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Independent Dubai City Stay

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Physical Level: Normal generally flat walking in urban or suburban environments. Very Easy
Lodging Level: Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels. Value (3*)
4 days
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Dubai’s unique attractions, including the world’s tallest building, largest shopping mall, and only 7-star hotel, lure millions of visitors each year. Now, it’s your turn to uncover this glamorous oasis with the I-Time you deserve! Independence by Globus takes you to see the most popular sights and handles all the details during your stay, including the freedom to explore on your own. Your private guided tour includes the vibrant markets, or souks, including the spice souk and gold souk. You’ll stroll through the historic Bastakiya Quarter, weaving through the narrow lanes. You’ll even ascend to the 124th floor at Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, for spectacular views. During your I-time consider an optional trip to Abu Dhabi or an exciting desert safari. With so much to discover, the choices are endless!

Style Group tour
Itinerary Focus N/A
Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Lodging Level Value (3*)
Flight & Transport Inclusions N/A
End City DUBAIYour vacation ends with breakfast this morning


United Arab Emirates

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Day 1


Welcome to Dubai! Your hotel is available for mid-afternoon check-in.

Day 2


• This morning, your private guided sightseeing begins with a walking tour through the narrow lanes of the historic Bastakiya Quarter. You’ll also cross Dubai Creek by abra, a traditional ferry boat.
• Next, explore the souks (markets), including the spice souk with its aromas of exotic spices, and the gold souk with its 220 glittering shop windows.
• Lastly, visit Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Here, ascend to the At the Top observation deck on the 124th floor for spectacular views and a presentation on Dubai’s history.


Day 3


• Enjoy a full day at your leisure.


Enjoy a full day at leisure for your own discoveries. Take a day trip to Abu Dhabi or consider an exciting desert safari that ends with a barbecue dinner under the stars.

Day 4


Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning.



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Price From $ 799
Price Per Day: $ 200 per day
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Mar-31-2023Apr-03-2023$ 949NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-01-2023Apr-04-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-02-2023Apr-05-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-03-2023Apr-06-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-04-2023Apr-07-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-05-2023Apr-08-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-06-2023Apr-09-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-07-2023Apr-10-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-08-2023Apr-11-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-09-2023Apr-12-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-10-2023Apr-13-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-11-2023Apr-14-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-12-2023Apr-15-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-13-2023Apr-16-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-14-2023Apr-17-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-15-2023Apr-18-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-16-2023Apr-19-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-17-2023Apr-20-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-18-2023Apr-21-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-19-2023Apr-22-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-20-2023Apr-23-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-21-2023Apr-24-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-22-2023Apr-25-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-23-2023Apr-26-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-24-2023Apr-27-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-25-2023Apr-28-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-26-2023Apr-29-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-27-2023Apr-30-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-28-2023May-01-2023$ 919NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-29-2023May-02-2023$ 879NoSold Out Reserve
Apr-30-2023May-03-2023$ 839NoSold Out Reserve
May-01-2023May-04-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-02-2023May-05-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-03-2023May-06-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-04-2023May-07-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-05-2023May-08-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-06-2023May-09-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-07-2023May-10-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-08-2023May-11-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-09-2023May-12-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-10-2023May-13-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-11-2023May-14-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-12-2023May-15-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-13-2023May-16-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-14-2023May-17-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-15-2023May-18-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-16-2023May-19-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-17-2023May-20-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-18-2023May-21-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-19-2023May-22-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-20-2023May-23-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-21-2023May-24-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-22-2023May-25-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-23-2023May-26-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-24-2023May-27-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-25-2023May-28-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-26-2023May-29-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-27-2023May-30-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-28-2023May-31-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
May-29-2023Jun-01-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
May-30-2023Jun-02-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
May-31-2023Jun-03-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-01-2023Jun-04-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-02-2023Jun-05-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-03-2023Jun-06-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-04-2023Jun-07-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-05-2023Jun-08-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-06-2023Jun-09-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-07-2023Jun-10-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-08-2023Jun-11-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-09-2023Jun-12-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-10-2023Jun-13-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-11-2023Jun-14-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-12-2023Jun-15-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-13-2023Jun-16-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-14-2023Jun-17-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-15-2023Jun-18-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-16-2023Jun-19-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-17-2023Jun-20-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-18-2023Jun-21-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-19-2023Jun-22-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-20-2023Jun-23-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-21-2023Jun-24-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-22-2023Jun-25-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-23-2023Jun-26-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-24-2023Jun-27-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-25-2023Jun-28-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-26-2023Jun-29-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-27-2023Jun-30-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-28-2023Jul-01-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-29-2023Jul-02-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jun-30-2023Jul-03-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-01-2023Jul-04-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-02-2023Jul-05-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-03-2023Jul-06-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-04-2023Jul-07-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-05-2023Jul-08-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-06-2023Jul-09-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-07-2023Jul-10-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-08-2023Jul-11-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-09-2023Jul-12-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-10-2023Jul-13-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-11-2023Jul-14-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-12-2023Jul-15-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-13-2023Jul-16-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-14-2023Jul-17-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-15-2023Jul-18-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-16-2023Jul-19-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-17-2023Jul-20-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-18-2023Jul-21-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-19-2023Jul-22-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-20-2023Jul-23-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-21-2023Jul-24-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-22-2023Jul-25-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-23-2023Jul-26-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-24-2023Jul-27-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-25-2023Jul-28-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-26-2023Jul-29-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-27-2023Jul-30-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-28-2023Jul-31-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-29-2023Aug-01-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-30-2023Aug-02-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Jul-31-2023Aug-03-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-01-2023Aug-04-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-02-2023Aug-05-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-03-2023Aug-06-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-04-2023Aug-07-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-05-2023Aug-08-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-06-2023Aug-09-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-07-2023Aug-10-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-08-2023Aug-11-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-09-2023Aug-12-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-10-2023Aug-13-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-11-2023Aug-14-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-12-2023Aug-15-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-13-2023Aug-16-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-14-2023Aug-17-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-15-2023Aug-18-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-16-2023Aug-19-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-17-2023Aug-20-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-18-2023Aug-21-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-19-2023Aug-22-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-20-2023Aug-23-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-21-2023Aug-24-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-22-2023Aug-25-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-23-2023Aug-26-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-24-2023Aug-27-2023$ 799NoSold Out Reserve
Aug-25-2023Aug-28-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-26-2023Aug-29-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-27-2023Aug-30-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-28-2023Aug-31-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-29-2023Sep-01-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-30-2023Sep-02-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Aug-31-2023Sep-03-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-01-2023Sep-04-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-02-2023Sep-05-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-03-2023Sep-06-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-04-2023Sep-07-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-05-2023Sep-08-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-06-2023Sep-09-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-07-2023Sep-10-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-08-2023Sep-11-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-09-2023Sep-12-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-10-2023Sep-13-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-11-2023Sep-14-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-12-2023Sep-15-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-13-2023Sep-16-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-14-2023Sep-17-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-15-2023Sep-18-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-16-2023Sep-19-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-17-2023Sep-20-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-18-2023Sep-21-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-19-2023Sep-22-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-20-2023Sep-23-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-21-2023Sep-24-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-22-2023Sep-25-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-23-2023Sep-26-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-24-2023Sep-27-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-25-2023Sep-28-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-26-2023Sep-29-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-27-2023Sep-30-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-28-2023Oct-01-2023$ 799NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-29-2023Oct-02-2023$ 869NoAvailable Reserve
Sep-30-2023Oct-03-2023$ 939NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-01-2023Oct-04-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-02-2023Oct-05-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-03-2023Oct-06-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-04-2023Oct-07-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-05-2023Oct-08-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-06-2023Oct-09-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-07-2023Oct-10-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-08-2023Oct-11-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-09-2023Oct-12-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-10-2023Oct-13-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-11-2023Oct-14-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-12-2023Oct-15-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-13-2023Oct-16-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-14-2023Oct-17-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-15-2023Oct-18-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-16-2023Oct-19-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-17-2023Oct-20-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-18-2023Oct-21-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-19-2023Oct-22-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-20-2023Oct-23-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-21-2023Oct-24-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-22-2023Oct-25-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-23-2023Oct-26-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-24-2023Oct-27-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-25-2023Oct-28-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-26-2023Oct-29-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-27-2023Oct-30-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-28-2023Oct-31-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-29-2023Nov-01-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-30-2023Nov-02-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Oct-31-2023Nov-03-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-01-2023Nov-04-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-02-2023Nov-05-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-03-2023Nov-06-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-04-2023Nov-07-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-05-2023Nov-08-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-06-2023Nov-09-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-07-2023Nov-10-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-08-2023Nov-11-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-09-2023Nov-12-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-10-2023Nov-13-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-11-2023Nov-14-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-12-2023Nov-15-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-13-2023Nov-16-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-14-2023Nov-17-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-15-2023Nov-18-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-16-2023Nov-19-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-17-2023Nov-20-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-18-2023Nov-21-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-19-2023Nov-22-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-20-2023Nov-23-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-21-2023Nov-24-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-22-2023Nov-25-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-23-2023Nov-26-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-24-2023Nov-27-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-25-2023Nov-28-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-26-2023Nov-29-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-27-2023Nov-30-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-28-2023Dec-01-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-29-2023Dec-02-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Nov-30-2023Dec-03-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-01-2023Dec-04-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-02-2023Dec-05-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-03-2023Dec-06-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-04-2023Dec-07-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-05-2023Dec-08-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-06-2023Dec-09-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-07-2023Dec-10-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-08-2023Dec-11-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-09-2023Dec-12-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-10-2023Dec-13-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-11-2023Dec-14-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-12-2023Dec-15-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-13-2023Dec-16-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-14-2023Dec-17-2023$ 1,009NoAvailable Reserve
Dec-15-2023Dec-18-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-16-2023Dec-19-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-17-2023Dec-20-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-18-2023Dec-21-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-19-2023Dec-22-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-20-2023Dec-23-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-21-2023Dec-24-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-22-2023Dec-25-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-23-2023Dec-26-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-24-2023Dec-27-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-25-2023Dec-28-2023$ 1,009NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-26-2023Dec-29-2023$ 1,219NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-27-2023Dec-30-2023$ 1,429NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-28-2023Dec-31-2023$ 1,639NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-29-2023Jan-01-2024$ 1,639NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-30-2023Jan-02-2024$ 1,669NoPlease Call Reserve
Dec-31-2023Jan-03-2024$ 1,699NoPlease Call Reserve
Jan-01-2024Jan-04-2024$ 1,529NoPlease Call Reserve
Jan-02-2024Jan-05-2024$ 1,299NoPlease Call Reserve
Jan-03-2024Jan-06-2024$ 1,069NoPlease Call Reserve
Jan-04-2024Jan-07-2024$ 1,069NoPlease Call Reserve
Jan-05-2024Jan-08-2024$ 1,069NoPlease Call Reserve
Jan-06-2024Jan-09-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-07-2024Jan-10-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-08-2024Jan-11-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-09-2024Jan-12-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-10-2024Jan-13-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-11-2024Jan-14-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-12-2024Jan-15-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-13-2024Jan-16-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-14-2024Jan-17-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-15-2024Jan-18-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-16-2024Jan-19-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-17-2024Jan-20-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-18-2024Jan-21-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-19-2024Jan-22-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-20-2024Jan-23-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-21-2024Jan-24-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-22-2024Jan-25-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-23-2024Jan-26-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-24-2024Jan-27-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-25-2024Jan-28-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-26-2024Jan-29-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-27-2024Jan-30-2024$ 1,179NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-28-2024Jan-31-2024$ 1,299NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-29-2024Feb-01-2024$ 1,409NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-30-2024Feb-02-2024$ 1,409NoAvailable Reserve
Jan-31-2024Feb-03-2024$ 1,409NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-01-2024Feb-04-2024$ 1,299NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-02-2024Feb-05-2024$ 1,179NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-03-2024Feb-06-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-04-2024Feb-07-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-05-2024Feb-08-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-06-2024Feb-09-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-07-2024Feb-10-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-08-2024Feb-11-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-09-2024Feb-12-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-10-2024Feb-13-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-11-2024Feb-14-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-12-2024Feb-15-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-13-2024Feb-16-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-14-2024Feb-17-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-15-2024Feb-18-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-16-2024Feb-19-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-17-2024Feb-20-2024$ 1,179NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-18-2024Feb-21-2024$ 1,299NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-19-2024Feb-22-2024$ 1,409NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-20-2024Feb-23-2024$ 1,409NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-21-2024Feb-24-2024$ 1,409NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-22-2024Feb-25-2024$ 1,299NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-23-2024Feb-26-2024$ 1,179NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-24-2024Feb-27-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-25-2024Feb-28-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-26-2024Feb-29-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-27-2024Mar-01-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-28-2024Mar-02-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Feb-29-2024Mar-03-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-01-2024Mar-04-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-02-2024Mar-05-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-03-2024Mar-06-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-04-2024Mar-07-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-05-2024Mar-08-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-06-2024Mar-09-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-07-2024Mar-10-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-08-2024Mar-11-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-09-2024Mar-12-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-10-2024Mar-13-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-11-2024Mar-14-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-12-2024Mar-15-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-13-2024Mar-16-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-14-2024Mar-17-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-15-2024Mar-18-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-16-2024Mar-19-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-17-2024Mar-20-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-18-2024Mar-21-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-19-2024Mar-22-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-20-2024Mar-23-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-21-2024Mar-24-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
Mar-22-2024Mar-25-2024$ 1,069NoAvailable Reserve
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Independent Dubai City Stay

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Company Reviews

Excellent tour director and driver

Excellent tour director and driver. very nice locations and hotels. Food very good

We love globus

We love globus, gréât hôtel accommodations, food and restaurant choices and itinerary.. our tour director in South Africa is also great, his name is Taki, we really enjoyed our vacation and pace with him, no pressure just pleasure
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Great trip

Sheryl Evans was a great tour director. Switzerland was an amazing country. This was a unforgettable trip.

Epic trip

The experiences were varied and well planned. The tour director, Juliet Hudson, was exceptional. Hotels were comfortable and food was plentiful!

Down Under Discovery

The Down Under Discovery was well organized and the trip gave us a good taste of NZ and Australia. Our tour guide was over the top with her knowledge of the Kiwi and Aussies, but her personality made this trip exceptional.
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Great Globus host guide

I enjoyed both the guide’s history review of the area and the variety of excursions. We were lucky to have a humorous Globus guide, who made sure at every point that we were comfortable and enjoying our experience. Of course, as I am sure you know, the most difficult part is trying to balance toilet, eat and shop within small windows of time
Our arranged transport went without a hitch.
Thank you Globus! We’ll be joining you again in Greece in October
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Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road

This centrally located hotel is just minutes from Dubai's famous sites. After a day of exploration, take in the impressive city views from the rooftop pool and lounge, or dine at one of several onsite international restaurants.

United Arab Emirates
Sheikh Zayed Rd

Trip ID#:


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