will try to sail through the narrow, 70-mile-long channel Prins Christian Sund, which crosses the southernmost point of Gre...

Day 5: South Greenland

Qassiarsuk is the site where Erik the Red built his Brattahlíð estate in 982 A.D. He had been exiled from Iceland and escaped to the land he called Greenland. He chose to settle in Qassiarsuk believing it to be the richest and best site in on the island. Join the settlement walk to explore the reconstruction of Erik the Red's longhouse and the church that his wife Tjodhildur made him build.

Day 6: South Greenland

Igaliku is home to the well-known ruins of Garðar, once the religious heart of Norse Greenland. In Hvalsey, you'll find some of the best-preserved ruins from the Norse period in the former town of Austurbygd. Erik the Red's relatives established the farmstead in the l...

Day 7: At sea

As we cross the ocean again, you will have plenty of time to imagine how it must have felt to cross an ocean more than 1,000 years ago. According to The Saga of the Greenlanders, Leif Erikson (son of Erik the Red) set out in the year 1002 or 1003 A.D and the first land he found to the west was covered with flat rocks, so he called it Helluland, the land of flat stones (From Old Norse: hella).

Day 8: 'Markland'/Labrador, Canada

After Helluland, Leif Erikson arrived at a land that was flat and wooded, with white sandy beaches, which he called Markland (“Forest Land”). Today, this area is known as Labrador.

Day 9: 'Markland'/Labrador

'Markland'/LabradorWe will explore Labrador, making several explorer-style landings to discover more of the area's astonishing nature and wildlife.

Day 10: 'Markland'/Labrador

While we are here, outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy hiking along the trails and the countless miles of wilderness to explore, whilst others will appreciate learning more about the history, cultures and traditions of the area at the numerous historic sites we will visit.

Day 11: At sea

Enjoy a day at sea. There will be lectures on various topics or you can spend some time on deck enjoying the wildlife we'll see on our journey.

Day 12: L'anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland

In L'Anse aux Meadows, you'll see the first known evidence of the Vikings settling in America. This is probably where Thorfinn Karlsefni and several others settled in 1010. In 1960, two Norwegian archaeologists started excavating in this area and discovered the fascin...

Day 13: 'Vinland'/Newfoundland

According to the sagas, the Viking settlement Hóp was considered to be the 'land of grapes and wheat'. When Leif Erikson discovered it, he called the place Vinland (wineland). This is where the Norse settlers first encountered 'Skrælings', the indigenous people. They ...

Day 14: 'Vinland'/Newfoundland

With its tiny seaside communities, encompassing forests, freshwater fjords, bogs, barren lowlands, and striking cliffs and shorelines, this area is world-renowned for its complex geology. The wildlife is amazing with large seabird colonies, huge moose and caribou popu...

Day 15: St. Johns, Newfoundland

St. John's is the oldest and most easterly city in North America, and is where our Vinland Saga Adventure ends. We recommend that you explore this historic town, with its striking twin clock towers of the Basilica of St. John the Baptist and its excellent shopping before you fly home.

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3.5/5  Great
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Its the best sea voyage we've ever made!

Its the best sea voyage we've ever made! We're looking for...



Mar 2020

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unfortunately due to covid-19

do not book with this company !!!!! I my husband and 2 other friends (all Italian) had to take the cruise starting March 17th, unfortunately due to covid-19 we were ...



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Hurtigruten didn’t apologize and turn their back on you

Happy family reunion holiday turns out to a confusing, stressful and non-refundable holiday. Hurtigruten didn’t apologize and turn their back on you. Don’t be the ne...

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The coastline between Bergen and Kirkenes is over 1,490 miles long, and in the 19th Century almost all of it was home to rich fishing grounds. The maritime maps were unreliable and there were only a few lighthouses, especially in the north. This important seaway was lined with perilous reefs, small islands and narrow inlets, and it was essential that a safe trade route be established to link the southern and northern regions of Norway.

When the Norwegian government decided to create a connection between the north and the south, Richard With and his friend Anders Holthe took on the challenge of thoroughly mapping the seas along the coastline. In 1893, Captain Richard With’s steamer, DS Vesteraalen, was brought into regular service along the coast of Norway, and Hurtigruten was established. The service offered several weekly departures, first from Trondheim to Hammerfest and later from Bergen to Kirkenes in only seven days. He called this important connection ‘Hurtigruten’ (the fast route).

120 years later, we still carry freight and passengers. Our captains use their extensive maritime expertise to ensure that guests and goods are safely carried from port to port. Today, as then, the Hurtigruten ships are a part of Norwegian coastal life. One of the fleet’s 11 ships departs Bergen daily, sailing to Kirkenes and back in 12 days at an average speed of 15 knots.

Hurtigruten's Ships

Hurtigruten ships have been a staple along the Norwegian coast since 1893. The current fleet consists of classic ships, ships built in the late nineties, and ships built after the millennium.

MS Fram:

Many boast of their “ultimate” expedition ships. But none, save the MS Fram, contains two critical features which deliver adventure in a more safe and comfortable way. MS Fram is a purpose-build expedition ship built especially for comfortable Explorer voyages, with emphasis on relaxation and discovery.

MS Fram was built in 2007 with one mission in mind - to bring her guests closer to nature, wildlife and unforgettable experiences. As well as offering numerous lounges in which to relax, our more active guests can use our well-equipped gym. Meanwhile, on deck, our Jacuzzis guarantee you surreal memories when passing the towering icebergs of Antarctica or Greenland.


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Ship & cabin information
MS Spitsbergen
Summer 2016 is an outstanding chance to join the most extraordinary of all our coastal voyages. Our new ship MS Spitsbergen will take you on itinerary beyond the ordinary. Our new vessel will be starting her operation on the Norwegian coast from May 2016, sailing parallel to our Classic ship MS Lofoten. She will follow the same departure dates as MS Lofoten and call at all regular coastal route ports at daytime. The ports that Hurtigruten usually call to at night will be excluded from the new vessel’s sailing plan, leaving her time to instead spend a few more hours in selected ports at daytime. All regular excursions will be available for her passengers and she will also follow Hurtigruten’s seasonal sailing schedule with Lyngen Fjord in May. In addition – she will sail into Geirangerfjord on northbound throughout the entire sailing period. The ship is modern and environmentally friendly, and we will make further improvements in order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. She will also be equipped and adapted for sailings in polar waters. The new ship's maneuverability and optimal size makes her very suitable for the operations we are performing today along the coast of Norwegian, and will bring Hurtigruten`s guests even closer to amazing nature experiences. Tillberg Design Of Sweden - the world's leading company within marine architecture and interior design is responsible for the interior refurbishment.
Year built 2009 Shipyard Estaleiro Navais de Viana do Castelo (POR) Passenger capacity 320 Beds 200 Car capacity 0 Gross tonnage 7025 Length 97.53 m Beam 180m Speed 17knots
Deck 3: Expedition Suite Cabin Our Expeditions Suites are the most exquisite cabins on the ship. Situated on upper deck, you can enjoy the most comfortable suites on board. Inside you will find seating areas with TV, bathrooms with shower/wc and most of them have double beds. All of the suites offer cabin kits, which contains bathrobe, slippers and other beauty articles.  Some of the suites do have more facilities than others. Suite on upper deck These elegant suites are situated on upper decks with one or two rooms, seating area, TV and mini-bar. Some of them have a private balcony. Mini Suite for 2 people Suites with double bed, TV, mini-bar and great view on lower decks.  
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You, or any member of your party, may cancel your travel arrangements at any time. Written notification from the person who made the booking or your travel agent must be received at our offices. We recommend ‘Recorded Delivery’. Cancellation takes effect the day we receive your letter or email. Since we incur costs in relation to your arrangements from the time we confirm your booking you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges as shown in the table below (which also applies if we cancel because you have failed to make payments on time - see ‘Payment’ section) together with the cost of any air fare for which we have had to pay at the time of the booking and will be payable immediately on cancellation.

When the cancellation letter is received by us before departure

Charges as a % of the total holiday cost (excl. insurance premiums)

60 or more days Retention of deposit

42–59 days is 30%

28–41 days will be 60%

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Less than 14 days is 100%

If you have to cancel for a reason covered by your travel insurance you may be able to reclaim the cancellation charges, less applicable excess. Insurance premiums are not refundable.

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