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Top Latvia Attractions & Experiences

Top Latvia Experiences

  • The opportunity to walk through a piece of Latvia’s darker history by visiting the former Soviet Union headquarters in Riga, the Corner House. 
  • Enjoy a fun-filled day by climbing, swinging, and hiking through Tarzan's Adventure Park. 
  • Spend a little time unwinding during your trip by visiting one of the many spas in Jurmala, one of Europe’s oldest spa cities. 
  • Take a step back into history by visiting Turaida Museum Park and learn about Latvia during the Middle Ages.
  • Explore one of Latvia’s four national parks by strolling down the Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk in Kemeri National Park.

Latvia Tours & Travel Guide

Latvia Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Why Visit Latvia on a Tour

Latvia has recently grown in popularity, like its fellow Baltic countries. This means right now is the best time to visit this former Soviet country. Visiting Latvia on a tour provides you an opportunity to fully explore this beautiful and interesting country. You’ll be able to visit major sites such as Jurmala and Riga and hike through national parks. 

A guided tour of Latvia is also a less stressful way of seeing the country than going by yourself. Latvia’s roads are some of the worst in Europe and traveling with a tour group alleviates the stress of driving on these interesting and oftentimes snow-covered roads. 

Popular Tourist Destinations in Latvia

There is plenty to see and do in this small Baltic country. Attractions vary from beaches to historical sites to stunning national parks. Here are just a few of some of the most popular:

Riga - The country’s capital is a combination of Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture with a colorful old town and long riverside walkway. 

Gauja National Park - Gauja National Park is the oldest and largest park in Latvia and is known for its rock outcrops, springs, and many historical landmarks. 

Rundane Palace and Museum - This Baroque and Rococo palace is often called the “Baltic Versailles” and is full of embellished relics and an expansive rose garden. 

Cesis Castle - Visit this medieval castle in Cesis that features a spooky dungeon, traditional live reenactments, and the chance to climb the castle’s looming tower using only a traditional lantern. 

Outdoor Travel in Latvia 

Latvia offers the opportunity for traditional outdoor travel, such as hiking and kayaking, and a little more unusual ones too. There are four national parks of Latvia, each of which are distinct from another. Gauja National Park is made up of grottoes and caverns, Razna is centered around Lake Razna, Slitere consists of hills and the Baltic Ice Lake, and Kemeri National Park is uniquely made up of mineral waters and bogs. 

For a more unconventional adventure trip in Latvia, there are plenty of options. You can go paragliding in Riga and on the coast, have some fun in Latvia’s adventure parks, boat down many of Latvia’s rivers, or go horseback riding through the hills. 

Outdoor travel in Latvia is the best during the summer and spring, but you can enjoy Mother Nature in the winter too. Cross-country skiing and snowboarding are very popular during the winter in Vidzeme and Victory Park. 

Cities in Latvia

Sabile: Like many of Latvian cities, Sabile is a medieval town that still retains its charm. Sabile is located in Abava Valley and known for its vineyards. Every year Sabile holds a wine festival in July for wine lovers. 

Riga: What better place to start your journey through Latvia than beginning in the heart of the country. Riga is an interesting combination of Soviet buildings, Art Nouveau architecture, cobblestone streets, and modern buildings. 

Kandava: Travel back to a time and place that’s just a little slower than modern times. Kandava is a 1200s city with a historic center and promenade that you can stroll down and enjoy a late afternoon snack at one of the cozy cafes. 

Cesis: Enjoy Latvia’s medieval past in Cesis. Cesis has dozens of historic buildings including Cesis Castle, St. John’s Church, and the ruins of the old city. 

Ludza: Considered one of Latvia’s culture capitals, Ludza is a 10th century city that has a long history. With its location near the Russian border, Ludza is a melting pot of influence from Latvia, Russia, Poland, and Belarus. 

Latvia Cuisine

Much of Latvian cuisine is based upon the land and sea. Meat, potatoes, wheat, cabbage, and onions are also common ingredients in Latvian dishes. Fish and other sea produce from the Baltic Sea and the rivers that run through the country are used as well. 

Lunch is typically the largest meal of the day and common dishes are borsch, stroganoff, herring, kvas, and soup. You’ll find plenty of milk products during your meals in Latvia with cottage cheese and sour cream aplenty. Latvia even has a “Protected Designation of Origin” denotation for a type of butter made in Rucava. 

If you’re visiting during the spring try the birch sap that is a local favorite or locally brewed mead. For wine lovers, head over to Sabile for a northern winery experience. 

Latvia Culture

Like its food, Latvia’s culture is a convergence of cultures and influences from surrounding countries. Latvia sits at the point of convergence of Western and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and Russia. This means that Latvia has seen multiple changes of power and struggles. You’ll find Scandinavian influences alongside Soviet era remnants. 

However, Latvia also stays true to its traditional and folk history. Latvian celebrates the Summer Solstice of Jani and Song and Dance festivals and markets selling traditional textiles. During the summer you’ll find open-air opera and music festivals. Choir performances are also a major part of Latvian culture. 

Interesting Facts About Latvia 

Still unknown to many travelers, Latvia is a country that has an interesting past and culture unique in Eastern Europe. Before you leave on your trip, here are some fun facts about Latvia to know before your visit. 

  • Latvia has 12,000 rivers and 3,000 lakes
  • 54% of Latvia is made up of forest and another 10% is bog
  • Black Balsam, a fruit and root liquor created in Latvia, is said to help cure the cold
  • While Christianity is prevalent in Latvia, many Latvians still practice and honor traditional pagan beliefs, such as Midsummer’s Eve
  • Latvia has over 1 million folk songs

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Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Brilliant Trip

This is a well designed trip giving an excellent overview of all three Baltic states. This not only included the capital cities but other towns and much countrysid...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Great holiday

Really interesting trip made extra special by our guide Melia, whose knowledge was incredible. We were really lucky with the weather and had a really good group o...



Oct 2018

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Travels in the Baltics

A bit of a whirlwind tour although the three Baltic States relatively small, green and flat. I knew virtually nothing about them before I went but learned a lot ...



Oct 2018

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Explore and discover the Baltics

I enjoyed discovering an area of Europe I knew little about. Visiting many areas of all 3 countries. Guide well organized and itinerary good. Only problems were T...



Oct 2018

Provided byExodus Travels

Three small countries with a lot of character

The Baltic countries are interesting and the old towns are charming. They have suffered a lot under various foreign rulers and are proud of their independence. The...

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