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Top Culinary & Wine Tasting Attractions & Experiences

Top Culinary & Wine Tasting Experiences

  • Attending a private wine tasting in Marlborough, New Zealand and getting a sense of how the unique terroir lends to their crisp and delicious Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Chocolate tasting in France
  • Touring a biodynamic farm and winery in Dry Creek, California
  • Being introduced to a multitude of new spices in Morocco
  • Making pasta and pizza in Italy from scratch with the help of Italian cooks!
  • A dairy farm tour which culminated in a delicious cheese tasting in Marin County, California.
  • Sampling the tasty dishes of Bangkok and learning how to make them at a Thai cooking class.
  • Touring the vineyards and bodegas of Mendoza, Argentina, on a bike (rather shakily!).

Culinary & Wine Tasting Tours & Travel Guide

Culinary & Wine Tasting Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Culinary tours -- learning about the foods of other cultures and the fun of shopping for, cooking, and tasting them, too -- are bringing foodies and people who just like to eat to gastronomic destinations around the globe. Wine tasting tours are especially popular in much of EuropeChile, and South Africa.

Exploring New Tastes

A culinary tour is a fabulous way to discover a country. Food is such an integral part of culture, from all sorts of fascinating aspects including economics, politics, trade, and family dynamics just to name a few. A culinary tour will introduce you to many different flavors, spices, flavor combinations, and cooking styles. It’s important to be open to all tastes, and even if you don’t think you’ll enjoy a particular dish, try it anyway!

Finding the Right Culinary Tour

Consider where you want to go and what sort of culinary experience you are looking for. Regional cuisine? Local restaurants? Do you have dietary restrictions? Italy might not be the best choice for the gluten-free, but consider Argentina, Morocco, or Thailand instead. Vegetarians might try a garden focused tour. From organic to biodynamic, the world of farm to table is a vegetarians dream.

Thailand in particular is well known as a foodie destination, with some of the best street food in the entire world. If street food makes you wary, Thailand is a place to give it a shot. While western standards of food safety are less prevelant, there's less chance you'll get sick if you take a tour. The best Thailand tours will spend a good amount of time exploring the cuisine of the country.

Europe has grown by leaps and bounds in culinary tourism, with up and coming destinations beginning to shine next to their more famous counterparts in Italy, Spain, and Greece just to name a few.

Consider Switzerland - land of chocolate and cheese! Switzerland trips almsot always include a food component. Somehow the pristine Alpine beauty becomes that much more beautiful when paired with delicious treats.  

Eastern Europe certainly didn't used to be known for it's incredible cuisine - the region had somewhat more serious things going on during the time when Western Europe experienced the first major travel boom of recent years. But today, this region is thriving and the cuisine has elevated from the common peasant dishes feature meat and potatoes (though those are still good too!) 

Consider the Czech Republic for some truly tasty treats and of course the beer! 

Proper Wine Tasting Etiquette

The world of wine tasting has become much more popular among a wider demographic over the past several years. Unfortunately this also means there are some who still treat the activity as a bar experience rather than what it actually is. Exercising proper wine tasting etiquette is important for not only enhancing your experience, but the experience of those around you.

First, it is not taboo to not finish a taste if you don’t want to. There should always be spit buckets provided for this purpose, and it is not offensive to use them. Pour out what you don’t want to finish and have your glass ready for the next pour.

Second, the tasting bar is NOT a bar in the traditional sense. It is an opportunity to taste wines, discuss wines, discover new varietals, and enjoy your group’s company. Will you get slightly buzzed? Most likely, and that’s ok. But it is not an environment in which this is the goal. And plus, you can visit more wineries and experience more if you pace yourself!

Your tasting room attendant is a wealth of information! They love answering questions and talking about wine, but also are the perfect people to ask for recommendations on restaurants or other activities nearby.

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Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Been to Italy? Now visit Puglia

Like many people we meet we did not know Puglia existed until we saw this trip. A gem of a region, very different and so suited to a short leisurely summer trip wh...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Very enjoyable

A great week of cycling in a mix of road, old tracks, villages and town. An opportunity to swim in the Ionian Sea and Adriatic. Great real local food. Usual high s...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Great holiday

Really well organised with an excellent guide and fascinating excursions. Caves at Castellana Really knowledgeable and well organised. Took everyone's wishes into ...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Highlights of puglia

Excellent trip Visiting e olive oil farm Excellent could have been more helpful



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Outstanding Italy Trip

Great combination of sightseeing, excursions, walking and activities in Puglia. Trullo hotel in Alberobello was lovely; Matera was fascinating - luxurious cave-dwe...

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